Intervju med Tinsel Korney/Emily


Hi Tinsel, before starting just let me say that we are really happy and really excited to be talking to you, because we haven’t seen you around that much, so it’s a pretty cool thing to have this chance to know you a little bit better. Here at Foforks we are such huge fans from the whole cast, so we are dying to know everything we can about you and your character in the Saga.


1) So let’s begin with how was the audition process to get your role in New Moon? And how was shooting the sequence?

I auditioned in L.A. with the director Chris Weitz and casting directors Rene Haynes and Joseph Middleton. Filming was great, Chris is a very warm and talented director. I can’t wait to see his vision of New Moon come to life.

2) From what we’ve saw so far we are pretty happy with the make-up on the second movie, and we know that the biggest thing physically about Emily is the huge scar she has on her right side, so what can you tell us about that part? Did it take long to get into the character or how was it?

All I can say is that you are going to be happy. It looks amazing, for a gruesome scar that is. I put a lot of effort into any character I play, but having an amazing cast to work with (which I had on this movie) helps make my job easier.

3) Well, for now you are the only girl inside the Wolf Pack, so you were surrounded by all those (shirtless and hot, lol) boys, how was filming with them? Did they play around a lot or give you a hard time for being the only girl there?

The boys are awesome. They’re exactly like their characters, I think they did an amazing job with casting.

4) We know as well that you have a musical side like a lot of other members from the cast, for instance: Jackson, Rob or Jamie, did u have the chance to show that talent around the set, play anything with them? Tell us a little bit more about your musical preferences.

I didn’t get to play any music for any of the cast. But I did compliment Rob on his songs. I actually had his song “Never think” on repeat when I met him. lol I like all types of music from Country to Rap, I believe you can find beauty in all type of music.

5) If you could choose any other role in the Saga, which one would it be? Still running with the wolves or maybe changing sides with the vampires?

I don’t know if I’d choose a different role. I like playing Emily. I wouldn’t switch sides either. Wolves are freakin’ cool. I did a movie with wolves once, and they have an energy that is so powerful you can’t even describe it.

6) How do you see Emily, as a mother figure to the Wolf Pack like many of us do? Because she is also pretty tough, being part of all those secrets and stuff, and at the same time taking care of those around her, right? What is your take on the character?

I think of Emily as being more of the older sister. Fun enough to hang with, but stern enough to keep the boys in line.

7) Being part of all this is really a huge thing, and for now you are managing pretty well to stay a little under the radar, away from paparazzi and all that mess, in what ways do you expect that being part of the Saga will change your career or affect your life? Are you prepared for that, or are you trying to avoid this part of it?

I really don’t know what will happen from this point. Everyone keeps telling me how big this movie is, and how’s it’s going to change my life. But I don’t think it’s really hit me yet. It started to the other day when I saw my pic in US weekly “Sexy Stars of Twilight”. I don’t think you can ever be prepared for something like this, you just have to ride the wave, and remember why you starting doing this in the first place. For me it was the art, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

We are hearing a few rumours about spin-offs with the Volturi, and in New Moon both the Quileute tribe and the Wolf Pack are really important, do you think they also have potential to being considered for a spin-off?


9) Your role is only beggining, what do you expect for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?

I don’t know, I try not to expect things.

10) Do you have any other project on the side while being part of the films? Like maybe working on your music or other movie roles on your plans?

Yeah I actually shot a movie after New Moon called “Fathers and Sons” it’s a spin off a film I did last year called “Mother’s and Daughter’s” with Tantoo Cardinal. Also music is still there. I’m really trying to put out a c.d. this year. My fans have been really patient with me, saying “it’s coming”. But this year… it’s coming! lol

11) We could probably say that there’s not a lot of room in Hollywood for native-americans, or a lot of opportunities for that matter, so what do you think about the importance that this Saga gives to them? Do you think that being in this much exposure helps those actors to gain a little more of attention?

The cool thing about this movie is that it’s Natives in modern day. Obviously I hope this movie will help with more roles being written for us. Only time will tell. I keep saying that there needs to be more comedy. Anyone who hangs with Natives, knows how funny we are.

12) You’ve probably watched Twilight by now, so in a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you think that the sequence will be better than the first one?

I’m biased because I’m in New Moon. So I’ll say 7 to be safe.

13) Have you read all of the books in the saga? Which one is your favorite? And which part of the whole story you like the most?

I have not read all the books yet. I read New Moon and I have Eclipse (which I have started but haven’t finished) and Breaking Dawn.

14) You probably got along pretty well with the actors from the Quileute tribe/Wolf Pack, did you have the chance to do that with those from the “enemy clan” as well?

Yeah the boys and I are tight. I’ve met some of the “enemy clan”, and from the ones I’ve met they are all really lovely.

Ping-pong Questions: Answer the first thing that comes on your mind

Best 6-pack from the cast: Alex
Hard-as-stone Vampire or a Hot Werewolf: Hot Werewolf
Twilight Fans: Dedicated
Favorite Artistic Expression: Painting
Thing you can’t live without: Air, I could part with anything material.
The cast: lovely
Team Edward or Team Jacob: Team Sam
Favorite character on the whole saga: Jane so far, she’s dangerous.
Person you would like to imprint: lol… I already have, but I can’t tell you who.
Brazil: sexy

Your interview will go online right on the day that the biggest Twilight Fansite in the country, with more than 40.000 readers daily, is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary, would you like to send a little message to all those admirers and fans here at Foforks and all over Brazil as well?

Hey to everyone at and Ola/Oi to everyone in Brazil. Be safe, Believe in Dreams, and never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.

Again Tinsel, thank you so much for being so sweet and talking to us. We hope to see a lot more of you around, and not only being part of the movies but on your other projects as well. A big hello from all of us here at Foforks! Bye!


Dagens Bild

Detta får bli dagens bild efter som vi inte kommer få se Rachelle mer i The Twilight Saga(förutom Twilight/New Moon) :(

Vi kmr sakna dig! <3

Dagens Citat

Sheesh, Alice. Could you pick a more conspicuous car to steal? (Bella)

Taylor gör trix!

Oj, då!

Vem skulle inte vilja vara lika duktig som Taylor?!

Det måste vara ganska svårt att kunna göra så! :'o

Taylor är king & Taylor är drottning

Tyckte den var lite fin :)

New Moon Merch!

På bilden:
1.Cullen Crets ring.
2.Vinglas med Cullen Crets.
3.Bellas klänning som hon har på partyt.
4.Någon slacks kofta/jacka.
5.Ett bälte med Cullen Crets på!

Vampire team?

Wolf team?

Jag älskar dem allihop, men det med ett hjärta i mitten som är guldigt är bara för vackert! <3

Stephenie Meyer - Comic Book

Så här skriver Twilightguide ;


That’s right, Stephenie Meyer is getting a comic book.

The Stephenie Meyer issue of Female Force will cover her biography and rise to stardom as the author of Twilight. There is a regular version and a bonus edition that includes the history of Forks, WA.

The comic is available for pre-order from TFAW. Check it out here.

För att köpa den, klicka här! :)

Entertainment Weekly: Vampire Edition Available Today


This week’s Entertainment Weekly is all about vampires, with a picture of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen on the cover.

They choose the 20 Greatest Vampires of All Time–Edward Cullen comes in 4th.

There is also an interview with Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer.

The Vampire issue of EW is on newsstands as of today, July 31st.


Taylor And Taylor = Kissing!

En scen från filmen Valintine's Days!
Någon mer än jag som ser framemot denna filmen?

Melissa Rosenberg pratar om Victoria i New Moon

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Kristen Stewart - The Runaways

                                        Coola kläder, Krisen! :D

Bilder på Kristen när när är på inspelningen av The Runaways.
Den är nog klar snart, tror jag ;)

Taylor Lautner - Valintine's Day

Nya bilder på Taylor när han är på inspelningen av hans nya film Valintine's Days.
Filmen är en komedi som handlar om singlar, att göra slut, bli sams, på Alla Hjärtans Dag i LA.

