Anna Kendrick - Paper Magazine

Anna Kendrick är med i tidningen Paper Magazine  och där finns även en artikel om henne. ;)

Anna Kendrick is having something of a moment, to put it mildly. The 24-year-old actress has received so much international acclaim for her turn as the PowerPoint-wielding efficiency expert in director Jason Reitman’s feel-bad film Up in the Air that it’s easy to forget she also appeared in two little movies with “Twilight” in the title. Being nominated for an Oscar will do that for a girl. “You find out with the rest of the world,” Kendrick says. “I was too nervous to watch the nominations on TV, so I went for a jog, but my phone started going off. I sprinted back home, cracked a bottle of champagne and started drinking it before I realized it was 5 a.m.”

It’s a deserved nod to an actress who possesses the kind of onscreen depth more common to older actors. Not that it’s all that surprising, since it turns out Reitman wrote the role with her in mind. “When he told me, I just tried to act really cool,” she says. “I wasn’t all that successful at it.” Self-effacing tendencies aside, Kendrick’s a pro at keeping her nerves in check; she’s already got a decade-plus of acting experience under her belt, including several turns on Broadway in productions of A Little Night Music and High Society, having garnered a Tony nomination for the latter at the age of 12.

Next, she’ll appear with Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in a black comedy called I’m With Cancer. She says she likes difficult roles — she’s going through a phase where she’s excited about exploring vulnerable characters — and she hopes to continue in challenging parts. “But Meryl Streep was in Stuck on You, so no one’s career is perfect.”


Peter Facinelli i Backstage Magazine

Nya stills från The Runaways

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Se fler här, på källan.

Ny outtakes på Taylor Lautner


Stephenie Meyer's nya bok!

Ni läste helt rätt! Stephenie Meyer har skivit en helt nu bok. Den handlar om vampyren Bree och hennes korta liv.
Så här skriver Stephenie Meyer


I have a new book coming out. It’s called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Well, it’s more of a novella than an actual book—my version of a short story.

Actually, this has been a surprise to me, too. The reason why it’s a surprise was that I never intended to publish this story as a stand-alone book. I began this story a long time ago—before Twilight was even released. Back then I was just editing Eclipse, and in the thick of my vampire world. I was thinking a lot about the newborns, imagining their side of the story, and one thing led to another. I started writing from Bree’s perspective about those final days, and what it was like to be a newborn.

This story was something that I worked on off and on for a while, just for fun, in between the times I was writing or editing other Twilight novels. Later, when the concept for The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide came up, I thought that might be a good place for Bree. Her story is a nice complement to Eclipse; it explains a lot of the things that Bella never knew. So I dusted it off and finished it up for placement in the Guide.

At the same time, it came in handy for the Eclipse film. Melissa (Rosenberg, the screenwriter) had a ton of questions about what exactly was going on in Seattle, how Victoria managed things, what Riley was like, etc. I let her read what I had then, and later gave the whole thing to the director, David Slade. David asked if Xavier, Bryce, and Jodelle (Riley, Victoria, and Bree) could read it as well, so all the parties involved would end up having a really strong foundation for their characters before the cameras started rolling. I was pleased that this side of the story would make it into the film and was looking forward to including it in the Guide.

Then I got the news: my “short story" was nearly 200 pages long when typeset. It was too long to fit into the Guide—without ending up with a tome as heavy as the Oxford English Dictionary. My publisher approached me with the idea of releasing the Bree story on its own. One of the major benefits of this plan was that it would be out before the movie, so people would get to know Bree before they saw her in the film. That made sense to me, and we decided to go ahead with it.

There was one thing I asked for: since this story had always been an extra for me, and was meant to be released with the Guide, I wanted to be able to offer it to my fans for free. You all have bought a ton of my books, and I wanted to give you this story as a gift. My publisher was awesome and embraced this idea. We still wanted to also produce a physical book with a cool cover (see below) that you can add to your set if you like, but starting at noon on June 7th until July 5th, it will also be available online

One other aspect of this release is the plan to give a more important gift to people who really need it. One dollar of each book purchased in the US from the first printing will be donated to the American Red Cross for their relief efforts in Haiti and Chile and other parts of the world where people are in great need. We’re going to have an option online as well, so you can choose to make a donation if you want when you read the story online. I hope you will. I think that we can really help a lot of people with this.

I really hope you all enjoy this story. I had a blast writing it. I’m glad that after all this time cooling her heels in my files, Bree finally gets her chance to shine.

Thanks for all the support,



Intervju med Robert Pattinson

Chaske Spencer i Shouting Secrets

chaskespencerheadshot2According to a press release, chaske Spencer is slated to star in a new movie.

“Actor Chaske Spencer, star of The Twilight Saga film series: “New Moon” and “Eclipse” has officially signed on as the lead in the Korinna Sehringer film “Shouting Secrets” which will start shooting in Arizona on April 26th. Spencer will play Wesley Bishnik, a successful young writer in Los Angeles who is called back to his Native American upbringing after ten years in order to visit his sick mother.

This role hits close to home for Spencer who grew up on reservations in Idaho and Montana and left home to pursue his acting career. Spencer has also been very active in showing his support for the Native American Community including raising awareness about the snowstorm disaster victims from South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who were without power and water for weeks.

Using his celebrity to spotlight the issue, Chaske alongside manager Josselyne Herman, and Video Army Productions has created a star-studded PSA campaign, benefiting the snowstorm disaster victims from South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Sioux tribe. The PSA’s urge individuals to “shift the power to the people” and help to empower everyone to create sustainable, lasting change in their communities and countries. Celebrity volunteers including “Twilight” series stars: Alex Meraz, Gil Birmingham, Boo Boo Stewart, Julia Jones, and Justin Chon, as well as other celebrities Q’orianka Kilcher, Quddus, Dawn Olivieri, and Danielle Bisutti. This project is one of the UNITED GLOBAL SHIFT project’s that Chaske is championing.

Since the PSA has gone live on February 23rd over 6,000 letters have gone to Capitol Hill from people going to

“Shouting Secrets” is a film from the creative team, Joke Film Productions, consisting of Producer / Director, Korinna Sehringer (“Survivor”) and Producer Ueli Josef Bollag.

M. Night Shyamalan som Breaking Dawn's regissör?

Jag har aldrig hört talas om denne M. Night Shyamalan men han har gjort filmer som t.ex. Sjätte Sinnet.

MKnightAt first the list included Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, and Bill Condon discovered by Hollywood insider Nikkie Finke who writes for Deadline Hollywood. Then the name Stephen Daldry surfaced discovered by the LA Times. Right after that MTV (there seems to be a pattern here, you’ll see in a minute) asked The Runaways director, Floria Sigismondi, if she were interested and she gave a polite and non-committal answer.

Now enter M. Night Shyamalan, director of the upcoming The Last Airbender that stars Jackson Rathbone. MTV put the question to him, and to our surprise M. Knight (can we call him just Knight?) was a apparently fan of the first movie…who knew?

“”I would’ve loved to be– I love the series, and Catherine [Hardwicke's] movie, it was one of my favorite movies of that year,” he said. “Really, I thought tonally, it was a perfect movie. I called her up after I saw ‘Twilight’ and was like ‘That was amazing.’ So I’m a big fan.”

Read the rest at MTV.

So, what do you think of the latest person to express interest in the project.



US Weekly gillar Kristen Stewart's stil

Jag tycker som US Weekly, Kristen har bra smak när det gäller kläder! ;)

”I’m not the type of person who has a million things in my closet,” the actress (in Austin, TX, March 18) has said.

”I don’t dress for fashion magazinesm” the Runaways star (at the L.A. premiere on March 11) has said.

Stewart shimmered in a metallic frock, which she paired with black Serigio Rossi peep-toes in NYC on March 17.

The self-described tomboy looked ladylike in Bally satin heels at the Elle Style Awards in London Feb. 22.

She accessorized with Roger Vivier heels and a Channel diamond bracelet in London on Feb. 21.

”I’m a really typical girl. I look like everyone,” the Yellow Handchief star (at the West Hollywook premiere Feb. 18) has said.


Bild med Alex Meraz i Wal-Mart

Dagens Citat

Try not to trip. We don’t have time for a concussion today.
Alice Cullen, New Moon

Tre nya stills från Eclipse

Jippi, alltid trevligt med lite nya stills från Eclipse! :D
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Jag kan inte sluta tänka på Bella/Kristen's peruk! :o Jag tycker inte det ser så bra ut men...det är helt okej! ;)

Jackson Rathbone snackar Eclipse m.m.

Jackson snackar Eclipse, The Last Airbender, 100 Monkeys och Breaking Dawn på KCA, Orange Carpet.

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Tay med de två ambassadörerna i Paris

Journée de Taylor à Paris, Part 1
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Intervju med Jackson Rathbone

Här är den andra delen av Fear net's intervju med Jackson Rathbone.


In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, you get to work with Catalina Sandino Moreno…

Ah man, Catalina. That was amazing, working with her. I was a huge fan of Maria, Full of Grace and she was lovely to work with.


We'll finally get to learn a little bit more about your character, Jasper Hale. What we can expect to see from Jasper's flashbacks and your scenes with Catalina?

Jasper's back story is that he was turned into a vampire during the Civil War era, so I got to don the Civil War regalia and ride a horse again -- I haven't been on a horse in like two years, so that was really fun. Basically, that's how I meet Maria, who's played by Catalina. Maria turns Jasper in order to make him the leader, or trainer, of the army that she needs in the South. Vampire armies are very prevalent in the South in those days. You'll get to see a lot of deadly training vampire scenes, and a little bit of the love-lust relationship between Jasper and Maria and how it doesn't really pan out.


Sounds like the type of turning scene your fans are going to love seeing. From the books and films, we know that vampires are turned with bites in various places; we've seen Carlisle, for example, bite Esme rather romantically on the neck to change her. So… can you tell us where exactly Maria bites Jasper?

Where does she bite him? Well, I don't want to give everything away. I've got to keep some little secrets. [Laughs] I think people are going to be pretty happy about it.


Fair enough! Were there any particularly funny moments you had while filming Eclipse?

You know, whenever you get into these fight scenes it gets a little funny because you're going after each other, and we've all been such good friends for three years now, so throwing a punch at your friend is kind of weird. Jasper has to train the Cullen family, so it was weird… I didn't want to throw punches at Nikki Reed or Ashley [Greene]! It just didn't feel right to me to hit a girl. I was raised very Southern, and that's very wrong where I come from.


Switching gears to your musical interests, do you and 100 Monkeys have any plans to tour outside of the U.S.?

I think we are [but] I don’t know how soon. We have the rest of our dates that are posted on our website, but we're going to try and get out to the U.K., and we really want to get down to Australia and South America. It's just about finding the right time; hopefully we'll get down there as soon as possible.


How's the tour going, and where are you right now? Do you get pulled back from time to time to do press for films like Dread and the upcoming Twilight film, Eclipse?

Jackson Rathbone: We just got into New Orleans, which is nice because my mom was born and raised here. Well, basically I kind of go back and forth; sometimes we have driving days and literally I'll have one day where I fly back and do some promos. So I can keep both up at the same time. It's fun… I'm always in motion.


What was it about the script for Dread that hooked you and made you want to be a part of it?
I've always been fascinated by Clive Barker's dark, Gothic world, and I was a fan of the Hellraiser series when I was growing up. When I got the script, I was told it involved his short story so I read them both and I thought, this is much more of a personalized, humanized version of these dark tales that Clive Barker likes to tell. I really liked it because it was something that could happen in real life -- the derangement of a character like Quaid [played by Shaun Evans]-- that was something that was grounded in reality, and I really liked that aspect of it. I was kind of on the fence, so I gave it to a friend of mine to read and he got through all of it, and at the end he was like, oh man, I almost vomited toward the end. That's when I knew I had to do it.


What was it that you think brought him to that crucial vomiting point?

I think it was the realistic element of the ending, really. I don't want to give away or spoil the ending, but the realistic, visceral imagery of what Anthony was able to pull out of a short story and turn into a full length feature script -- it's one of those things, I have such a strong imagination whenever I read a script, I can visualize things pretty well. A lot of my friends are like that too because they're artists.


In the DVD special features for Dread, there's a behind the scenes moment where we see you eat a maggot. Please tell us there's a good reason for why that happened?

[Laughs] That was kind of a dare; I don't know if they got the entire scene on camera, but you know… In the beginning of Dread, Stephen's only friend is a crow. There are a couple of scenes that I don't think made it into the final cut where I feed the crow little maggots.

So these maggots were on set the whole time, especially towards the end, and people were always joking with one another, "You have to eat a maggot!" They're full of protein, they're actually not that bad for you. So Anthony DiBlasi was holding one out, and I happened to be covered in blood and it had been a long day, and somebody asked me to eat the maggot -- so I did!


The funniest thing about that is that someone's already posted that clip to the 100 Monkeys message board under the title, "Sexiest Jackson Moments…"

You're kidding me! Wow. I'll take it!


How familiar were you with Clive Barker's work beforehand, and did you ever get the chance to meet with him at any point during production?

I never got the chance to meet Clive. I was running and gunning, shooting that film; I was up there for 28 days, I believe, and worked every day. I don't think I had a single day off. So I never got to meet him, but I really wanted to. I'm extremely jealous of Anthony, who got to meet with him a lot. He's worked with Clive in a producer capacity several times, and then he was able to adapt this short story into a feature. I thought he did an amazing job with it, I love the slight changes and how he expanded upon his ideas to lengthen it out and make it a full length story.


One Barker-esque element that is hinted at early on in Dread is the subtle sexual subtext between Stephen and Quaid, especially as horror and sexuality can often be quite intertwined. Is that tension something that was present in your mind or discussed beforehand?

I'd definitely say that horror films are the best kinds of films to take a date to. You get a little scared, you get a little closer. But in terms of filming, there were only a couple of scenes that seemed to me to have a slight sexuality, especially when Quaid is sort of laying out his idea for this project and he's in the shower while Stephen's outside the shower. I think that was one of those first moments, for Stephen, where he's thinking, "This guy's kind of weird." And of course, after the club and all the things that go down in the house afterwards, there's definitely a sexual [vibe] there. But I don't think it's too homoerotic. It's more a subtlety of these two guys becoming friends and testing the , which is always kind of weird.


Dread does have its gory moments, but it's much more a deeply psychological thriller than a straight out blood-fest -- and that seems to be what makes it all the more disturbing, doesn't it?

I definitely agree. You know, it's hard for me to classify Dread as a horror film; it does have horrific elements, but horror to me has always had more of a fantastical element - movies with monsters, or films like Friday the13th or Halloween. As opposed to this, which I think of more as a psychological thriller; it's much more about testing the limits of your mind and your psyche, exploring the darker side.


On the subject of fear, what's the first movie that ever scared you?

The first movie that ever scared me was Poltergeist. I watched it when I was about ten, my older sisters made me watch it. Freaked me out for two or three days. I couldn't sleep at all, I was scared of my own shadow… that was definitely the first movie that ever did it for me in the horror genre, and it freaked me the hell out. My parents got real mad at my older sisters for that one.


Dread is a film more in the traditional horror realm than perhaps Twilight is, but do you see much of an overlap between those two worlds?

I don't know… I've always been varied in terms of the art I like to create; I'm a musician, I'm an actor, I write, I just directed my first music video for one of Spencer Bell's songs called "Beautiful, More So," and I also have the same degree of varied taste in art. So it depends on your taste, really. But they are very different films. [Laughs] Twilight's more of a romantic action film, and Dread's more of a psychological thriller. The two are very different, but that's also how I've managed my career, through very different mediums and different characters, as much as I can. It lets me spread my wings as an actor and try on different shoes for a little while.


At the beginning of Dread, Stephen meets Quaid as a stranger in a darkened alley. Have you had any similarly fateful, random, life-changing meetings in strange places yourself?

Well, I don't have too many life-changing experiences in dark alleys, I've got to admit. [Laughs] But I was fortunate enough to go to a high school called Interlochen Arts Academy, and we had halls in the dorms that we lived in, and I lived down the hall from two guys who eventually became my best friends later in life. One of them was Spencer Bell, who I met as I was blaring some Primitive Radio Gods. I don't know if you know that band, but it's a fairly obscure band from back in the '90s. And Spencer came by and said, "Hey man, are you playing Primitive Radio Gods? Hell yeah, I love that band!" We kind of became friends through music.

That was about ten years ago; Spencer passed away about three and a half years ago from adrenal cancer. Spencer and I had always written and played music for each other, sending it back and forth when he was living in New York and I was living out in Los Angeles. Spencer formed a couple of bands, and then he passed away and his CD was released posthumously. So now we're working with his father, Bill Bell, and his other band members from The Stevedores, to release his albums posthumously. We're about to release the third one, and we're supporting it with the Spencer Bell Legacy Foundation which is coming up in Dallas, Texas, on April 24. There will be performances by Spencer's other band mates from bands he's been in since he was 15, and a record release of his new album that we put out. So I hope people come check that out. You can go to, which is Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer Now, There's some amazing music that he was making that never got a chance to see the light of day until he passed away. That changed my life.


Tell us about your guest spot on Criminal Minds, which may have been a surprising role for some fans see you in.

That was one of the roles that I, to use a vampire pun, loved sinking my teeth into. I just love playing characters that are really out there. That was a hard role; I got to work with [actor-director] Jason Alexander, who's incredible to work with as an actor because he is an actor and he understands the difficulty in trying to play extreme characters as honestly as possible. I had a great time working on that set. I got to work with Matthew Gray Gubler a lot - he's one of the coolest guys I've met so far.


Right after The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premieres (June 30), you've got a prominent role in M. Night Shyamalan's epic-scale fantasy film The Last Airbender (July 2). What kind of fun did you get to have on that set?

M. Night Shyamalan brought it to life; it's the first film he hasn't completely come up with from scratch. It's pretty cool, it's going to be an amazing action movie for families. It's an amazing fantasy realm. I was stoked to be a part of it, I got to do like three months of kung fu training.


What forms of fighting did you train in?

It was a lot of different forms, kind of a crash course. I learned power fist form and they taught me a lot of grappling techniques and holds, it was basically a run-through of many forms. I will say that my kicks are terrible. I don't kick so well. I'm pretty good with my hands and my hand-to-hand combat, but foot-to-foot? Not so good.


Do you get to use your character's signature sword in this as well?

Not yet. Right now it's still the first series, so he's rocking a boomerang.


Lastly, what do you get to call M. Night Shyamalan on set? M? Night? Mr. Shyamalan?

Night. I call him Night. I wondered that, too. He's an amazingly cool guy. It's great to get to work with someone who I've respected for years.



Nu är jag tillbaka från Ystad! :D

Miljövänliga Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre är nog inte bara känd för att vara med i Twilight och New Moon, kanske också för att hon är så miljövänlig! Igår så släckte ganska många alla lamopr och sånt. Gjortde ni det? Jag gjorde det.

Eclipse glas?

Jag är en sådan människa som älskar glass! Jag kan äta glass mitt i vintern också, alltid. Nu finns det Edward och Jacob glas! Glassen är gjort i Italien och jag har hört att Italien's glass är mycket god.
Vilken glass ser godast ut? Jacob glassen eller Edward glassen? ;)

Backstage med Taylor Lautner på KCA



Exklusiv intervju med Tayolr Lautner

Här kommer en exklusiv intervju med Tay i Paris om den franska New Moon dvd:n.

Detta är frågorna som ställs i intervjun:

1/ Is Jacob Bella's sun?


2/ Did you have a lot of time to talk with Stephenie Meyer?


3/ Was there a lot of pressure to play Jacob?


4/ How was the casting?


5/ How did you get prepared for this role?


6/ Did you do research about Quileute tribe?


7/ Is it diffucult to shoot a movie with a wig?


8/ During filming, could you improvise a scene?


9/ Did you do your own stunts?


10/ Are you a fan of your CGI wolf?


11/ How does your wolf have been created?

12/ Did Chris Weitz give you a "guide"


13/ How can you explain this phenomenon?


14/ Do you think the film is true to the book?


15/ If there was a fight between Edward & Jacob...


16/ Are you happy to have your 'pack' with you?


17/ How was the atmosphere during the filming?


18/ What do you think about your co-stars?


19/ Do you understand Bella?


20/ Are you excited to discover Eclipse?


Ge mig!

Det är så otroligt synd att det inte finns sådana här saker i Sverige, jag tror inte de finns i Sverige i alla fall...
Ser ni "mössan" som Alex Meraz har på huvudet? Det är den jag pratar om. Visst är den söt?
Klicka här för att se fler modeller och för att köpa en.

