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Kristen Stewart i On The Road

Kristen Stewart kommer vara med i en ny film som är baserad på Jack Kerouac’s novell On The Road!

Looks as if Kristen Stewart is going On the Road.  And not just because she is doing publicity for the latest Twilight film, Eclipse, opening June 30.

As she told USA TODAY’s Susan Wloszczyna today while in Chicago for an Oprah taping, “I am very much attached to a movie that has been trying to get made forever. Not that this is going to help it, but maybe I can just brag a little bit. I am super excited about it, too. I am about to play Marylou in On the Road. So that’s a big deal.”

Filmmakers including Francis Ford Coppola and Gus Van Sant have struggled for years to bring Jack Kerouac’s classic 1957 tale of disaffected members of the Beat Generation to the big screen. Tron: Legacy’s Garrett Hedland will play the confused drifter Dean Moriarity with Stewart as his young wife and British actor Sam Riley (Control) as his traveling pal, Sal. Brazilian director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) will direct. Filming is expected to start this summer.


Kristen Stewart på Elle's förstasida - smygtitt

Som sagt ska Kristen Stewart vara med på förstasidan av Elle tidningen. En skribent från Elle har nu i en intervju visat en liten smygtitt på omslaget.


Kristen Stewart förklarar varför hon klippte av håret

Detta är en intressant artikel tycker jag för jag är en av de som tycker att hon gjorde ett dumt val. Jag älskade hennes förra hårfärg och hennes långa lockiga hår! :(


“It was fine. I’ve worn wigs before, just not with such … I just felt such a tactile thing with Joan [that I cut my hair for the role],” she told MTV News on the red carpet of “The Runaways” premiere. “She holds all of her energy in her hands. I can be Bella without my hair, but I couldn’t play Joan without.”

And while some teenage girls would not have been too eager to chop off their locks, Stewart said she didn’t have an emotional attachment to her strands. “I think Dakota was more emotional than I was, to be honest,” she said. “She, like, almost cried when I cut my hair. It was something I needed to do. I needed to feel the sweat coming down my face and, like, I needed to be able to touch it. I just needed to do it.”


Ashley Green önskar Kristen Stewart grattis på födelsedagen

Som jag tidigare skrev fyller Kristen Stewart 20 år idag. I detta korta klipper önskar Ashley Greene henne en bra födelsedag.


Grattis på födelsedagen Kristen Stewart

Idag fyller Kristen Jaymes Stewart hela 20 år idag! :D
Här kommer en video jag hittade på youtube om Kristen Stewart.


Som sagt, grattis på födelsedagen Kristen. Hoppas du får en bra födelsedag och får massor av fina minnen och presenter. ;)

Kristen Stewart's nya filmprojekt

Vad kul, GossipCop skriver nu att Kristen Stewart ska vara med i en James Wood-film vid namn An American Girl.

“An American Girl,” to be directed by James Wood, is about a woman who after high school finds herself wasting her life drinking and drugging in a small town in Indiana. During one particular night of boozing, she has sex with a guy in a quarry. “She gets taped doing it on somebody’s phone and in a small town,” says Woods, “her reputation is ruined and on a drunken whim, she joins the Marines.”

Stewart’s character sobers up, learns a number of important life lessons as a Marine, and even returns to her hometown, where she rebuilds her life.


US Weekly gillar Kristen Stewart's stil

Jag tycker som US Weekly, Kristen har bra smak när det gäller kläder! ;)

”I’m not the type of person who has a million things in my closet,” the actress (in Austin, TX, March 18) has said.

”I don’t dress for fashion magazinesm” the Runaways star (at the L.A. premiere on March 11) has said.

Stewart shimmered in a metallic frock, which she paired with black Serigio Rossi peep-toes in NYC on March 17.

The self-described tomboy looked ladylike in Bally satin heels at the Elle Style Awards in London Feb. 22.

She accessorized with Roger Vivier heels and a Channel diamond bracelet in London on Feb. 21.

”I’m a really typical girl. I look like everyone,” the Yellow Handchief star (at the West Hollywook premiere Feb. 18) has said.


Kristen Stewart hoppar in i fel bil

Jag brukar inte lägga ut sådana här klipp men detta var något speciellt. Kvalitén är inte så bra men den är ändå värd att se tycker jag.

Kristen Stewart skämtar om Dakota Fanning

Vem tycker Kristen är bäst på att kyssas?

Det är frågan. Vem tycker Kristen Stewart är bäst på att kyssas? Alternativen är Edward Cullen och Cherie Curry.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Hon valde Cherie Curry! :D

Kristen Stewart Comic Book; Preview - * SPOILERS *

Även Kristen Stewart får en Comic Book! :D

MTV has the exclusive look at the upcoming FAME comic book for Kristen Stewart by Bluewater Comics!
First it was Lady Gaga on the cover of Bluewater Productions’ new line of “Fame” biography comics, then it was “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. Now Pattinson’s “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart, will make her debut as a comic book cover girl — and we have your exclusive first look.Written by Kim Sherman (who also penned the Robert Pattinson “Fame” comic) with interior art by Warren Martineck and covers by Juanmar Studios and Randy Green, “Fame: Kristen Stewart” promises to “show readers the depth residing in this young woman and the roles she’s beautifully tackled through a series of spot shots, pinups and word art.” The 32-page comic hits shelves in June.
Read on for more details about the comic, as well as an exclusive preview of “Fame: Kristen Stewart,” courtesy of Bluewater Productions. (Note: This is an early peek at the book, so some pages have not been colored or lettered yet.)


Kristen Stewart hos Jimmy Fallon



KStew hos Regis & Kelly

Jag tycker faktiskt Kristen hår blev jättefint här!


Kristen Stewart hos Regis & Kelly

Klicka här för att se videon.

KStew & Joan Jett på inspelningen av The Runaways

KStew & SNL?

Is it KStew's turn to host the Saturday Night Live? Will she make people laugh? Will the viewers enjoy the show? Questions, doubts may arise but before anybody will rush in with their comments - it is not definite yet. [Though I would love to see KStew in a different arena, though we know how she can be so shy at times...awww]

Taylor Lautner did it and we sure know everyone wants Rob Pattinson to do it.So, is it time for Kristen Stewart to host Saturday Night Live? - E!

"They haven't asked me to do it," Stewart said, while hanging out in a suite at L.A.'s Luxe Hotel, where she's been promoting her new rock
n' roll flick, The Runaways.

Even so, would she do it?


"I would love to say yes for sure, but that is really really scary," she said. "I am so critical of myself and then also of people who are
on the show. It's like, 'Nope, you're not funny—next!'"


If she can't do live comedy though, I know the fans would love to see her in a romantci comedy... [a must-watch for most of us twifans]


One thing she'd totally say yes to is a…romantic comedy! But don't ask her to name any potential love interest costars. "I don't know,
man," she said, laughing. "I would want to do it with some cool,
unassuming random actor."

OK, got any ideas for Stewart? We know most of you are thinking Pattinson, but there must be others. Leave your comments below.

Video på Kristen Stewart hos Jay Leno

Har kommer "videosarna" som jag sa att jag skulle lägga ut! :D Jag råder er att kolla på dem för det är värt det.



Bilder på Kristen Stewart hos Jay Leno

Kristen var hos Jay Leno som alla nog vet. Oh, jag älskar hennes outfit! Lovely. ;) Video kommer snart så håll utkik.


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