Filmen kommer släppas runt februari 2010.

Andra som spelar i filmen är : Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jeccica Biel, Ashton Kutcher och Bradley Cooper.


E!Online pratar om Rachelle&Summit !

Intervju med Kiowa Gordon(Embry Call)

Rubriken säger väll allt ;P


Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutx på "TXT L8TR Campaign Party"

Nikki and Kellan, who play on-screen lovers in New Moon, where spotted together at the Express TXT L8TR event last night.

Besides posing for paparazzi pictures, they co-stars seemed to have had a wonderful evening at the event, chatting it up with other attendees.


Källa: NNM


Den här intervju är värkligen värld att läsa!

Här är den ;

I guess I should ask you about the actual movie. How done is it?

It's pretty done. It has to be done. It has to come out on November 20. Which means we sort of have to hand it over October 30. Which means the picture has to lock August 30. And so in a few weeks it'll be locked, the visual effects are in good shape, all the R&D on the more complicated, more ephemeral effects is being completed.

How weird was it, stepping into somebody else's franchise?

It was a bit odd at first. But then again it's pretty amazing to have a huge fan base just dropped into your lap. And it was a pleasure to be able to deliver faithfully on a book. WithGolden Compass I felt that by being faithful to the book I was working at odds with the studio. But Summit understands that it's Stephenie Meyer's world, and really it's about recreating the experience the reader has, in some kind of faithful manner. Creating a picture that doesn't violate too badly the picture they have in their minds.

Was there technical stuff that you learned on Golden Compass that was useful here?

There was, yeah. It was really CGI boot camp. That was over 2000 special effects, and each one went through 200 or more iterations of, you know, what the talking ferret was doing at that point. Now to do werewolves and so forth is frankly no biggie. I mean, you still have to get things right, and take care of the process, but the bizarre things that you do -- like, now we're going to go check the DPX files, and oh, we're going to have a CineSync with Tippett, cause they just uploaded the files to the FTP server -- that kind of stuff is now, yeah, OK, we're going to do that. Whereas the first time around I was like, what? We're doing what? What are you talking about?

The effects really did look good in Golden Compass.

That is the most successful element of it, I think. The effects were beautiful and elegant. I'm really keen on settling down the special effects into the world around them, rather than trying to blow anyone away. That's something I'm a stickler about.

How closely did you follow the look-and-feel of the first movie in New Moon?Did you want to make it your own? Or do a seemless transition?

I think there's a balance possible. I do want to make it my own, and I'm not really interesting in tweaking the world in the digital intermediate so that it gets this kind of blue gloss which the first movie had. I'm much more interested in having a fuller palate, and a richer palate. And we're able to shoot some scenes in sunlight, eventually, which is really kind of nice. And to shoot interior scenes that have a kind of rounded glow to them, like the Volturi ... bad-guy headquarters, for want of a better term.

The footage today looked great, and there wasn't even any FX in it.

Not that you would notice. There's little stuff like, everytime you see Edward as an apparition he's been shot against a green screen and then taken out of the picture, and then treated and put back in. So you do a lot of work just to make it seem like he's sort of there. And then there's a lot of wire removal and stuff that you don't notice.

I hope there's sparkling in this one.

There will be lots of sparkling.

Is it weird to be a guy directing Twilight? Since it's a franchise that's considered more for … the ladies?

I think at first it was odd for the fans when I came on board. There was a question of whether I was going to kind of try to bring some amped up macho mentality … I wouldn't even know how to do that. I think I'm pretty fem. I have a lot of estrogen.

At first Stephenie was a bit surprised that I had been brought out as a first choice. But we met and chatted and it all worked really well.

Is she going to have a cameo in this movie?

She's not. But now I feel bad about it -- as though I intended not to. But I had kind of forgotten that she had a cameo in the first one, and she never asked, she's very quiet and gracious about it. I don't know if she wanted to or not. I probably should have.

I liked the vibe between Bella and Jacob. It felt real, but also different from the way she interacts with Edward.

Taylor's very much like the character, tremendously sunny and upbeat. And Kristen is very protective of Taylor, actually. He's 17 now, and Kristen's been working since Panic Room if not before that. She wanted to make sure Taylor was protected from the world, and that works perfectly with the dynamic of the book.

I have to say, his torso in the clip you showed today was unlike any human torso I have ever seen.

It's pretty astonishing. He did work very very hard.

Was that CGI?

I swear to God, it was all his hard work.



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Namninsamling för att få tillbaka Rachelle!

Snälla, lägg upp detta på er blogg!

För att få tillbaka Rachelle! <33

Klicka här för att komma till namninsamlingen!

Twilight special i Julia tidningen! <3

Det är Twilight special i Julia tidningen som släpptes ut idag! :)
Här är några bilder jag tog! <33

...och så fick man en liten affish <3

// Nillan

Jackson Rathbone uppfyller en döende flickas högsta önskning!

Jackson Rathbone som spelar Jesper Hale har uppfyllt en döendeflickas högsta önskan!
Hon har nämligen fått en tour backstage på hans band 100 Monkeys nästkommande konsert.

Flickan heter Dorothy och hon har obotlig Canser och hennes allra sista önskan var att få träffa detta band.

Så här säger Jackson: "We're all very lucky people and helping others makes us who we are."


Det är faktiskt ganska rolig att titta på :)

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Nu är det igång igen, här är ett till klipp där de påstår att det är någonting mellan Kristen och Rob!
Okej, om jag ska vara ärlig så vill jag väldigt gärna att de ska vara tillsammans men om inte de vill och om de tycker något annat för man bara acceptera det!
Liksom det är faktiskt deras liv och då ska man låta dem leva det!

 Twilight-stjärnorna om romansen
Twilight-stjärnorna om romansen

Taylor Lautner vill ha tillbaka sin kropp

Så här skriver msn:

För att spela Jacob Black i ”Twilight”-uppföljaren ”New Moon” har Taylor Lautner, 17, varit tvungen att gå upp hela 15 kilo. Någon som enligt insiders inte har varit helt problemfritt för den unga stjärnan.  

— Normalt är Taylor mycket tunnare. Han känner sig för tillfället inte som sig själv. Han säger att han vill gå ner minst tio kilo när inspelningen är klar, säger en källa till National Enquirer.  

— Det värsta var allt jag varit tvungen att äta. Min tränare ville att jag skulle äta sex gånger om dagen. Om jag fuskade syntes det tydligt, för jag började gå ner i vikt.  

Det lär dock dröja innan Taylor får tillbaka sin vanliga kropp igen – när ”New Moon” är färdig är det dags att börja med kommande två filmerna ”Eclipse” och ”Breaking dawn”. De kommer att vara färdiga tidigast 2010.

Kristen Stewart - The Runaways

Kristen är tillbaka och spelar in The Runaways! :)

För fler bilder klicka här! :)

Hayden Pannetiere pratar om Robert Pattinson

Soundtracket till New Moon

Så här skriver den Officiella sidan till filmmusiken.

We are happy to announce that the New Moon soundtrack will be in stores on October 13th!

That will give you all plenty of time to get to know the music before the movie is in theaters on November 20th. As Chris Weitz has mentioned, artists such as Thom Yorke, Bon Iver, Muse, and Band of Skulls are being discussed for the soundtrack but nothing is confirmed so far.

Stay tuned to for exciting information about the official soundtrack pre-order, which will get you tons of extras and exclusives before the album arrives!



Rachelle kommer inte spela Victoria i Eclipse!!


Actress Rachelle Lefevre Will Be Replaced By Howard In The Role Of Victoria

Los Angeles - July 28, 2009 - Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of "Victoria" in the studio's upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character in TWILIGHT as well as the upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, will not continue in the role due to scheduling conflicts with another commitment the actor has made. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE will start filming in Vancouver this coming August.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio's TWILIGHT film franchise based on Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster book series, will be directed by David Slade from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. The film will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

"We are incredibly happy that Bryce has agreed to come into the franchise," said Erik Feig, Summit's President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions. "Rachelle brought "Victoria" to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

Howard most recently starred in TERMINATOR SALVATION as Kate Connor and has been seen in SPIDER-MAN 3, LADY IN THE WATER, and THE VILLAGE. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her leading performance as an actress in the HBO film AS YOU LIKE IT.