ClevverTV om Breaking Dawn

Clevver TV verkar verkligen gilla att prata om The Twilight Saga! :D

Kommer vi bli besvikna?! Vad tror du Melissa Rosenberg pratar om?



Video's från KCA

Taylor Lautner Kids' Choice Awards
Uploaded by twilightbritneyfan. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

KCA 2010: Taylor Lautner & Dev Patel Interview

Kids Choice Awards 2010

Eclipse Chapter 2 Recap

Ny outtake på Alex Meraz

Ännu en läcker bild på Alex Meraz tagen av Darren Tieste.

Rob i franska ELLE tidningen

Klicka för större!

Ny still från New Moon dvd:n

Jag tycker den här vad jättefin. :D


HQ outtakes på Dakota Fannin + två nya outtakes

Bilder på Taylor Lautner i Paris

Som jag tidigare skrivit har Taylor Lautner varit med i LG Orange Star Ambassador. Nu kan ni se bilder på han och hans vinnare. Jag skulle väldigt gärna vilja vara vinnaren men men!
Se fler bilder på källan.

Bilder från KCA

Igår hölls Kids Choice Awards i USA. Det kommer också sändas på Nickelodeon den 10 April för er som vill se det.
För er som vill se några bilder, här kommer dem!
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Källa: &

Tillbaka från mötet med Charlie Bewley!

Jag har precis kommit hem från mässan där Charlie Bewley befann sig! Jag vet inte var jag ska börja, för det första, det vad den bästa dagen i hela mitt liv. Gud vad mycket twilight saker det fanns. Man ville bara köpa hela rubbet. Det var faktiskt inte så dyrt heller. Jag köpte Michael Welch's och Cathrine Hardwicke's autograf för 150 kr! Jag är överlycklig. Jag och min vän fotades också med Charlie Bewley!
Autograferna jag köpte:
Var ni också där? Skicka gärna in bilder och videos eller bara berätta! :D

Gissa vem!

Vem tror ni detta är? :)
Vill ni ha en ledtråd? Han befinner sig i Sverige just nu!
Helt rätt, boys and girls!
Det är ingen mindre än Charlie Bewley. Han befann sig ju på mässan i Malmö idag. Jag ska åka och träffa honom imorgon. Någon mer som ska det eller som redan har träffas honom?


Stills från Eclipse

Nice! Alltid trevligt med lite stills.

Intervju med Robert Pattinson



Life, seen from a very realistic way, is , as time goes by, a chain of loss, considers de American filmmaker Allen Coulter. According to the director of The Sopranos, there’s people that get strength when they are in grief, and then there’s people who get lost in their pain, without expecting anything or anyone to rescue them.

‘”It’s a movie about life, and it has a love story too. It’s about the relationships we have as human beings with the people around us who we love.
“It’s about loss, how we handle grief, how it affects us. For many people, loss becomes part of who they are, and sometimes in order to overcome a loss we have to let part of ourselves behind as well; these are very rich emotions to explore and they contradict each other.” explains Pattinson, who is also the executive producer for Remember Me.
“Filming in New York was completely insane. The paparazzi are the worst, the whole time they screamed my name trying to get me to look at them so they could take a picture while I was working”.

Do you think this is the character that most resembles who you are in real life so far?
I don’t know. I think you always try to relate to the character, make it your own, and make it feel real. You reconstruct the character and you look for elements that you can relate to the most.
In that case I see things in Tyler that I wish I had.In the movie Tyler gets in fights all the time, and I wish I could throw a punch like him, but I’m not like that at all.
I’ve been beaten up a few times outside bars. As far as rebelling, I always worry because I never went through that phase as a teenager. I’m afraid I’ll become a rebel now, with no aparent reason.

Our chat with the superstar took place at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan. The actor came in the room surrounded by a team of publicists, assistants and body guards.
Downstairs, in Park Avenue, a large group of paparazzi guards the place and tries to snap a picture of him with his “girlfriend” Kristen Stewart, his co-star in Twilight, who he prefers not to even mention.

How do you manage to find peace with all the attention you get?
I spend a lot of time thinking of ways not to be seen, which is messed up, but in the end it’s worth it because if nobody knows where you’re going, they don’t wait outside the restaurant, and you can enjoy life. I’m not saying it’s not cool when people ask for my picture or my autograph. What I can’t stand is when people try to get something out of my image. But I manage to escape sometimes.

I can imagine it’s even harder when you’re dating someone famous like Kristen.
(laughs) It’s hard either way. You have to accept that it’s part of your life, and it’s something that comes with the territory.

Den spanska Eclipse postern

Så här ser den spanska officiella Eclipse postern ut.

BooBoo Stewart på LA Rocks Fashion Week

Boo Boo och hans syster Fivel Stewart var på LA Rocks Fashion Week i måndags.


Nya stills från The Runaways

Här kommer några stills från The Runaways.



Är det bara jag som tycker denna bilden nedan ser lite konstig ut? Om ni kollar på Kristens axel så ser ni att det är två händer på bilden och hela hon är helt konstig! :o


Intervju med Jackson Rathbone

MTV intervjuade Jackson Rathbones, ämnet är Eclipse.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has a post from their interview with Jackson talking a bit about his character in Eclipse.

Though we don’t learn much about Jackson’s Jasper Hale in “Twilight” and “New Moon,” his background is explored much more in “Eclipse.” “I’m excited for a step up with Jasper’s character,” Jackson said. “It’s been two, three years and now I get to kind of go outside and show a little bit more of what makes Jasper tick. We get to go into his back story — see where he came from, who he was before, what makes him who we see in the first film of ‘Twilight,’ what makes him seem like he’s always in pain, why he’s always in pain … because he is.”

So why, exactly, is he in so much agony? “He’s almost depressed,” Jackson said. “He wants to live a good life. He wants to be part of the Cullen family. He is the newest to this vegetarian vampire way of life, and he’s still trying to be part of that and address his inner demons and what he used to be. It was really fun to be able to express that.”

Läs hela intervjun här!

Underbar fan-made Breaking Dawn bild

Intervju med Michael Welch & Justin Chon

Michael Welch och Justin Chonvar var i Salt Lake City för att vara där på New Moon release partyt! UDär blev de också intervjuade av In Utah This Week.

<p>Twilight High: An Interview with 'New Moon' actors Justin Chon and Michael Welch</p>
To help celebrate the release of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" on DVD and Blu-ray, actors Justin Chon (Eric), Christian Serratos (Angela) and Michael Welch (Mike) were in Salt Lake City and I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to talk to them about their experiences. I should say, as I told them, I am not a fan of the series, but unlike other critics this isn't something I'm proud of. I sincerely wish that I were a part of the phenomenon rather than sitting on the outside. 

Welch is the first to wander down into the hotel lobby where I am waiting with a pair of publicists along with the woman who has just finished Serratos' hair and makeup in preparation for the night's events.

I figure that waiting for the others to appear could prove problematic, so I pull Welch aside. To begin the interview I ask him if he had any idea of what he was signing up for when he was asked to join the "Twilight" cast.

"I certainly didn't expect this. I think we all knew that it had the potential to be a successful franchise. But no, I've never been apart of anything like this," he says.

Welch, who appeared in "Star Trek: Insurrection" and a fan-favorite episode of "Stargate SG-1," explains that this isn't the first time he's seen dedicated fans.

"I've always been in awe of sci-fi fans because their passion is remarkable. And the thing that is great about sci-fi fans is that if they enjoy what you do in the sci-fi world they'll follow you outside of that world as well. It has been a great pleasure to get to know the "Stargate" fans over the years, but this brings it to a new level. People were screaming for us before the first film even came out and I made the joke at one point saying, 'We may suck and ruin your story so I wouldn't be screaming at us quite yet,'" he says with a laugh.

I ask if he was worried about how the public, both fans and critics, would react to the film.

"The priority for me was to first and foremost please the fanbase. How do you do that? You capture what Stephenie created to the best of your ability. So having Stephenie on set was an enormous help. Her approval meant more to me than anything. If she likes what you are doing with the character she created, you are on the right track. I respect film critics in what they do, but with what that said, and particularly in this case, I think that this franchise is accomplishing what it set out to do, which is to please the fans, " Welch says.

When I interviewed Anna Kendrick (who plays Jessica in the films) prior to the release of "New Moon," she admitted that whenever she met anyone who wasn't familiar with the books or the films, they would always want to know if she was a vampire or a werewolf and that they were always disappointed that she was just a ordinary high school student. I ask Welch if he has had similar experiences. He has but that hasn't diminished his love for his role.

"I think the high school kids are a necessary part of the story. We are there so that girls can look at Bella in a normal high school situation and empathize and connect with her. We're also there to add some levity, some humor and lightness to what is otherwise a pretty dark and intense story," he says.

Kendrick had told me the fun of playing Jessica was that she was nothing like her character. I ask Welch if the same is true with him or if he too spent his high school days chasing a girl who wasn't interested in him.
<p>Twilight High: An Interview with 'New Moon' actors Justin Chon and Michael Welch</p>

"Unfortunately, it was quite easy for me to connect with Mike and his journey," he says as Justin Chon enters the room followed by a man with a professional video camera. I wave him over. He and Welch happily greet each other like childhood friends. I bring Chon up to speed on our current train of thought and ask him, seeing that he is older than his "Twilight" high school cohorts, what it was like for him to essentially go back to school for his role. 

"It's funny because I just had my 10-year reunion this December and all of my classmates asked me what it is like to still be playing those kinds of roles. I don't know. It's a part of my life that mentally I've grown way past, but professionally, because I look so young, I tend to play young characters. It's kind of cool because I can relive [high school] but play it the way I choose to play it," Chon says.

Welch adds, "How many people throughout their lives want to go back to their teenage experiences with the mindset and perspective that they have now? We get to do that. It's a gift and kind of special to relive these experiences our way."

I comment that everyone I've met from the films (the majority of my interviews have been with a pair of actors at a time rather than one on one) seems to have a wonderful relationship with each other even if they didn't appear in any scenes together in the film.

Chon suggests, "It's like a small cohesive family. If you see a person enough, you bond. We're all young, not set in our ways and none of us have egos so we just have fun."

Welch agrees saying, "I think part of the camaraderie also comes from an understanding of what we are all a part of. We all understand that this is an once-in-a-lifetime crazy thing." 

Chon adds, "When we were shooting 'New Moon' they had these black tarps that covered the sets so you couldn't see in, and one day there was a helicopter flying above the set. Was this really happening? Did someone really rent a helicopter so they could get a shot of someone picking their nose? It's absolutely wild to be a part of this." 

I ask if they are worried that they will always be associated with the "Twilight" films rather than the roles they'll have in the future. 

Welch says, "I've always looked at acting as a marathon, not a sprint. It is what I love and plan on doing for the rest of my life. I've been very blessed that I've been able to build my reputation as an actor a brick at a time. This part of my career is another brick, a great stepping stone. Everything I get to do from here on out, I get to do, at least in a small part, because of ['Twilight']. So, yes, those thoughts to cross the back of your mind but at a certain point you have to have confidence and faith that things are going to turn out they way they are supposed to as long as you put in the work."

Chon nods, " I've thought about it. Is this the role I'm going to be best known for? Will I always be Justin Chon from 'Twilight'? It is a portion of my life but it doesn't define me. What I view as important is ultimately going to define who I am to myself. At the end of the day I just want to be doing something I love. If they just know me from 'Twilight' that's fine." 

We take a moment to step back and laugh that we're having this conversation because ultimately every actor, professional or otherwise, wants to have success, notoriety and to be part of a phenomenon like "Twilight." No one wants to be pigeonholed for the rest of their careers, but if it is going to happen this is the way to do it.

Chon reminds us that we're talking about a film that none of the major studios were interested in and that, prior to its release, they were all "little actors trying to get roles in a indie film." Chon also says he's thankful that they'd take the risk of casting an Asian actor when, as he sees it, he wasn't the obvious choice. 

Welch, who admits that he hadn't really thought about that aspect of casting, adds, "With a lot of projects, in the casting process, they are very specific about what ethnicity they want for a role. If I'm not mistaken, with this film, it was really about getting the most talented people who fit the roles best."

With that, I'm told to wrap up the conversation. As I stand to leave, I'm asked by Chon's stalkers, the camera crew, if I wouldn't mind giving them a brief interview. I suggest that I should have had someone do my makeup, but I'm not exactly about to refuse, although I'd hate to think that for the rest of my career I'll be typecast as a journalist.

Serratos glides in for a brief "hello" before the actors return to their rooms for a brief respite before they venture out into the arms of a thousand screaming fans.


Kristen Stewart hoppar in i fel bil

Jag brukar inte lägga ut sådana här klipp men detta var något speciellt. Kvalitén är inte så bra men den är ändå värd att se tycker jag.

Anna Kendrick på The Pepsi Refresh Project

Vilken söt kyckling Anna Kendrick gjorde på The Pepsi Refresh Project! :D

Remember me - bakom scenerna

Intervju med fansen om Robert's vaxdocka

Oj, jisses! De här fansen attackerade verkligen vaxdockan när de fick synd på den.


Kommer Stephen Daldry regissera Breaking Dawn?

Det är Stephen Daldry som har regisserat The Reader med b.l.a Kate Winslet och nu ryktas det om att han ska regissera Breaking Dawn!

EXCLUSIVE: Add this name to the list of high-end auteurs who are being considered for the director’s chair on ”Breaking Dawn”: Stephen Daldry.

Yep, that Stephen Daldry, the man who directed such Oscar fare as ”Billy Elliot,” ”The Reader” and ”The Hours.”

Daldry joins a list that includes Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon and Gus Van Sant, all of whom have been approached about taking on the fourth film in the ”Twilight” franchise. Like those three, there are not yet indications Daldry would actually take the gig, but the fact that Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the films, has reached out to him suggests where its intentions lie for the fourth film.

By this point nothing should surprise us about the names Summit is considering. (Well, James Cameron would surprise us. But he’s pretty much the only one.) The fourth book contains more complicated material as the story opens up (warning: spoiler alert), with part of the novel written from werewolf Jacob’s perspective and Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan carrying a child.

Having already gone indie with Catherine Hardwicke, polished/commercial with Chris Weitz and genre auteur with David Slade for the franchise’s first three movies, Summit clearly wants a high-end prestige filmmaker to handle the fourth picture.

Still, even by those standards, Daldry stands out. He’s been nominated for three Oscars, more than any of the other directors on the short list. In fact, Daldry is the rare filmmaker who’s been nominated for a best directing Oscar for every feature he’s made.

Those credentials make taking on a global teen phenomenon seem unlikely, though there are reasons to think it could work. The director is well-versed in depicting forbidden love (a ”Twilight” staple) with ”The Reader” and ”The Hours.” And he’s adept at themes of family alienation, also a franchise fixture, which ran under ”Billy Elliot.” Also, like most of the others, Daldry doesn’t yet have a new film.

The fourth ”Twilight” movie — which will likely take only a piece of ”Breaking Dawn” as the film is split into two — will in all likelihood be shot in the fall. That gives Summit a little more time to comb through high-end directors. Academy Award winners, take note: Vampires and werewolves are coming for you.

Jackson Rathbone - 100 Monkeys på en spelning

Jag skulle jättegärna vilja gå på en av 100 Monkey's spelningar! Jag har lyssnat lite på dem och de är faktiskt bra. ;)

We had a BLAST at the 100 Monkeys concert last night here in Little Rock, AR.  Jackson looked adorable and everyone had a great time!  Their music is amazing too!  Jackson is very talented vocally and musically.  He played guitar, keyboard, drums and trumpet!



You’ve chosen not to live without her, and that doesn’t leave me a choice.
Carlisle Cullen, New Moon

Anna Kendrick - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Trailer

Charlie Bewley i Malmö!

Gud vad jag längtar till på söndag! Men för ser som inte kan vänta till på söndag kan ni ju åka hit till Malmö och träffa Charlie Bewley imorgon. :D Nu twittrar han om detta.

Vem kommer regissera Breaking Dawn?

Det går runt lite snack vem som kommer vara BD's regissör. Nu har MTV gjort en rolig sak, de har nämligen gjort en omröstning där man kan rösta på den regissören man tror skulle passa bäst.

A new name entered the potential directors pool for "Breaking Dawn" yesterday: Stephen Daldry. He previously directed only three films -- "The Reader," "The Hours" and "Billy Elliott" -- but he received Academy Award nominations for all three of them. Daldry joins a group of three previously named talents who Summit is considering to helm the final installment in the "Twilight" series.


Last week, the news emerged that the studio had Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola and Bill Condon on their short list of potential helmers. These are four serious names; Summit clearly wants to bring out the biggest guns they can in capping off the high school romance-meets-vampires saga. They also want to serve the fans, since you're the ones who made this series such a big deal. And we're here to help. Tell us which of the four directors we know to be in the running you'd most like to see get the gig. I can't promise you that Summit will listen, but I can't promise they won't either. Let's just quickly recap the potential directors one more time before we get to the poll.

Sofia Coppola: The "Lost in Translation" and "Marie Antoinette" director knows her way around nuanced female roles, and Kristen Stewart's Bella is definitely that. She also knows how to make challenging relationships compelling for film audiences; "Breaking Dawn" also has a lot of that.

Gus Van Sant: Van Sant is admittedly an odd choice. He's had mainstream success with the likes of "Good Will Hunting" and "Finding Forrester," but he's known best for his indie/arthouse work. "Twilight" is many things, and it does indeed have its roots as an indie, but "arthouse" is not a direction I can see Summit wanting it to go in for the final chapter (or chapters, if it is broken into two movies). That said, star Robert Pattinson is keen on Van Sant being the guy, and the directorhas proven himself capable of blockbuster success.

Bill Condon: The random nature of Bill Condon's resume is exactly what makes him a good fit for "Breaking Dawn." From the "Candyman" sequel to "Kinsey" to "Dreamgirls," you never know what he's going to do next. He's directed a supernatural, hook-wielding psycho-killer, a sex-crazed scientist and an up-and-coming soul singer... a teenage romance involving vampires, werewolves and a violent, bloody birth feels like the culmination of everything he's ever done!

So now you know the players. Which one do you think would be best?



Igår intervjuades födelsedags barnen Tinsel och Kiowa.


Ännu en trailer för The Last Airbender med Jackson Rathbone

Jake - I'm gay


Vilken vaxdocka är mest lik Robert Pattinson?

Nu är det jag som känner mig lite snurrig! Det är faktiskt så att det finns två vaxdockor! :o En i Robert's hemstad London och en i New York.
Vilken tycker ni är finast, eller bäst? Jag tycker den i New York är bäst eftersom den har flest likheter med Robert.

Underbara Eclipse bilder - Fan-made

OME. Jag bara älskar dem!

Taylor Lautner vinner Teen Vogue award för “Best Smile”

Detta var något nytt och intresssant. Fansen röstade på Taylor Lautner för bästa leende och så klart vann grabben. ;)

Edward's röda ögon och Volturi halsbandet

Jag skrev innan ett inlägg om att Edward har röda ögon i en video från Eclipse och då gissade många på en vision som Alice såg eller något annat men nu har man också sett att han bär Volturi halsbandet!

Team Twilight caught onto the fact that the clip featured a flash of Edward Cullen with red eyes. A closer inspection of the image reveals that he is not only red-eyed but also apparently wearing a Volturi crest necklace much like those worn in New Moonby Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower, et al.

A commentator to the blog scoured the book to find that there is a sequence in the story on Page 305 that might explain the origin of the moment.

“In Aro’s head he saw me at his one side and Alice at his other,” Edward Cullen says.

It may be a flash imagination of the thought like we saw in New Moonwith Alice’s “vision” of Bella as a vampire. Though, Michael Sheen (who portrays Aro) isn’t listed on any Eclipsecast list that I’ve seen . . . It’s still entirely possible that the scene went through without him here. Only time will tell.

Still very interesting, no?


Alice Cullen - Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse

Haha, nu är det Alice's tur. Jag tycker inte Alice's hår ser bra ut i Eclipse. Det ska ju inte vara så rakt och sitta så fint! :(

Ny "Dread" trailer med Jackson Rathbone

Ny trailer people! :D

Robert/Vaxdockan vs. Robert Pattinson

Här kommer några skillnader. ;)

Nya bilder på Robert Pattinson's vaxdocka

Just nu skulle jag gärna vilja vara i London och besöka det här stället!
Se fler bilder här!


