Nu har jag goda nyheter för alla Kellan/Emmet fans!
Nu finns det massor med nya bilder på Kellan Lutz.
I Like! ^^


MTV: Tell us about working with Chris Weitz. What were your thoughts when you first received his now-famous “orientation guide”?

Robert Pattinson: When he gave that out, it was such [a surprise]; I mean, I’d never had that from any director. It was 40, 50 pages long, this thing. And this is in addition to a bunch of letters and e-mails and everything [he had sent the cast], trying to show that he’s on the same page as us and he’s completely with us in making the film. And he didn’t falter from that attitude throughout the whole movie. It probably sounds ridiculous how much praise this guy gets. I was just with his wife and him in Japan, and she was even sick of it! But he is like a saint. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met, let alone directors. I think in a lot of ways that shows in the movie — it’s got a lot of heart.

MTV: Since you’re only in parts of the film, did you feel disjointed from your castmates? Did you wish Edward was in “New Moon” more?

Pattinson: Those [hallucination] scenes were the hardest scenes. They weren’t really at the time, but when I saw the first cut of the movie, I was like, [we need to re-do this]; we’ve changed them quite a bit in the edit and ADR, mainly because it’s so difficult. It’s not Edward who you’re playing, it’s a manifestation of Bella’s loneliness and desperation. That was always very difficult — I was trying to ask Kristen, “How would you play it?” As for being alone, I think I’ve always felt a little bit aloof as the character throughout the whole series. I think that’s how he is.

MTV: But do you appreciate Edward more with each movie?

Pattinson: It’s funny, because when I read “New Moon,” it gave me ideas about how to play him in the first one. It’s the one I connected to the most, and the one that humanized Edward for me the most. In the first one, he remains from beginning to end an idealistic character; in the second one, he makes a mistake that’s acknowledged by everybody, including himself. He’s totally undermined by more powerful creatures, and he’s undermined emotionally by people as well. I think that’s what humanized it.

MTV: Are you a romantic person in real life?

Pattinson: I haven’t done that many romantic things in my life … I like the romantic scenes. I felt like a lot of the story line in “New Moon” is very heartbreaking and true. And I didn’t think I was doing something just for the sake of romance. In a lot of ways, it’s a very sad story. Hmmm … what’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever done?

MTV: Have you ever serenaded anybody?

Pattinson: Oh no [laughs]. I don’t think that would ever be romantic. You have to have so much balls to do that. I actually can’t think of the most romantic thing I’ve ever done. I put a flower in someone’s locker when I was 15 years old, this girl Maria. Maybe I was 14. Anyway, she thought it was somebody else. And the other guy claimed it [was him], which was great.

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Nu har 100 Monkeys släppt sitt första Studio Album! :D
Klicka på bilden eller här för att komma till sidan där man kan köpa albumet.


EW hade en intervju med Michael Sheen.
What was your daughter’s reaction to your playing Aro?
It was a whole mixture of things. She was very excited to think I was going to be a part of this, but she also thought her father was taking over something that was hers. But she got over that pretty quickly and was in the end just excited about going to the premiere really.

That’s what it all boiled down to, her chance to meet Robert Pattinson?
Yes, but actually her favorite is Ashley Greene.

Ashley spoke very highly of her time working with you.
She’s lovely. They all were very nice but they kind of treated me like an elderly uncle. They were all on their best behavior when they are around me. I just want to be down with the kids but that doesn’t really work out to well.


Läs hela intervjun här!


Igår var det ju första advent så det börjar närma sig jul! :D
Jag satt och läste några hemsidor och då hittade jag en hemsida där man kan göra...hm ja en sådan här video! :D
Denna har jag(Nilli) gjort :)


Ja, även Chris Weitz och de andra som "gjorde" New Moon kan göra fel och här har ni några utav de misstagen.


Continuity: After Bella awakes from the first nightmare, we see her Romeo and Juliet book on the pillow beside her. When Charlie brings in her presents the book is gone, but then reappears on the pillow between shots.

Continuity: Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. Alice drops Bella off – when Bella gets out of the car to ask where Edward will be, first you see Bella in front of the car door, then she is suddenly behind the car door.

Visible crew/equipment: In the montage scenes where we see Bella’s depression, when the camera is circling her, the camera man is shown in the mirror (twice) behind her.

Continuity: When Edward takes Bella to the forest to tell her he is leaving, Bella’s hair hangs down her back. But in a following shot most of it is tucked up in the hood of her coat.

Continuity: When Alice jumps over the staircase in school to wish Bella happy birthday, between shots during the scene the positioning of the decorated scarf around her neck varies.

Continuity: When Bella pulls up at the Black’s, she spots Jacob, gets out of her truck and her door doesn’t fully close . Later you can see in the background that the door is firmly shut.

Revealing: The rims of the vampires contacts can be spotted occasionally during the film, especially the Volturi’s during the ending scenes, e.g. Jane’s in the elevator.

Continuity: When Alice is driving Bella to the Volturi, she is wearing a headscarf and sunglasses. During the scene the way the headscarf is tied changes; the size and shape of the knot (and the colours on the knot) are different.

Continuity: When Mike and Jacob are standing outside the cinema waiting for Bella, between shots the Burger King takeaway bag sitting on the trashcan next to them changes position.

Factual error: When Bella is flying to Italy they show a Virgin America airplane. Virgin America only flies within certain cities in the US. Virgin Atlantic flies from the US to Europe.

Continuity: When Jacob first shows off his tattoo, it is up at the top of his shoulder. Then when he is in the forest at the end with Bella and Edward, his tattoo is about 2 inches further down his arm.

Factual error: In the main title when the giant new moon appears on the screen the shadow fades over the moon from right to left when it should actually fade from left to right. The moon travels around the earth clockwise. The waning moon should turn to a new moon, not the waxing which is shown.

Visible crew/equipment: In the very last scene, right before the ultimatum, if you look into the tail lights on Edward’s car you can see various members of the crew reflected.

Continuity: When Bella is at the cafeteria table with Mike and he is asking her to the movies her hair keeps moving from behind her ear to hanging, and back again.

Continuity: When Edward and Bella turn around to leave the Volturi Chamber, Edward’s robe is tied. When they show them leaving from the back it is undone.



Denna bilden kommer från en scen som de sedan klippde bort så för er som kanske liksom jag tänker "Jag kommer inte ihåg det där!", ta det lungt! :D
Rachelles(Viktoria) hår har en sån fin färg! O_O



Ashley Greene did a recent interview where she talked about vampire sex and how she got her part as Alice.

She’s one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood, and Ashley Greene recently confessed that she’d love to hook up with a real-life vampire.

The “Twilight” babe explained, “Take the best sex you’ve ever had in your life, multiply it by 100 and that’s vampire sex.”

In addition, Miss Greene (who plays Alice Cullen) confessed that she was obsessed with getting her role in the uber-hit “Twilight Saga” films.

“Oh, my God, I wanted this part so badly! I worked my butt off for it because I absolutely love Alice, my character. She’s sweet, sexy, and a killer! So when they told me I got it, I tried to play it all cool, you know, for about a minute. Suddenly the Twilightblogs started picking it up, and then fans were there taking photos, and I’m on the news, and I was like, ‘What?’ And then I got really nervous... "


Japps . i torsdags såg jag och nilli med en kompis New Moon .
Eftersom jag fyllde år i veckan och hade fest i helgen så hann jag inte göra ett inlägg om det .

Jo . Den var super bra . Särskilt i slutet . När hon säger att hon väljer Edward till jacob  . och efter så säger Edward . om hon vill gifta sig med honom om hon ska bli vampyr . shit vad jag dog där . haha .
De gjorde filmen lite annurlonda än boken ( självklart ) .

Det bästa skämtet i filmen var när Mike frågar bella om de ska gå på bio
och hon tar med jacob . hahaha . så kul . Och sedan när Mike går ut för att han måste spy
säger jacob : marshmellow till honom . hahah vad jag skrattade .
ahaha klart det roligaste . eller nej men det var iallafall roligt .

Men visst hade man nästan eller iallafall jag hade glömt att jacob ( taylor ) såg ut så med långt hår .
När han kippte sig och gick utan tröja . woow ! :D

helt klart bästa filmen detta året !


Här är en intressant intervju med New Moons Kostym designer, Tish Monaghan.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentary knows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.
TISH MONAGHAN: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade 11 year, and now he’s getting into his graduation year, he’s in a relationship. He had worn hoodies and jeans and sneakers, and Robert, the director [Chris Weitz], and I all wanted to portray him more as a gentleman, more elegant and classic. With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing. He came out of the Edwardian period, around 1910. Of course, most of the gentleman from that time would be wearing suits, coats, hats, etc. We had to pick something that was iconic for the character that would suffice to be used throughout the whole film. At the very beginning of the film, he has one school outfit, and then there’s Bella’s birthday party and disaster strikes. So Edward ends up in that same costume for the remainder of the film. I was thinking of just putting him in a dress shirt and a pair of pants, but Robert wanted to be in a suit.

So I found a modern contemporary look that would be appealing to him and to the massive fan base, a very slim cut, and a fabric that to me was a bit Old World — this beautiful tweed fabric that we got out of England. It had the gray base, which is kind of essential for the Cullen characters in their cool tones, but also had little interesting flecks of blue, which is also Cullen, and a tiny little bit of rust, which I liked because Bella wears earth tones and that kinda linked her into the picture. The general texture of the suit would hold up well no matter what setting he was in: Inside the house for the party, or in the forest, or in the Volturi chamber. We had to show wear on the suit, and it’s much easier to rough up something that has texture to it than just a flat piece of wool. His pants are worn at the knees, they’re rumpled.