In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.




Vad tycker ni om det här?!

Jag tycker inte om det men vem vet, Bryce kanske är lika ingen kan vara bättre än Rachelle <3


Dagens Bild

PS. Ursäkta om det är lite rörigt på bloggen men vi renoverar! <3

Tack! :)


Det är verkligen värt att läsa! :)

1. Summit Entertainment knows its audience, evidenced by the two scenes they brought to Comic-Con. Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob, there was a shirtless scene for you. Who wanted to see the birthday party scene or the cliff diving scene, when they could get their first peek at Jacob Black hopping valiantly off a bike to strip naked to tend to an almost-drooling Bella? Or watch as Bella raced across Volterra in vain as Edward opened his shirt, stepping into the sunlight? It was such an amazing sight, Bella started running in slow motion. (Click above for more celeb pics from Comic-Con; full scene descriptions here!)

2. Director Chris Weitz will use a lot of dialogue straight from the book. This was one of the biggest points of contention with the first Twilight, into which screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg had written quotes directly from Meyer's text -- with varying results. ("And so the lion fell in love with the lamb," to which non-fans groaned inwardly.) In both scenes shown at Comic-Con, the majority of dialogue was taken from the pages of New Moon and filmed quite closely to what we imagined. (Agree/disagree? Tell us below.)


3. Taylor Lautner is the press-friendly celebrity star that New Moon needed. Compared to his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Lautner has just the right youthful vigor and enthusiasm (read: he's not jaded yet) to turn Twilight press events into, well, downright energetic press events. Deposited between Stewart and Pattinson in Thursday's early morning press conference, Lautner picked up the slack whenever his co-stars trailed off; the kid's been well prepared. I mean, have you seen that Sharkboy-era dancing video?

4. Kristen Stewart knows that Bella is a head case in New Moon. Critics who thought Bella was unhealthily dependent on Edward in the first Twilight film, or even that his behavior was borderline stalker-ish, will likely seize on her obvious psychological issues in the sequel. When those criticisms come, Stewart's fully prepared. "This is a severely emotional movie," she told journalists. "That's the one big difference. This movie is not about discovery or falling in love, which is sort of just an intense emotion, but this is low and there high points for her, too. She's a manic depressive, basically."

5. A year later, Kristen Stewart's life is just as crazy and her answers just as wry as they were during Twilight. The build-up to the first Twilight film transformed its stars' lives into a constant media circus, with fans even stampeding a mall just to see Pattinson. Asked if life was any different with the sequel on the horizon, Lautner said now he was "really, really busy" and Pattinson noted that he walks down the street hoping not to be noticed. Stewart deadpanned that her only life change was the stylistic kind: "I cut my hair off."



6. The New Moon kids like it when their characters suffer. Asked which scene in New Moon was their favorite, each star picked one in which their characters broke up with each other. "I walk her up to her door and say goodbye to her and I'm going off to fight in the woods and she's worried," Lautner answered. "She's scared for me. I thought that it was kind of cute, but I also like the breakup scene."

"That's my favorite scene in the movie," Stewart said, her face lighting up. "We call it a breakup scene because he basically tells her that they can't be friends anymore and he's transforming. If you ever, ever treated me like that you would kill me."

And Pattinson's favorite scene? "I think my breakup scene was my favorite scene," he said. "I mean, hopefully it'll come off as having quite a few more levels than the relationship in Twilight. It was interesting. It was like a five page long dialogue scene. That didn't happen at all in the first one and it's quite an interesting little moment. It completely bypasses all the supernatural elements of the story as well, which I found quite interesting."

7. Kristen Stewart can't wait to have Rob Pattinson's baby! (Just kidding.) When asked what scene she's most looking forward to filming over the course of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, Stewart let out a spoiler of sorts. "I can't wait to get pregnant!" Stewart joked, referring to her character's storyline. Pattinson's response: "I can't wait to perform the Cesarian." Taylor's most anticipated scene? The one where he gets to strip naked and cuddle with Bella in a sleeping bag, naturally.



8. If you post a New Moon reaction video to YouTube, Chris Weitz is probably watching it right now.During the panel discussion, Weitz revealed that he and the editing crew have watched many of your screaming, breathless fan reaction videos. He's even thinking of making a reaction video to the reaction videos!

9. Twilight fanaticism was as strong as ever this year. While nothing could top the ear-piercing and unexpected sounds of thousands of girls at the Twilight panel last year -- where fan boy culture's hold on the Con was hijacked by a vampire romance, of all things -- 2009 sure came close. And Twilighters were better prepared for the challenge of getting a coveted seat in Hall H for Thursday's panel; a few fans camped out a full two days ahead, and by Wednesday morning, Twihards were Twittering from the line.

10. The anti-Twilight backlash finally has a name! You know your favorite fantasy property has really made it when entire Comic-Con costumes are created just to complain about it (i.e. the mostly-male Con attendees sporting "Twilight Ruined Comic-Con" signs).

Intervju med Jamie Campbell-Bower(Caius)


Jag vet inte om detta är samma intervju men jag tror inte det iaf :s

Här är den ;

MTV: Welcome to Comic-Con and to "Twilight," Jamie. How does it feel to be here?

Jamie Campbell Bower: Pretty good, man. I got off a plane at 5:30 last night and went straight to the Gaslamp theater and did hellos [to the Twilighters]. It was nuts. It was craziness.

MTV: Did you get to introduce the movie to the fans?

Bower: Yeah, we did all together. It was the entire cast. We went around to say hello to everyone who was watching, because they were doing a screening of "Twilight," and so we all went in. ... I swear to God, I saw, like, four people have a heart attack.

MTV: How does it feel to know that you are now a member of the "Twilight" saga group and have the power to make people lose it?

Bower: It's good. I think I might use that, in a bad way.

MTV: Tell us about your character in "New Moon."

Bower: I play Caius, who is the leader of the Volturi. They are a coven and effectively run the vampire community. They make the laws up. It's me, Michael Sheen who plays Aro, and a guy called Christopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus. We try to kill Bella and convince Edward to come and live with us — because Peter's character [Carlisle Cullen] had come and lived with us before — and we love the Cullen’s deeply.

MTV: Director Chris Weitz is new to most of these guys, but so are you. What kind of discussions did you two newbie’s have before filming began?

Bower: He gave us a lot of freedom. We sat down prior to it and just bounced ideas around. The back-story for Caius is already there, as it is for the Volturi. It's all fairly self-explanatory. We sat down and I said, "I think he's got this deep-rooted anger. He doesn't have a power, and he's pretty pissed off about that, because the rest of them have powers." And then, once we got on set, he was just like, "Go for it." We'd do a couple of takes of the same thing, and then we'd change it up and I'd do something crazy.

MTV: Give us an example of one of the crazy takes.

Bower: We'd do different accents, different styles. There would be one that would be very introverted, and then there would be another one that would be completely theatrical. It was good fun.

MTV: Unfortunately, we don't see you in the "New Moon" trailer. So maybe you could give us a sneak peek at Caius? Look into the camera and give us your favorite line, in-character.

Bower: [Gets into character] "We don't offer second chances. I would advise that you follow through on your promise soon."

MTV News was on the scene at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. Visit, Splash Page, the MTV Movies Blog and Hollywood Crush for videos, interviews and the latest news on "New Moon," "Iron Man 2" and everything in between.


Otroligt vackra Ashley var på "Special Screening Of Columbia".
Hon är bara för vacker!