Stills på Victoria från New Moon

Gosh, jag älskar Rachelle's hår! :o
Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Se fler på källan!

Eclipse Chapter 1 Recap * spoiler varning *

Från thetwilightsaga:
CleverTV har nu startat en ny slags serie där de fräschar upp våra Eclipce-minnen! De sammanfattar in princip första kapitlet, så spoilervarning för er som inte har läst böckerna!

Chaske Spenser: Killarna kommer gilla Eclipse

Nu säger även Chaske Spenser att han tror killarna kommer gilla Eclipse! Det har vi ju hört förut också.
The hysteria-inducing “Twilight” film series has all the trappings of an epic chick flick with an abundance of bare-chested werewolves and a romance between two longing young lovers anchoring the phenomenon. But Chaske Spencer, who plays werewolf leader Sam Uley in the film, insisted last night that fellas would find some appeal in the upcoming "Eclipse" flick too.

“It’s darker and there’s a lot more action -- the werewolves and vampires team up,” Spencer told Niteside at the Steve Madden Music and Iyaz bash Tuesday evening.

Spencer said the more guy-friendly “Eclipse” may make the third “Twilight” film the most successful installment of the series.

“‘New Moon’ had one of the biggest opening days in history," he said. "I think ‘Eclipse’ is going to probably surpass that, and I think a lot of guys can go see it. There’s a lot more action,” he said.

Peter Facinelli har två nya filmer på listan

Variety skriver i en artikel att vår kära Peter Facinelli har två filmer på listan, det är ju alltid nice! ;)

Verdi-Corrente Prods. has signed ”Twilight” actor Peter Facinelli to star in two features helmed by Michael Corrente.

The drama-comedy ”Loosies” is in pre-production with production slated for mid-summer.

Biopic ”Paz,” based on the life of boxer Vinnie Pazienza, will launch early next year. Facinelli and Chad A. Verdi will co-produce both films.

Facinelli played Carlisle Cullen in the first two ”Twilight” installments and will return in the third pic, ”Eclipse,” set for a June release. He also stars opposite Edie Falco in Showtime’s dark comedy series ”Nurse Jackie.”

Facinelli penned ”Loosies,” in which he’ll play a successful pickpocket in the New York living the outlaw lifestyle until confronted with an old one-night stand who tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

”Paz” centers on Pazienza’s comeback from a near-fatal car accidentk. Told by doctors he would never walk again, Pazienza trained in secret and was able to re-enter the ring.

Corrente’s producing both films and Chad A. Verdi’s is co-producer. Corrente’s credits include ”American Buffalo,” ”Outside Providence” and ”Brooklyn Rules.”


Rob, Kris & Tay i Gala Magazine (Tyskland)

Emilie de Ravin pratar Robert Pattinson

*Tell us about the finest men you’ve worked with – included Johnny Depp and Robert Patinson…

- Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. When we met on Public Enemies he was genuinely nice. The Lost guys are too, and Robert Pattinson couldn’t be more of a great guy. He’s insanely talented, but I don’t even think he knows that.

*Were you intrigued to be working with him after all the Twilight publicity?

-I didn’t really know who he was! I’ve never been a tabloid reader or a person who follows what somebody is going to the grocery store for.

*You can’t have escaped the Twilight phenomenon though?

-The fan base is wonderful. But shooting with Rob in New York was crazy. There were girls climbing all over him, which did make things difficult. He’d been through it all before but it was very new to me. Because the majority of fans were teenage girls. I felt like, ‘Oh, God, they all hate me.’ You walk out and they’re like, ‘Who’s this girl with the guy we’re here to see?’ but then they saw me smiling, and they we’re like ‘Oh she’s actually nice!’

*You got to kiss Rob too…

-That was a very spontaneous thing actually, which tabloid-wise came out as us making out on the beach, but really we were filming.

*And now you have to say he’s a good kisser, right?

-(Laughs) It’s in contract, yes.

*You split from your husband of three years last year. Are you happily single or looking for love again?

-I don’t talk about that stuff anymore- I’ve learnt my lesson! But I think in any situation, the important thing is having people around you that love and care about and respect you. People you can be open and honest about everything with.

*What’s best about your life?

-Happiness for me is spending time with my friends and family. I love my career but my family comes first and I’m lucky that I’m close to them. I try to get back to Australia at least twice a year. It’s great when I see them.

*You’ve been in Hawaii filming the final season of Lost – Hollywood must be pretty manic in comparison?

Yeah, but I’m such a homebody –I don’t like go to shopping where I know the paparazzi will be and I don’t eat in those kind of restaurants so you won’t see me dancing on tables or falling over outside clubs. I love staying at home with my girlfriends, watching a funny film like ‘Heathers.’


*Ever been chatted up by another celeb?


*Who is the most famous person in you phone?

-I guess Rob’s is the obvious choice.

*Any red-carpet disasters?

-No, thanks God. But my tip would be please, whatever you’re wearing, wear underwear!

*What scares you?

-Mostly meeting people on your first day of work.

*What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in the past 12 month?

-I’m buying my mum a laptop so we can Skype to each other.

Nikki Reed At The Alternative Apparel’s Fall 2010 Collection Presentation


Clevver om Robert's frisyr

Intervju med Peter Facinelli

Peter snackar Carlisle Cullen och mycket mer. Läs!

With hundreds of Twi-hards outside on the sidewalk eagerly awaiting the DVD release party for 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon,' we are led into the back offices of the Union Square Best Buy. We open the door to where we've been told Peter Facinelli will be awaiting the interview, but the room is empty. The publicist tells us to wait and scurries off to see where the actor has gone. As we walk across the room, a creepy feeling suddenly overcomes us. We whirl around to find Facinelli standing there, grinning like an devious child. He was hiding behind the door. 

Although he's been working in Hollywood for well over a decade, the Queens native has only recently snuck up on audiences. Before becoming paternal vampire Carlisle Cullen and Dr. Fitch Cooper on Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie,' people on the street recognized him as "that guy from that TV show" ('Fastlane' or 'Damages') or "that guy from that movie" ('The Big Kahuna' or 'The Scorpion King') or "that guy who married Kelly from '90210.'" There are worse things than being known as Mr. Jennie Garth, especially when the famous couple astounds Hollywood cliches by staying married for over nine years and counting. Still, the father of three daughters must be excited now that his profile has risen.

"Honestly, I'm so unaware of that," Facinelli says about his growing fame. "I look so unlike Carlisle, I'm always surprised when someone recognizes me on the street." 

That may be true, but just outside the store, Twi-girls cannot wait for the opportunity to get close enough to smell what scent he's wearing and get an autographed copy of the DVD. They can no doubt recognize him across a crowded mall. In less than an hour, they will be competing for his attention as he asks 'Twilight' trivia questions and they scream the answers like '60s girls at a Beatles show. 

How did you get stuck with being here? Did you draw straws with the other Cullens?
I won it in a raffle! We put our names in a hat and mine was picked. No, actually, I was out here doing press for 'Nurse Jackie' and they asked me to do it and I said, "Sure, it sounds like fun."

Do 'Twilight' fans quote anything to you most often?
"Whose going to want you now?" [Laughs] No, actually, I get ask to say, "Animal attack." 

When you took the role as Carlisle, did you read the whole series?
Well, I read the first book before meeting with Catherine Hardwicke, just to see what it was about. I fell in love with it. When I got the role, I read the second and third book immediately. The fourth book hadn't come out yet. When it did, I listened to it on audio book. It was like listening to a bedtime story. Not because the book was boring, but because the person's voice kept lulling me to sleep. 

Do your daughters read the books?
My 12-year-old has read the first two books. I'll probably give her the third one for her 13th birthday at the end of June, so she's ready for the movie. My 7-year-old has not read any of them, but I was just thinking it might be fun to get the audio books and have her listen to them. 

As long as you get a more exciting voiceover actor reading it. 
[laughs] Yeah, maybe I should just read it to her. 

Do you have a favorite vampire?
I like Count Chocula and the Count from 'Sesame Street.' [laughs] Count Chocula's awesome, man. He's got to make a comeback. I haven't seen him for awhile. 

Now that you know you'll have to play the flawless Carlisle for at least two more films, do you ever find yourself screaming, "Watch out for my face, my beautiful face!"?
Not really, but my daughter did headbutt me in the nose and it swelled up like Marlon Brando. For a month ii looked like that before finally going down. But before it did, I thought, "Ah, great, now I have to get a nose job because I can't play Carlisle as Brando." 

Can I ask why she headbutted you?
She's three years old and we were watching 'Spider-Man.' Some scary parts came on and I went to close her eyes, but she likes the scary parts so she started fighting me saying, "I want see. I want to see." And she headbutted me in the nose. I have a picture of it!

For the next roughly six minutes Fascinelli scrolls through hundreds of photos on his iPhone until he finally finds it. And he's right, he does look like a prettier version of Brando. 

How is your career different than what you thought it would be when you first began working in the mid-90s?
When I began, my agents wanted to send me out for every Italian role available because my last name ends with an 'i.' But I only wanted to do non-Italian roles because I am Italian. For me, that's the fun of acting. I didn't want to be typecast. And now, when I look back at my roles like Mike Dexter, next to Carlisle, next to Dr. Coop, next to 'Scorpion King,' if I put all those characters in a room, it's a diverse bunch. So I feel like I'm doing what I set out to.

Snacka om lyx

Vissa har tur! Alex Meraz och Daniel Cudmore och lite personal i ett stort flygplan. De har hela flygplanet för sig själva. :)

Twilight gängets favorit bok i The Twilight Saga

Här kommer en lisa på vem som gillar vilken bok i The Twilight Saga.



Ashley Greene
Elizabeth Reaser

New Moon

Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
Chaske Spencer


Peter Facinelli
Kellan Lutz
Taylor Lautner

Breaking Dawn

Christian Serratos

Min är klart Eclipse! :D


Robert Pattinson - Videon om vaxdockan


Jackson Rathbone i KCA reklamen

Här nedan ser ni en ny reklam spot för Kids Choice Award 2010. Som ni ser är  Jackson Rathbone med och det måste ju betyda att vi kommer se mycket av honom i KCA. ;)

Grattis på födelsedagen Tinsel Korey & Kiowa Gordon

Grattis på födelsedagen Tinsel Korey(30år) och Kiowa Gordon(20år)! :)

Grattis från The Twilight World.

Melissa Rosenburg delar ett foto på Facebook

Melissa lade nyligen ut detta fotot på henne, Stephenie Meyer och hela twilight gänget.

MTV - Ashley Greene pratar om Eclispe m.m.

MTV Rough Cut har fått chansen att intervjua Ashley Greene. De pratar b.l.a om Eclipse, The Apparition och Skateland.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Esme's & Jasper's utseende genom filmerna

Nu är det Esme och Jaspers tur. Tja, jag var ganska nöjd med de andra men när det gäller Jasper vet jag inte riktigt. Han hår ser ju helt annorlunda ut...
Esme däremot ser faktiskt helt ok ut. ;)

Cherry Bomb - mest strömmande videon på


Taylor Lautner Promo Video för Star Ambassador!



Nya outtakes med Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart för Entertainment Weekly.
Det var längesedan man fick se några outtakes!

Massor med Eclipse Wallpapers!

Nu när den officiella Eclipse postern har kommit ur, strömmar det ut med wallpapers! :D Inget jag klagar på.


Köp Edward's bil

Nu kan du köpa Edward's bild som han hade i Twilight! Klicka här för att göra det.

Intervju med Daniel Cudmore


Robert Pattinson - Hela vaxdockan

Varför ser TTS posterna ut som de gör?

Ja, det är en bra fråga. Twilightsource har nu skrivit om detta. ;)

Twilight: Simple and to the point. Twilight is the story of Edward and Bella. Edward is swooping in to become a part of Bella’s life.


New Moon: Jacob is taking on a larger role in this film. The poster clearly explains that Jacob is getting in the way of the Edward and Bella romance we saw (and loved) in Twiligh


Eclipse: In this film, Bella has to make a choice on her own. This poster shows that Bella will have to decide whether she wants to be with Edward or Jacob. It also shows that this film will be darker than the first two. We see many darker colors throughout the poster that weren’t used for Twilight or New Moon.


Intervju med Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart

USA Todays's Whitney Matheson intervjuade skådespelerskorna i The Runaways, Kristen Stewart och Dakota Fanning.

USA Today’s Whitney Matheson recently interviewed Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning for the Runaways at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX.

Before we hop to it, perhaps I should set the scene: This conversation took place in a hotel conference room, where the two stars were brought in by several publicists and bodyguards. Stewart spent much of the time doodling an octopus on a legal pad. After eight minutes, they were escorted out of the room.

Our chat is below. Kristen took her octopus on her way out.

Me: Well, since we’re at South by Southwest, one thing a lot of people want me to ask is what music you’re into right now.

Stewart: Right. I listen to The Shinsand Radiohead and Interpol. And we saw Band of Horses last night, and that was awesome, because they’re, like, my favorite band right now. I love Camera Obscuraand Jenny Lewis. I’m just pumping ‘em out — I never do this! I’m always like, “Oh, I don’t answer that question.”

Me: It’s a hard one.

Fanning: I really hate that question. It scares me, it makes me nervous. Because I think people judge you a lot on the music that you listen to.

Stewart: It’s so defining. Which is why people want to know, because it does say a lot about you.

Fanning: They want to categorize you.

Well, those are good. And you saw Band of Horses, I almost went to that show.

Stewart: And Broken Social Scene. You seriously missed out. The chick from Metriccame out and played one song with them. A long, anthem-y-type thing … it was awesome.

Me: Oh, well. OK, next question! This is from Lauren: Would you ever consider being in a band yourself?

Fanning: I don’t think so. I can only sing or perform if I’m playing a character and able to hide behind that character, so I would be too afraid to do it as myself.

Stewart: I love music so much. I play guitar, and I love playing it with my friends. But I hate the idea of something that’s mine … I’m used to making movies and having people take that from me. But to have my thing be somebody else’s experience right now … I could never be in a band. I feel the same way. I could only ever do that playing someone else.

Me: So you’re not going to release an album?

Stewart: Oh, no.

Me: Here’s one from Lynn: How much did the costuming, makeup, etc. help in the process of channeling these awesome female rockers?

Fanning: I think it helped me a lot, just because Cherie’s costumes are so out there and unique to her. Even the way the clothes were made back then, just because a lot of the stuff was vintage — just that feeling was really cool to have. I loved getting to see a picture of her and then look like that. I’ve always wanted to play a real person, so it was neat for me.

Me: Julissa asks, if you were to form the ultimate rock band, with musicians from today and of the past, who would you include?

Stewart: Oh, no. I answered the music that I listened to! I can’t even begin to try to make a band in my head. (Laughs)

Me: Do you have an all-time favorite guitarist?

Stewart: I don’t. I really actually don’t. It would take a really long time for me to think of the kind of band I’d wanna make, how they’d complement one another … it’s too loaded.

Me: Well, let’s move on to one from Tom: What’s the coolest stuff you’ve gotten from fans?

Stewart: I got a really cool jacket once. And I was freezing, so I really needed a jacket. That was really nice.

Fanning: I always get really cool gifts from Japanese fans. They always send me really cute things you can’t find in America. They’re usually Hello Kitty, and I love Hello Kitty, so …

Stewart: You do?

Fanning: Yeah.

Stewart: OK. That’s so funny. (Laughs)

Fanning: And you know, like stationery stores that have the walls of pens and things like that? I love that kind of stuff …

Stewart: You are Japanese.

(A publicist tells me we have a minute left)

Me: Caro wants to know if you watch your own movies.

Stewart: I kind of wish that we’d went to (the Austin Runaways screening).

Fanning: We’ve seen it five times.

Stewart: But I wish we went to that one because we heard it was really great, it was a real audience. It wasn’t movie people. Some actors are like, ‘Oh, I don’t watch the movie.’ But I have to see what happened. I have to see what we did.

Fanning: I look forward to it.

Stewart: Yeah, me too. I have to see everything done. But usually it’s hard for me. And it’s hard for me to watch this, too — like, there are parts that make me wanna kill myself. But I love the story so much. And I love the music. So I like to watch it.

Me: You know, most of the questions I got for this interview were from women, which I think is great. What do you think about that, and have you noticed a difference between theTwilight fans and Runaways fans?

Stewart: They’re both widely female, which is unique in the business because everyone says — and it is true — there’s not a whole lot of material for a female-driven audience. I would say they’re kind of similar … It’s empowering to read these stories. I feel like both of them are very bold girl stories.

Me: Thanks, guys.


Vem är förvånad med tanke på hur mycket de tjänade när filmen gick på bio?
Direkt från TwilightSweden:
New Moon DVDn såldes i över fyra miljoner exemplar i helgen i USA! Detta betyder att den under första sålde mer än 200 000 exemplar än då Twilight kom ut på DVD.
Los Angeles, CA  March 23, 2010 – Summit Entertainment announced today that the home entertainment release of the studio’s action-packed, modern day vampire love story THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON sold just over 4 million DVD units in its first weekend of release.  The tally surpasses the first weekend sales of TWILIGHT in 2009 which sold 3.8 million DVD units, and went on to be the top selling DVD title of the year with 9.2 million units sold.

Köp Twilight kläder!

På Cosplaysky kan du köpa twilight kläder! :)
Edwards jacka:
Alice's klänning
Bellas klänning

Stills från New Moon

Stills på Bella ute i skogen.

Ny video från The Runaways

Rob efter Twilight filmerna?

Hur ska det gå för Rob efter Twilight? Cinematical har faktiskt  skrivit en artikel om detta. En sak som jag tror stämmer in bra på många är att det inte är lätt att acceptera att Edward blir "kär" i någon annan än Bella.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland remained queen of the box office, but Robert Pattinson’s romantic drama, Remember Me, raked in an underwhelming $3,300,000 on 2,215 screens during its second weekend — for a paltry total of $13,900,000. It was even more shocking that it came in at number 10 under the practically unheard of Our Family Wedding, which begs the question — why is one of the hottest male stars raking in forgettable box office numbers?

Granted, $13.9 million isn’t the end of the world since Emilie de Ravin’s tale about a rebellious young man who meets the love of his life after a family tragedy only had a budget of $16 million — but it certainly suggests that Robert Pattinson isn’t the draw for fans, but the character Edward Cullen is. Pattinson made a name for himself as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and he has sparkled in a few indie roles (How to Be and as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes), but people fell in love with Edward Cullen while reading Stephanie Meyer’s books and then became enamored with Pattinson through the films.

Finally, legions of fangirls had their immortal boyfriend personified on screen and the spell seems near impossible to break. Pattinson’s young female fan base doesn’t really want to see him falling in love with anyone other than Bella and his character Tyler in Remember Mewasn’t the hopeless romantic clamoring for his lady love — in fact, previews for the film looked seriously depressing and far too dreary for the teen crowd that has come to adore him.

So, can Robert Pattinson have a successful career after the Twilight series ends? What’s the best way for him to transition from Edward to another character? Does he need to choose a completely different role or will that cause his fan base to abandon him entirely? Or is he destined to become this generation’s Mark Hamill — for example, so linked to a single character that no one wants to risk casting him in anything besides movies featuring glittery vampires?


Charlie Bewley på Shipley & Halmos At Confederacy

Snart kommer du hit Charlie Bewley. Snart kommer du till Malmö! :D Oj, vad jag längtar.
Han är faktiskt snygg!

Team Jacob - Team Edward

Är du team Jake eller team Ed?


Intervju med Robert Pattinson

Girls strip off for him, fans mob his set, but the sweet little star of Twilight, and the world’s most wanted man, still struggles with his sex scenes!

Would I like to interview Robert Pattinson, the world’s hottest young actor? Yes, obviously — although getting close to the boy who plays the “devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful” vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight at first seems virtually impossible. Penned away in the Dorchester, like a rare Siberian tiger cub — he can’t stay at home in Barnes when he comes back from LA because the fans know where he lives — he is being firmly guarded by a brace of film execs when I arrive for the interview.

A spiky PR woman for his new film, Remember Me — a romantic drama memorable mainly for the fact that it has Pattinson in it and is not a Twilight film — loudly repeats instructions that there are to be “no personal questions”. A Spanish reporter returns from the interview room claiming that when she asked him if he liked cooking, she nearly got thrown out. Another, a Brazilian, reveals that, in fact, he did get thrown out of an interview with Pattinson’s Twilight co-star and rumoured girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, back in Sao Paulo, for asking about boyfriends. “Her bodyguard asked me to leave,” he shrieks. “I said nao! And then he tosched me on the shoulder, and I said, ‘Okay, I go.’”

