KStew & SNL?

Is it KStew's turn to host the Saturday Night Live? Will she make people laugh? Will the viewers enjoy the show? Questions, doubts may arise but before anybody will rush in with their comments - it is not definite yet. [Though I would love to see KStew in a different arena, though we know how she can be so shy at times...awww]

Taylor Lautner did it and we sure know everyone wants Rob Pattinson to do it.So, is it time for Kristen Stewart to host Saturday Night Live? - E!

"They haven't asked me to do it," Stewart said, while hanging out in a suite at L.A.'s Luxe Hotel, where she's been promoting her new rock
n' roll flick, The Runaways.

Even so, would she do it?


"I would love to say yes for sure, but that is really really scary," she said. "I am so critical of myself and then also of people who are
on the show. It's like, 'Nope, you're not funny—next!'"


If she can't do live comedy though, I know the fans would love to see her in a romantci comedy... [a must-watch for most of us twifans]


One thing she'd totally say yes to is a…romantic comedy! But don't ask her to name any potential love interest costars. "I don't know,
man," she said, laughing. "I would want to do it with some cool,
unassuming random actor."

OK, got any ideas for Stewart? We know most of you are thinking Pattinson, but there must be others. Leave your comments below.


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