För fler bilder klicka här! <3

Harry Potter & Twilight

Vad tycker ni Harry Potter elr Twilight

Mitt svar är KLART TWILGIHT <333

Intervju med Ashley Greene

Robert och Kristen äter middag i Montepulciano!

Jag hitta de här 2 videon på Kristen och Robert som äter middag :)

Dagens citat .

If you are a lion do you want a lamb ?

Taylor Lutner i Musik-video

Jag älskar videon och specielt låten! <33

Taylor Lautner mina damer och herrar! <3

Beautiful(Akon) - Kristen(Bella) & Robert(Edward)

Gillar du Twilight?
Gillar du Akon?

Jaa, då gillar du denna ;) <33

Edward Cullen är med på "The Insiders" Top 10 Vampyrer

Top 10 Vampyrerna! <3

10.) David:(The Lost Boys): I know, he’s bad..but that’s part of his charm.

9.) Lous de Pointe du Lac:(Interview with the vampire):He tries so hard to be compassionate, but the urges nearly end him.

8.) Angel:(Buffy and Angel): Sexy. Passionate, deep down a bad A**.

7.) Blade:(The Blade Trilogy): Daywalker. In a world of fictional vampires that are strictly nocturnal, he is an anomaly and spends his days hunting other vampires, fighting the demons within him.

6.) Selene:(Underworld): She’s gorgeous, fast, can fight like nobody’s business, and takes no BS.

5.) Spike: (Buffy): He’s hot, he’s not a good guy (though he has his moments),and Buffy (occasionally) loves him. So, do we.

4.) Bill Compton: (True Blood): Steamy, strong, and very attractive.

3.) Stefan:(The Vampire Diaries): One of the new Vampires on the cinematic screen, so hot.

2.) Damon: (The Vampire Diaries): He’s Stefan’s brother (see number 3), they make them beautiful in a set don’t they? His eyes almost kill me, make me wish to beg him to make me immortal.

1.) Edward Cullen:(The Twilight Saga): Now honestly, I would have rather put Jasper Hale here (as portrayed by Jackson Rathbone) but they don’t do poor Jackson any bit of justice in those movies.
He is naturally gorgeous! But I digress


Källa: Twifans

En till intervju med Taylor och Kristen

Jaa, det är massor med intervjuer med Taylor och Kristen ute just nu! :)

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Intervju med Taylor Lautner och Kristen Stewart

 What do you think the New Moon fans are not expecting from this film?

Taylor: Giant fuzzy werewolves.

Kristen: No, I think they expected those.

Taylor: I honestly don’t think they’re expecting to be as heartbroken as I think they will be. I know when I read New Moon, I really felt bad for Jacob’s character and Bella, just because Jacob can’t have her and he’s trying to get her, and everything that’s going on, and her being torn and confused. I felt really bad, but actually, when I lived the experience with Kristen, it was much worse, and I just can’t imagine what the fans are going to think when they watch that.

Kristen: He feels bad for himself.

Taylor: I don’t feel bad for myself. I feel bad for Jacob and I feel bad for you.

Q: What do you think the fans are going to enjoy the most about New Moon?

Taylor: Somebody like me would enjoy the action because I love action movies andNew Moon takes that to another level than Twilight was. And, it’s a lot more complicated, this time around. It takes what Bella and Edward developed in Twilight, and it smashes that at the beginning, and then it becomes complicated until the end of the movie.

Kristen: Yeah, it’s not an easy story. Not that Twilight was, but Twilight was about two people who were already conflicted internally, throwing themselves against each other, mindlessly. It was just very impulsive. And, in this case, we had to think a lot more about what we were doing because it wasn’t instinctual, like a chemistry love thing. Everything in these movies is heightened. If you get sad, you don’t just get sad. It’s like you’d rather just be dead. I guess people experience that in real life, but in our movie, it’s more than that. So, it was just harder.

Q: Does something like that take the challenge for you, as an actor, to another level?

Kristen: Yeah, it’s hard because you have no reference. I don’t know what it’s like to be shattered by somebody who physiologically completes you, and then you have that taken away, and what that feels like. I don’t know because, for me, it doesn’t exist. So, yeah, it’s hard.


För hela intervjun klicka här! :)

Bild på "The Volturi" !

Jag är inte säker på om det är äkta men jag tycker det ser kanske äkta ut, elr?!

Klicka på här för större bild!

Robert lämnade LAX Flygplats

Rob lämnade LAX flygplats efter att ha spenderat de sista fem dagarna i San Diego.
Nu ska han nog bara ta det lite lungt ;)

För fler bilder klicka här!

Intervju med TINSEL KOREY(Emily)

ave you read the Twilight Saga books? If yes, which book is your favorite and why? I have read New Moon, and I’m reading Eclipse right now. I also own Breaking Dawn. I’ll have to get back to you on which one is my favorite.

What was the audition process like for you? I auditioned in L.A. with the director Chris Weitz and casting directors Rene Haynes and Joseph Middleton. Filming was great, Chris is a very warm and talented director. I can’t wait to see his vision of New Moon come to life.

Did you, along with the other cast members who were also in the Quileuete roles, spend any time building back-stories or relationships? I built my back-story before I met the boys, I already had an idea of who Emily was. Meeting and hanging out with the boys only helped build upon what my prior thoughts already were. I think when we all hung out the back-story just was there in who we were. Most of us are pretty similar to our characters.

How long is the process of getting into makeup and costume for Emily and can you describe it? It takes hours to perfect the make-up and you’ll have to wait for the movie to see the magic that the makeup/SPX department created ?

Your MySpace has pictures and videos of you performing traditional music and dance. What art form do you prefer: acting, music, or dance? I don’t really prefer one over the other, they’re all just different aspects of my artistry: I love them equally.

Intervjun hittade jag på NMM :)


Jag har alltid tyckt denna låten passa in till Bella och Edward.

Fantastisk! <3

Intervju med några från New Moon

Entertainment Weekly fick en intervju med Robert, Kristen, Ashley, Taylor och Chris på Comic-Con!
Jag kan inte sluta skratta när Robert säger "Shut up!" hahaha

Nya New Moon klipp!!!

Jag är så glad att jag knapt kan andas!!
Jag kolla runt lite på hemsidor och hitta 2 nya klipp från New Moon!!!

Här kommer dem! <3


Heeej!! :)
Jag ( Nilli) har varit på semester så det är därför jag inte har skrivit något här i bloggen!

Ursäkta mig!

// Nilli

Rekord !

twilight har slagit rekordet !

twilight gänget har nu nästan slagit rekordet på fans sedans titanic .
helt otrolight eller hur '!'

källa : läste det i någon tidning .

Dagens Bild

Söwta! <3

Intervju med Ashley Greene

Ny Intervju med Ashley Greene :) <3
Hon säger bland annat att hon vill bli en Blond-Girl , coolt ;)

New Moon dockor/annat! <3

Det har kommit ut lite nya new moon dockor och annat!! :D
Ta en titt! :)

Snygga saker elr vad?! <333


Nya bilder och annat på den offciella new moon sidan! <3

Fina saker!

För att komma till sidan klicka här! <3

Twilight fans besökte New Moon gänget! <3

Det var några twilight fans som fick äran att träffa New Moon gänget!! Hur lyckliga kan inte de vara?! <3

Har kommer deras inlägg:

'New Moon' Set Visit: A Fan's Perspective

An MSN Superfan gets the chance of a lifetime as she visits the set of the 'Twilight' sequel

By Myriam Gabriel-Pollock 
Special to MSN Movies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- It's about a month and a half into the production of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," and director Chris Weitz and crew have begun filming the highly anticipated Volturi scenes. We are in a soundstage about 45 minutes outside downtown Vancouver, and the dimly lit studio smells of sawdust. Looming almost 40 feet high and occupying most of the building is the Volturi lair's interior set. The outside of the rotunda is covered in scaffolding, but the interior is breathtaking. Two arched doorways lead into a long hall that follows the curve of the building. Beautiful statuary and ornate columns look so real -- until I knock on one and discover that it's carved and painted Styrofoam. Movie-making magic, indeed!