I decide to dive in and ask him about Stewart. Does he believe in love at first sight? “Yes,” he says. Has he… ever been in love? “Ah, yes, I think so.” “What’s…” Nick looks up from his BlackBerry. “Let’s keep to the film,” he snaps. Pattinson looks embarrassed, but the moment has passed, and I am to leave. He gets up and gives me a kiss on the cheek: light and soft and not at all unfresh. I read somewhere one girl’s parents paid £20,000 in a charity auction for one of those.


“Like, who the ferque is this diva?” says someone else, and by the time I am ushered next door to meet him, I’m thinking the same. But as soon as I clap eyes on him, and take in that kittenish smile, the tousled, leonine eyebrows and — of course — the lush whip of unwashed hair, all that instantly vanishes. Pattinson is calm, polite and pleasant: heaven on a stick.

Swigging nonchalantly from a large bottle of Hildon like Stoli at a Facebook house party, he is also utterly oblivious to the commotion outside. And as for being a diva, well, let’s just say his agent, a jaded LA type who sits in the room with him, is far from impressed with his attempts so far, rolling his eyes when Pattinson asks: “Nick, am I a diva?” The actor furrows his brow. “I mean, I had a very diva-ish conversation with some people about some stuff in this film about a day ago…” Nick sighs and drawls: “He just said what he thought in a script meeting. Please don’t use that as an example.”

“But I was very… bold,” protests Pattinson. Of course, that is exactly what he isn’t, because ever since his first knicker-melting appearance in Twilight, Pattinson, 23, has become a byword for shy hotness. Formerly a public-school hoodie from southwest London with a bit part in Harry Potter, he now commands £8m a movie and is such a huge lust object that he is unable to go anywhere unattended. During the filming of Remember Me, “3,500 people turned up and went completely mental”, he says. He is constantly asked for kisses and autographs, and recently, when he joked that the best way to get his attention was to take your clothes off, to his horror one girl in the audience promptly did so. Does he find the attention irritating? He shrugs. “I guess it’s part of your reality,” he says, before admitting he’s a “little bit harder to deal with” now. “I get stressed out much quicker.”

Then again, being beautiful “is quite hard”, even though he insists that 50% of people don’t get his appeal: “They’re like, what’s that all about?” Certainly, today, he is trying his best not to be beautiful, in a greasy cap and sweats. Only his eyebrows seem manicured, although he insists they aren’t. He had them plucked on the first Twilight film, but “you get to the point where you think, ‘Okay, I look like a transvestite now’”. Not that the girls — Twilight’s obsessed fans are called Twi harders, and a documentary, Robsessed, has been made about them — were put off.

Over the past 18 months, the actor has been linked to countless models and actresses, and recently appeared to confirm the rumours that he was dating Stewart, but then mysteriously claimed that he was “allergic to vagina”. Er, what was that about? Is he dating Stewart then? Or is he, in fact, gay? I heard his two older sisters used to dress him up and call him Claudia when he was a boy.

Actually, he’s “straight”, he says. He found the male-on-male sex scenes he had to perform in a film, Little Ashes, last year “strange. I played Salvador Dali. We were both straight, but he was Spanish, so much more confident about being naked and stuff, although when it comes down to it, it’s just as awkward with a girl, especially if you are straight and with a girl you don’t like… Anyway, Javier was really cool. After we had been pretending to have sex on this balcony in Barcelona, he was like, ‘We have such a strange job…’”

Poor Pattinson! Eyeing the bed in his suite, I dare a question about those sex scenes with girls. He famously had to pop a Valium to get through the audition for Twilight, in which he needed to make out on a bed with Stewart. For the love scenes in Remember Me, his co-star Emilie de Ravin “was very, very, very comfortable”, he sighs. “I’m always the one who’s the most uncomfortable. So we came into the room, and they said ‘It’s a closed set,’ blah, blah, and we got on to the bed and the director was like, ‘I got you these things, if just maybe you wanted to use them. You don’t have to use them, maybe it will make you more comfortable.’ They were these bondage things: lube and handcuffs and porn videos. It was so funny!

”And when you end up doing it, you have this little patch on your privates. I didn’t really tape it up properly, so I’d spent so long taping it round myself and then literally it falls off within one second and it’s taped to the sheet. And you realise the whole crew are looking directly at your butt crack.” He blanches. “I can’t think of anything exciting for them about this. It gives you a lot of respect for porn stars.”


Instead of shying away from the memories, I’d walked forward and greeted them. I’d heard his voice, so clearly, in my head. That was going to cost me, I was sure of it. Especially if I couldn’t reclaim the haze to protect myself. I felt too alert, and that frightened me.
Bella Swan, New Moon

Nytt om Robert Pattinson's vaxdocka

Ni kanske kommer ihåg att jag tidigare har skrivit ett inlägg om Robert Pattinson's vaxdocka? Nu är den klar!


Crowds of screaming fans will flood Times Square to help unveil a wax figure os Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson on Thursday, March 25 at 10:30 a.m. at Madame Tussauds New York, 234 West 42nd St. (b/w 7th & 8th Aves.), Manhattan. Madame Tussauds London will also unveil a figure of R.Pattz on the same day as Madame Tussauds New York.


Twilight - New Moon - Eclispe

Våra kära vänner har verkligen förändrats! Det har gått några år nu sen Twilight släpptes och snart är det dags för den tredje filmen, Eclipse. Jag tycker Bella/Kristen har förändrats mest men det är ju i för säg inte så konstigt...
Jake har faktiskt inte förändrats så mycket, han klippte ju håret men jag tycker ändå inte det är så stor skillnad. ;)
Vem tycker ni har förändrats mest och vem har förändrats minst?

Dakota hos Lopez Tonight


Intervju med Robert Pattinson

NWZ TV intervjuar Robert Pattinson.


Yeey! Den officiella Eclipse postern!

Wiie! Nu blir jag glad! Framför er ser ni den officiella Eclispe postern. De har faktiskt gjort det bra. Bellas hår ser ganska äkta ut på postern.
Så fin!

Eclipse stuntsen - Nikki Reed ville dö

”Vi stod alltid upp i typ 30 graders väder, störtande regn, och försökte hålla vårat vampyrsmink intakt” sa hon till PEOPLE på designern Yotam Solomon’s mode show i Los Angeles. ”Det är hektiskt, det är galet, det är väldigt fullmatande med känslor”
Vi gjorde massvis med stunds, för mycket inom för lite tid”, Reed, 21, kallade livet på inspelningen ”tufft”. ”Den svåraste delen var att försöka flyga runt med kablar i träden klockan 6, att slåss mot solen och andra olika saker. Och samtligt se ut som att vi inte är kalla och super trötta, då vi precis helt enkelt bara ville dö.”

Översättning & Källa:

Jackson Rathbone blir regissör!

Nja, kanske inte regissör precis men han har i alla fall regisserat en musikvideo! Det är ju nice. ;)
Låten heter Beautiful, more so och den är faktiskt ganska bra.


Kellan Lutz kommer spela Poseidon!

Go Kellan! Det var inte dåligt. För er som inte vet så är Poseidon havsguden i filmen War of Gods.

It’s gonna get wet and wild for Kellan Lutz.
The “Twilight” star is joining the cast of “War of the Gods,” playing the lord of the sea, Poseidon.

Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, and Henry Cavill are also involved in the mythological movie beginning production next month under Tarsem Singh’s direction.
The plot follows a young warrior who leads mortals into battle alongside Greek gods to defeat the Titans, a group of evil elder deities.


Robert Pattinson - 50 Most Stylish Leading Men of the Past Half Century

Inte för att jag är förvånad men, Rob är med på GQ's liste över 50 Moste Styligh Leading Men of the Past Half Century.

”Shrieking, ululating, OMG-ing teen girls aren’t usually the best arbiters of men’s style. (See: Cassidy, David; Mark, Marky; Boys, Backstreet.) So give the nearest tween a high five for freaking out over Robert Pattinson, the British sensation who stars in gossip columns, gossip sites, and oh yeah, a little billiondollar franchise called Twilight. Young Rob’s probably got the best head of hair since James Dean, and he lets it do the talking. He also lets it fly: no pompadour, no side part…As far as we can tell, he just runs his hands through it every five minutes. And the clothes? What clothes? A pair of jeans, a T-shirt, an unbuttoned and untucked plaid shirt…That’s it. He dresses his age (23); he dresses to his strengths; he dresses so you don’t give a damn about how he’s dressed.”


Intervju med Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli och jag har en likhet! Eclipse är våran favoritbok. :D

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog



Intervju med Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart

The Runaways video - Dakota & Kristen kysser varandra!

Detta var ju nytt!

Hela New Moon dokumentären!

Förut la jag ut del 1 & del 2 av New Moon dokumentären, här komme hela! ;)








Två stills från The Rynaways

Det är inte vilka stills som helst utan stills från då Kristen Stewart och Dakota Fanning kysser varandra! :o

Kristen Stewart skämtar om Dakota Fanning


Shit, vilken bra fan-made trailer! :o Den bästa jag har sätt faktiskt!



Det finns massor med intervjuer ute på twilight sidorna, alltid lika trevligt. Nu kommer en intervju med Charlie Bewley som snart kommer till Malmö! :D

Volturi tracker extraordinaire Charlie Bewley aka Demetri of The Twilight Saga:New Moon, spoke in detail withIdol Magazine about all things human and vampire, and he finally let’s us in on if he’s team Jacob, Edward or Volturi.

IDOL: So Charlie, how does it feel to be the ‘Jesus’ of the Volturi Guards? (Demetri has been nicknamed as such by Twi-hard fans)

Charlie: Jesus? My God, well when your bestowed with these fantastical powers… it’s wonderful to be an actor in that situation where you know there’s nothing to be afraid of and you exist as your character, there’s a certain nonchalance, a certain arrogance that comes with that, you pretty much do what you want with it, it’s great.

IDOL: Do you think that arrogance has rubbed off on you in real life?

Charlie: No! Do you think so? No, I went through my arrogant phase, I was an arrogant little crap when I was younger. I think that’s behind me now.

With the role of Demetri, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, I’ve always been confident with the person that I am, and it’s done really well for me I like to think. With Demetri, yeah there’s arrogance there because they’re so elitist in the Volturi, there is that arrogance, there is that sense that no one has a chance.

IDOL: We call them the vampire mafia.

Charlie: You call them that? I call them that!

IDOL: We’re on a wavelength

Charlie: Yeah, you read that didn’t you.

IDOL: I read a lot of things, but that came out my own amazing brain.

So, on the lines of Demetri’s character, in the book he comes across as polite and calm but manipulating at the same time, is that something you had to portray in the movie? Was it difficult to get that balance?

Charlie: No it wasn’t difficult to get that balance. You’re right. Demetri and Felix have this great relationship, Felix just wants to fight, Demetri’s quite lazy. I think that’s the way it’s always worked, they were the ones who always used to go out and sort out the other ones. Was that hard to play? No, the danger was very apparent to the vampires, with red eyes, they’re very cool looking. So what you’ve got to do is play it nice and there’s always this undertone of danger to someone who looks like that. I could take those contact lenses out and be a normal person, as soon as you put those contact lenses in, I can’t tell you. I could smile and it would be even scarier

IDOL: We hear that you’ve been working on a new film, Ecstasy, how does your role in that compare with your role in the New Moon?

Charlie: Well as Demetri goes around Italy, killing innocent tourists, I play an alter boy, so it’s a bit different. It was a lot of fun to do. It was a great experience. In terms of the two characters there is zero parallel between them.

IDOL: If you weren’t playing Demetri in New Moon, which character would you most like to play?

Charlie: In the Twilight saga? I’d like to play Jacob. I think he’s got a great character there I really do, just the physicality. I’m team Jacob.

Läs hela här!


Edward would never see me shed another tear for Jacob Black.
Bella Swan, Eclipse

Intervju med Melissa Rosenberg

Melissa Rosenberg pratar Breaking Dawn, och skrivmanuset.

This past Friday night as we all know, tons of different outlets held their own personal New Moon midnight DVD parties, and Twilight Sagascreen writer Melissa Rosenburg was present at the New Moon party at Fred Meyer in Seattle, where she spoke about the topic on everyone’s lips: Breaking Dawn.

How do you condense an 800-page book into a two hour movie?

MR: “Very carefully. You start with, and you end with, what is the emotional journey for these characters. That is the most important thing to capture, that is the only thing to capture. Everything else is up for grabs, but you must take these characters on the same emotional journey that they took in the book, and hence take the audience on the same emotional journey that they took in the book and that’s the goal, you hope that you achieve that. some people would say I did, some people would say I don’t.”

Do you get any feedback from the fans when you, for example.. cut certain scenes?

MR: “I have a fan site, and the fans will weigh in and say wow! you’ve cut too many things out.. or say I’ve done a fantastic job. They are very kind on my site, there are other sites I know that I don’t read, because I can’t handle that kind of intensity. You can’t make all the fans happy, you try to make as many as possible happy.” 
How is that going to be a challenge for the last one? (‘Breaking Dawn’) because as you know, that’s the big one.

MR: “It’s the big one, it’s gonna be a big challenge, and I guarantee you that not all of the fans will be happy, and I guarantee you some of them will be.
You have to give up the ideal of making everybody happy, it’s just not gonna happen, but you hope you make the majority happy. Again, for that last book it is about taking that specific character Bella on her journey. It’s a big journey, it’s a massive change for her, and you hope to realize that.”  

What did director Chris Weitz bring to ‘New Moon’ that you think was valuable to the series?
MR: “He was so good. He opened up the franchise. He opened it into this sweeping epic story. Twilight was a very intimate personal movie. it was a small movie, it had almost an independent feel to it. Chris made it into a beautiful spectacle, he really expanded it, expanded the world of it.”

Going back to ’Breaking Dawn’, how far along are you in the planning, with production coming up pretty soon?

MR: “It’s coming up very soon, it’s all deep into the discussions and working on the story, and figuring out what it’s gonna be… we’re deep in the middle of it.”

Any word on when it will “officially” be green-lit?

MR: “I don’t know, but obviously soon.. vampires aren’t supposed to age, so you know.”

Can you talk about the fan craze surrounding the main characters Bella and Edward, and how it’s carried over to real life for these actors? How do they handle it?

MR: “I don’t know how they handle it frankly, it’s a lot to have coming at you, I can’t even begin to imagine. I have a little bit coming at me and it’s almost too much. Can’t even fathom what it is like, I hope they get to have a semblance of a real life.”

Finally, can you give me one word to describe ’Twilight’ fans?

MR: “Passionate.. for sure.”


Hela smyg titten - Eclipse

Intervju med Robert Pattinson

The Eagle-Tribune hade turen att få intervjua Rob. ;)


Such is Robert Pattinson, the 23-year-old English actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series, and who turns out to be a very gentle and seemingly normal guy. His between-ghoul gig, alas, is playing the conflicted Tyler Roth in the Allen Coulter-directed drama "Remember Me," which opened March 12.

He recently took some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his latest film and his blood-sucking alter ego:

Q. Did you pick this project just to counter your Edward Cullen image?

A. That was one of the reasons. But there was also something different about the script that stayed with me. It was odd — you wonder why it was written, what happened to the writer, what elements are true. And it seemed like I could spend the summer in New York and it would be really nice after all the pandemonium.

Q. Pierce Brosnan, who plays your father, was James Bond for four films; you've got a four-film franchise. You ever talk about that?

A. Not really, but he was great, zero pretense, completely comfortable in his own skin. The first time we went out to dinner, there were people at another table looking at him, so he went over and introduced himself and suddenly everyone was much more comfortable.

Q. They were looking at him and not you?

A. They had no idea who I was. It was an old French restaurant on the Upper West Side. Someone said, "Is this your son?" And Pierce said, "Yes! This is my son. ..." He was really fun to work with.

Q. There are only four "Twilight" novels; the third film comes out in June. It seems like you're in the homestretch.

A. That's why I was never particularly worried. They'll do the last one at the end of the year, and that's it. Done. And because I didn't start when I was really a kid, I don't feel like I'm losing anything or selling my childhood. It's such a funny thing to have gone through. It's such a supernova. It exploded so quickly, and then it's finished.

Q. How do you refashion yourself after that?

A. I'm making "Bel Ami," which is based on a Guy de Maupassant novel. I play a con man who seduces his way up the social ladder, betrays everybody. Anybody who does him a favor, he stabs in the back, and then he gets rewarded for it in the end. He's a real menace to society. It's a completely different experience from what I've done before.


Stills från den raderade scenen med Victoria

Detta var ju en av scenerna jag gärna ville ha med i filmen. Jag får väll nöja mig med stillsen och videon! :D
Se fler på källan,

Peter Facinelli snackar med ABC News Radio Entertainment


Har du sett detta?

Something fun to do with your DVD after you have watched every bit of special features footage. Start looking for these hidden gems from Chris Weitz.
1. Hidden wolves
''Look for an upside-down engraving of a wolf in the shot of the bowl in which Carlisle burns his first-aid equipment; on Jacob's T-shirt when
he meets Bella in the school parking lot for the first time; and a wolf
trinket on the dream-catcher that he gives her.''
2. Vampire elevator music
''When Edward, Bella, and Alice get into the elevator on their way to
see the Volturi, the music playing in the elevator is from Strauss' Die
Fledermaus (a.k.a. The Bat).''
3. Emotional baggage?
''When Bella is looking for the meadow where she and Edward are seen
lying down together, she carries a golden compass clipped to her
backpack — part of my baggage!''
4. Speedy suitor
''We did a little trick when Edward gets out of Bella's truck and
they're arguing. We wanted to show Edward moving impossibly quickly, so
we put Rob right next to the camera but out of sight, and used a double
dressed like Rob in the driver's seat. When Edward gets out, it's the
double, and then Rob steps in front of the camera, and it looks as if he
got there faster than humanly possible.''
5. Look it up
''And last but not least: If you want to know what Jacob says before he
almost kisses Bella, ask a Quileute! The address of the Quileute tribal
council is I can tell you this much: He says, Kwop
6. Tower of glower
''You can see Volterra's tower and the red-cloaked revelers from the
festival of San Marco on the cover of Bella's copy of Romeo and Juliet
when she wakes up in her bedroom.''
7. Hope it was a rental...
''In the wolf-fight, we purposely knocked over the camera when the
wolves tumble towards it; you can also hear the microphone thumping, as
if an actual on-set animal had run into the camera and boom.''
8. Quileute culture
''When prepping to visualize Jacobs and Emily's houses, production
designer David Brisbin and his team visited La Push and met the Quileute
executive council. While they were there, a young Quileute girl gave
David the first drum she made (this is a Quileute custom). To show
appreciation, we decided to put the drum in a prominent shot — it's at
the entrance of Emily's house, and you see it when Bella first enters.
Also, the high pitched 'call' that Embry and Jared give when they jump
out of Bella's car is a thing the Quileute kids do.''
9. Waxing romantic
''The reason the moon phases 'backwards' to reveal the title is that
this is scientifically correct! I moderated an astrophysics seminar for
the Science and Entertainment Exchange with noted astronomer Neil
DeGrasse Tyson and he complained about the number of films that get
simple science wrong. (Don't ask me to justify vampires or
10. That's Italian!
''In the Volturi chamber, Aro speaks Italian — 'La Tua Cantante' should
be easy for readers of the books — he's referring to Bella's being
Edward's 'singer,' whose blood calls out to him stronger than anyone
else's. Later, when Bella tells him that he doesn't know anything about
Edward's soul, he replies, 'Fore ... ne il vostro l'uno o altro' —
'Perhaps ... nor yours either.''

Nikki Reed & Chris Weitz på Summit Home Entertainment's New Moon DVD Launch Event

‘New Moon’ DVD Extra-Becoming Jacob

Would You Direct Breaking Dawn?

Det är frågan och här kommer svaret. ;)
Frågan är till Floria Sigismondi som dirigerade The Runaways.

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Muse på Eclispe Soundtrack?