I don’t know if anyone’s looking at his pants when he removes his shirt in Italy.
The fans were very excited to see that, I don’t know if Robert was particularly excited to perform that in front of 1,500 people. I think it was quite hard for him to do. We originally tested Edward in a plain white shirt, as a forlorn-looking option. That is also what Robert wanted — he wanted something that would wash him out. But you need to have a color that makes you pop, and so we actually dyed the fabric this beautiful ink blue ourselves. It highlighted his vampire white skin really well. I think it’s a great moment when we see him in these clothes that he’s worn from September to May. When he goes to sacrifice himself, he’s in disrepair. Robert and Chris wanted his shirt to have a rip across the chest, so that’s what we gave him. It’s really kind of tragic to watch him take off his shirt, because he really is sacrificing himself. It looks like he’s just giving up. He’s exposing himself and he’s completely vulnerable, and he just takes his shirt off and he drops it at his feet with his eyes downcast. Then he gets attacked by Bella, who shoves him inside the doors. [Laughs] I don’t find it like a beefcake moment. It really is a moving moment, and I think Robert did a really amazing job for that scene.

The tear across the chest was to symbolize that his heart was torn out when he thought he lost Bella?
Maybe. [Laughs] They just said, “Rip it across the chest.” I said, “Are you sure? No shirt’s gonna rip like this.” And they said, “Yes.” So I did it.

Why couldn’t he remain shirtless for the indoor fight scene? Why put on the robe?
Originally, the guards who grab him were supposed to be coming from the outside — that’s why they give him the robe. But the setting was changed, and they grab him on the inside. So why do they hand him this robe? Because, quite honestly, it looks very cool fighting with this long, flowing garment, and it does hide pads, protect him.

Moving on to the wolf pack, was it easier to dress them since they were shirtless?
We still had to have a lot of fittings with them. You had to be very careful with where the shorts fall on the hip bone, we had to make sure everything sits at the same place when they run. Each individual actor had their own request, but we also had requests from the visual effects department, because if we had big, loose shredded shorts on when they morphed into wolves, it’s too much work and too many hours to magically get rid of that clothing on camera. They wanted the shorts as close-fitting to the leg as possible, whereas the natural tendency of the guys would be to have something baggier so that they didn’t look like they were wearing hot pants. [Laughs] So if I knew they were going to morph, then they had tighter-fitting shorts, and if they didn’t have to morph, then we would give them something a little bit looser and longer. There were lots of Levi’s, American Eagle, Old Navy. Quite honestly, I tried to shop where I figured the wolves would shop. [Laughs] So we went to Wal-Mart. The general concept was that anytime they went off to hunt, those shorts got destroyed because they’d change into a wolf. So they all had a secret little stash, buried in a hole somewhere in the forest, where they went running naked. [Laughs] That’s what we imagined. They had an unlimited selection of cut-off pants.

And did you or did you not pay special attention to where the sleeves of Jacob’s T-shirts fell on his biceps? Because job well done.
Absolutely. Everything was geared towards making sure that his arm muscles really showed. There’s a scene where he’s working on a motorcycle, and his muscles are really pulling against this plaid shirt he’s wearing. He looks very strong and very built, and we tried to do the same with this T-shirts. There was no way since it was the same actor that we could show somebody that had grown like six inches. So it was Chris Weitz’s genius idea to tailor his clothes, to make the sleeves a little bit shorter, a little bit tighter — make it look as if he’d grown out of his clothes in a couple of months and hadn’t had time to go get new ones. We found T-shirt brands that fit him well with hardly any adjustments and just stuck with those in earth tones — The Gap, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Levi’s. We tried more expensive T-shirts, but he looked too pretty.

What was your vision for Bella’s look?
I think that the previous designer really successfully captured the essence of this girl who was a little bit misplaced and ill-prepared coming from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to continue the look that she was a very practical girl. She didn’t dress to entice, she threw on a jacket if the weather was cold, she layered up because she probably gets colder than the average girl from that area. In discussions with Kristen [Stewart], she also wanted to look a little bit more mature and put together. At the beginning of the film, when she’s happy and in love with Edward, she wanted to be linked colorwise to his world, the cool tones. When he leaves her, she kinda falls into disarray and gets sloppy and just throws on any old thing. But the any old things that we threw on her were in the earth tones [of Jacob's world]. We didn’t bring back her cool color palette until she was encountering Edward again.

What piece of Bella’s New Moon clothing do you expect everyone to want?
There’s a green shirt from Boy by Band of Outsiders that she wears at the end of the film in Italy that a lot of people seem to like.

Last question: What can you tease about the costumes in Eclipse?
We go back to the 1700s and do a complete Quileute tribe. I had to go to museums and pour over clothing that was dug up from burial sites, and I went into diaries of sailors to read what their first encounters were with the Indians on the Pacific Northwest coast. Then we did vampires from the Civil War era, then we did the 1930s, then we did our contemporary world, then we did fantasy Volturi flying over on a jet to Forks, Washington. Then we did an army of vampire newborns. It’s pretty cool stuff.


Tyvärr kommer jag inte ihåg var jag hittade de här små fina bilderna men ni måste medge att de är underbara! :D
Tyvärr hittar jag inte Carlisle heller men här är Esme :(



Roliga nyheter allihopa! :D
New Moon soundtrack har sålt över 1 miljon exemplar och har också i USA nått Platina nivå.
“THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON-ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK” rises this week on the Billboard 200, ranking #8 and selling more than 93,000 units in its sixth week on sale. The soundtrack, which debuted in October, has also received RIAA platinum certification for sales exceeding 1 million units. “THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON” soundtrack, which peaked at #1 in its first full week in stores and online, made history as the first time ever a soundtrack and its sequel have both reached the #1 spot on the chart. In addition, the soundtrack has remained in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 since its release.
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What was your first reaction to New Moon?

The tone, the color schemes, and the warmth of it is beautiful. I think [director] Chris Weitz did a really fantastic job. And then after seeing Taylor [Lautner], I was really impressed. I mean, he’s a 17-year-old kid and he committed and gained 30 pounds and transformed into a completely different person than he was in the first one. He carried this film, and I think that’s a hard thing to do, especially when you’re up against this character Edward. It’s a lot to live up to, and I think he did it justice and he did a fantastic job.

What was your favorite scene to film?

Going to Italy and being part of the Volturi scene was great. Dakota Fanning is fantastic. I was watching her movies before I was even acting. And I got to work with Michael Sheen and he’s an incredible, phenomenal actor and it was great to be able to learn from him and watch him do the scene and watch how it translates to the screen.

He gives that scene a lot of gravitas.

It was so easy for him. He controls the scene. I haven’t worked with an actor of that caliber yet who can do something like that. It was really cool to see.

If you could pick the director to helm Breaking Dawn, who would it be?

I just went to MoMA [NYC's Museum of Modern Art] and they were honoring Tim Burton, and I saw a whole compilation of his films and artwork and I just think he’s an extraordinary artist. I think it’d be really cool to have his spin on it, because it’s a very odd book, there’s some very weird moments. He would actually put a really weird and cool twist on it. And if we could do it the right way, it’d be great to have two films. You definitely want to get all the important parts in there and you know how hardcore and passionate the fans are about it, so one might be difficult and there would be something left out. So if we could do it right, it’d be great to have two films.



Här är en video från Flares senaste nummer med Rachelle Lefevre! :)



I denna intervjun med Melissa Rosenberg berättar hon hur hon tänkte med Harry Clearwaters hjärtattack.




Fact #1: It’s Darker

The brand new poster for Eclipse (right) hints at a darker tone with its brooding storm clouds. With 30 Days of Night director David Slade at the helm, it’s unsurprising. “Every movie is different because we work with a different director on each one, which I love,” Taylor Lautner tells RT. “David Slade is perfect for the third film because it’s darker. Eclipse was my favourite book.”

Ashley Greene, who plays vampire Alice, tells RT that Slade isn’t just a prince of darkness. “David is actually hysterical,” she laughs, “He has such a dry sense of humour that sometimes you don’t know if he’s kidding or not. Eclipse will be amazing because he has made it far edgier and more dramatic. It’s going to look very cool.”

Fact #2: There Will Be Less “Love Story” and More “War”

“Eclipse isn’t as intimate as Twilight or New Moon,” Robert Pattinson explains to us. “We’re at war, so I get to interact with more characters, not just Kristen. You’ll also find out more about the other members of the Cullen family. It just feels bigger.” But — fear not, Twihards — that isn’t to say the love story is cast aside altogether. “New Moon set up a love triangle with Bella, Edward and Jacob,” says Lautner. “So we explore that further in Eclipse. It’s a tough situation for all of them because Bella is torn between two guys, Jacob can’t get the girl that he loves and then there’s Edward, with all of his issues.”

Fact #3: The Werewolves Will Crank Up the Sex Appeal

“We all know the appeal of the vampire family,” says Nikki Reed, who plays vampire Rosalie. “But the werewolf boys are on a whole different level. They interact with a youthful, playful, comfortable warmth. It’s very sexy.”

As for Pattinson, he admits that his personal jealousy about Taylor Lautner’s newly-ripped physique actually comes in handy for the role. “In Eclipse, Taylor and I have lots of scenes together where we have to be jealous and petty with each other,” he says. “So it helps that I actually do feel inadequate when I see his body, especially because he’s younger than me. He fulfills every criteria of what teenage girls want, physically, in a guy. I felt like a had to prove myself against him.”

Fact #4: There’s More Action

”Filming Eclipse actually changed my life,” says Nikki Reed of the arduous training regime the cast had to endure. ”I have never been so fit — this is the first time in my life I have actually had a bicep. It’s bizarre to compare how we look now to how we all looked in the first movie. The entire cast turned up on set for Eclipse looking super-buff.”

New cast member Bryce Dallas Howard tried to play a prank on the crew during one stunt, but she didn’t count on Pattinson’s awkwardness. ”We had a fight scene where Bryce had to grab my hair,” he laughs. ”So she took a clump of hair from my stunt double’s wig and was going to pretend she had pulled it from my head. She told me to scream and storm off set, but it was so embarrassing. She had this huge clump of hair in her hand, and I was like ‘oww,’ really unconvincingly.”

While the rest of the cast were having fun with stunts, spare a thought for poor Taylor Lautner. ”Eclipse is a lot more physical for my character,” he explains, ”but any time I have any kind of action, I’m a wolf, so it’s all done with CGI. It’s a bummer.”