As a complete novice to the world of filmmaking, everything about being on a movie set was amazing to me. But because the movie is "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," the second film based on the popular series byStephenie Meyer, it was a personally thrilling and incredible visit. Oh wait, did I already mention I'm a huge "Twilight" fan? And not just your average "Twilight" fan; I'm the Twilight Superfan on MSN! So the chance to be included on this set visit was not just work for me -- it was like I won a prize.


Day 1: A First Look at the Volturi


When our tiny group arrives at the studio on our first day, it is midafternoon and the Vancouver skies are a typical gray. We are all wearing our lanyards with "USM" ("Untitled Sports Movie") clearly printed, as part of this covert operation that is the "New Moon" production.


Inside Studio B there are several actors in costume sitting in chairs waiting to go on set. As they are dressed in black turtlenecks and trousers, along with the eerie white vampire makeup, I surmise that they are some of the Volturi, the ancient Italian vampire coven. A few are in one of the black tents, while others sit around near the makeup tables. Two black-clad vampires are watching something on a Mac Powerbook, and someone nearby asks if it's the new "American Idol."


We are led to an area with director's chairs and headphones, where several people are watching the monitors that show the scene being filmed inside the rotunda, just on the other side of the wall in front of us.


The screens show Dakota Fanning as Jane and Cameron Bright as Alec, two of the most dangerous and specially gifted Volturi. Michael Sheen is off camera, but his chilling voice intones, "Let's see if she's immune to all of us. Shall we, Jane?" Dakota does two more takes of this scene, in which she has no dialogue. She spends long moments looking fiercely at someone (probably Bella) her smug smile slowly giving way to a quiet rage. In her red contact lenses, vampire makeup, and a coiled white-blond up-do, she is the perfect incarnation of a demon with an angel's face. When Fanning finishes the scene, she comes by with a quick hello before taking leave; up close, her red eyes are even more disconcerting.


Several other notable Volturi are present, in full makeup and costume. Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius is tall and lanky, with red-rimmed eyes and platinum, shoulder-length hair, and a more rock star-inspired vampire getup. Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus is also tall, with wavy dark hair, wearing a textured, gray and maroon robe and scarf; he had been in the tent reading most of the time. Sheen as Aro has long, very styled black hair and a rather well-cut black suit; if I had to guess, I'd say it was Armani.

Twilighters For Truth

Novel Novice Twilight, Twilight Equinox & Touched by Twilight have teamed up because we have had enough with the tabloids spreading rumor and gossip about those involved with The Twilight Saga. And we’re even more fed-up with mainstream media picking up gossip & rumor, and running it as legitimate news stories without checking the facts. We want accuracy in reporting. We want media outlets that report the truth and check their facts! Responsible journalism!

Jag håller med dem till 100% !
Om vi vill läsa mer om det här, klicka här!

Kellan Lutz(Emmet) i musik video med Hilary Duff!!

Jag hitta videon på youtube. Sedan så plötsligt sog jag Kellan(Emmet) där! :'o
Va i värsta chocken i kanske 3 minuter, jag bara satt och gapade!

Här är den iaf! <3 :

Dagens Citat #2

"Sleep, my Bella.
Dream happy dreams.
You are the only one hwo ever touched my heart.
It will always be yours.
Sleep, my only love"

Jag var tvungen att lägga ut detta citatet också bara för att det var så vackert! <3

Dagens Citat

Stupid, shiny volvo owner. (Bella)

Intervju med Jamie Campbell-Bower(Caius)

Jamie Campbell-Bower som spelar Caius I New Moon, prata med Fandango om hans roll I filmen


Q. How would you compare Caius to your role of Anthony in Sweeney Todd?
Campbell Bower:
Anthony was a nice guy, and Caius is – I don't want to say not nice but he's a little bit more broody and dark. Brooding – not broody. He doesn't want to have a baby, he's brooding. [Laughs]

Q. How come you're not wearing your vampire red contacts right now?
Campbell Bower:
They hurt. They don't hurt so much as make me feel a bit sick because my peripheral vision is very much impaired when I have them in.

Q. How would you describe Caius' look?
Campbell Bower:
I had a discussion with (costume designer) Tish (Monaghan), and we figured out that Caius probably doesn't get to go out that much, so… he just steals his clothes from previous victims. The style is nice and smart and sleek and slim and – yeah, I like it. It's very Italian, and I like the shoes, particularly.

Q. How much is expanded on in the 18th century flashback scenes?
Campbell Bower:
A little bit – not very much as far as the Volturi go. It's awesome. It does look really cool and it will be kind of shocking. I don't want to go too far and ruin it for anyone.

Q. Are you signed on for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?
Campbell Bower:
I possibly will be coming back for number four. Number three, not at the moment. I don't think Caius appears at all in number three.


Q. Were you prepared to be a part of the Twilight madness?
Campbell Bower:
Nothing has really prepared me for that. I got off the plane the other night when I arrived and there were five guys waiting there asking if I could take a picture with them. That was weird enough! I was like, "Why? Uh, OK. Yes, of course I can. You know I'm nobody, right?" It's really interesting, and I only hope that, with the support that I'm getting from people at the moment, I will live up to it in the film. My Twitter fan base between last month and this month has gone up 6,000 people. That is craziness! That is really, really bizarre.

Q. What were you obsessed with when you were younger?
Campbell Bower:
I was obsessed with girls when I was 13-years-old; I wasn't really into books. I think there's something about Stephanie's (Meyer) writing that rings so true. Obviously, people can relate to it, and teenage kids particularly can relate to the themes in the book, and that love for someone when you're that sort of age. When you're 13, 14, 15, you go, "I love you. I don't really love you, but I'm gonna say I love you anyway." [Laughs] I wasn't obsessed with anything when I was younger, really. I don't know. I'm boring.

Q. Are you going to continue with music and acting?
Campbell Bower:
With acting, I'm now at a stage where it's like it's a career for me. It's still fun, but it's not something that I'm jumping in and out of. The music is kind of building up alongside that. It's not at the point that the acting is at the moment. I'm still starting fresh and trying to get people to come see shows, and labels to come and check us out, and hopefully, eventually get a record deal. I want to be able to do both side by side.

Q. Your band is called The Darling Buds, but it's not the first Darling Buds.
Campbell Bower:
It's the second Darling Buds. I'm not entirely sure where I got the name from. Maybe I just took it in subconsciously at some point during my life. I was like, "That sounds cool. Oh, wait--there's another band." It's fine; the other Darling Buds haven't been around for a long time, and I think the idea with copyright is that as long as you're not misleading people into buying what they think is other people's music, then that's fine. And their stuff isn't on iTunes, hopefully.

Q. Has anyone suggested a Twilight Musical Tour?
Campbell Bower:
No, no one has suggested that at all. That'd be kind of fun. Twilight Musical Tour '09—It's gonna be huge! Here we come!

Volturis har också en symbol!

På stog det att Volturis också har en symbol precis om The Cullens och The Wolfpack :)
Coolt ! <3

Dagens Bild

Denna är ju bara för roligt! <3

Kristen Stewart i Reklam för Porsche!

Hitta denna reklamen på Kristen när hon var med i en reklam för Porsche när hon var yngre!

Bella&Edward - Everytime We Touch

Jag hitta denna videon för ett tag sedan men jag tänkta alldrig på att jag kunde lägga in den här!

Iaf här kommer den, den är otroligt vacker! <3

Bella And Edward - Everytime We Touch <3

OBS! Är inte säker men kan innehålla spoilers !!

Peter Facinelli lär sig lite dans ;)

Hitta denna videon, tycker den är lite kul hehe ;P

Intervju med Christian Serratos(Angela)

Ok! Magazine hade en intervju med Christian Serratos och hon pratar om Robert ^^



 Twilight star Christian Serratos, aka Bella’s high school pal Angela Weber, has a job many girls would just die for — she gets to be on set with Robert Pattinson and the rest of the vamp-movie gang all day. So does she think R-Pattz’s new reputation as a ladies’ man is deserved? OK! chatted with Christian at the Charlotte Russe 2009 Fall Launch in NYC, and we asked if the thought Edward Cullen had turned into a playboy since skyrocketing to fame over the last year.