Äsh, nu börjar det bli lite tjatigt! Kommer de vara med eller inte! :o
TA has a reporter who has been covering events down at the SXSW (South By Southwest) Festival in Austin, Texas all week. Well today that reporter happened to find themselves in conversation with informed sources from Chop Shop/Atlantic Records. The source has confirmed that Muse will indeed be on the Eclipsesoundtrack.
I guess it makes sense that this would be the place that the label and the band could come together. Both Muse and Chop Shop were at SXSW this weekend, so maybe they were able to come to some kind of terms to work together again on Eclipse. So unless more changes between now and when the soundtrack comes out, we can celebrate. All I know is I want to sing from the rooftops now! Having just seen them in concert (go if you can!), I don’t think I’ll ever get enough Muse. Now all we need is official confirmation from Muse and Summit on this one!


Intervju med The Volturi

Den här intervjun finns även i New Moon DVD:n.


Intervjuer med Chris och Nikki

Som sagt var Chris och Nikki var på New Moon DVD Lunch Party i Santa Clarita. Där intervjuades de också.

New Moon DVD "Documentary"


Twilight gänget firar Robert Pattinson's födelsedag

Oh, so cute! :D Twilight gänget överraskar Robert mitt i en inspelning med en tårta då han fyller år.

Birthday boy!

Nikki & Chris på New Moon DVD Lunch Party

Är det bara jag som tycker det var länge sedan man hörde något från Nikki Reed? :)
Chris och Nikki var på New Moon DVD Lunch Party i Santa Clarita.

Intervju med Ashley Greene

Här kommer en intervju med Ashley Greene under SXSW.
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With so many female-driven films and strong roles at this year’s fest, and in the spirit of the opening night film, we’ll be profiling some of the
most kick-ass females representing at SXSW this week. Next up: Skateland star Ashley Greene.

Like many of her cast mates, 23-year-old actress Ashley Greenehas enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity thanks to her involvement in the Twilight films, in which she plays the cheery, pixie-like vampire Alice Cullen. And, like many of her co-stars, Greene has taken advantage of her newfound
celebrity to pursue non-Twilight projects between filming on New MoonEclipse, and the planned franchise finale, Breaking Dawn. One of those projects was Skateland,
a Texas-set coming-of-age drama set at the beginning of the ’80s, in
which Greene plays the best friend to actor Shiloh Fernandez’s lost
protagonist, Ritchie Wheeler.

For Greene, the role of Michelle was a chance to stretch as an actor, to exercise muscles she hadn’t
been given the chance to explore in her pre-Twilight days. Fans who have only seen Greene as Bella Swan’s perky BFF should enjoy watching her take the lead in Skateland,
in which she’s asked to riff with her male co-stars, express subtle
emotional beats, and play out a tender love scene with Fernandez.

Cinematical spoke with Greene in Austin, where she was attending the SXSW premiere ofSkateland.

Cinematical: Tell us about your character and how you became involved inSkateland.

Ashley Greene: I play a character named Michelle Burkham. You start out seeing her as a girl-next-door character, but as you watch the film you learn she has
an edge to her. And that’s what I really liked about her; she does have
vulnerability and she’s compassionate, but she’s got a sass about her
and she’s a very strong character. Those are the qualities that drew me
in about her. Throughout the film you see her as the best friend of
Ritchie Wheeler, who the story centers on, and she becomes a love
interest. She’s the one that’s there pushing him, saying ‘You can be
more,’ and making him understand that he needs to believe in himself.
And when Skateland closes, everyone’s thrown into turmoil and forced to
reevaluate themselves and Texas and their situations, and she’s
definitely one of them. She’s one of the go-getters in the film, and I
really liked that.

Cinematical: Skateland is set in a roller skating community in the ’80s. How did you get into the vibe of that particular time and place?

Ashley Greene: I spoke to my mother a lot; I look so much like my mother in this, it’s
crazy. It was really fun. I definitely talked to her and asked her
about it, because I was born in the later part of the ’80s so I missed
out on it. She was into the roller skating thing a little bit. But you
know, my character doesn’t really get to roller skate as much, that’s
more a Ritchie Wheeler-Shiloh Fernandez kind of thing, but it was fun
to observe and be around. The thing about the character is, once you
have the rollers in your hair and you have the hair and make-up on and
the clothes, it really puts you in that place and you get to live in
the ’80s for a short period of time.

Cinematical: At what point between Twilight films did you make Skateland?

Ashley Greene: I made it directly after Twilight. After Twilight, I came right back to auditioning. Actually, Aquila/Wood Casting did Twilight and they cast me in this, so they were like my cheerleaders rooting for me.

Cinematical: You’ve also been working on a few additional films, outside of theTwilight world. What sort of projects were you looking for to do between films?

Ashley Greene: I adore Alice Cullen and doing Twilight, but because there are so many of these films you definitely want to
give a taste of something else in between so [fans] still see you as
Ashley Greene and not Alice Cullen. And so, during the breaks, that’s
what I was looking to do. Because Twilight keeps gaining
more and more attention, and it’s doing so well and we have this
incredible fan base that doesn’t stop, with each film that comes out I
get more opportunities to pick and choose, which is really nice. Now
I’m focused on showcasing what I can do and building longevity.

Cinematical: Tell us about The Apparition, your next foray into horror.

Ashley Greene: The Apparition is something I’m currently filming. We just got back from Germany this
week, we were there for about two months filming at Babelsberg Studio
and we start filming again in about a week in Los Angeles. The film
actually takes place in L.A. which is the funny thing about this
business, because we went to Germany to shoot it, we came back to shoot
exteriors. It’s a psychological thriller that centers around these two
characters, Kelly and Ben, who are played by myself and Sebastian Stan.
We play a couple who are haunted by a supernatural force and we have to
figure out what this thing wants. I definitely learned a lot of things
about myself while filming this… I read the script and loved it. I’m
so passionate about this project and my producers and director and
co-star, I’ve gone places as an actor I didn’t know I could go. So I’m
really excited for this one to come out.

Cinematical: What kind of scary places did you find yourself in during your performance?

Ashley Greene: I was terrified, and as far as just being vulnerable and sad and hurt, and strong… it’s not a horror film; we want it to be elevated and
scary along the lines of Poltergeist, so I definitely didn’t want Kelly
to be one of those scared, dumb girls in a horror movie. So we all
worked together, it’s been a huge collaboration in making these
characters really smart.

Cinematical: There seems to be an emerging trend in horror films of filmmakers shying away
from the so-called ”torture porn” subgenre and towards what’s called
elevated horror.

Ashley Greene: Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing. I look at a movie like The Strangers, and the scariest part about that movie is that these people do
everything that you would have done and that you wanted them to do, and
yet things still start happening. That’s definitely along the lines of
what we want to do, because that’s the frightening part about it.

Cinematical: There is a sense that one of the easier ways for young actresses to make a
name is to appear in mainstream horror films; is that something you’ve
been mindful of, or are able to choose not to do because of the clout
the Twilight films have given you?

Ashley Greene: Absolutely. I’m looking at The Apparation thinking, okay, this is a horror film; do I really want to go down that path? Because even though Twilight is certainly not a horror film, it is labeled a ”vampire” film and it
could be mistaken as such. So when I looked at this film, we had to
read through it, and I spoke with the director and producers to see
exactly how they wanted to go about the film. The fact that it’s as far
away from that mainstream horror film as you can get kind of relaxed
me, because I wanted to be a part of it but I didn’t want to be in a
horror film, so it worked out. But yes, I certainly think Twilight has
given me a lot of opportunities and it’s put me in a position and
enabled me to be able to say, no, I don’t want to do that film, and I’m
not going to do that, and I am going to do this. I’m in a very good

Klant Robert

Haha, kul att se att de har roligt på jobbet!


Peter Facinelli på Nurse Jackie RX Games


New pictures of Eclipse Vampire Peter Facinelli (aka Carlisle Cullen) at Showtime’s Nurse Jackie RX Games, at Gotham Hall in NYC.

The competition included the Nurse Jackie cast against nurses and nursing students in NY for charity.

You can read more information on the charity here.

Check out the rest of the pictures of Peter and his Nurse Jackie cast over at FoForks!


Screencaps från den franska New Moon DVD Menyn

Jag tycker faktiskt den franska dvd menyn är mycket finare. Men våran är också jättesnygg, såklart! Är det någon som redan har köpt dvd:n? Jag har faktiskt inte hunnit köpa den än. :/
Fy vad fina de är!

Intervju med Daniel Cudmore

Dagens skämt

Tunnelbanan, Stockholm
Två tjejer ~15 sitter och pratar.
Tjej 1: Du vet Edward… sååå snygg.
Tjej 2: Nähä?
Tjej 1: Jo, alltså… jag är nog kär i Edward.
Tjej 2: Onödigt. Han har Bella, har du ens läst böckerna? Det är inte lönt att ens försöka…
Tjej 1: Men herregud Malin, Bella är påhittad.

Photoshoot med Anna Kendrick

Ursäkta för att jag har varit så oaktiv den senaste tiden men nu är jag tillbaka! :)
Här kommer en photoshoot med Anna Kendrick från då hon var i Japan.



David Slade twittlar en rolig Eclipse Trailer Spoof

Haha, jag tror detta är den första "Spoofen" som jag har sett som är till Eclipse trailern. Den får 5 stjärnor av mig.


Nytt klipp från Eclipse!

OME! :D Jag tror inte jag behöver skriva så mycket. Det är bara att trycka och kolla om ni vill se ännu ett klipp från Eclipse!


Twilight gänget hälsar oss!

Justin Chon har lite kul med Christan Serratos på vägen till SLC New Moon DVD Party

HAHA! Funny, funny.


Ingen bloggning idag!

Hej hej allihopa!
Det blir tyvärr ingen bloggning idag eftersom jag ska fira persiskt nyår och då tycker jag inte det passar att blogga. Jag har ganska mycket att göra så vi ses imorgon!
Ha det bäst!

/ Nilli<3

Fråga till Tinsel Korey - har du sett New Moon?

Haha, jag var bara tvungen att lägga ut den här! :D Vissa håller bara inte koll på saker och ting. Hur kan man missa en sådan här sak?
Jag skulle blivit ganska chockad om jag var Tinsel.

Hela scenen med Bella & Charlie

Här kommer ännu ett klipp som jag tycker borde vara med i New Moon. Scenen är då Bella drömmer mardrömmar och börjar skrika, Charlie kommer in i hennes rum och pratar lite med henne.


Photoshoot med the gays

Martha Stewart hotar Peter Facinelli med en träslev

Haha, jag börjar gilla Peter Facinelli mer och mer! :) Hur kan man liksom inte gilla en sådan rolig kille?

Ashley Greene snackar Tom Felton

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Åhlens tv-reklam för New Moon

Igår när jag tittade på tv såg jag denna reklamen! :D


DVD feature: Introducing the wolfpack

Artikel om Robert & hans signerade gitarr

Som jag tidigare har skrivit så säljer Robert Pattinson en signerade gitarr. Han kommer sedan skänka pengarna till hemlösa. Go Robert, go robert! :D

Robert Pattinson isn’t just hawt – he’s got a big heart too!

The Twilight hunk stopped by Norman’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana, CA, on Wednesday and autographed a Fender Telecaster guitar for charity.

All proceeds will benefit the Midnight Mission, which provides services for the homeless, including education, job training and placement, drug and alcohol treatment, referral services and transitional housing for families.

The guitar is currently on Ebay and the bids have started at $3,000.

Any takers?!


Intervju med Melissa Rosenberg

melissarosenbergredcMelissa Rosenberg talked with the Seattle Times. She going to be in town for the midnight DVD release and according to the paper, the location is Bothell’s Fred Meyer . Check out her interview, it’s one of the better ones.

Q: You’ve written a lot about teenagers — how do you tap into that angst-ridden state?

A: I never write for teenagers. … The minute you start trying to capture some sort of jargon or whatever is hip now, you’re already outdated, by the time it hits the screen. … It really is about finding character and emotional truth, rather than something current or edgy.

Q: How was each director in the series different?

A: For Catherine [Hardwicke], we had very little time to work on “Twilight,” I was feeding her pages … and immediately it was a very intense collaboration. With Chris [Weitzon "New Moon"], I’d already finished the second draft before he came on board, so I did a round or two and handed it off to him, and he made changes. … David [Slade] is a very visual director … so with “Eclipse” (due in 2011) I was able to write out specifically some of the sequences per his direction.”

See more at the Seattle Times.



Nikki Reed & Christian Serratos på The Yotam Solomon Fall-Winter Collection Presentation

Nikki Reed (aka Rosalie Hale) och Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) sågs på the Yotam Solomon Fall-Winter Collection presentation Thursday,igår i Los Angeles. De var båda stiligt klädda och glada som vanligt.

Make-up artisten i The Runaways tipsar

The Province har intervjuat The Runaways make up artist, Robin Mathews berättar hur hon gjorde Kristen Stewart's och Dakota Fanning's look.

“During that time period, punk rock was just beginning,” Mathews says. “It was all about Suzi Quatro and the Ramones’ pale skin, heavy black eyeliner and hair, which was followed by ‘80s glam glitter and stripy blush. It was eccentric and over the top. Nothing was subtle.”

Mathews pored through thousands of photos and video footage of the Runaways, as well as makeup ads from the 1970s, to capture the look down to the tiniest detail. “We really delved into the research,” says Mathews, who discovered quirky cosmetic habits, including the fact that Jett and Currie each painted just one of their fingernails red.

Mathews eschewed any soft-lighted perfection when it came to getting Stewart and Fanning into character. “It was important to keep it true to life, realistic and not glossed-over Hollywood,” she says. “The Runaways were teenagers, so if we needed to add blemishes or to make them look like they had been out on the road, we did that. It wasn’t always dewy, beautiful skin. It was all about the eyes.”


Those strong, smoky eyes, which always seemed partly obstructed by a shard of Jett’s raven hair and stood in stark contrast to Currie’s platinum locks, were the centreof the band’s signature look. “For a small period of time, Cherie was heavily inspired by David Bowie and wore that stripy blush, but that only lasted for a little while and it always went back to the eyes,” Mathews says.

To get the heavily pigmented smudgy eye, the makeup artist used eye shadows and the Smoky lash mascara from Make Up Forever. And while some of the band’s onstage looks were too outlandish for today’s trend-watchers, there’s a way to create a smoky eye that can work for an everyday look — with an edge.

“First, apply eyeliner [pencil] to the top and bottom of the eye[lids] and smudge with a brush to cover all the little naked spots,” Mathews says. She cautions that eyeliner initially appears too harsh at first, so smudging is key, especially if you want to stay true to Jett and Currie’s look.

“Take different shades of [dark] eye shadow and smudge on top of the eyelid and also rim the inner lid with the eye shadow.”

That procedure is not authentic to the ‘70s, but Mathews says the smudging updates the look.


Nya stills från The Runaways


Bilder på Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning på 2010 SXSW Festival

Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild

Raderad scen från New Moon med Victoria

Oh, jag tycker de skulle ha tagit med den här scenen eftersom man får se lite mer Victoria style. Synd! Ta en tit nu.


Kellan Lutz hos Ellen


Massor med Exklusiva video's från New Moon Dvd:n

Är det bara jag  som känner mig förvirrad? Jag har hört att New Moon dvd:n redan är ute men jag har inte haft tid att gå och kolla. Är det sant eller inte? Här kommer i alla fall några smaskigheter från dvd:n.


Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning på SXSW Festivalen

KStew och Fanning var på SXSW Festivalen och de såg snygga ut båda två måste jag säga. Kristen håller koll på modet och kommer i en "skin" klänning och Dakota är lika söt som alltid.


Lykke Li - Possibility

Jag har tyvärr glömt skriva det här på bloggen men Lykke Li fyllde faktiskt år för några dagar sedan! Grattis i efterskott Lykke. Här kommer den officiella musik videon till Possibility som finns med på New Moon soundtrack.


Breaking Dawn börjar spelas in i November?

Jaså, här hör vi att Kristen säger att de kommer börja spela in Breaking Dawn i November men vi har fortfarande inte fått det officiellt från Summit. :/


The Runaways Movie - Efterfesten

Men Alex då!

Nu tycker jag Alex Meraz börjar bli lite taskig! Han twittrade denna bilden och skrev att den liknar hans ex-flickvän.:o
Was at 'Ripley's believe it or not' museum yesterday ran into this. Looks kinda like my ex-girlfiend

Tinsel Korey twittrar en bild

Tinsel Korey twittrar a beautiful photo. :o God, hon är verkligen något extra. Bilden är från hennes twitter.

Intervju med Kristen Stewart

Vanity Fair intervjuar Kristen Stewart, de pratar b.l.a om böcker, Joan Jett och musik.

Boo Boo's vilda sida

Han är ju en varg så det är ju inte konstigt att han är vild, men aja. Bilden kommer från Boo Boo's twitter sida. So sweet.

Michael Sheen hos Craig Ferguson

Michael Sheen var som rubriken säger hos Craig Ferguson. Han är så rolig, Michael! :D


Ashley Greene säger att Skateland handlar om att ta reda vem du är

Ashley Greene tillbringade början av veckan i Austin, festa upp på South By Southwest Film Festival och många andra skojiga saker. Hon tog sig tid att snacka med MTV News.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

"It's set in Texas in the 1980s and it's basically a coming-of-age story of Ritchie Wheeler, who Shiloh Fernandez plays, but also my
character, Michelle Burkham, and my brother Brent [played by Heath
Freeman]," she explained. "There's a place called Skateland that closes
and it's something that we all go to and we all kind of relate to and
see ourselves around and we're used to having this and it's kind of
ripped away and so it kind of jumpstarts us realizing that there's a
lot of things we have to figure out."

She adds, "It follows us through all the trials and errors of becoming an adult and figuring out who you are and what you want. You
see love and you see loss and everything in between."

It seems to remind us of another "Land" movie about coming-of-age which came out in the summer of last year starring another young "Twilight" star. We're sure "Skateland" will earn plenty of comparisons to "Adventureland" and Ashley to Kristen Stewart in the coming months (even their hair looks the same!) though they are entirely different movies.


However, when Ashley watches "Skateland," she sees something no viewer is likely to connect — she compares herself to another young

"Everytime I look at ['Skateland'], what I notice the most is how much I look like my mom," Ashley admitted. "Because, you know, it's set
in the 80s and so I've got pictures of her and my dad from the 80s and
it's kind of creepy how much we look alike."



Robert får beröm av Tom Felton

För oss som inte vet vem Tom Felton är så är det en kille i Harry Potter som spelar Draco Malfoy. Han har tydligen sett Robert's senaste film Remember me och tyck den var mycket bra. Sen har han sprungit på självaste Mr. Pattinson. ;)

Rob i Italienska Vanity Fair

Det är visserligen inte nya bilder men jag tröttnar aldrig på dem.

Kristen överraskar Dakota hos Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Haha, tänk att vara kompis med Dakota Fanning och Kristen Stewart! När Dakota är hos Jimmy Fallon får hon sig en överraskning.

Fler bilder från Runaways premiären

The Runaways tjejerna i lite vardagligare klädser på premiären.

Intervju med Chris Weitz

CNN intervjuade Chris Weitz och  i intervjun pratar de om New Moon DVD:n m.m.

CNN: For the DVD, what do you think the fans will appreciate the most?

Chris Weitz: What they’ll appreciate most is certain scenes that didn’t make it into the film. … There’s basically more Bella [Kristen Stewart], there’s more Edward [Robert Pattinson], there’s more Jacob [Taylor Lautner], and it’s often sort of more extended versions of scenes where things are discussed at greater length rather than entirely new scenes. I think there’s a lot of good stuff in the movie for fans, and at the same time we didn’t want to get rid of any of their favorite scenes.

CNN: At the time the movie came out, you said you were hoping to do the commentary with Pattinson and Stewart. What happened?

Weitz: They blew me off! (laughs)

CNN: Those young actors.

Weitz: I have to say, they had a lot on their plates … and there came a day when it was just me in a room, and I said, ”I don’t want to do this alone,” so we managed to get my editor [Peter Lambert] on a satellite linkup, and we watched the movie together. And I think that it’s frankly rather amusing, because we have a joshing relationship, whereas it may have been a bit more stilted had it been the kids and me, because they’d have to say nice things about me all the time.

CNN: When you watch the movie again, is it the kind of thing that you say, ”Why did I make that decision?” perhaps because there was a deadline you had to hit.

Weitz: Well, there is that old saying, ”A film is never finished; it’s abandoned.” But there’s only one shot in the movie that embarrasses me, because every time I saw it in the movie, everybody laughed, even the most Twihard of them all. It’s when you first see Bella has become a vampire, and she’s running through the woods in this very diaphanous dress, and I guess my corny-meter was off that day. Everyone seems to find that terribly amusing.