Fact #5: The Ending Will Be Nicely Set Up For a Fourth – And Perhaps Fifth – Film

There are four books in The Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. But Ashley Greene gave RT the strongest indication yet that there might be five films. ”We have finished filming Eclipse and one would assume that, if New Moon does as well as Twilight, then we’ll start filming Breaking Dawn next year,” she says.

”The only thing is, Breaking Dawn is a very large book so it would be a really long movie. We’re thinking they might decide to split it into two parts, like they did with Harry Potter. Either way, we need to get on with shooting them because, unlike Harry Potter, vampires don’t age. So we all need to look the same!”



Nu finns det t.o.m Carlisle Cullen parfym på Ebay.
Tyvärr så har någon köpt denna parfymen men det kanske kommer fler roliga saker att köpa.


100 Monkeys har nu släppt en ny musik video.
För er som inte vet så är Jackson Rathbone(Jesper) med i bandet!




Nu letar jag efter en till person som är intresserad av att blogga på thetwilightworld.blogg.se!

Om du är intresserad skicka då ett mejl med detta jag skriver nedanför till thetwilightworld@live.se

Detta ska man tänka på när man anmäler sig:




Din mejl

Hur ofta kan du uppdatera bloggen

Skriv gärna lite om dina intressen och lite om dig själv.

Är du bra på att designa bloggar eller någon annan talang?

Mejla thetwilightworld@live.se



Igår såg jag och mina två andra kompisar New Moon!
I början så blev jag lite besviken på de sakerna de hade ändrat men efter en stund så tyckte jag att de fick med allt som var viktigt och filmen ägde fett! :D
New Moon är en av de bästa filmerna jag har sett!




Thetwilightsaga.com fick in massor med frågor till Stephenie Meyer och nu har Steph svarat på en del frågor.

Stephenie om Midnight Sun:

I’ve found that there really isn’t any answer I can give that changes the substance or tenor of the myriads of requests, pleadings, and demands I get for Midnight Sun to be finished, so I feel a little silly answering that question at all. But it’s the most popular question, so I’ll take another stab at it.

I am not working on Midnight Sun now. I don’t have a plan for when I’ll get to it; I don’t know now what the right time for it will be.

In your questions, there were some erroneous conclusions about the situation which I’ll try to set straight. First, Midnight Sun is not finished and locked in a safe, waiting for me to be done angsting over the leak. If it were done, I would be throwing it on the bookstore shelves myself. I’d love to be able to give it to all the people who are anxiously waiting for it. Second, I am not upset about the leak. I haven’t been for a long time; I was over it after about three weeks. Third, and most important, I am not trying to punish anyone. Not the persons who leaked it, not the people who read the leak, nobody. As I said, it would make me very happy to be able to give it to anyone who wants it.

So why the hold up? Because it’s not finished and lying in a safe. It’s not done, and finishing it is not a simple matter of sitting down in front of my computer and typing out the words; the words have to be there in my head to type out, and right now, they’re not. I have to be in the zone to write any story, and trying to force myself into that zone is a waste of time, I’ve found. I’ll get back to Midnight Sun when the story is compelling to me again. Just because people want it so badly does not make it more write-able; kind of the opposite, actually. I need to be alone with a story to write, andMidnight Sun feels really crowded, if you know what I mean.

Namn på kapitel:

How did you come up with the Twilight character names, were they random or did you have a reason behind them? - Carly

I'm not a huge research junkie, because I'm always more into creating the fantasy than the reality, but names are one of the things I do spend some research time on. For example, for Jasper's name I searched roll calls for the confederate army in Texas. Both "Jasper" and "Whitlock" are on those lists, but not together. The name Cullen exists on seventeenth century English headstones. Other names I find by time and place of birth—I look through the most baby popular names from that year or census records from that city. Some things are more random; if I'm really stuck for a surname, I'll flip through the phone book. For Edward, I wanted a name that had once been very romantic, but had fallen out of use (See: Edward Rochester, Edward Ferrars). Bella was the hardest for me to name, because I needed a modern name but nothing seemed to encompass her personality. I tried a lot of things that didn't fit at all. In the end, having just surrendered the hope of ever having a daughter, I gave her the name I would have given one of my children if any of them had decided to be a girl.

Varför är Edwards volvo svart i New Moon?

Why in the world is Edward's volvo now black in the New Moon? - Kim B.

This wasn't my call. Picky as I am about cars, if I'd been rounding up the vehicles for Twilight, they all would have been the exact makes and models I'd written about (especially that '53 Chevy!). I don't know what all is involved with choosing the cars—I know they have to be able to get their hands on several identical vehicles—but I can say that I like this Volvo—the XC90—better than the first one—the C30. In regards to the color, it's actually a dark silver, not black. And I enjoy the black rims quite a bit.

Werewolf vs Vampire:

If you had to choose, would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? - Kaitlin T.

Werewolf. I like being able to change my mind, and the werewolves always have the option to go back to "normal."

Läs fler frågor här!


Nej, Jacob har inte skrivit en låt till Bella egentligen om man ska säga så men den är faktiskt mycket rolig!

Text(by Matt Sullivan):

You're in the woods with your vampire Edward Cullen
He’s always whining and complaining, he's so sullen
He doesn’t get you’re human like I do

I'm at the gym, it's a typical Tuesday night
Lifting the kind of weights he doesn't like
And he'll never know your family like I do

But he sparkles, and I'm so hairy
He's so sexy and I'm so scary
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
that you hate vampires and love canines

If you could see that I'm the wolf who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Hangin' out in Forks, while he's in Italy
I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be
Howling at the moon thinkin' to myself
Hey, isn't Ed sleazy?

And you've got a beauty that could light up this whole town
Haven't seen it since he brought those biters around
You say you're fine, I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a sucker so wack?

He's so pale, I'm so tan
He's kinda bitchy and I'm all man
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
that you hate vampires and love canines

If you could see that I'm the wolf who understands you
I’m down on all fours, so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Vad tycker ni? :D


Dagens bild är på söta Ashley Greene.


Idag är det Billy Burkes (som spelar Bellas pappa) födelsedag!
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Imorgon ska jag och sanna och en av annan kompis se New Moon ca 18.00 på Royal i Malmö så om någon annan också ska se den då och där så får ni gärna komma fram och säga hej!
Jag har mycket mörkbrunt hår och bruna ögon och jag kommer att ha på mig en röd t-shirt där det står "No boys, but vampires" och ett par jeans leggings.


Entertainment Weekly harde en kort intervju med New Moon stjärnan Charlie Bewley.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you been recognized more often?


CHARLIE BEWLEY: I don’t think so. Nothing’s really changed for me—I think it’s more of an online buzz right now. I expect maybe before Christmas that everyone would see this movie and if they keep their eyes peeled, they’ll notice me in it. I don’t expect the same adulation as people like, even Kellan [Lutz] or Ashley [Greene]. I think they got the second wave of everything after Taylor, Rob, and Kristen. But it’s still wonderful to be part of. It’s opened many doors for me.

What did you bring to the role of Demetri?

Certainly based on all the information that I dragged out of the books and certain websites, I went in [to the audition] with my best interpretation of what I though Demetri was. I’m actually quite far removed from the character in terms of his physical attributes in the book. But I think the essence I brought to the audition was what got me the role: I brought the charm and at the same time, the sinister aspect of the character.

What was it like wearing the red contacts?

Well the more angelic you look, the more unnerving you are as someone wearing those red contact lenses. They really do bring you into that evil character.

What was your most interesting fan encounter?

Italy was something, my favorite fan encounter. We were shooting in a very small space, and we had a film set in this rustic little Tuscan village. Then you brought 5,000 fans into the fold. When they saw us, they were rabid. I was running through the streets. If I didn’t have security, I’d have to run away before I got engulfed. I almost had the shirt pulled off my back and this is someone who hasn’t done anything yet. Rob Pattinson didn’t put his head out all week, because it would’ve got torn off. These guys are just feverish. I don’t think I’ll ever quite parallel that again. It was quite amazing.

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Entertainment Weekly kommer nu i december släppa ut tre tidningar med samma innehåll men med olika omslag!
Det finns tre stycken en med Kristen, en med Taylor och en med Robert.
Vilken skulle du vilja ha?



Nya snygga outtakes med Taylor Lautner!
Snygga eller vad? :)


Angående Twilight träffen den imorgon den 15 Nov, den är tyvärr inställd!


I won’t lose you, Bella. Not for this.
Jacob Black, New Moon, Chapter 12, p.290


People.com har haft ett snack med lilla Ashley Greene.
Här är listan fem intressanta saker om Ashley:
1. She is a daredevil
2. She graduated from school early to move to L.A.
3. She’s close with Kellan Lutz
4. She has a tiny purse addiction
5. She has one weakness: Cheez-Its


Det var ett bra tag sedan man hörde något från den fantastiska kvinnan Stephenie Meyer!


In response to certain videos which pertain rumors about the production of Breaking Dawn, Summit Entertainment released this statement. Nothing else is official yet!

“Summit Entertainment looks forward to bringing “Breaking Dawn” to the big screen but at this point any additional information is premature.”



Nu har det kommit en ny tävling på den berömda bloggen thetwilightsaga.se
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Nya outtakes med Kristen Stewart från  "Dazed and Confused ".
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Nej, tyvärr har de inte egna twitter sidor men de har faktiskt twittrar på den officiella twilight twitter sidan :)




Nya stills på vargarna, ståtliga.

Vilken varulv/varg tycker ni bäst om?


Innan skrev jag om att Kristin Cavallari hade en Jacob flaska, nu har faktiskt två andra kändisar fotats med Edward flaskor!
Ashley Tisdale:
Katharine McPhee:
Flaskor är det senaste modet eller?