“I don’t think so,” says Christian, adding that if has changed, Robert has gone in the opposite direction.

“If anything he’s become more humble and more introverted,”  Christian tells OK!.

So what about the romance with Kristen Stewart? Christian teased us with a sort of yes, sort of no on whether the two are together.

“I truly don’t know, I don’t know. There is a possibility,” Christian reveals. “There’s a possibility that it’s all BS, I just don’t know

 It’s going to be interesting finding out either way.”

Christian and the rest of the cast will be reunited on the set of Eclipse in August, something she’s excited about.

“I feel like we’re all going to have a blast. I feel like we all know our characters and we’ve all had a lot of help with Stephanie [Meyer], too,” she explains.

“She’s there on set and if we have a question, she’ll answer our question.

She’s just really chill. She’s really supportive.

She likes what everyone’s doing, so I think everyone just wants to make her happy, as well as the fans, so it works out.”


Källa: NMM <3

Rob And Kristen - Beautiful

Jag tycker bara denna är för vacker, älskar låten!

Life is nothing !

Under veckans gång har det stått massor med twilight * postisar * i syndsvenskan .
Många säger att twilight är den bästa filmen eller boken dom läst !
( Och som så klart är hundra prosent sant )
men vissa håller inte med .

detta inlägget skriver jag för att denna personen skriver sånt som får
mig att bli riktigt arg och därför vill visa er alla twilight-fans .

- jag tycker twilight är en urdålig film !
vampyrerna glittrar i solljus och äter djur ist för människor .
i filmen ( ***** ) brinner vampyrer och äter människor .

- och jag tycker att Kristen Stewart är en dålig skådespelare .

Källa : Sydsvenskan .

Så detta tycker då en anonym tjej !
vad tycker ni ?

ett videoklipp av Kristen .
kommer här .
hon är riktigt snygg !

källa :
Nylon TV .

Kristen Stewart - The Runaways

Jag hittade en bild på Kristen när hon spelar in The Runaways.
Det ser ut som om hon måste fly från polisen, elr?

Peter Facinelli på Forbbiden Planet i Dublin,Irland

Detta skriver NNM:
New Moon doc-dad Peter Facinelli signed autographs and met with fans at the Forbidden Planet Store in Dublin, Ireland today, as seen in this pic from Radar Online. Check after the break to see several more pictures from fans that attended!

Ny bild på Jacob från New Moon

Det har kommit ut en ny bild på Jacob från New Moon, Fiin! <3

Så här skrev NNM:

There’s a new pic of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in New Moon that’s hit the web, and it’s a doozy. Taylor Lautner gives his bedroom eyes while looking over his shoulder with his shirt off, showing off his wolfpack tribe tattoo.


Nikki är i Grekland

Just det!
Nikki är i Grekland för att hennes pojkvän Paris Latsis bor där.

Så här skriver NMM:

The young American actress has completely stolen his heart and they have been together for 6 months now. He claims to be madly in love with her, and has introduced her to his parents and will adapt his schedule according to the actresses schedule. In August she filming for her new movie so they will stay in Greece until the end of July and will return together in LA. Paris wants to stay with her and encourage her and because he can't stay away from her.


The Runaways

Bilder på Kristen Stewart och Dakota Fanning när de är på inspelningen till The Runaways.
Kristen spelar Joan Jett och Dakota spelar Cherie Currie (x

Taylor Lautner Kalender

Nu har Discshop köpt in kalendrar med vår kära Taylor Lautner! :)

Dagens Bild

Visst är den fiin! <3

Ny New Moon Bild!

Det har kommit ut en ny New Moon bild, jag tror det är när Alice(Ashley) hälsar på Bella(Kristen) men Jacob(Taylor) är också med ;)

Källa: Twilightsweden

Intervju med Xavier Samuel

Radio Showen Hot30 har en radio intervju med Xavier Samuel som har nu officielt fått rollen som Riley i Eclipse


Dagens Citat

"Only A Vampire Can Love You Forever"

Robert som James Bond

Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan are wrapping up filming on "Remember Me," in which the Irish actor plays the father of teenage idol Pattinson.

Friday was one of their last days on the set - but insiders are betting that it's not the last time the two will be linked.

IrishCentral sources say the two have talked at length about the "James Bond franchise," in which Brosnan was a key player. Pattinson made clear during the Cannes film festival that he loves the role of the supercool 007. Brosnan who played Bond before Daniel Craig took over the role, made clear to the young superstar that he feels the Brit could be next in line to play the role.

The two have "bonded" on the film set, and Brosnan also had words of advice for Pattinson on how to handle the pitfalls of fame and celebrity. Just a few years back, Brosnan was the hottest thing in movies - the place where Pattinson is now. Extra scurity had to be ordered during the final week of the shoot because there were so many female fans seeking to catch a glimpse of Pattinson.

Next up for Brosnan -- who also has his own film production company - will be a self-financed film, while Pattinson will star in the sequel to "Twilight."

Both men expect to stay in touch however, according to sources.


Det skrev

Vad tycker ni?

Skulle Robert passa som James Bond?

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

Detta skriver RPW:

And some more from yesterday's last day of filming for Remember Me (18 juli).
 Let's all hang our heads in a moment of silence for all the screaming fans in 
NYC who won't be able to jump forward and try to throw their arms around Rob!




Vill gärna se Rememer Me! <33

New Moon chocklad

här skriver NMM:
The newest piece of New Moon merchandise is-get this-a creme filled milk chocolate heart.  Jessica found this candy at Blockbuster.  The chocolate hearts feature three different packages with the faces of Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black. The candy is named "Heart's Desire" and is made by Skybar.

Inside the package, you'll find the same chocolate design in all three wrappers.  The shape of the chocolate is two hearts on top of a base, the top heart has "Bella" written on it and the heart below it has the Cullen family crest.




Det ser gott ut :D <3

New Moon bokmärken

Jag hitta denna bilden på New Moon bokmärken på NMM! :)
Jag vill ha dem allihopa!!

Visst är dem fina! <3

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

Haha, jag tycker bara denna bilder är för fin(varför vet jag inte)
Såklart är det Robert när han spelar in Remember Me! :)

Vilket smile! :)

Kristen Stewart - The Runaways

Hitta lite bilder på Kristen när hon är på inspelningen till The Runaways.
Det var ett tag sedan man fick några bilder på henne!

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

I torsdes sog Robert ut så här på inspelningen till Rememer Me!
Men jag tror det har med rollen att göra...hoppas jag iaf.

Xavier Samuel i Eclipse?

Enligt RiskyBusinessBlog ska Xavier Samuel spela Riley i Eclipse. Detta skriver Just Jared:


Australian baby face Xavier Samuel has been cast in Eclipse, the third flick in the Twilight franchise.


“I don’t have any facial hair, so it will be a while before I play the gruff leading man,” Xavier has said. “Maybe one day I’ll get to play my actual age. For now my baby face has condemned me to play the teenager.”According to THR, Xavier, 25, will play newborn vampire Riley, a good-looking college student who joins the plot of villain Victoria to murder protagonist Bella (Kristen Stewart). Riley is corrupted by Victoria, for whom he has an inexplicable weakness.


Om ni vill läsa artikeln om honom, klicka här!

Robert Pattinson gick ner i vikt för "Twilight"-rollen

Det sägs att Rob gick ner 15 kilo inför hans roll som Edward Cullen i Twilight.

Detta skrev :

Flickfavoriten Robert Pattinson visar upp sitt sexpack under inspelningen av "Twilight"-uppföljaren "New Moon". Nu avslöjar han att det krävdes hårt arbete för att få Edward Cullen-kroppen.