CNN: How did a Cambridge-educated, nice, half-Jewish boy get involved with ”New Moon” to start with?

Weitz: (laughs) Well, they asked. I think the first reason that I got involved was that I liked the actors very much. I think they’re very good. Then I went to see the [first] movie in a little theater, and the response of the fans around me was amazing — their degree of devotion, the delight they took in it. And you don’t always get that as a director. You don’t always know that there are going to be people watching and taking pleasure from what you’re doing, so that’s kind of a wonderful opportunity.
CNN: In the DVD commentary, you said you let the opening shot of the moon go on and on because you figured there would be 30 seconds of screaming when the titles came up. Was that true?

Weitz: The first time I saw it, there was quite a lot of screaming, just because of the buildup and anticipation were so great. People had been waiting so long to see it that it was good that they had a bit of time to calm down before you first saw Bella.

CNN: Were you reluctant to get involved in this, having come off ”The Golden Compass” — another big studio project, best-selling book series, where you had both fans who knew the books backwards and forwards and a studio that wanted a big hit?

Weitz: Well, no. I had something to prove, which was that if you really made a movie that was faithful to the book that it was going to succeed, and I felt that hadn’t been the case on ”Golden Compass.” … I knew I could do it properly if given the right kind of support. So there was a bit of redemption that I was looking for in that regard.

CNN: I don’t want to get too much into ”The Golden Compass,” but do you think the studio was reluctant because of the atheistic themes in the original books?

Weitz: I think they were reluctant because there were any religious themes at all, actually. I still to this day really don’t consider it an atheistic series of books, and in a funny way, I’ve bounced from a movie which, if anything, would be considered irreligious to a movie that some people consider to be a hidden advertisement for religion and chastity and all those things. But I think New Line was frightened of the source material. But that’s crazy, of course, because if you’re going to make a movie of a book, you should be familiar with the book’s content.

CNN: Are you surprised by the Beatles-level frenzy that has surrounded the ”Twilight” actors and the making of the film?

Weitz: I wasn’t prepared for it, honestly. I knew it was a big deal, but it’s one thing to deal with that conceptually and another to fear for their lives in the presence of thousands of teenagers. I was really astonished … to encounter that level of devotion, and I’m very happy, I must say, to be able to lapse into complete obscurity again and never be recognized for the rest of my life.


The Runaways - Ny TV reklam

Intervju med Kristen Stewart


Filling the shoes of a rock icon.
“I think my generation doesn’t really know what The Runaways was. I didn’t, even though I was aware of Joan Jett. She’s a legend, so it was a big deal not only to meet her, but to have her on the set. The main thing that Joan talked about was just how much she cared about that period of her life because it jump-started her entire career. The Runaways was one of the first all-girl bands, so it’s an incredibly triumphant, feminist story. Joan became my friend and I was thinking about all she stood for and going, ‘Oh God, now I have to do her justice.’”

Not doing a Milli Vanilli.
“I was really concerned about getting the music right because The Runaways have a very distinctive sound. It’s not just singing, it’s trying to sound like them. I wasn’t lip-synching. I worked hard to get like that growl that Joan does when she’s performing. I’m not saying that I did it perfectly, but I gave it my best. And I learned to play the guitar because I didn’t want to fake it.”

Meeting Dakota Fanning again in the Twilight zone.
“We really bonded on The Runaways. I’m really looking forward to the three days that she’s probably going to be filming Breaking Dawn. It’s weird to see her in the Twilight setting because it’s usually the same cast of people. But, suddenly, there was Dakota. The first time I saw her in her wardrobe as Jane, on Eclipse, which was not too far after we finished The Runaways, it was bizarre as all hell.”

Her review of Robert Pattinson in Remember Me.
“I think he’s bold and different. It wasn’t an easy character to play. I thought he was really good in it.”

Peter Facinelli hos George Lopez

Igår kväll var Peter hos George Lopez och snackade lite. Han är så rolig!

The Runaways: NYC - Röda Mattan


Intervjuer med Robert Pattinson på Remember Me Premiären

Rubriken säger väll allt? ;)

Vem tycker Kristen är bäst på att kyssas?

Det är frågan. Vem tycker Kristen Stewart är bäst på att kyssas? Alternativen är Edward Cullen och Cherie Curry.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Hon valde Cherie Curry! :D

The Runaways: Premiären i NYC

De är så fina allihopa! :)


If the silence in my head lasted, I would never go back. I wouldn’t be the first one to choose this form over the other. Maybe, if I ran far enough away, I would never have to hear again… I pushed my legs faster, letting Jacob Black disappear behind me.
Jacob Black, Eclipse

Remember Me - Premiären i UK


Robert Pattinson vs. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler eller Robert Pattinson? Robert Pattinson är mitt svar! :D

BRITISH women have become attracted to girly-looking men, like Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.

As the general health of the nation improves, ladies are finding themselves turned on by more feminine features in blokes such as Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.

But in countries with the worst health, the opposite trend occurs, and girls go for manly types like the gorgeous actorGerard Butler.

Thanks to the evolutionary mantra, ’survival of the fittest’, women in poorer countries seem to be looking for macho guys to look after them.

The University of Stirling say feminine-looking men, along with the caring and sensitive characteristics associated with them – may be better long-term partners.

But the healthiest kids would be produced by a quick fling with a stronger counterpart, such as Gerard.

The research could explain why Hollywood has turned away from square-jawed stars like James Bond star Sean Connery and Kirk Douglas (father of Michael). In favour of more wimpy, androgynous leading men such as Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Leonardo di Caprio.

Dr DeBruine, of the University of Aberdeen, said: ”There is a stereotypical image that men with masculine faces are more likely to be less committed, more interested in short term flings and more liable to stray.

”We have discovered there is a kernel of truth in that.”


The Runaways: Bakom Kulisserna


In the opening scenes of ”The Runaways,” Floria Sigismondi’s ode to the all-girl hard rock band, the characters played by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning could be almost any teenage girls living in the Valley circa 1975. Fanning is sitcom-cute in a plaid shirt, miniskirt and knee socks; Stewart sports a T-shirt and jeans.

But then Stewart’s character walks into a rockabilly boutique, dumps a bag full of change on the counter and demands ”what he’s wearing,” pointing to a guy in a black leather motorcycle jacket and leather pants. Suddenly, high school girl Joan Larkin has transformed into Joan Jett.

Cut to Fanning as Jett’s soon-to-be-bandmate Cherie Currie, staring into the bathroom mirror with David Bowie’s ”Aladdin Sane” album cover nearby. With a partially drawn red lightning bolt on her face, she’s chopping her long blond hair into an approximation of his glam shag.

”It looks really terrible,” says her twin sister, Marie, watching in horror.

”Good,” answers Cherie. And then the title credits roll.

Sigismondi’s feature film debut, opening on Friday, is more evocative portrait than obsessively factual biopic. (It is based on Currie’s 1989 memoir, ”Neon Angel,” a new version of which is being released this week.) But the basic plot of the Runaways story — L.A. teens rise from the glitter and grit of the Sunset Strip to kick open the doors of the rock ‘n’ roll boys club only to discover more than they bargained for — is the stuff that rock mythology is made of. Their tough, sexy, so-called ”jail bait” style continues to inspire female rockers from Courtney Love to the Donnas.

They put out five albums — including ”The Runaways” and ”Queens of Noise” — before breaking up in 1979, and saw as many bass players come and go, but the four primary characters in the film remain who we think of when we think of the Runaways: Jett and Currie, drummer Sandy West and lead guitarist Lita Ford.

Some critics wrote them off as little more than the products of a savvy marketing strategy, but Jett, whose black hair and consistently lean, punk look has earned her fashion icon status, dismisses this idea. ”People think that our images were dictated to us by men, and that’s not the case,” she says. ”It’s not like [our producer] Kim Fowley sat down and said, ‘Cherie, you’re gonna wear a corset.  And Lita, you’re gonna wear shorts onstage.’ We would have laughed! Nobody told us what to wear. People like to  think that that’s the case because if teenage girls are being sexual” — her  voice drips with sarcasm — ”obviously men have something to do with it.”

One only needs to see 15-year-old Cherie Currie in her signature black-and-white corset and fishnets, singing ”Cherry Bomb,” to know there was nothing coy about the in-your-face approach. For Carrie Borzillo, author of the 2008 book ”Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend — and to Living Life Like a Rock Star”: ” ‘Cherry Bomb’ is about taking the world by storm and going for what you want.”

It’s hard to believe, then, that these girl groundbreakers — headliners on bills with Cheap Trick, the Ramones and Blondie and revered by later generations of chick rockers — are all but unknown in the age of ”American Idol.” Even the film’s lead actresses admit they were unfamiliar with the Runaways when they first read Sigismondi’s script.

So Stewart and Fanning took their cues from the source: Jett, who executive produced the film, and Currie were regulars on the set. Stewart says that without the input of Jett, with whom she remains close friends, ”I would have felt like such a fraud.”

Fanning, for her part, did such a spot-on, snarly version of ”Cherry Bomb” that the real Cherie broke down and cried when she saw it live.

For Sigismondi, who has made her name with stylized music videos for Marilyn Manson and Christina Aguilera, keeping things raw and real onscreen was a new kind of challenge. ”The ’70s are so out there,” she says. ”It’s really easy for that to become a caricature.”

The director was intent on letting the rough edges show in her R-rated movie. ”Don’t cover pimples,’” she remembers saying to the makeup artists. ”Give me bedhead,’” she told the hair stylists.

Carol Beadle, Sigismondi’s longtime costume designer, also steered clear of any kind of modern, glossy polish. ”This was a subculture,” says Beadle, flipping through a binder filled with pages from old Tiger Beat and Melody Maker magazines featuring regular Runaways hangouts like Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco and other cult Hollywood hot spots. ”It wasn’t Beyonce and Rihanna,” she adds. ”It was self-made.”

To that end, an original ’70s-era Bowie belt buckle made by Currie was revered as the holy grail of accessories on set. Beadle dressed Fanning in it ”as much as I possibly could,” and the actress cites it as one of her favorite pieces.

With 150 costume changes for the actresses, Beadle and her team literally scoured every costume house in town and dug through vintage stores from American Rag to American Vintage, Echo Park’s Lemon Frog to Filthmart to Golyester, turning up tiny leather jackets and studded blazers, football jerseys  and zippered jumpsuits; bold poly- ester print shirts, vests and bell-bottom jeans; sequined tops, scarves and  sunglasses; kimonos and Pro Keds sneakers.

Platform boots of every height, color and texture (including an especially fabulous vintage pair of green leather with tan snakeskin trim) were bought, rented and commissioned from Andre #1, a custom cobbler on Sunset who made boots for KISS and the Runaways and still had some of the original lasts from the all-girl band. Beadle had Fanning’s corset made by Trashy Lingerie on Cahuenga ”because it seemed the most appropriate place,” she says with a smile.

Viewed as part of an ensemble, the pieces may just read as costume, but many of the individual pieces seem in sync with current trends, including long-collared shirts; high-waisted, wider-legged denim; aviator sunglasses and studs on absolutely everything. A good handful of high-end designers — including Gaultier, Alexander Wang and Dior — even showed corsets on the runway this season.

And, of course, ”platforms are huge right now,” says Beadle, who is in the midst of designing her own shoe line. ”You’ll see the really big ones we used in ‘The Runaways’ this fall,” she says.

And Fanning is already ahead of the curve. She got to keep a pair of silver platform boots that she wore in the film and adds: ”I’m just waiting for the right time to whip those out.”


Grattis till Edward!

Nu får vi ta och säga grattis till Edward för idag har han namnsdag! Nja, i kalendern stavar de det Edvard men det är väll sak samma! :D
Grattis grattis!

Intervju med Dakota Fanning har fått chansen att intervjua Dakota Fanning. Jag måste säga att Dakota är en bra förebild! Hon började sin karriär mycket tidigt och hon har verkligen kommit långt. Good, Dakota! :D
Intervjun innehåller snack om att sjunga i The Runaways m.m. talked to Dakota about her image as an actress, singing and acting in The Runaways, and the importance of an education, among other things. Here’s a brief excerpt; you can read the full article here.

What’s wrong with an image change?
“I can be sweet little Dakota Fanning, and then I can be totally different in the movies. A big reason I wanted to do The Runaways was to do something unlike anything that I’ve done before. I’m ready to have people see me in a different way than like the kid in I Am Sam or War of the Worlds. You have to kind of grow up. Everyone has to do it. I am doing it through films, which may be more difficult, but it’s what I love to do.”

It was easier than it looked.
“I didn’t really have any doubts. I was OK with the gritty and the tough parts. That’s what I was most excited about because that’s when Cherie is really raw and open and you see her vulnerability. It was tough going to those places, but I’ve always been able to just go there and then come back. I’m able to leave it on the set. It’s not something that lives with me forever.”


Kristen Stewart Comic Book; Preview - * SPOILERS *

Även Kristen Stewart får en Comic Book! :D

MTV has the exclusive look at the upcoming FAME comic book for Kristen Stewart by Bluewater Comics!
First it was Lady Gaga on the cover of Bluewater Productions’ new line of “Fame” biography comics, then it was “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. Now Pattinson’s “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart, will make her debut as a comic book cover girl — and we have your exclusive first look.Written by Kim Sherman (who also penned the Robert Pattinson “Fame” comic) with interior art by Warren Martineck and covers by Juanmar Studios and Randy Green, “Fame: Kristen Stewart” promises to “show readers the depth residing in this young woman and the roles she’s beautifully tackled through a series of spot shots, pinups and word art.” The 32-page comic hits shelves in June.
Read on for more details about the comic, as well as an exclusive preview of “Fame: Kristen Stewart,” courtesy of Bluewater Productions. (Note: This is an early peek at the book, so some pages have not been colored or lettered yet.)



Chaske Spencer på ‘Bounty Hunter’ premiären


Intervju med Ashley Greene

MTV fick intervjua Ashley Greene, lyckosar!

In her relatively short film career, Ashley Greene has played a vampire, a hostage victim and an ’80s-era teen. Whatever role she steps into in the future, Greene is sure of one thing: She won’t be taking it all off on the big screen.

“I will never say never,” the 23-year-old actress told MTV News at South by Southwest while promoting her upcoming indie “Skateland.” “I will say, at this moment, nudity in a film is something that does turn me off because of the context that it’s put in in most of the films. It exploits women, and it’s not artistic at all.”

Läs hela här!




New Moon - Bakom Scenerna med Kristen Stewart

Access Hollywood har ett exklusivt klipp från bakom scenerna med New Moon från "klipp scenen" eller vad man nu kallar den! :D Kristen spelar in "vatten scenerna".



Ännu mer! Ett exklusivt klipp från New Moon dvd:n.



Go Kristen, go Kristen! :D


I’ll miss you. No matter how short a time you’re gone.
Alice Cullen, Midnight Sun

Bakom Scenerna: Cliff Dive


Bakom scenerna - New Moon



Ashley pratar Eclipse och hennes roll i Skateland på filmens premiär.


Nya bilder på Ashley Greene från Skateland Premiären i SXSW


Klädprovning med Dakota Fanning

Här ser ni några bilder på Dakota när hon provar kläder för The Runaways.


Have you been given the chance to see any part of Eclipse yet?
I just did ADR a couple of days ago, actually, so I got to see some of the film. I was with [director] David Slade, and when I was doing ADR, I of course asked if I could see the whole scene played out so I could see something! It looks so good. I’m so excited.

You got to tear off a vampire’s head in Twilight and face off with the Volturi in New Moon. What can you tell us about the things you get to do in Eclipse, which we know from the book will have more of a fighting element?

The thing I’ll say about Twilight is, one, it’s given me this Hollywood crash course and I’ve been able to work with three great directors. And also, my character is an incredible character to break out with because she’s perky and happy and sweet, and she’s this best friend character that everybody loves, so it’s an amazing first character to have. Throughout the series you’ve gotten to see her go from really sweet to kind of sassy, and now in the third one we get to showcase this massive fight sequence that I’m a part of, so we got to get our action star fix. You get to see Alice get kind of down and dirty and see a really intense side of her that maybe you haven’t seen before.

In New Moon your scenes with Taylor seemed to have more of a snap, perhaps because you’d gotten to know each other better after Twilight and could riff of each other more, and also because your characters would love to rip each other’s head off in their scenes together. Do we get to see more of that banter and repartee with Taylor in Eclipse?

Those scenes are really fun to film! You know, they always say that the nicest people can play the meanest characters. I remember someone saying in an interview that Rachel McAdams was the sweetest girl, and she played this awful, mean character in Mean Girls. I think it’s the same thing with Taylor. He’s so sweet, I can look at him and be mean to him onscreen or have a fight with him and know that he’s not going to take it personally, so we definitely got to play off each other a little bit.


Kristen Stewart hos Jimmy Fallon




Hjälp Julia med frågor till Eclipse skådespelarna

Jag tror ni alla känner till Julia tidningen, Julia kommer snart att intervjua flera av skådespelarna från Eclipse. :) Nu vill de att vi ska skicka in frågor som de kan fråga. Tänk om din fråga kommer med i intervjun, det är inte omöjligt!
Copyright: Nordisk Film
Klicka här för att komma till sidan och ställa din fråga.

producenterna av ”Real Life Forks” snackar ”Real Life Forks”

Moviefone chatted with York Baur and Jason Brown, the filmmakers of Twilight in Forks: The Saga of a Real Town. The documentary will be available for purchase on March 20th.

Have the townspeople seen the film?

Baur: They haven’t seen the whole thing, but we did a sneak peek at Stephenie Meyer Day last year. They were definitely excited. It was disappointing to the town that ‘Twilight’ ended up not being filmed there, and people do understand why the decision was made to film in Oregon. So part of the reason the reaction to our movie was so favorable was they finally got their film after all. In an 83-minute film, there isn’t one word of narration– it’s all the people saying everything. So they were understandably proud.

Read the entire article here.

Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutz: Nylon Magazine

Nikki och Kellan fotades för Naylon Magazine och nu är några snygga scans ute! ;)


New Moon - TV Spot

Kristen Stewart tycker Lady Gaga är het

Jaså, detta var något nytt! Kristen Stewart och Dakota Fanning pratar om deras första konsert och då kommer de till ämnet Lady Gaga.


Oh, de är borttagna senerna är bara för bra! :D



Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award - Rösta på Twilight

Twilight är nominerad i flera olika kategorier när det gäller Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award 2010. Det är ju snart dags så rösta nu!
  • Favorite Couple - Bella och Edward eller Bella och Jacob
  • Favorite Music Group - Linkin Park (med på Twilight-soundtracket)
  • Favorite Movie - The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  • Favorite Movie Actor - Taylor Lautner
  • Favorite Book - Twilight Serien
Klicka här för att rösta.

KStew hos Regis & Kelly

Jag tycker faktiskt Kristen hår blev jättefint här!


Ursäkta för...

Ni får verkligen ursäkta de slarviga inläggen de senaste dagarna men som sagt är det mycket på gång denna veckan. Massor med förhör och grejer. Det kanske inte är en ursäkt men skolan kommer tyvärr alltid först. Men jag har fått ut inlägget om frågestunden och så, så det är bra. ;)
Ursäkta igen!

Kristen skulle gärna jobba med de 3 ryktade regissörerna

De populäraste namnen just nu, som skulle kunna regissera Breaking Dawn är Bill CondonGus Van Sant, och Sofia Coppola. Kristen säger att hon skulle kunna jobba med dem.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Anna Kendrick på presskonferens i Tokyo

Söta Anna var i staden Tokyo för att reklamera hennes senaste film Up In The Air som verkligen blev en succé! Filmen ar premiär där på Lördag. Lite sent, tycker ni inte? :o



Yes, it’s still early days, but Summit is trying to up its pedigree for its big-screen adaptation of the final installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Sources tell EW that the studio has reached out to at least three top-notch directors, including Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gus Van Sant (Milk), and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) to gauge their interest in what is likely to be two movies. (Van Sant’s reps confirmed that he’s been approached, but Coppola and Condon’s people didn’t return phone calls by press time. Summit declined to comment.)

No decisions are likely to be made until the studio delivers screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg’s detailed outline to the directors. That should happen sometime next week. Until then we can just wonder how these three very diverse directors will approach Bella’s controversial birthing scene.

Kristen Stewart hos Regis & Kelly

Klicka här för att se videon.