Jag märkte att det sprutar ut med intervjuer här på bloggen! :D

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Robert Pattinson pratade med TIME om b.l.a hans roll som Edward Cullen.
You took on an edgy vampire movie and it’s become this. Did you know what you were signing up for?
I had no idea it was going to be like this. I really had no idea until … I guess I still don’t. The time that it hit me really was when we were shooting in Italy and the emotional reaction — it wasn’t just screaming. It was like people were so intently listening and watching. After every take there was polite applause. And it wasn’t hysteria. It was literally devotion to the characters. It was amazing. I haven’t felt that in any other situation.

Casting Edward was crucial to the franchise. What did Catherine Hardwicke see in you?
I don’t know. I was a little intimidated by Kristen [Stewart] in my audition. So I played it like a guy who is beating himself up a lot about everything. I don’t think anyone else did it like that. I think they concentrated on the confidence aspect. If you read the book, you know he’s the perfect man, ideal man. If you’re a guy, you have certain ideals about what you think is attractive. And that’s why I didn’t go into it for ages, because I thought I’d end up being silly in the audition. I’d be posing. I guess I tried to ignore every aspect of the confident hero of the story. And I played the extreme opposite. It didn’t end up being that in the film.

If they had cast anyone else as Edward, would the franchise have been as successful as it is today?
I honestly don’t know. No matter how famous I get as an individual, it’s always evened — or even surpassed — by the fame of Edward Cullen. That’s got to mean something. I don’t mind that. That’s just the way it is

A whole generation will remember you as Edward. You’re a generational crush. Is that hard to live up to or difficult to accept?
There’s no living up to it. I think the major fear is just fighting too hard against it. Most people who have a downfall from a like situation is when they do try to fight, and fight and fight: I’m not this teenybopper person, blah, blah, blah. Even if a lot of people see me and the franchise as like that, I never have, at any point. But I don’t feel the need to fight against it. I’ve never tried to pander to any kind of audience. I’ve tried to make the films as intelligent and uncheesy as you could. And I’ve tried to make them the best they can be. I’ve never thought about it any other way. So I hope that pays off.

A lot of celebs use disguises to escape their bubble. What’s been your worst?
In Vancouver, shooting New Moon, I tried something. They have this thought that no one there wears hoods except for problem people. It’s the only city in the world where hoods are not fashionable. It’s like if you’re wearing a hood, you’re going to mug people. So it’s a boring disguise, but it worked when I wore a hood. And then I’d sort of spit on the ground a little bit and do a little bit of shaking around as you’re walking. Everyone moved around to the other side of the street.

Can you go out of the bubble?
You can go out. The only difficulty is when there are people waiting outside the exits where you are going. You will get followed. It’s the following that’s the worst part. If it’s just getting a photo taken outside the exit, that would be O.K. But it’s the following that takes away your freedom.
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Liksom mig gillar Taylor Lautner Eclispe mest!

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog



Mina damer och herrar, stora och små här är Kellan Luts för Cosmopolitian!
Läckert eller vad tycker ni?


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Spin Magazine hade en inervju med twilight stjärnan Nikki Reed och intervjun handlar faktiskt inte om Twilight utan om musik.

Name a song that you've listened to in the past 24 hours.
"She's Only Happy in the Sun." It's nonstop Ben Harper in my apartment. My first boyfriend played me this song when I was 14 because my life back then was all about going to Venice Beach. Luckily, we didn't have a bad breakup, so I don't have any painful memories attached to the music.

On that note, what song do you associate with your first kiss?
D'Angelo's "How Does It Feel" was playing at the time -- in my head. Honestly, the most memorable make-out sessions I ever had were in [the 2003 movie]Thirteen. Those were hardcore.

Who would you like to portray in a rock biopic?
Rickie Lee Jones. Last year I went to see her at the Largo [in L.A.] on Valentine's Day by myself. She seems eccentric. She started telling stories about her childhood, and I was thinking, "Oh, maybe this is the night when she wants to make this a personal experience." But it turns out she does that all the time.

What's the first album you bought with your own money?
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I liked her in Sister Act 2. Also, I grew up in an area where I was a minority, so it was culturally diverse.

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?
I don't drink, and karaoke is something you should only do drunk. But I'm obsessed with Adele. I put on "Chasing Pavements" and sing it in my apartment. The great thing about Adele is if you put her on top volume, you actually sound like her while you're singing. I've gotten a few complaints from the neighbors.

What's the most prized T-shirt in your collection?
[Friend and New Moon star] Kristen [Stewart] and I share a lot of clothes, so I wear a lot of Joan Jett shirts.

Kristen is playing her in a movie.
Yeah, Joan made replicas of the ones she used to wear in the '80s and gave them to us.

What's the last concert you attended?
I saw the Dead Weather in Vancouver, where we're shooting [the third Twilightfilm] Eclipse. I got really into Jack White two years ago because of my friend Sage. She quizzes me on rock music, asking me things like "Who's your favorite Beatle?"

So who is your favorite Beatle?
I guess Paul McCartney. This is going to be a controversial thing to say, but I don't really understand the Beatles. If Kristen were here right now, she would slap me across the face. Then again, if I ask her, "What's the first line of Biggie's 'Juicy'?" she wouldn't know. Why don't people sit around and talk about Ol' Dirty Bastard the way they do the Beatles?



När jag letade lite skämt till den andra bloggen jag bloggar på som handlar om TrueBlood så hittade jag denna videon!


Anna Kendrick i Vouge!



Nu har Need@bdb tipsat mig om en twilight träff som kommer hållas i Södertälje!
Luna kulturhus, Södertälje





Under kvällen kommer det bjudas på fika. Vi kommer att prata om Twilightböckerna, filmerna och allt vad ni vill. Det kommer också att finnas en Quiz med chans att vinna fina priser. Så missa inte detta!!

Det är begränsat antal platser så först till kvarn...

I anmälan ska namn, telefonnummer samt e-postadress.


Nya bilder, njut! :)
Se fler bilder här!


The Hills stjärnan Kristin Cavallari med sig en Jacob flaska!
Snygg flaska, Kristin!

10 things you need to know about Taylor Lautner

So who exactly is this guy?
Taylor Daniel Lautner was born on 11 February 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He is of mostly Dutch, French and German descent, and claims some Native American (specifically Ottawa and Potawatomi) ancestry through his mother.

1 He’s a clever bi-lingual type.
In New Moon, Jacob speaks Spanish to Bella, and even some Quileute, the language of the American Indian tribe he belongs to. He says, ‘I did speak a little bit of Quileute, when I was leaning in to kiss Bella in the kitchen, and I’m not gonna tell you what I said. I’ll leave that to you to figure out. But it was really cool. There’s only, like, four people left in the world who actually speak Quileute, so I was able to talk to one of these ladies. It was really interesting.’

2 He’s a karate kid

He may be a kick-ass werewolf in Twilight, but the boy can handle himself in real life too. At the age of six, he took up karate, and by the time he was eight, he won three gold medals at the World Karate Association. In 2003, at only 11 years old, he was number one in the world for NASKA’s Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional Forms. So don’t make him angry.

3 He’s got the music in him
Taylor appeared in the music video Caught Up In You for singer Cassi Thomson. It was made before the muscles, but he’s still a cutie. Taylor also enjoys making home movies with his friends, who include Sharkboy And Lavagirl co-star Taylor Dooley, who lives near his Los Angeles home.

4 Dancing boy
The hunk loves to dance. He made his own YouTube music video for the song Apologize (www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCfetMNPF5Q), and participates in the hip-hop dance groups LA Hip Kids and Hot Shots.

5 His big break
In 2005, at the age of 13, Taylor won the role of Shark Boy in the Robert Rodriguez film The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 3-D. Within months, he got the part of Eliot, the son of the Bakers’ rival, in Cheaper By The Dozen 2. The rest, as they say, is history.

6 Bitten… this time by the acting bug
When he was seven, his martial arts instructor persuaded him to audition for a part in a Burger King advert in Los Angeles. He didn’t get the part, but he told his parents he wanted to pursue a career in acting. By the time he was 10, his family had relocated from Michigan to LA, where Taylor would have the advantage of being able to audition on a full-time basis. You could say it was a gamble that paid off.

7 R-Pattz is scared of him
Robert Pattinson has admitted he felt inferior to Taylor when he was asked to strip off during filming. Robert reveals his torso towards the end of New Moon but the 23-year-old said his body was no match for Lautner, who added 30lbs of muscle to play werewolf Jacob Black. ‘It’s really embarrassing, especially when Taylor has a 14-pack or something,’ Pattinson said.

8 Got some teeth
When he was at school, Taylor won a prize for ‘Best Smile’. And when he was on The Tyra Banks Show recently, Tyra – no slouch in the perfect pearlies department herself – said he had ‘the best teeth I’ve seen on my show since 50 Cent was on.’ So there you go.

9 Forget wolves…
Taylor does own a dog, but it’s not a husky or wolf-type dog. It’s a little small-enough-to-pop-in-your-handbag Maltese called Roxy.

10 He lurves the laydeez
He dated actress Miley Cyrus in 2006. He clearly likes his popstrels, as he is rumoured to be dating 19-year-old singer and actress Taylor Swift. But when it comes to crushes on older women, Mr Lautner says, ‘It used to be Jessica Alba, and I’m kind of transferring to Megan Fox.’ Sadly for Taylor, Megan is in Team Robert, having said, ‘I’d eat Robert Pattinson to steal some of that pretty.’ Yes dear.


Ni kan se allt : här !




Här kan du se när din favoritlåt spelades i filmen, New Moon.

1. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox -  I slutet utav filmen, credits.

2. Band Of Skulls – Friends -  När hon går till motorcykel killarna i Port Angeles.

3. Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage -  När “The Wolfpack” jagar Victoria, Harry dör och när Bella hoppar från klippan.

4. Lykke Li – Possibility – När Bella sitter i stolen efter att Edward har lämnat henne och månaderna går förbi.

5. The Killers – A White Demon Love Song -  I slutet utav filmen, credits,

6. Anya Marina – Satellite Heart – När Edward kör Bella hem efter hennes födelsedags fest hos the Cullens.

7. Muse – I Belong To You (New Moon) – När hon pratar med Charlie, innan hon träffar Jessica.

8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln - När Bella lägger in bilder i sin scrap-book.