I bilder från inspelningen till "New Moon", den andra filmen i "Twilight"-filmserien, låter skådespelaren Robert Pattinson skjortan falla – och avslöjar en vältränad överkropp.

Att få rätt look för "Twilight"-filmerna krävde ett tufft träningschema, berättar han. Stjärnan gick ner omkring 15 kilo inför rollen som vampyren Edward Cullen. 
– Jag försökte bli av med typ vartenda gram kroppsfett så att jag skulle se ut som en alien när jag tog av mig skjortan. Jag tyckte att det fungerade för berättelsen, berättar han för Us Weekly. 

Själv tycker Robert inte att han har en särskilt snygg kropp.
– Jag var mycket mer muskulös än jag någonsin hade varit i mitt liv – men jag såg konstig ut, säger han. 

Världens tjejer verkar dock inte hålla med. "Twilight" har gjort Robert Pattinson, som tidigare även medverkat i "Harry Potter och den flammande bägaren", till en riktigt flickidol. 

Nyligen auktionerades en kyss med den 23-åriga skådespelaren ut på ett välgörenhetsevent i Cannes. Vinnaren betalade nästan 220 000 kronor.


Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene var med på Alexa Chungs MTV serie "Its On" i fredes i en väldigt snygg sommaroutfit! Ashley hade på sig ett par svart lädershorts med hög midja som hon matchade med en leopardfläckig rosa topp. En bild och intervjun kommer här ;)


 Källa: Posh24




Robert Pattinson


Robert Thomas Pattinson föddes 13 Maj 1986 i London, England.
Han är den yngsta av tre syskon, han har två storasystrar Lizzy och Victoria. 

När han bara var 12-åring så provade han på att vara modell.

Vid femton års ålder började Rob på Barnes Theatre Company, efter att ha sett en grupp tjejer vara på teater klubben!

Robert komponerar sin egen musik och kan spela piano, gitarr och munspel. Bland annat spelar och sjunger han låtarna "Never Think" och "Let Me Sign" som är med på soundtracket till filmen Twilight.


Robert startade inte direkt med att spela i pjäser han börja med "backstage", sedan spela i pjäser som 'Macbeth' och 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'. Det var då han blev upptäckt av en agent. 

Han prövade sin första film roll i Ring of the Nibelungs. Sen spelade hand den 
äldre versionen av Rawdy Crawley i Vanity Fair. Men de klippte bort hans scener i filmen, så dem kom bara med på Dvd:n.

Hans stora genombrott fick han i Harry Potter och den flammande bägaren där han spelade Cedric Diggory.

Men den roll han är mest känd för är såklart Edward Cullen i Twilight(världens bästa film). Dom har just spelat klart uppföljaren: New Moon.

Den 17 augusti påbörjar dem inspelningen av Eclipse. 

Robs skådespelar förebild är Jack Nicholson. 

Roligt att veta:
- Han slog 3000 personer i rollen som Edward Cullen!
- Hejar på Arsenal Football Club.
- Robs systrar brukade klä ut honom i klänningar och kalla honom Claudia.
- Hans modeinsperation är James Dean.
- Sen 27 maj 2008 är han också känd som Spunk Ransom!
- Hans ögonfärg är blåaktigt gråa.
- Han var med i ett band som hette Bad Girl, och dom spelade "rocky stuff".
- Han brukade spy när han var "one the set of" Harry Potter på grund av hans nerver.
- Han hade mardrömmar om Harry Potter premiären flera månader innan den ens var.
- Rob tycker att han är omogen.

- Han har även en hund som heter Patty.

- När han var i Japan för att marknadsföra Twilight så sjöng han karaoke på en bar tillsammans med Hugh Jackman, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewarts, Baz Luhrmann och John Palermo.


§  Vanity Fair (2004)

§  Ring of the Nibelungs (2004)

§  Harry Potter och den flammande bägaren (2005)

§  The Haunted Airman (2006)

§  The Bad Mother's Handbook (2007)

§  Harry Potter och Fenixorden (2007)

§  Twilight (2008)

§  The Summer House (2008)

§  How to Be (2008)

§  Little Ashes (2009)

§  New Moon (2009)

§  Remember Me (2009)

§  Eclipse (2010)

§  Breaking Dawn (2011)


Storbrittanien Adress;
Robert Pattinson
c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd.
Haymarket House, 5th Floor, 28-29 Haymarket

USA Adress;
Robert Pattinson
c/o Endeavor Agency
Stephanie Ritz
9601 Wilshire Blvd. Floor 3
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


 Saker Som Aldrig Kommer Ur Edward Cullens Mun(HAHA) :

1. Bella, you have just been PUNK'D!!!

2. Bella, I'm gay.

3. Yes, I'll admit. I'm perfect.

4. Yo. Bella, Wassup?

5. Bella. I'm leaving you...For Jacob.

6. You know, I think that Jessica and I are meant to be together. See Ya!

7. MWHAHAHA! Ok, so how was that for my evil Dracula laugh?

8. Alice, would you be upset if I tould you that I MAY have tried on your undies this morning?

9. I'm having a fangastic time! Get it? Fang-tastic...haha it's så hilarious, how can you possibly not laugh? Haha*cough*sp..umm yeah

10. I worship 50 Cent.

11. Bella, I'm pregment...

12. Bella, when I left you...I had an affair...

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Kristen Stewart


Kristen Jaymes Stewart:

Kristen föddes den 9 april 1990 i Los Angeles, California USA.

 Hennes pappa är tv-producenten John Stewart och hennes mamma är författaren

Jules Mann-Stweart. Kristen har också en äldre bror som heter Cameron.

Kristen och hennes bror bor båda tillsammans med sina föräldrar.

Kristens mamma Australien och Kristen har själv sagt att hon jättegärna skulle vilja plugga där.

Hennes första roll var i Disney Channels film The Thirteenth Year, men hon hade inte en så stor roll.

Hennes första självständiga film var The Safety of Objects där hon spelade en pojkflicka som var dotter till en bekymrad singelmamma.

Kristen hade en av huvudrollerna i skräckfilmen Panic Room. Många säger att det var därifrån hennes karriär startade.

Den 16 november 2007 meddelade summit entertainmet att Kristen Stewart skulle spela Isabella ”Bella” Swan i filmen Twilight som är baserad på Stephenie Meyer's novell. Kristen Stewart höll på att spela in Adventureland när hon fick erbjudandet att vara med i Twilight(världens bästa film ever!).

Kristen och de andra i Twilight har precis blivit klara med New Moon och de ska börja spela in Eclipse den 17 augusti.

Just nu spelar hon in The Runaways som kommer vara färdig inom kort, tror man men hon spelar in K-11 också.

Kristen är ihop med skådespelaren Michael Angarano. De träffades när de skulle spela in Speak(rekommenderar verkligen den filmen!), nu har de varit tillsammans i 3 år.

Kristen är bästa vän med Nikki Reed och nära vän med Robert Pattinson, båda är med i Twilight/New Moon.

Trots rykten så nekar både Robert och Kristen att dem har någonting på gång.

Roligt att veta om Kristen Stewart:

* Hon kallas för Kris och Kstew. 
* Kristen är 1.68 cm lång. 
* När hon var yngre så bodde hon i Colorado i några år men flyttade tillbaks till Los Angeles och flytta in hos dina föräldrar igen.

* Kristen var med i 18 filmer innan hon fyllde 18 år. 
* Egentligen så skulle Hayden Panettiere spela Sarah Altman i filmen Panic Room. 
* Hon är medlem i Röda Korset. 
* Hennes riktiga ögonfärg är grönt. Hon var tvungen att ha bruna linser i filmen Twilight eftersom att Isabella har det. 
* Kristen har tre hundar och en katt. Hennes hundar heter Oz, Jack och Lily. Hennes katt heter Jella och Kristen har sagt att hon älskar sin katt väldigt mycket och skulle dö om katten dog. 
* Hennes favorit bok är East of Eden av John Steinbeck. Hon gillar även boken The Stranger.