Twilight: The graphic novel

Idag var det dags får Twilight: The graphic novel att ställas på hyllorna i affärerna. Författaren, Young Kim har med Stephenie Meyer suttit säg ner och satt till att den blev så lik twilight boken som möjligt. Det hoppas vi på! ;)

USA Today covers the release of the Twilight Graphic Novel Part One which goes on sale at midnight tonight.  They talked to artist Young Kim about illustrating the book.

Kim says: “It is always difficult to visualize text, since everyone has a different interpretation of it, but I tried to be as faithful as possible to the descriptions in the book, and Stephenie’s review and input were greatly helpful.”

The article also sites a poll that we ran about fans of the series interest in purchasing the book and spoke with Pel about the possible popularity the book would have.  Speaking for all fans out there, Pel said, “The movies are great, but I think we all want a new book by Stephenie Meyer.”

Read the full article on USA Today’s site.



Twilight Tibit – Eclipse

Intervju med Remember me producer:n

Robert snack här! :D



”Remember Me,” Robert Pattinson’s attempt to branch out from his trademark lovelorn-vampire role (to a lovelorn regular-guy role), was only a modest performer at the box office this weekend, earning $8.3 million. But the film offers several notable attributes; in addition to Pattinson’s first turn as a  leading man in a mainstream release not titled ”Twilight,” it’s a mid-budget drama in a time when such films are an endangered breed. And it came from Summit, a company that has flirted with a number of genres, but never this one.

Just before the film opened this weekend, we caught up with producer Nick Osborne of Underground Management, who with partner Trevor Engelson produced the film, on the challenges of making this type of movie, the acting virtues of one Mr. Pattinson and the perils of shooting in a big city when you’ve got one of the most famous faces in the world on your set.

– Steven Zeitchik

Did you see anything from Emilie or Rob that gives you the sense they have seriously bright acting careers ahead of them?

NO: Straight-up dramas are tough. You still hear from studios they don’t want to do it that much. And when they do it’s for a reason. ”Dear John” is based on the brand of Nicholas Sparks. ”Last Song” will be helped by that too. I love dramas. But critics are harsh. It’s almost like when  you try to do something serious they bring out the guns even more. But these movies will get made. Every market has a vacuum at some point, and then they need to fill it again.

Obviously Pattinson’s presence helped push this particular film through some development hoops. Do you think better days lie in store for the genre?

24 Frames: A lot of people look at this film and say ”Rob Pattinson, Summit, of course it got made.” But you toiled for a long time to get it off the ground.

Nick Osborne: It’s not an easy movie to get going — it’s a dark love story set in New York, and we kept trying to get it set up at studios and no one was interested. Eventually it got to Allen [Coulter, the director], and he had interest, but we still had trouble finding an actor. There are simply very few actors in that age range who could pull a role like this off. And I was on IMDB Pro one day and put in ”male stars 18-27,” and he literally came up as No. 2. And we called Summit and they said, ”Actually, we really like the kid, we’re doing a movie with him.”

So this was before the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon took hold?

NO: It was right around the time of Comic-Con, when they started to realize how big a movie they had on their hands.  But we needed to get Rob interested too. He had read a lot of scripts. He was at the Oakwood Apartments and he would drive to the In-N-Out Burger every day and read scripts in the back of his car. And he eventually read ours and said he wanted to do it. Then we had to put together a budget that made sense [about $16 million] before we could get going.

You were able to keep the budget manageable because of the tax credits you received for shooting in New York. But from reading some of the accounts it sounds like the city posed some other issues given a star of Pattinson’s popularity.

NO: It was a crazy shoot in many ways. There was fan interest and paparazzi in every outdoor location, especially places with young people and tourists like Central Park and Washington Square Park. We were a small movie so it caused us some problems. The more seasoned paparazzi know  in New York [because of the local laws] they can get close to the star and you can’t do anything about it. It’s almost like a constant negotiation — ”If we give you this will you move back?” It was kind of insane. We had crew members who worked for 30 years who said they had never seen that amount of crazy. And there are Rob and Emilie [de Ravin] trying to do this intimate, dramatic scene.

Did it finally calm down?

NO: It was definitely a relief when we went to the stage the last two weeks. We shot in east Brooklyn. But even outside of Manhattan it could be tough. There was a beach scene where Rob and Emilie kiss, and as we’re shooting it we see this paparazzi suddenly coming out of the water. He had swam around for hours with the camera over his head to get a shot.

What? Like some kind of paparazzi mermaid?

NO: It was pretty incredible. But then he got his shot and he made a lot of money off it, so I guess it was worth it.

Do you think the fan frenzy ever gets to Pattinson?

NO: I have a great respect for him. The attention he’s gotten over ”Twilight” is incredible and he handles it with such grace. I’ve never seen him in a bad mood about it. The paparazzi do get to him a little, I think, going back to Britain has been a lot easier for him. He told me a story the other day that he was in a pub and after two hours of sitting there the bartender said, ”You know, you look just like the kid from ‘Twilight.’ ” And then the bartender said, ”Oh my God, you are that kid.”‘ And then they kind of walked away. [We] Brits are like that. [We're] more self-effacing. A Brit sees a famous person and he almost crosses the street.

NO: They both take their craft so seriously. There’s a soulfulness to them too. And I think Rob really wants to be a serious actor. The other stuff is just part of the job.

Frågestund med

Nu tycker jag det är dags för The Twilight World's första frågestund! :D Nice,huh?
Ni får fråga vad som helst, det är bara att fråga på. Man får fråga hur många frågor som helst. Frågorna skickar du in till Frågestunden avslutas den 16 April.

Mer info om Bellas ring! * spoiler varning *

Well, it’s confirmed!  MTV’s Hollywood Crush has an exclusive with the Eclipse costume designer Tish Monaghan about the engagement ring and more!

The same costume designer who clothed the “New Moon” cast, Tish Monaghan, returned to duty for the third movie in the saga, “Eclipse.” Lucky for us — that meant she was just a phone call away. Yes, it’s true after the first trailer for “Eclipse” hit the Internet, we were plagued by many probing questions related to the fashions of the main characters. Besides, uh, those wigs (which we got Kristen Stewart herself to talk about), there is one other thing that many of you are dying to know: is that an engagement ring on Bella’s finger in the pics from the meadow?

Don’t worry we got to the bottom of this “rocky” mystery and, in the process, found out a bunch of other fun facts from Tish about the wardrobe that you’ve seen so far in the trailer. So step back inside the “Twilight” closet…


YES! “This is an engagement ring on Bella’s finger!” Tish confirmed. “This is something that was made for her by the props department.” In other words: she doesn’t have a whole lotta info to share on it. So, until we are able to investigate further, we should point out that the ring (at least what we can see of it from our extreme zoom-in) looks like he could be quite similar to the domed oval one authorized by author Stephenie Meyer after the “Eclipse” book came out, which is for sale by Infinite Jewelry Co. Check out a 2009 article from theSalt Lake Tribune for more information on the story behind that ring.

If you’re wondering what Kristen and Robert Pattinson are wearing in the above pic, Tish says Kristen is in a cashmere sweater from J Crew and J Brand Jeans. Rob is “probably wearing” a Banana Republic shirt.


“Rob only wore the suit in the last film because of a continuity theme,” the costume designer explained. “He wore it for Bella’s party, and then he never changed. In ‘Eclipse,’ he is back at school, and dressing generally, more casual and more relaxed.”

As seen above from the gray tee shirt (most like from Banana Republic or GAP), the major color palate for Edward and his family, however, has not been changed: “The whole ‘cool’ color theme is being continued with ‘Eclipse’ for the Cullen Clan.”


Back when we interviewed Tish about the threads from “New Moon,” she said there was a distinct reason Taylor Lauther always looked to be almost busting out of his shirts with his biceps — “We tailored his t-shirts so they showed off his muscles,” she said at the time.

So now that Jacob “understands his body,” his tops (above he’s in a GAP shirt and Levi jeans) must be a size up right? Nope! Because “only two weeks has passed in time between ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’” — when Bella went to Italy it was the middle of May, now it’s June — “He wore the same tee shirts,” Tish said.

In the photo above, Kristen is wearing Adriano Goldschmied jeans and what Tish believes to be a Billabong hoodie.


When Bella ventures to Florida to visit her mom, Renee (Sarah Clarke) and her boyfriend, it was important for the costume designer to be able to designate warm weather. “We really wanted to show that it was a different climate, so that was the reason [we put Kristen is a tank top],” Tish reported


Samtidigt som Coco Eco Magazine fotade Chaske Spencer intervjuade de honom också. Här kommer intervjun.

Coco Eco Magazine has a great interview with Chaske Spence (aka Sam)  on using his fame to help others.   This is why we love Chaske.

During our recent interview, Chaske Spencer commented on the looming crisis at the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in Montana, “I’m just trying to stay cool, you know? I keep telling myself to just stay cool,” Spencer said.

After interviewing this rising star, it’s obvious that Spencer is cool, quite cool, however that’s not the way he meant it. “New Moon’s” reigning werewolf Sam Uley, confidante to Bella Swan and enemy of immortal Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, Spencer intends to use his fame for something more important than the usual “celebrity as clothing designer, perfumer or bottled water face” avenues.

“I’m not really in to the spotlight. It comes with the job but I’m not comfortable with it. I never have been,” Spencer explained. “I want to shift the focus to bring it to something that needs it very badly. I’m very fortunate in that I’m in a position where I can do that.”

Spencer wants to help his fellow 15,000 Cheyenne River Sioux who have been living on a 2.7 million acre reservation, roughly the size of the state of Connecticut, without electricity or water since January. Spencer wants the Cheyenne River Sioux to get the water infrastructure they were promised over 150 years ago in a public treaty with the Unites States government. On February 1st, 2010 the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe was forced to declare a state of emergency after severe ice storms and a below zero wind chill devastated the reservation, toppling more than 3000 power poles and leaving 13,000 people with no power, heat or water. Although some private corporations have helped with supplies, no one in the US government and few outside of Montana have heard or cared about the Cheyenne River Sioux’ desperate situation.

Go to CocoEcoMagazine to read the entire interview!   To learn more about the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation crisis and what you can do to help, go to ShiftThePower.



Intervju med Catalina Sandino Moreno

Catalina Sandino Moreno kommer spela Maria i Eclispe. Här är en liten del av en intervju med henne. ;)

In a new interview with Eclipse vampire Catalina Sandino Moreno (aka Maria, the Vampire responsible for turning Jasper) she briefly discusses Eclipse and tells the reporter that she wasn’t a fan of the  books before being cast -

Q: I wouldn’t be a good reporter unless I asked about your huge role in Eclipse.

Catalina: It’s not huge though, It’s very very little, very very very small, but it’s a huge movie, and it’s fun and it was great, and the people that I met they were lovely. I didn’t meet everybody, but the people that I met they were just fantastic, so I’m very exicted to be apart of that. It’s huge.

Q: In the books, Maria is very prominent. She’s the evil vampire.

Catalina: I know. I love that she was evil, I love that she had to do something evil. You know If I was going to be a vampire, I would rather be an evil vampire that does crazy stuff than a nice vampire. So yeah, she was so much fun though, she was great.

Q: Were you a fan of the books before you were cast?

Catalina: No, I saw the movies. I was a fan of the films. Chris Weitz is amazing and I loved the first and second “Twilight,” so hopefully this one will be amazing too. It’s going to be great. So I’m really excited they are releasing it very soon.  I know it’s crazy they move so fast.

Q: Are you getting ready for all the junkets?

Catalina: I don’t think so…but if I go to the junket I’ll be very excited to be there and helping the movie because it’s a good franchise.
Catalina didn’t hang out with Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart on set! Sorry Twi-Fans! As for the Oscars, “I’m very excited and I just can’t wait to see whose going to win tonight,” Catalina said.

Läs hela intervjun här!


Ashley Greene på premiären festen av Skateland

Se fler bilder här!

Nya bilder med Taylor Lautner från Star Ambassador

Taylor Lautner kommer vara i Paris denna veckan för att att möta sin ambassadör! :D
Läckra bilder! O_O

Fan-mase videon - New Moon

Photoshoot med Chaske Spencer

Detta är faktiskt den första photoshooten jag lägger ut här på bloggen. :D


Aaaah! Som vanligt bestämmer sig min dator för att lägga av när jag behöver den som mest. Vilken svikar dator, visst! :o Jag sitter och förbereder en bild till ett speciellt inlägg som snart kommer vara uppe här på bloggen men nu blir det försenat eftersom jag inte kommer in på de sakerna om jag måste komma in på för att fixa det!
Jag kanske inte kommer kunna blogga heller, den börjar redan stänga av vissa saker...
// Nilli<3

Konst by Alex Meraz

Vi har redan sett en målning av Alex Meraz och jag tror vi alla blev imponerande.

Två nya TV Spot's

Ännu fler spot's!


Intervju med Robert Pattinson

Q: What was it like to be an executive producer on this?

RP: I’m glad Nick’s (Nick Osborne) not in the room anywhere. I mean, I can’t really claim to be a proper producer. I only really came on towards the end of the movie. I was always completely on the same page with Allen (Coulter) and Nick about how they wanted to make it, and then I just wanted to make sure, as much as I could help, to protect the process. I consulted and I talked to them and stuff but I don’t want to claim any kind of creative input.

Q: Is that something you’re looking to do to control your career down the line?

RP: Yes. I was never there. Allen and Nick were there right at the nexus along with Will (Fetters) and they really championed the whole script the whole time. But yeah, I’d love to do it. I’d love to be involved in the whole process. Inevitably things become out of your hands so that the more input you can have when you can have input, the better.

Q: Did you learn a lot on this by coming in later on?

RP: Definitely, yeah. Also, at the beginning, when we were doing the rewrites of the script, it’s so nice being able to talk to everyone involved. You just don’t get that. Never. So, it was really great.

Q: This is a story about love and loss. Have you ever felt confused or lost in what you want to do in life and your career? Have you ever lost anyone dear to you or a pet?

RP: [Laughs] Yeah, I mean, to an extent. It’s terrible. I keep talking about my dog all the time. It’s an incredible dog, which I said in this interview the other day, like the dog was the most important part of my life. My family went crazy with me for saying that. But, however ridiculous it may seem to some people, it was one of the defining moments of my life. It was the worst day of my life. I mean, the dog died. I’ve lost a lot of family members as well. Strangely, that’s one of the things. At the same time, I’m talking to people, you know, when they’re talking about acting, they’re like “Picture your dog dying if you want to cry.” I would never do that. It cheapens the memory so much. [Laughs] I don’t know if that really answers the question.

Q: Did you always know what you wanted to do?

RP: No, not really. I still don’t. You try to make every little thing, you try to add something to it. I don’t know. I try to do film projects, I try to choose things which I think I can give something more to or help to elevate it to something.

Q: Allen mentioned that you had to act when you’re surrounded by fans. How do you concentrate and focus on your performance?

RP: It is really just like blanking out. At the beginning, I was having loads of problems with it because it was really crazy when we were filming around Washington Square Park. It was just complete mayhem. There was this moment when one of the security guys saw me getting more and more angry with these paparazzi guys and he just said, “Okay, imagine going over and trying to hit someone and missing in front of 40 cameras,” and that was enough to break my whole thing. It didn’t really bother me afterwards. It’s weird. It’s strange. I did a film where I hardly knew anyone on the crew or anything, because I couldn’t get out of my trailer when we were shooting, especially for the first month. I mean, I didn’t know any of them. It was really odd. But, at the same time, it’s quite a good lesson in life – discipline -- because you literally have to do it. At the end of the day, you can’t just say “I’m not doing it until these people go away.” It was way more intense than any of the Twilight films. There’s never even that many people who turn up for that. It was definitely an experience.

Q: Do you think it impacts the performance though? Does it distract you enough to actually detract from your performance?

RP: It makes you a little more self conscious. Yeah, I think there are some bits. If you wanted to really, you know, you can’t experiment with things. In the rehearsal period, you’ve got these people videoing it and so you can’t do silly things to get yourself comfortable. So, it did in a way. I’m doing a thing now where there’s no one around and I feel a million times more comfortable, so it must have had some effect. But, at the same time, there are certain qualities about Tyler, like being a little bit clenched and hiding and suppressing a lot of his emotions, so maybe it helped.

Q: What are you doing now where no one’s around? Are you shooting in Siberia?

RP: [Laughs] It’s in England for one thing which is very different to the States. The hysteria around the Twilight stuff, I mean, it’s growing a little bit, but it’s completely different. But, it’s a period thing so we’re in all these stately homes in the middle of nowhere and people just can’t find the places. Half the crew can’t find the places.

Q: What is the title?

RP: It’s called “Bel Ami.”

Q: How is it playing an American and adopting an American accent and behaviors?

RP: It is really odd how that’s happened. But then again, in the last 5 years, in L.A. you see every single actor who’s going to auditions and stuff, everybody’s Australian or English or something, everyone. I mean, in the last 5 years, I used to be like that. I mean, a guy from England, and you could really use it to your advantage as well. You can’t use it anymore. It’s more of an advantage being an American. [Laughs] But yeah, it’s odd. I grew up watching tons of American films. That’s kind of why I wanted to be an actor from watching Americans. No one’s really influenced me as much, who’s English or from some part of Britain, as American actors [have]. In other words, I feel more comfortable speaking an American accent in films. I think it feels more of a film to me. I feel like I’m kind of pretending when I’m using my own accent.

Q: What was it like working with Pierce Brosnan? You had to keep that tension on the screen. Did that bleed over?

RP: Yeah, I mean, no, we weren’t…there was no tension at all. He’s like the nicest guy. He’s really nice. I had no idea what to expect from him at all. He’s incredibly hard working. There’s not a hint of pretense or anything about him. And also, if I wanted to go rehearse or I wanted to talk about something with Allen, he’d always be willing to come across. He’d cancel things to go and talk about it. Considering we didn’t have that many scenes together as well, he would always come and I’d want to talk about it all the time. So yeah, he was great in that respect.

Q: Did he give you any advice on how to handle being a celebrity?

RP: He did one thing the first night I went out to dinner with him, just before we started shooting. We were in this place. It was an old-fashioned type of French restaurant with all these banker-looking guys. They didn’t recognize me but they recognized him obviously. He’s probably their idol in a lot of ways. He noticed these people looking over and I’m sitting there and getting more and more self-conscious. I need to leave. You know, I didn’t even realize they weren’t looking at me. And he goes up to them and introduces himself to everybody in the restaurant. At first, I was saying “What are you doing? You’re completely insane.” But it worked so well and he talked to them for a minute, and people do not look around afterwards and you can tell they’re going to go home and say “That was such a nice guy.” And there’s nothing weird about it, being in the restaurant with him afterwards. You’re no longer a kind of freak. But he’s got phenomenal confidence and so he can do that type of stuff. If I went up, it would look like I was trying to start a fire or something. [Laughs] “Hey, how ya doin’, huh?” I mean, it would look really stupid.

Q: Do you ask advice from people who have been where you are now? Are there tricks for dealing with all of this?

RP: I think it’s all really simple. From what I’ve seen, you look at how people are judged in the public arena. I think the majority of people who get beaten by it are just the people who are seen all the time, and so the less you’re seen, then you’re alright. As long as you keep attempting to make quality films, then eventually your name stands for something other than just meaningless celebrity. It’s a kind of difficult battle. You’ve got to make the work mean more than your celebrity. I think people like Johnny Depp have done that. He’s not judged at all for his public image. It’s just his work that’s judged. It’s a really, really difficult thing. It’s a lot of discipline and a lot of hiding which you have to get used to.

Q: I liked the relationship between your character and his little sister. How did you develop such a nice chemistry?

RP: I don’t know. She was just really cool. I always liked the idea of having a younger sibling. My family tricked me about 5 years ago that my mom was pregnant and I didn’t realize it was April Fools’ Day. They spent the entire day saying I was going to have a little brother, which I told all my friends it was the best day of my entire life. [Laughs] I carried on for 3 days believing it. It’s weird because now, after working with Ruby (Jerins), I liked it a lot. Whenever I see a part now, like a younger brother or I’m looking at parts where I’ve got a kid, I just love the idea of it. I’m getting like broody. [Laughs] It’s weird. It’s so bizarre. She was great to work with. She’s an amazing actress and a really interesting girl. She was really fantastic.

Q: This took place around September 11th, 2001. Do you remember what you were doing then?