9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Done All Wrong – Innan scenen hemma hos Emily med muffinsen!

10. Hurricane Bells – Monsters – När Bella kör till skolan på hennes födelsedag!

11. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour – På hennes födelsedags fest!

12. Ok Go- Shooting The Moon – Hemma hos Jacob.

13. Grizzly Bear – Slow Life – Efter att Bella har hoppat från klippan och hon drunknar i vattnet.

14. Editors – No Sound But The Wind – När hon är med Edward i slutet utav filmen.

15. Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow) -I slutet utav filmen precis innan “credits” börjar rulla.



Last Book I Read: I’m in the middle of two books right now — Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Last Song I Downloaded: “City,” by Sara Bareilles.

Last Thing I Purchased For Less Than $10: A bag of Cheetos.

Last Splurge: A pair of Frankie B. jeans. I love the way they fit.

Last Thing Cooked: Popcorn. Does that count?

Last Thing That Made me Laugh Out Loud: My puppy, Marlo. I came and found her trapped between my comforter and my duvet cover. She crawled in and got stuck! Also, the YouTube video of King Curtis always makes me laugh.

Last Thing That Made Me Cry: The movie P.S. I Love You.

Last Person I Said “I Love You” To: My mom, Michele.

Last Crush: Tim Tebow — I’m a huge Florida Gators fan.





Way more shirtless boys!

We all hoped to get a glimpse of Edward’s alabaster chest in Volterra, but who knew we’d get to see so much hot werewolf skin? Thankfully, the Wolf Pack run such high temperatures and explode away their clothes so frequently that cut-off jeans and no shirt are their shared ensemble of choice.

We get more fights, including an awesome Volturi throw down.

New Moon the book is infamous for its slow pacing, thanks to Bella’s crippling depression (see below). So it’s a good thing that the film throws in fistfights, wolf skirmishes, and chase scenes to liven things up a bit more. Our favorite: watching Volturi guard Felix put the smack down on our precious Edward, a scene crafted for the film.

Instead of talking to herself, Bella sends emails to Alice.

New Moon, like all of the Twilight books, makes frequent use of Bella’s internal voice-overs to tell us what’s going on in that angsty head of hers. In New Moon, Bella writes emails to her lost BFF, Alice, to work through her issues. We still get the voice-overs, but they’re cleverly disguised as Bella’s messages to Alice, and therefore much less ”Vampire Diaries.” (Also, creating a movie email address for Alice was a clever way to sneak in product placement for Apple’s MobileMe email application.)

Bella’s (a little) less mopey than she is in the books.

Much of the book is devoted to Bella’s heartbreaking, months-long break-up depression, so it’s a good thing that the film condenses her lost period a bit for the sake of storytelling. Critics complain already that Bella spends so much time staring into space, pining over Edward; if only they knew how much more we/she suffer in the books! Thankfully, Rosenberg’s script snaps Bella out of her funk and moves on, sort of, in a relatively short span of time.

Bella’s months-long depression, in the blink of an eye.

Fans were wondering how Chris Weitz would treat the infamous ”lost” months of Bella’s depression, which are depicted by blank pages in the book. After all, October, November, December, and January fly by as voids of nothingness to the girl. Weitz and Rosenberg’s solution? A clever scene where Bella sits listless in front of her window as the camera moves around her to show the changing seasons outside. The trick captures her melancholia and is perfectly punctuated by Lykke Li’s haunting, wistful track, ”Possibility.”

Edward doesn’t hide Bella’s photos.

In the book, when Edward decides to break up with Bella and leave town, he also sneaks into her room and hides her photos of him so that she’ll have no reminders at all that he existed – a complete and total abandonment. (Can you imagine a world without pictures of RPattz? It would be horrible, indeed.) In the film, we see him in her room, but there’s no messing with photographs, which would have been an unnecessary minor plot point anyway. Plus, those folks who think Edward’s a little stalker-like might have been even more creeped out by him rifling through her stuff. Instead, we get the full impact of Edward’s absence in Bella’s misery.


Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher.

One new scene in the film has Jacob giving Bella a dream catcher for her birthday, killing two birds with one stone in the process: giving her a present when Edward feels he cannot and putting the mack on her with a big bear hug right in front of Edward. Bella hangs the dream catcher above her pillow, but unfortunately for her, it doesn’t help keep the nightmares away.

Bella goes for a bike ride at One Eyed Pete’s.

Bella’s attempt to put herself out there by going to Port Angeles with Jessica takes a dangerous (and hilarious) turn when she accepts a ride with a burly, beefy biker in order to hang on to her visions of Edward. In the book, she stops short of hopping on the chopper, but in the film she takes a full-on joyride with a stranger. How boring would it have been if she’d just turned around and walked back to safety?

More snarky Anna Kendrick!

Besides giving Bella her very first brush with danger, the biker scene serves another purpose: letting Anna Kendrick shine. As Jessica, Kendrick once again steals every scene she’s in, and Bella’s foolish biker episode gives her some of her very best frenemy lines of dialogue. Bonus: Kendrick’s blissfully ignorant snark attack on zombie movies.

Two words: Face Punch!

In addition to the zombie genre, New Moon has a little something to say about stupid action flicks. One of the best additions to the script involves Bella, Mike Newton, Jacob, and a popular (fake) blockbuster movie entitled Face Punch. (Tagline: ”Let’s DO this!”)

Visions of RPattz dance in Bella’s head.

While Bella’s hallucinations of Edward in the books are purely auditory, there’s no way that would fly in the film. So Weitz injects plenty of pretty Rob Pattinson shots throughout the entire duration of Edward’s absence, scrumptious visions that come and go like wisps of smoke. And really, there’s tons of RPattz bookmarking New Moon, so we don’t miss him all that much. (What am I saying? There’s always room for more RPattz!)

Victoria is definitely in the water.

When Bella is drowning after cliff-diving in New Moon, we clearly see Victoria swimming toward her in the water right before Jacob pulls her out of the water – something that was hinted at, but kept ambiguous, in the books. We like it better this way, as it makes Bella’s danger more present and, let’s be real, gives Rachelle Lefevre a little more to do, considering that she has exactly zero lines in the whole movie.

Bella hits Paul in the face!

In a film packed with phasing wolves and marble-cracking vampire fights, it’s nice to see Bella get a little action. Angry that they’ve brainwashed her beloved Jacob, Bella confronts the Wolf Pack, shoves Sam Uley, and smacks Paul right in the kisser! Sure, it seems a little out of character, but at least in this moment, Bella is an agent of action and not merely reacting to the people around her. Plus, it leads into Paul’s transformation and Jacob’s mid-air phase, and the huge revelation of the Quileute secret.

Carlisle’s Volturi painting comes to life.

Instead of waiting ‘til the end to meet the Volturi, we get an early peek at them when Carlisle’s painting comes to life as Edward explains their history to Bella. Thank goodness! It would be such a waste to have even less of Aro & Co. in New Moon than the brief sequence we already get.

Victoria attacks Harry Clearwater.

While tracking the Wolf Pack – and slyly covering their footprints – Harry Clearwater suffers a fatal heart attack in the woods. But in the film, we see that Harry’s heart attack comes from the shock of being attacked by Victoria, who is seen stalking Charlie’s hunting party from up in the trees. The change here allows plot points to converge, as the ensuing wolf pursuit of Victoria runs parallel to Bella’s fateful cliff-jump into the ocean. And again, it gives Rachelle Lefevre something to do.

New Moon has way more funnies.

Credit Rosenberg for injecting more sly humor into New Moon, which was especially necessary in this installment. Supporting humans like Jessica, Mike, and Charlie add levity to their scenes with the somber Bella, while more subtle winks, like the comparison of werewolfiness to a ”lifestyle choice” and Bella’s transatlantic ride aboard a Virgin Atlantic airplane, display a self-aware sense of humor.

Jacob and Bella almost kiss. Twice!

New Moon is Jacob’s movie, so Rosenberg rewards him with not one, but two almost-kisses. If you look closely, their lips ACTUALLY TOUCH the second time!

Jacob and Edward face off in the woods – just not when you expect.

If you’ve read New Moon, you’re already expecting the tense ”treaty” discussion between Jacob and Edward. Rosenberg wisely juggles the timeline a bit, placing it before the key conclusion (see #19), and adds one last phase for the furious Jacob. (It’s the closest Bella’s two men come to blows in New Moon.)

Edward proposes!

Rosenberg saves the best for last, leaving Bella (and us) with the biggest possible cliffhanger. Again, the re-jiggered placement of the scene works better cinematically, and leads into the next film, Eclipse!

Alice’s vision. OMG, spoilers! (Seriously, MAJOR spoiler here concerning future installments of the Twilight Saga.)

When Aro ”sees” Alice’s vision of the future, he lets her, Edward, and Bella go with the knowledge that sometime soon, Bella will become a vampire. As a special treat, the film shows us Alice’s vision of Edward and Bella running through the woods (alas, in giggle-worthy outfits and slow motion). But after the snickers die down, think about exactly what you are seeing and you’ll realize that it’s essentially a preview of sorts… of something with the initials B and D!

That said, there are a couple of changes that don’t work so well. Jacob’s mood swing in the theater and subsequent threat of physical violence to poor Mike Newton seems incredibly out of character. Later in the film when the phone rings in Bella’s kitchen, Jacob definitely knows it’s Edward on the phone (as opposed to thinking it’s Carlisle as in the book), which makes him more of a jerk.



Idag fyller i egen hög person, Jamie Campbell Brower 21 år!
TheTwilightWorld önskar honom en bra födelsedag.
Grattis Jamie!


Här sjunger Justin Chon "I'm yours".



Jimmy Kemmel hade för en tid sedan besök av Taylor, Kristen och Robert!
Här är alla klipp!





Jag vet faktiskt inte om det är ett gammalt besök eller ett nytt.