* Kristen Stewart vann Best Female Performance i MTV Movie Awards 2009.

*Hon lyssnar på: klassisk rock. T.ex. Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones m.m

* Hon gillar Disneyfilmer och hennes favorit är Djungelboken







The Safety of Objects

Sam Jennings

Begränsad publicering


Panic Room

Sarah Altman



Cold Creek Manor

Kristen Tilson



Melinda Sordino


Catch That Kid





Begränsad publicering


Fierce People

Maya Osbourne

Begränsad publicering




The Messengers

Jess Solomon


In the Land of Women

Lucy Hardwicke


The Cake Eaters



Into the Wild

Tracy Tatro


Young Robin

Kort film




The Yellow Handkerchief



What Just Happened



Bella Swan




Em Lewin


Welcome to the Rileys



New Moon

Bella Swan



The Runaways

Joan Jett



Bella Swan



Breaking Dawn

Bella Swan



Kristen Stewart
The Gersh Agency
232 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Dagens Bild

Dagens bild :)

Rob tillbaka till England?!

Så här skriver Posh24: Som ni nog vet så spelar Twilight-stjärnan Robert Pattinson just nu in sin nya film Remember Me i New York och redan från dag ett så har han omringats av galna kvinnliga fans! Robert har sagt att tjejerna försöker slänga sig på honom var han än går och att han tycker det börjar bli lite mycket nu! Hans kompisar säger att Robert tycker New York-tjejerna är stalkers och att han är trött på all uppmärksamhet. Direkt när han har filmat klart kommer han att åka tillbaka till England där tjejerna förhoppningsvis är lite lugnare! Det är inte lätt att vara tonårsidol! (Källa: NY Daily News)

Jaah, vad ska man tro? :S

// Nillan <3

Ny bild från New Moon

LA Times har intressanta nyheter - dom har nämligen en lång och intressant artikel om New Moon och dom har en ny bild:

Älskar bilden!

 Läs artikeln HÄR!

Intervju Med Taylor Lautner

Taylor hade en intervju med Interviw Magazine! Läs den HÄR!

Men denna videon är också söt! <3

Dagens Citat

Dagens citat
” I forget to breath” - Bella

Kram Nillan <3

Daniel radcliffe pratar om Twilight/Robert Pattinson

Jaah, rubirken säger ju allt! ;)

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Ashley Greene på Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female-middagen!

Ashley(Alice) var på Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female-middagen. Tillställningen höll hus på W Hotel i Westwood, CA.

Checka in Ashleys snygga klänning, väldigt vacker! <3

Twilight blir seriebok!

Entertainment Weekly har väldigt goda nyheter!

Little Brown kommer nämligen släppa up Twilight boken fast i serie!

Stephanie Meyer är med i detta projekt och den koreanska konstnären Young Kim kommer att rita serien.

För att läsa mer klicka HÄR!

Fantastiskt eller hur?!

// Nillan/Nilli <3


Robert och Kristen på Comic-Con

Goda Nyheter Allihop!


Rob och Kristen ska göra ett framträdande på Comic-Con nästa vecka!

Rob är på schemat färdig med filmen Remember Me före denna torsdagens framträdande på festivalen.

Produktionen på The Runaways kommer inte vara färdig nästa vecka men Kristen ska ändå komma på festivalen men kommer bara vara där ett litet tag.

Rob och Kristen kommer båda vara på samma hotell i San Diego, men de kommer ha separata rum.

Hoppas man kan gå tag på några videon eller bilder på det efter festivalen! :)


Kram Nillan <3


Cam Gigandet - Easy-A

Så här skriver twifans :

Cam Gigandet(James) filmed scenes yesterday in Ojai, CA for 'Easy-A,' a movie about a clean-cut high school student who relies on the school's rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. This movie stars Amanda Bynes from TV's What I Like About You and Penn Badgley from CW's Gossip Girl.

En till films som står på min måste-se-filmen lista, och så klart några bilder på Cam när han spelar in filmen :D

Hoppas ni gillade det!

Kram Nillan <3

Intervju Med Billy Burke

Hittade en intervju med Billy Burke(Charlie), den är från i lördes alltså 11 Juli :)

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

Rob var i New York City idag och spela in Remember Me.
Några bilder ;)

Han har ett rejält låt till sin cykel.

För att se alla bilder, klicka HÄR!

Intervju med Kristen & Robert

Den är lite gammal men den är väldigt roligt ibland...tycker jag iaf.

Kristen och Robert när de var i Paris/Frankrike

By: Nillan <3

Dagens Citat

Dagens Citat är...
" I can't live in a world where you don't exist."

Gulligt eller vad?! <3

Dagens Bild #2

Jag hitta denna bilden på den HÄR sidan.
Det är ju bara för cool!!

Alice(Ashley) är lika söt som vanligt <3

// Nillan <3


Jag har gjort om de gör några bilderna, alltså jag har bara klistrat in några saker.
Själv är jag ganska nöjd med dem. :)

Hoppas ni gillar dem :)

// Nillan <3

New Moon Trailern

Jag kom på att vi inte har lagt ut New Moon trailern, liksom den måste man ju ha ;)
Här är den :)

Världens bästa, längtar tills den kommer ut!

// Nilli <3

Jackson Rathbone´s nästa film!

Jackson(Jesper) i Twilight ska vara med i en ny film som heter The Last Airbender, hans roll heter Sokka :)

Så här kommer han nog att se ut:

Bild : newmoonmovie

Dagens Bild

Jag tycker denna är för fin!

TIPS: Den skulle passat bra som bakgrundsbild till datorn ;)
// Nillan <3

Birthday Cake

Fy vad fina de är!

Några förslag till födelsedags tårtor för twilight-fans, dem är ju vara för fina!


Bilderna tog jag från Google men de kommer från och


// Nilli <3

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

Lite bilder från igår på Rob ;)

Snygga brillor ;)

För fler bilder klicka HÄR

// Nillan <3







Lite coola saker ;)

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

Rob verkar vara snäll mot sina fans! ;)
Ett klipp på Robert när han ska lämnar Remembar Me för dagen.

Elisa - Dancing

Jag tycker bara denna videon är för vacker, Elisa är så duktig! <3

Så Gjorde Robert Världsuccé

Msn har skrivit lite om Robert Pattinson ;

Efter sitt stora genombrott med rollen som Edward Cullen i "Twilight" är Robert Pattinson nu en av de absolut hetaste stjärnorna. 

Här ger vi dig nu en överblick på 23-åringens skådisliv från födsel till nutid!

Kolla in bildgalleriet för att läsa mer om Robs liv!


För att komma till sidan klicka HÄR!

Ny bild från New Moon Inspelningen!

Så här skriver NMM:
The June 2009 Gil Birmingham newsletter [PDF] has this special treat: a brand new photo from the Vancouver Set of New Moon, including a shirtless Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer plus Kristen Stewart with her back to the camera.


Intervju med Catherine Hardwicke "efter twilight"


LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) - With last year's surprise box office smash hit "Twilight," Catherine Hardwicke

had the biggest U.S. opening weekend ever, $69.6 million, for a female director of a Hollywood movie.

Among her follow-up projects, she has been picked to reteam with her "Lords of Dogtown" star Emile Hirsch on what has been called a supernatural version of "Hamlet" at a liberal arts college. It is being developed by Overture Films.

Hardwicke, whose other films includes teen coming of age tale "Thirteen" and biblical drama "The Nativity Story" spoke to Reuters about connecting with teenagers and life after "Twilight."

För hela intervjun klicka HÄR!

Robert i Vanity Fair!

Enligt  ”E!” så kommer Vanity Fair att ha Robert Pattinson på omslaget i ett kommande nummer. När numret kommer ut är inte fastställt än men det är förmodligen under hösten. Ni kan läsa mer här.


Jag elr Sanna lägger upp bilden så fort vi får tag på den! :)