RP: Yeah, I was still at school. I was doing my mock exams and my teacher came in and said “You need to stop doing what you’re doing and everyone needs to go watch.” And the whole school was brought down to watch the television. They were saying your entire generation’s lives are going to be completely different from this point on. And I guess it has been as well and I think will be for maybe the generation after us as well. I mean, it ended up being a massive event in my life.

Q: Was bicycling in Manhattan a fun experience?

RP: Yeah. It was fun. That bike broke every single time I was riding it so I have no idea. It was sort of cheap and I hadn’t ridden a bike for like 5 years before that as well, so I couldn’t really remember how to do it. That was the other thing as well about shooting. That was the one scene where they didn’t have any crowds around. It’s funny. I realize there are ways to sneakily start filming when no one can be around and I wished we’d figured that out in the beginning, because we’d done all the permits and false names and all these things which I shouldn’t probably say. But yeah, it was fun doing it.

Q: What was your favorite scene in this film?

RP: I think the scene where I confront Caroline’s Billy. That was the most fun to do. I mean, a lot of the scenes with Caroline. I really liked working with her, mainly because you don’t have to do anything. You could just look at her. It’s one of the only times I haven’t been self-conscious at all when I’ve been filming. It’s just so easy to do things with her. Whatever she did, I could completely go off of that. She was always leading the scene, so yeah, probably the scenes with her.

Q: Are you looking forward to pursuing music more?

RP: Yeah, I want to do it at the end of the year. All my friends are recording albums now so I’m very annoyed about it. But I can’t do the two things at the same time. I don’t know how people do it. All these people like Jennifer Lopez and they do everything all at once. My mind is in a completely differently place. I don’t even listen to music when I’m working.

Q: Do you have a company or are you thinking of establishing a company because it seems like you can do whatever movie you want?

RP: I want to. Yeah. I want to start a thing which encompasses music and writing as well. But, it’s just time. I don’t think I’ve established myself enough in film and definitely not in music. I haven’t done anything in music. I think you need to have a lot of good will towards you to be able to get one really going. You look at George Clooney’s company. They make great movies which wouldn’t be made otherwise. And Leonardo DiCaprio’s company as well. He’s got great people working there. They all have really good taste and they’ve made a lot of people a lot of money. I think it takes time. I want everything all at once and it’s difficult to think like that, so I’m trying to slow down a little bit.

Q: Are you filming your new movie right now?

RP: Yeah, I’ve done two weeks and I go back on Thursday. That’s why I’m kind of spaced out. [Laughs]


Kiowa Gordon med sitt band

Detta är helt nytt för mig! Jag visste inte att Kiowa Gordon var med i ett band. Men det är nog mycket jag inte vet ännu, haha. Bandet heter i all fall Touche. Här ser ni de allihopa. ;)

New pictures of Eclipse wolf Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry) and his band Touche at the after party for Emilio Estefan’s book The Rhythm of Success, book signing.


Videos från New Moon dvd:n

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
[Kä ]

En till bild från inspelningen av The Runaways

Jag tycker inte om Kristens frisyr i filmen men på denna bilden var den helt okej! :D

Grattis på födelsedagen Kellan Lutz

Idag fyller Kellan Lutz 25 år!
Grattis till honom.

Känd även som ung

Många vet redan att Dakota Fanning's karriär startade väldigt tidigt. För ett tag sedan var Dakota hos Jay Leno men här ser vi en video på en ung Dakota hos Jay Leno! :D


Vad nu?!

Edward med röda ögon? Eller ja, jag tycker de ser lite röd/gula ut men...
Är det en flashback eller något annan? :o

Dagens Citat

I make you nervous. But only when I’m human. When I’m a wolf, you’re more comfortable around me.
Jacob Black, Eclipse

KStew, Fanning & Tay står på listan av de rikaste ungdomarna

Jag är i alla fall inte så förvånad! Vi vet själva de tjänade otroligt mycket på Twilight och ännu mer på New Moon. Men de är också mycket unga så det är inte så konstigt att de står på listan bland de rikaste ungdomarna.

Forbes has compiled a list of the Top Box-Office Teens by looking at Hollywood’s top stars 21 and under and then adding up the worldwide box office for every movie they starred in. It’s no surprise that the three stars of the Harry Potter films (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson) come in at first place on the list. But the next three spots on the list are dominated by Twilight cast members! Dakota comes in at #2, Kristen at #3 and Taylor at #4.

Dakota Fanning’s films have earned a whopping $2 billion at the box office.

The 16-year-old actress got her start in 2001’s I Am Sam, which starred Sean Penn as a mentally retarded father trying to gain custody of his 7-year-old daughter (Fanning). Since then the actress has been working almost nonstop. She’s starred in 12 films alongside such heavyweights as Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro and Mike Myers.

Fanning co-stars in The Runaways with our third-ranked teen: Kristin Stewart. The two also appeared together in the latest Twilight film. Stewart’s films have earned a total $1.5 billion at the box office. Although Stewart, 19, is now best known for the role of Bella inTwilight, she’s actually been acting since 2002 when she co-starred with Jodie Foster in the thriller Panic Room. The film earned $200 million at the box office. Her Twilight films have so far earned $1 billion.

Stewart’s co-star Robert Pattinson doesn’t make our list because he is over 21, but New Moon’s Taylor Lautner does. The 18-year-old ranks fourth with $900 million in box-office earnings. Much of that comes from New Moon, but Lautner also co-starred in the recent romantic hit Valentine’s Day, which has earned $125 million at the box office so far. Lautner is now the hottest thing in Hollywood. He’s been offered a reported $7.5 million to star in Universal’s Stretch Armstrong.

Intervju med Peter Facinelli

Det var väll ett tag sedan vi hade en intervju med Peter Facinelli? Men här kommer en intervju där Peter pratar om skillnaderna mellan Carlisleoch Coop. :)


Kristen Stewart twittrar


Rösta på Kellan Lutz!

Vem är Calvin Kleins bästa modell? Kellan Lutz? Såklart!
Klicka på bilden för att rösta. ;)

New Moon - DVD Meny

Jag hoppas Sveriges new moon meny också ser ut såhär för den här menyn är läcker! :D
Här kommer lite snapshoots.

New Moon - Jacob scener

Good news alla Jake fans! Vi börjar morgonen med en Tv Spot med bara Jacob scener från New Moon.


Ännu en till film med Jackson Rathbone!

Trevligt att höra! Goda nyheter för alla Jackson fans. Ni kommer få se ännu en film med Jackson i.

Jackson Rathbone is set to star in a new film ‘Truckstop’

Variety reports:

Jackson Rathbone (“The Last Airbender”) and Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone) are set to topline indie drama “Truckstop.”WME Global Finance, headed by Graham Taylor, is handling financing in conjunction with Kevin Iwashina of IP Advisors.

Rotimi Rainwater is set begin lensing in September.

Film revolves around a man with cerebral palsy who takes care of his dying father while working at truckstop, where he befriends a troubled young prostitute.

Script was penned by tyro scribe Tony Aloupis, with revisions by Steve Grabowsky and Rainwater.

Rathbone’s previous credits include the “Twlight” franchise.

Lawrence toplines Debra Granik’s “Winter’s Bone,” which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and will be released in theaters later this year by Roadside Attractions.


KStew & Joan Jett på inspelningen av The Runaways

Clevver TV & Hillywood tjejerna pratar om Eclipse trailern

Vi har fått se några reaktioner på människor som har sett Eclipse trailern och här kommer en till, men man kan säga att i den här så snackar de ganska mycket om kostymerna och de snackar ganska mycket detaljer.

[Källa] & [Källa]

Den officiella Skateland postern

Här ser ni den officiella postern till Skateland som Ashley Greene har en roll i. :)
Tror ni det är bra?


Gifs från Eclipse

I want Eclispe now! O_O

KStew & Fanning på The Runaways - Presskonferans

Nu har presskonferansen för The Runaways startat. Här kommer några fina bilder på Kristen och Dakota. :D

Smygtitt på Eclipse!

OMG. :D Jag måste erkänna att jag inte trodde Eclipse skulle bli så bra men jag tar tillbaka det! Jag lovar er allihopa, denna videon är cool!


Kristen Stewart snackar peruk & hår klippning

Visste ni att Kristen har en tatuering? :o Det visste inte jag i alla fall...

Dakota Fanning hos Jay Lenno

Igår vad det dags för Dakota Fanning att besöka Jay Lenno. Ämnet är The Runaways. ;)



Intervju med Chris Weitz

Fearnet talade med Chris Weitz om New Moon dvd:n och mer.

The prospect of putting any effects-heavy movie together is a momentous task, but especially so when you’re dealing with a sequel to Twilight New Moon, the 2009 follow-up to Catherine Hardwicke’s adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer novel of the same name, required more of everything – characters, actors, story, and especially effects. FEARnet recently caught up with New Moon director Chris Weitz to discuss the film’s forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray; in addition to delving into all of those technical challenges, Weitz revealed a few new tidbits about the film and if given the opportunity, his thoughts about directing the series’ fourth installment, Breaking Dawn.

FEARnet: Listening to the commentary during the scene where Edward makes his speech about Romero & Juliet in school, you said that you should probably shut up and just let Robert Pattinson talk. But what was your actual approach when you came in to produce the bonus materials on this DVD and Blu-ray, given the fact that although you were joking that might partially be true?

Chris Weitz: Well, it’s funny because it’s very difficult to talk about cutting any scene with Edward or Taylor because I know that the fans can’t imagine why you wouldn’t have a three-hour version of the movie. So I have to be very diplomatic and careful as to how I explain how a certain scene was cut a certain way in order for the flow of the story. To a lot of Twilight fans, less is never more. So it’s funny that when [editor] Peter Lambert I’m doing the commentary, it’s like a couple of old guys interrupting the viewing of the movie. But of course, they have the option of just turning us off, so I’d like to think that for the very few people who actually want to hear anything that I have to say about the movie, we’re there for them.

Läs hela intervjun här.

Ännu en smygtitt från New Moon dvd:n

MTV har ett kort klipp från bakom scenerna på New Moon som kommer vara med på dvd:n.


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Intervju med Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fannning pratar om Eclipse trailern

Jag skrev innan ett inlägg om detta men nu har MTV frågat dem båda!



Dagens citat har min kompis Hanna bestämt! :D
Om jag kune dröma skulle jag drömma om dig.
Edward Cullen, Twilight/Om jag kunde drömma.

Vinn New Moon posters!

Nu har Breathing Twilight startat en tävling där man kan vinna snygga New Moon posters!(bilderna) :D
Klicka här för att komma till sidan för att läsa hur du ska göra! ;)

Ska Robert Pattinson göra ett album?

Vem vet? ^^
Robert Pattinson has revealed that he wants to release an album later this year, but he has trouble balancing music and acting. He explains:
”I want to do an album at the end of the year. All my friends are recording albums and I’m very annoyed about it. I can play the guitar and piano, but I can’t do two things at once.

”I don’t know how people like Jennifer Lopez can act and then also sing. Hopefully I’ll find some time to get it together.”


Kristen Stewart om Eclispe trailern

Earlier today, Cinematical sat down with Kristen Stewart and Dakota
Fanning to talk about their new movie The
Runaways, in which the actresses play Cherie Currie and Joan
Jett, two of the founding members of the eponymous all-girl rock band.
(Look for a full-length, exclusive interview with the duo in the weeks
to come.) Following our discussion of the ins and outs of playing
real-life rock stars, talk turned to the new 90-second trailer for The
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which debuted
online this morning.
When I asked if either of them got to see the trailer, Stewart and Fanning turned to one another for
reactions. "Did you watch it?" Stewart asked Fanning.
"No, I didn't," Fanning replied. "I watched it," Stewart said with enthusiasm.
When I prodded her for specific feelings, she said, "Well, it's really
fast, isn't it? It's sort of like a couple of pictures strung together.
But it looks good – it looks good! I think Taylor
[Lautner] looks really great. Like, he looks very strong and I love
his voice in it," she said. "He's good in it."

The Runaways Premiären i LA - Efterfesten

Såklart var våra stjärnor på en efterfest med. Kristen byte outfit till bekvämare kläder med dock gjorde inte de andra det.
Nice. :D

Nya outtakes på Kristen Stewart

TeenVouge har ny kommit ut med fler outtakes på Kristen. ;)
Se alla bilder på källan, här!

KStew & SNL?

Is it KStew's turn to host the Saturday Night Live? Will she make people laugh? Will the viewers enjoy the show? Questions, doubts may arise but before anybody will rush in with their comments - it is not definite yet. [Though I would love to see KStew in a different arena, though we know how she can be so shy at times...awww]

Taylor Lautner did it and we sure know everyone wants Rob Pattinson to do it.So, is it time for Kristen Stewart to host Saturday Night Live? - E!

"They haven't asked me to do it," Stewart said, while hanging out in a suite at L.A.'s Luxe Hotel, where she's been promoting her new rock
n' roll flick, The Runaways.

Even so, would she do it?


"I would love to say yes for sure, but that is really really scary," she said. "I am so critical of myself and then also of people who are
on the show. It's like, 'Nope, you're not funny—next!'"


If she can't do live comedy though, I know the fans would love to see her in a romantci comedy... [a must-watch for most of us twifans]


One thing she'd totally say yes to is a…romantic comedy! But don't ask her to name any potential love interest costars. "I don't know,
man," she said, laughing. "I would want to do it with some cool,
unassuming random actor."

OK, got any ideas for Stewart? We know most of you are thinking Pattinson, but there must be others. Leave your comments below.

Boo Boo Stewart på CATS

Om jag skulle få välja något från varg gänget så skulle jag faktiskt inte tagit Jacob(Tyler). Jag skulle utan tvekan tagit Seth(Boo Boo).
Booboo Stewart kicks into high gear as he arrives at opening night of CATS held at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday night (March 9).


Intervju med Chris Heyerdahl

Chris Heyerdahl är vår kära Marcus i Volturi klanen. :D

Chris Heyerdahl (who plays Volturi ”Marcus” from The Twilight Saga: New Moon) recently
took the stage at the Official Twilight Convention in Atlanta (3/6). Fans were able to submit questions to Chris. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Have you read all the books?
A: Yes and read the Volturi portion of New Moon 30 times.
Q: What is it like being one of the leaders from the Volutri?
A: It’s great! It was a delicious terror to bring Marcus to the screen.
Q: Most memorable scene?
A: During fight scene Rob ”Edward” commented that he loved the slippers that Marcus is wearing.
Q: What vampire power do you want?
A: I would take Didyme’s power (Marcus’ mate); she carried the aura of happiness.
Q: What’s your favorite candy?
A: A crunchy chocolate bar and licorice. [Ed. note: Whew! Was afraid he’d say neck-o-wafers.)
Q: Was the Volturi costume and chair uncomfortable?
A: Chairs were fantastic and clothes were just fine. Everyone wanted to sit in the chairs!

Q: Have you read all the books?

A: Yes and read the Volturi portion of New Moon 30 times.

Q: What is it like being one of the leaders from the Volutri?

A: It’s great! It was a delicious terror to bring Marcus to the screen.

Q: Most memorable scene?

A: During fight scene Rob ”Edward” commented that he loved the slippers that Marcus is wearing.

Q: What vampire power do you want?

A: I would take Didyme’s power (Marcus’ mate); she carried the aura of happiness.

Q: What’s your favorite candy?

A: A crunchy chocolate bar and licorice. [Ed. note: Whew! Was afraid he’d say neck-o-wafers.)

Q: Was the Volturi costume and chair uncomfortable?

A: Chairs were fantastic and clothes were just fine. Everyone wanted to sit in the chairs!

Intervjuer på röda matten - The Runaways premiären i LA


Video från The Runaways premiären i LA


Knappnytt: Twilight

Ni kanske känner till Knappen? Det är lite svår att förklara vem han är men det är en rolig katt kan man säga! :D
I "dagens" Knappnytt pratar han om Twilight.


Anna Kendrick & Kristen Stewart - bäst klädda på Oscars galan 2010

#1. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick knows that the best way to stand out on the red carpet is to go nude. And no, we don’t mean streaking! Anna’s nude-colored Ellie Saab Haute Couture gown perfectly complimented the stars pretty pale skin and auburn hair. The romantic draping and lace details make this dress a definite ‘do’ in our books!

#3. Kristen Stewart

Ever the tomboy, Kristen Stewart vamped up — pun intended — her look in a navy Monique Lhuillier gown. We love seeing K.Stew glammed up but we’re glad she still stayed true to her low-key vibe with a bare neckline, easy hair and barely-there makeup.


The Runaways Movie - Premiär

Igår var det äntligen dags för LA-premiären av den efterlängtade filmen The Runaways.
Även Taylor Lautner var där.
mq004.jpg picture by lionlamblj
mq010.jpg picture by lionlamblj
mq014.jpg picture by lionlamblj
mq017.jpg picture by lionlambljKlicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
Klicka för stor bild
[Källa] & [Källa]

Bellas "Eclipse ring"


Så här beskriver Stephenie Meyer Bella's förlovnings ring.
“Nestled into the black satin, Elizabeth Masen’s ring sparkled in the dim light. The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold — delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”
-Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

Denna bilden kommer från trailern. Man kan ju inte se det så klart men kan det vara förlovnings ringen? ^^


Nämen Alex!

Haha, Alex är ju bara för rolig! :)

Intervju med Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning

Detta är ingen lång intervju faktiskt. Den ända frågan som ställs är hur det var att spela en rockstjärna.


Ny bild på Robert Pattinson från BAFTA

Är det bara jag som älskar denna bilden? Jag vet inte varför men den är bara snygg på något sätt! :o

Ny bild på Kristen som Joan Jett - The Runaways


Musiken i Eclipse trailern

Nu när Eclipse trailern är ute så är alla twilight sidorna, nu är bakgrunds musiken också ute! :D


Stills från Eclipse trailern

Se fler bilder här!


Nu har den officiella Eclipse sidan öppnats. Det är en sak som jag har sett fram emot ganska mycket. Den officiella New Moon sidan är jättecool så jag hoppas Eclipse sidan också blir det. För er som har iPod toutch eller iPhone, ni kan nu ladda ner Eclipse trailern och se den på iPoden eller iPhonen! :D Ni andra kan ladda ner trailern i HQ kvalité också. Klicka på bilden för att komma till sidan!


Collider har nyligen intervjuat Rob. Fansen har ställt frågor och Robert har svarat. En av frågorna är om hur det går med hans musik.


Nämen förlåt. Nu såg jag att jag inte har lagt ut trailern! :o
Jag har själv kollat på den så många gånger så att jag har glömt!
Men här kommer den underbara, fantastiska trailern sm alla har väntat på! :D :D

Kvällen blir bara bättre och bättre! :D

Reese Witherspoon pratar Robert Pattinson

Tja, Reese Witherspoon snackar inte så jättemycket om Robert men en del i alla fall så jag tycker ni ska checka in intervjun.



Video på Kristen Stewart hos Jay Leno

Har kommer "videosarna" som jag sa att jag skulle lägga ut! :D Jag råder er att kolla på dem för det är värt det.



7 klipp från The Runaways


Extra pratar med Robert Pattinson

Bilder på Kristen Stewart hos Jay Leno

Kristen var hos Jay Leno som alla nog vet. Oh, jag älskar hennes outfit! Lovely. ;) Video kommer snart så håll utkik.


Smygvtitt på New Moon kommentator-spår

Concast's har nu fått visa oss en smygtitt av hur kommentatorspåret på New Moon DVD:n kommer att se ut. Chris Weitz pratar om att de inte kunde sätta på bruna linser på Kristen Stewart eftersom det regnade och så, kolla på videon så förstår ni! :D


Comcast will have The Twilight Saga: New Moon On Demand beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, March 20 – the same day as the DVD release but HOURS before most retailers are even open.   AND, only Comcast customers will be able to view never-before-seen commentary from director Chris Weitz on a number of favorite ‘New Moon’ scenes such as: Bella’s birthday party, Bella’s cliff dive, when Bella rescues Edward in Italy and when Bella first meets the Volturi.

Attached is a teaser clip from the exclusive director’s commentary for you to preview.  The clip is from a scene between Bella and Jacob. When Twilight was first released on DVD last year, we made it available at 12:01 a.m. the same day it was released on DVD, which led to our biggest rental weekend as well as Twilight being the most rented movie On Demand of 2009.  We anticipate a big response from the same say as DVD release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon On Demand as well.  We’ll also have Twilight available on Showtime On Demand if people want to make a night out of it.



Den kvinnliga sidan av Robert Pattinson


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