NEW YORK — With ”New Moon” hitting theaters this week, it seems fitting that the stars are already starting to reveal tidbits about the upcoming ”Eclipse” flick. And if fans thought Bella gets taken for a ride in ”New Moon,” they are in for a surprise once they hit theaters next year.

”I think Bella’s little bit of treachery in the third one will be … I think it’s going to be a good scene,” he told MTV News on the red carpet at the NYC screening of ”New Moon.”

While the ”Twilight Saga” has catapulted Pattinson to mega-stardom, he isn’t resting on his laurels. The trailer for his new film ”Remember Me” came out Thursday (November 19), and it seems to have an equally drama-filled relationship — even if Pattinson doesn’t see the parallels. ”It’s not very similar to ‘Twilight,’ ” he said. ”[But] hopefully it will get the same fanbase.”

Kristen Stewart elaborated on the pain Bella is about to go through in the third movie. ”I’m looking forward to seeing the love triangle actually becoming a problem,” she said. ”We sort of innocently touch on it in ‘New Moon,’ but it actually becomes something that is very, very real.”

Stewart said seeing Bella grow and develop in the upcoming flicks will certainly prove interesting for her, as well as the Twi-Hards. ”I’ve always backed her up in her devotion to Edward,” she said. ”And to see that falter will be interesting.”



Här kommer några få bilder från premiären av New Moon i New York.


Detta kanske inte intresserar så många nu när filmen är ute men för de som inte har sätt den ännu.
[Källa:TTS & Twifans]


Här är trailern till filmen Remember Me som Robert Pattinson spelar i.

Trailer Park | MySpace Video
Vad tror ni?
Verkar den vara bra?


De har sänkt åldersgränsen till 11 år!!!
Jag kan inte tro det, detta är den bästa dagen i hela mitt liv!!
Jag kan se den!!!


Reklamen till New Moon är överallt nu!
Utanför skolan hittade jag denna reklamen!
Det var mycket kallt och mörkt så bilden blev inte så jättebra men det går nog att se.


Jag har hittat två nya stills från filmen Remember Me som Robert Pattinson spelar en roll i.


Nu kommer massor med härliga intervjuer!

Find more videos like this on AnneCam



Nya outtakes från Robert's photoshoot med VF.
För att se resten av bilderna klicka här!


Detta blir tyvärr kvällens sista inlägg eftersom jag just nu ligger efter med skolarbetet och måste ta igen det!



Be safe.
(Edward Cullen, Twilight)


Nu kommer hundratals videos från galan!

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Find more videos like this on Twifans



Okej, är ni berädda på ett långt inlägg men massor med bilder? :D
Här är bilder från premiären i Los Angeles!
[Klicka på de små bilderna för större fourmat]
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Detta är Vancouvers ”Cullen House” — tre våningar, 5 sovrum, 4 badrum och med luft som en gång andats av Robert Pattinson — finns nu ute på marknaden, men huset kommer inte besökas av Twilight castet, eftersom mäklaren säger att studion är färdig med huset.
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We received nearly 2000 of your questions for Stephenie at TheTwilightSaga.com. Stephenie has graciously answered a lot of your most asked questions below. Enjoy!


What was your favorite thing about Chris Weitz and how was his interpretation of the books different from Catherine Hardwicke? - Mira N.

My favorite thing about Chris Weitz: everything. Sounds hyperbole-ish, but he's really that amazing. If you follow along on some of the cast interviews you'll hear the same thing over and over. We all adore Chris. I would have to say that my very favorite thing about Chris as a director, coming from my unique position, is his passion for being true to the source material. He really immersed himself in the Twilight world and came to the set with the feel of it already in his head. We were very much on the same page. Second thing, he listens really well—to everybody, cast and crew.

In comparing New Moon to Twilight, I would say that the biggest difference in style is that Chris is more classic while Catherine is a little more edgy and modern. I wouldn't want both movies to be the same, though. I like seeing different interpretations. After all, no two people see the same thing when they read a novel. I enjoy seeing that visually.

After seeing Twilight the movie you mentioned that you wish you had thought of Bella catching a glimpse of Edward watching her sleep and thinking it was only a dream. Are there any new moments in the New Moon movie that you thought...I wish I had thought of that? Miss having you around the fandom, Nicole B. (Cocoa) Crestwood, KY

Hey Cocoa! I miss you guys, too! Hope you're well!

New Moon stays closer to the novel, so there aren't a lot of scenes that aren't closely related to the book. I am a little sad that my action movie—Crosshairs—is so generically titled. I like the name of the action movie they used for the film (they couldn't use Crosshairs because there is a movie named Crosshairs somewhere out there). It makes me laugh every time Kristen says it.

Also (and I don't consider this a spoiler because you've seen the trailers) there is a bit of a fight sequence in the Volturi tower now that isn't there in the book. At first, I had some resistance to this idea because in my mythology, if you start a fight with the Volturi, your story ends right there. It would have been kind of a bummer to have Edward, Bella, and Alice slaughtered in Volterra and no happy reunion scene (and no Eclipse or Breaking Dawn). But I worked with Melissa Rosenberg (the screen writer) and Summit until we came up with a solution that made sense with the story but also gave them the visual action they needed. And now that it's all put together and beautiful, I love it and kind of wish Felix had gotten his moment in the book.

Hi Stephenie! Texas LOVES you!!! In staying true to the novel, I'd like to know if there were any scenes missing from the original screenplay that you insisted be in the movie?? Thank you SOOO much!!!! -Trinity in Fort Worth

Sort of. In the original screenplay, Jacob's visit to Bella's room that one night didn't exist. The necessary information was still there, it was just scattered through a few other scenes. I really missed that scene, but change (and cutting!) is a part of the adaptation process—especially when you write really long books—so I was prepared to suck it up. And then Chris Weitz felt like we needed that scene, too, and he wrote up a beautiful version I love. And we all lived happily ever after.

I'm curious about whether or not you would have liked to write the screenplay for New Moon or any of the movies? Melissa has done great so far, but do you think the movies would have been any different if you hand a bigger hand in the screenplay? - Colleen

I don't think I'd be any good at adapting my own books. As you can tell, I like to write long stories. I do actually cut a lot in the editing process (Twilight was ten thousand words longer in the rough draft form), and what stays all feels absolutely vital to me. I just can't look at it objectively. I think I'd be better at adaption if I had some distance from the work. So yes, the movies would be different if I'd written the screenplay—they would be six hours long, which might sound great to some people, but as such they never would have been made.

Hi Stephenie - What is your favourite scene in New Moon the movie? - Laure

I can't really choose just one. I love so many things. Bella's and Edward's first conversation in the parking lot...the painting...Jessica's monologue...the scenes in Jacob's garage...the first time you see the werewolves!!...Jacob in Bella's room (thanks, Chris!)...the underwater moment...what you see while Thom Yorke's amazing song is playing...everything in Italy...and I could go on. It's all so good.

Hi Stephenie, I know that your writing is inspired a lot by the music you listen to, so my question is how much say did you have in the music that was picked for the movie/soundtrack? Thank you! - Marci P.

Not a ton. I had a short wish list, and I got one wish out of the four, and that's really a lot when you think about it. My answered wish: a Muse song. My wishes that were not granted: a Blue October song, a Marjorie Fair song, and a Motion City Soundtrack song. All of these artists were a big part of the New Moon writing process for me, and I would have liked to see them included, but in the end, the soundtrack is truly amazing, so I don't have any complaints.

Do you make any appearances in the New Moon movie? - Mandy, Captain of Official Team Jacob

Nope. I felt really awkward doing the first one, and I still have to cover my eyes for that part of the movie. I decided this time I didn't want to do anything like that, and it never came up, so problem averted!

What do you think about the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward, i.e. does he look like you expected Edward to look like and does he portray the right emotions? - Carly, Captain of Official Team Edward

Initially—as in when Gillian (the producer) called me and said, "So, we're going to cast this guy, Robert Pattison. Go google him and see what you think!"—my opinion was that Rob would do a good version of Edward physically. Not the Edward I see in my head, of course, but a good and interesting portrayal. There's something otherworldly about his face, I thought as I watched him in Harry Potter and checked out the pictures on line. If vampires really existed, that's the kind of face you might wonder about, right? So I was happy with Catherine Hardwicke's choice, because it's not like we were going to find someone who looked like the person in my brain.

I continued in this same opinion for a while. I met with Rob a few times and was impressed by the amount of thought that he was putting into the character (though we still don't entirely agree on who's got Edward's emotional state right—Rob contends Edward is more depressed than I think he is) and I was excited to see what his version of Edward would be like. Cut to a few weeks later, when I headed up to Portland to watch the filming. And then Catherine said action, and Rob shifted into character and my jaw dropped open.

Suffice it to say, he really nailed it. He's not playing a version of Edward, he's playing Edward. There is still quite a difference between Rob's Edward and the Edward in my head, but there are moments when they look eerily similar. I'm still not sure how he does it, but I'm glad he can. As for emotions, I think he does a great job.

Of course, a lot of the credit for this goes to Kristen as well. She contributes the other half of that Bella-Edward vibe so amazingly well. I've been on set through three movies now, and I still thank my lucky stars every day that she signed on to this franchise.

How did you come up with the Twilight character names, were they random or did you have a reason behind them? - Carly

I'm not a huge research junkie, because I'm always more into creating the fantasy than the reality, but names are one of the things I do spend some research time on. For example, for Jasper's name I searched roll calls for the confederate army in Texas. Both "Jasper" and "Whitlock" are on those lists, but not together. The name Cullen exists on seventeenth century English headstones. Other names I find by time and place of birth—I look through the most baby popular names from that year or census records from that city. Some things are more random; if I'm really stuck for a surname, I'll flip through the phone book. For Edward, I wanted a name that had once been very romantic, but had fallen out of use (See: Edward Rochester, Edward Ferrars). Bella was the hardest for me to name, because I needed a modern name but nothing seemed to encompass her personality. I tried a lot of things that didn't fit at all. In the end, having just surrendered the hope of ever having a daughter, I gave her the name I would have given one of my children if any of them had decided to be a girl.

Since many of us will not have the opportunity to visit a movie set, what part of film making was fascinating to you? Thanks again for the opportunity to ask questions! It is appreciated! Anny

The most fascinating thing about filming is probably just what a huge undertaking it is. I'm constantly stunned by the sheer number of people it takes, by the size of the sets, by the intricate planning necessary. It's surprising to me that given all the effort and expense necessary, so many movies even get made. I love the care that goes into the set design, and the amazing things they can build (like tower interiors and mountain tops). I love watching the actors make dozens of minute shifts for each take of a scene, so that the director has a variety to work with when he starts cutting it together. I love it when everything comes together just right and even on the tiny little monitor, with no music and no editing, you can see that something exceptional just happened. It's a cool process, and one I never expected to have the opportunity to be involved with.

Of course, being on set is not constant excitement by any means. It takes hours to set up for each different camera angle, and during those times, it's pretty dead. On the last set, a bunch of people learned to knit. It can be very slow.

I am curious, when you think of Edward and Bella, or read or talk about them, do you still picture the people from your dream? Or has your images of these characters changed over time, especially now after seeing your books adapted to film? Thanks! Danyeal J.

When I read the books or think about the characters in a writing scenario, I still see them they way I first did. I can still see exactly what they looked like in that first dream. When I'm reading the script, however, it's all Kristen and Rob and Taylor.

Why in the world is Edward's volvo now black in the New Moon? - Kim B.

This wasn't my call. Picky as I am about cars, if I'd been rounding up the vehicles for Twilight, they all would have been the exact makes and models I'd written about (especially that '53 Chevy!). I don't know what all is involved with choosing the cars—I know they have to be able to get their hands on several identical vehicles—but I can say that I like this Volvo—the XC90—better than the first one—the C30. In regards to the color, it's actually a dark silver, not black. And I enjoy the black rims quite a bit.

Dear Stephenie, Each director brings something different to the movie they are working on. Do you feel that by using different directors for each movie will take away from the continuity of the story? - Shannon

As I said before, I like having new styles for each story. I think it reflects, to an extent, all the millions of different versions that exist in the world—a different one for every reader. As for continuity, I think we're fine there. The actors bring the same characters into the new vision, and the backdrop of the location is consistent.

Will New Moon the movie have a lot of Edward in it or will it be like the book and he will be missing for a big chunk of it? - Patricia M.

Something I felt very strongly about was that Edward's absence was essential to keeping the feel of the movie consistent with the feel of the book. The story doesn't work without the missing hero. Chris was able to come up with a way to preserve that feeling while at the same time conveying the fact that to Bella, Edward is always present. It's more than just that Bella's audio hallucinations are now visual hallucinations; Kristen's performance revolves beautifully around that absence. Edward is absent for a "big chunk" of the movie, but he's always there, too.

What does Stephenie think about the change of Edward from an auditory to a visual hallucination? For me this was an integral part of the book in that it added to the longing for Edward. - Karen M.

I think this change is necessary for the visual format, and I also think it works really well. The longing is still there.

Dearest Stephenie, I was wondering if you had given the actors in the movie some kind of advice to get a better insight to their character in the movie. Thank you so much for everything! You're amazing! - Lucila S.

I was able to give Rob the first half of Midnight Sun to help him prepare for the first film, and I feel like that manuscript is basically a guide to Edward. Of course, Kristen gets Bella's first person perspective in all the books. I have discussed most of the characters with the actors. I'm always happy to answer any questions, and it's fun to hear some of the backstories they come up with. I know Edi Gathegi has a fairly elaborate Laurent history in his head, and many others do the same thing. I like that they get into the roles so deeply.

Is there going to be a Breaking Dawn movie? If you are not sure of that, then do you wish there is going to be one? - Jamie C.

At this point in time, we're in talks. I would love to see BD made if it could be made well. It's a little bit trickier than the others.

First, thanks for the amazing books! Now, with the question: If you could live one scene (for real) in the movie, what would it be? - Anna

I think a lot of the scenes that are exciting write or to read about or watch on the screen would be very uncomfortable to experience first hand. The ones I would want to live would be the quieter scenes. In New Moon, probably the only scenes that would actually be fun to live would be Bella's birthday up to the papercut, and the night after Italy (though that one starts out pretty emotionally painful, too). Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn all have a lot more "it would be cool to be Bella right now" moments.

I love your books, thanks for writing them. What was your favorite memory of writing new moon and filming new moon!! - Christina B.

I have a lot of favorite moments from both. In the writing, envisioning Volterra and putting Bella into that situation was very exciting. I loved spending time with Jacob's character. All the interactions with the boys in the pack made me smile. The reunion scene between Bella and Edward felt really good to write.

As for the filming process, my favorite memories are not exactly favorite scenes, because you don't entirely get a sense of the scene until you see it cut together. I loved walking into the Volturi tower for the first time. (Adding to that moment was the fact that it was also the first time I met Daniel Cudmore. Picture the scene: I'm in this huge white marble rotunda, just in awe of the sheer size and how good it all looks, when through the door walks Daniel in full costume. Six foot eight, tailored black coat, deep red eyes. Totally perfect and totally intimidating. It was great!) Another favorite memory of the filming was watching Michael Sheen work. Michael is a staggeringly talented actor. It was an education just to watch his process.

I was wondering, in the trailers for New Moon, the werewolves all have tattoos on their right arms. What does that stand for? It wasn't in the book, so I wasn't sure. - Carissa S.

Like the Cullen crest that Catherine invented for the first movie, I believe the tattoo is just a visual sign of solidarity for the pack.

Do you think Taylor Lautner does a good job of portraying Jacob's smart alec side? Taylor seems so sweet, especially in the first movie, and I like to think of Jake (esp werewolf Jake) as a tough guy with an attitude, who sometimes let his nice side slip. Thank you! Larissa

Taylor is going to surprise you. He's wonderful as the sweet kid, but even better as the angry werewolf. The kid can act.

I was wondering what made you choose Italy for the home of the Volturi? Is there a special meaning about Italy in your life or was it a random setting? Thanks :] - Kerry K.

I chose Italy because I needed a place with a really long history. Choosing Volterra itself was a strange thing. I wrote the whole Volturi scene before I'd picked a location for it. For the first time, I was planning to create a fictional city, because at this point, I was starting to realize that people were actually going to read this book, and I was nervous about what the real life citizens of Forks would think, and more especially what the real life people of La Push would think—I'd taken some rather big liberties with their fictional history, and I wasn't sure if they would find it amusing or irritating. So, to avoid similar moments of panic, I decided to set my clan of ancient ruling vampires in a made up place. I was going to call this place "Volturin," and I knew it needed to be located in Tuscany about an hour or two from Florence—I'd already written the drive from the airport. I'd also already written my descriptions of the plaza and clock tower and Volturi turret. So I pull up a map of Tuscany, trying to decide if Alice should drive north, south, east, or west, and look at that—there is a city named Volterra just about an hour from Florence. So I google image search Volterra, and the very first picture that comes up is the Volterra clock tower. Chills. I called my sister (who'd already read about my fictional Volturin) and told her to go look at Volterra. She freaked, too, because she'd pictured it the same way, too. It was actually a rather creepy moment.

After that, I gave up the idea of creating a fake city and just hoped the people of Volterra did not mind a few vampires. When I went to visit a few years back, all the people I talked to were totally fine with the vampires—what had upset them was the fountain. They don't have one, and think their square is perfect without it.

Hello Mrs.Stephenie Meyer, I adore your books. My question is where did you get the inspiration to make Jacob Black a Native American? What is the whole back-story to Jacob being Native American? I too am native American [Navajo] by the way, therefore making me curious. Thank you very much if you answer my question or not, you still bring a great story to your readers around the world. - Kristine B.

There was a bit of random chance involved with including the Quileutes, but it was also about my personal fascination with Native American history. I picked Forks first, and at that point in time the Jacob character didn't exist. But around the same time that I realized it would be out of character for Edward to be able to admit that he was a vampire, I discovered the existence of La Push and started reading about the Quileute's unique history and culture. Jacob developed really naturally from that research, as a solution to my "how does Bella find out" dilemma and also as a way to enrich the mythology. If I hadn't always been very intrigued with Native American history, though, I don't know if the proximity of La Push would have resulted in Jacob's creation.

I love that you decided to skip over describing that first week (and the following months) after the break-up between Edward and Bella. It makes it that much more gut-wrenching because you truly feel like Bella was detached from herself and the world. I was wondering if it was your initial intent to leave that void there or did you edit anything out? Did you start by writing how she felt the next morning after Sam found her? I always wonder if it was just too hard to write for you. Thank you so much for answering these questions for us. Your books (The Host, too) have changed my life. --Eden S., Vancouver, Washington

This is how the blank pages came about: I never planned to write about the time immediately after Edward left. Originally, I just skipped to the one-paragraph preface to chapter four ("Time passes..."). It felt way too abrupt that way, though. I knew I didn't want to put those four months into words, because the words would never be as good as the reader's own imagination, but I wasn't sure how to make that transition feel right. So put some blank pages into the document to separate September from January. That felt a little bit better, but the passage of time still wasn't clear. I typed in the names of the months at the top of the pages, just playing around with it, so it looked like blank journal entries, and instantly felt a sense of rightness to that format. I think I tried it out on my agent first ("What do you think about having one-word pages, Jodi?") and she liked it. Then my editor played around with the formatting, putting the month names in the center of the page in caps, and that gave them more impact. We all loved it. So it was a process and not an immediate inspiration, but now it's one of my favorite things.

I am a 39-year-old member of the Older Women's Group (OWG) on thetwilightsaga.com. My question is, what lead you to the concept of IMPRINTING — in reference to the Wolf Packs future mates? Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this series! I can't tell you how much happiness it has brought me! Sincerely, Stephanie R. - Atlanta, GA

Imprinting was inspired by two different sources: ducklings and dragons. Imprinting actually exists in nature, but usually between parents and their offspring. I saw a nature documentary about ducklings imprinting on their moms and it always stuck with me. The other inspiration is Anne McCaffrey's dragon books (which, if you haven't read them, do so now! Start with Dragonflight). In her mythology, humans and dragons bond so tightly that if one of them dies, the other either suicides or goes mad. They love each other with an absolute and unreasoning love that never falters or changes. I was always captivated by this concept, and I wanted to explore that kind of life-changing and compulsory relationship.

While writing the books, were you ever unsure of whether Bella would choose Edward or Jacob, or did you always know she would end up with Edward in the end? - Samantha V.

I wrote New Moon and Eclipse after I wrote Forever Dawn, which is pretty much the rough draft of Breaking Dawn. So I always knew Bella's destiny was with Edward, and as her relationship with Jacob evolved and deepened through the course of the middle novels, writing about it was sometimes painful. Even knowing Jacob's eventual happy ending, it was hard to put him through all the heartbreak. I do know what would have happened if Bella hadn't jumped off the cliff that day, but I always knew that was a could-have-been that wasn't the right way to go.

Question: Lets say Bella did go to college... Later on in life what profession do you imagine for her?? - Abigail

I always imagined that Bella would someday teach. She really admired that one part of Renee's personality—Renee may be dippy, but she's a great teacher and the kids love her—and I saw her taking her love of books in that direction. She would have taught older students, though. High school or college. Maybe she still will—in night school.

Out of the entire series, to you what is the most romantic moment between Bella and Edward? Why? - twilight-fan

For me, it's always been the last two pages of Breaking Dawn. It's the culmination of so much that's happened between them, and such a happy, satisfying moment for me.

My question for you is.... are you at all surprised by the variety in age of your readers? I am 32 years old and absolutely loved your books, and I know I am not alone, in many discussion groups I have found there are 30, 40, even 50 somethings reading twilight. Thanks and keep writing! - Amy B.

Because I wrote Twilight for my twenty-nine-year-old self and not for a future YA audience, it always made sense to me that women my age would get it the same way I did. Are you ever too old to remember falling in love for the first time?

There are many of us 30+ that enjoy (well we are actually obsessed with) the entire Twilight series! Is there anything that you do to help you escape reality momentarily? - Michelle P., Oklahoma

Reading was always my favorite escape. I read a lot of fantasy; I like spending time in worlds that don't exist. However, writing is now my best escape. For me, it's more fulfilling and takes me farther away from the real world than reading does.

You have such a great taste in music. What would be your ultimate karaoke song? - Justina

This one changes a lot. Today, I'd want to sing along with Metric, probably "Sick Muse" or "Front Row."

If you had to choose, would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? - Kaitlin T.

Werewolf. I like being able to change my mind, and the werewolves always have the option to go back to "normal."

Are you writing any other books right now? - Kershia

One of the weirdest things for me about success is how it sucks away your time. I'm successful because I write books, but that very success takes all my writing time! It's very frustrating. I'm just itching to get back into a fantasy world right now, but the real world won't let me. I thought this would be a writing year, but unless you count emails as writing, it didn't work out that way. I was able to do a few smaller things that will show up here and there—an extra chapter for the release of The Host in paperback, that kind of thing. I've really worked to clear my time, but that is a slow and ongoing process. Of course, another aspect is that I am more burned out by the last five years than I even realized.

My question: Is Stephenie Team Jacob or Team Edward? Please add that "I am a huge fan. Xoxo, Jenny"

I am Team "You Don't Have to Choose When it's Fiction."

Hi Stephenie! :) Of course, I love the Twilight saga, but I was also blown away by how beautiful and unique your other novel, The Host, was -- so I was wondering: do you have any plans for more books not related to Twilight? Thank you so much! :) Kelly <3

I'd like to eventually have The Host be part of a trilogy. That's one of the projects I'd really like to get to in the next year or so.

To address the many, many questions about Midnight Sun:

I've found that there really isn't any answer I can give that changes the substance or tenor of the myriads of requests, pleadings, and demands I get for Midnight Sun to be finished, so I feel a little silly answering that question at all. But it's the most popular question, so I'll take another stab at it.

I am not working on Midnight Sun now. I don't have a plan for when I'll get to it; I don't know now what the right time for it will be.

In your questions, there were some erroneous conclusions about the situation which I'll try to set straight. First, Midnight Sun is not finished and locked in a safe, waiting for me to be done angsting over the leak. If it were done, I would be throwing it on the bookstore shelves myself. I'd love to be able to give it to all the people who are anxiously waiting for it. Second, I am not upset about the leak. I haven't been for a long time; I was over it after about three weeks. Third, and most important, I am not trying to punish anyone. Not the persons who leaked it, not the people who read the leak, nobody. As I said, it would make me very happy to be able to give it to anyone who wants it.

So why the hold up? Because it's not finished and lying in a safe. It's not done, and finishing it is not a simple matter of sitting down in front of my computer and typing out the words; the words have to be there in my head to type out, and right now, they're not. I have to be in the zone to write any story, and trying to force myself into that zone is a waste of time, I've found. I'll get back toMidnight Sun when the story is compelling to me again. Just because people want it so badly does not make it more write-able; kind of the opposite, actually. I need to be alone with a story to write, and Midnight Sun feels really crowded, if you know what I mean.

People write for different reasons. I have always written to make myself happy. If I'm enjoying a story, feeling the creativity flow, engrossed in a world, then I write and I write fast. If I'm not into it, I can't write. I've never been someone who writes on demand and I can't imagine working that way. As cool as it would be to say to my favorite author, "You know, I'd really like to read a great book about a narwhal mafia. Write that for me, 'kay?" or even "I'd love a sequel to that last one," that's not how it works. How it works is that my favorite author writes a new book about whatever he/she is interested in. Maybe it takes a year, maybe it takes five. If it's something I want to read, I buy it or I check it out at the library. If not, I find something else to read. The end.

(All of this goes for writing about vampires in general, too. Vampires and I? We're on a break.)

I'm pretty sure this won't slow the pleadings and the demands, but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring the question.

In the meantime, there are so many great books out there. I've got some recommendations on my site, and any librarian would love to show you more options. Same goes for independent bookstore employees. Ask for guidance, and they will fill your arms with awesomeness!


Här posar Taylor och Kristen för USA Today.

Taylor Lautner To Debut Clip on Leno

According to Access Hollywood:

“Access Hollywood has learned that the “New Moon” star will have a never-before-seen clip from the upcoming film with him, as well.

The scene will also feature co-star Kristen Stewart in her role as Bella Swan – no word if Taylor, as Jacob Black, will have his shirt on or not.”

ps . visst sitter han väldigt gulligt , nästan roligt :)



Intervju med Dakota Fanning hos Ellen!

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Klicka på bilden så kommer du till Amazon där du kan tjuvlyssna på New Moon score!


Här är en video från när de spelade in Bellas födelsedag! :D

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


Titta på videon så förstår ni nog vad jag menar med rubriken! :)





LifeOfCydonia@bdb tipsade mig om denna nya Jake-dockan!
Vad tycks?
Tack för tipset!


Hej Allihopa!
Eftersom jag fyller år idag kommer jag tyvärr inte uppdatera bloggen, man vill ju inte sitta och göra inlägg hela sin födelsedag om ni förstår mig ;)
Imorgon kommer det kanske bli några enstaka inlägg men dock inte lika många som det brukar bli annars.

Ha det bra!
Mvh Nilli<3


This just in from EW:

In the Twilight sequel New Moon, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are at each other’s throats over Kristen Stewart. Off screen, all three are loyal friends. In a candid interview with this week’s Entertainment Weekly, they share thoughts on rumors, fans, moviemaking – and hair.

EW: How are you all coping with living in a fishbowl?
Robert Pattinson: It really depends on the mood. When I met you last year [before Twilight came out], I was doing interviews very sporadically and I never got recognized. Now it’s like anywhere I go there’s immediate recognition. So there’s more of a responsibility…

Stewart: I don’t mind working every day. It’s just, suddenly, I have this other role. And that’s really disappointing. All I’d like to do is go outside with a book and figure out what to do with the day. And if I can’t do that, then I’m just going to sit in my hotel room on my balcony and chain smoke. [Pauses] I’m going to stop smoking. I’m not such a good smoker, anyway. It’s not in my bones. I’m gonna drop it.

Pattinson: The three of us have been working for two years [straight]. It does feel like your day has a shape just as soon as you wake up. I just forget what it’s like when you’re free.

EW: Taylor, you’re the only one who almost lost a shot at the sequels. Do you have a different relationship with fame because you had to fight for your job?
Lautner: No, I kept my eye on the prize 100 percent of the time. I was motivated. I wasn’t even thinking about anything else.

Stewart: Thank God you got the job. I wouldn’t have wanted to deal with you if you didn’t. After all those months of working out!

Lautner: I just wanted to focus on what I could control, and I worked really hard.

EW: You mean in the gym? Because I see your abs everywhere these days.

Lautner: Yeah, the gym was a major part, but I really studied the books and the character, too. And it all turned out good.

Pattinson on his hair in Eclipse: I swear to you I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s every single day. In Twilight, they wanted me to have extensions down to my hips.

Stewart: He’s a liar. He doesn’t remember. He’s remembering how they made him feel, but they were just, like, down to here [pointing to her shoulders].

Pattinson: So I told them, “Look, that’s just not going to happen.” I said, “It looks like this already – I’ll come to set like this.” I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance, so in the second one I said, “Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real, a little bit more…Method.” [Laughs] And then in the third one, I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, “We need to do it again because no one will recognize you! No one will know who it is!” I’m like, really, is my face that generic?

Stewart: They want proof that you’re doing your own stunts, man!

Pattinson: I have to look like the poster at all times. Just in case they want to use any clip for the trailer. Any clip at all! There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.

EW: Kristen, it must be nice to watch the guys’ appearances get obsessed over for a change.

Stewart: Seriously, it’s a trip to sit back and look at the sexual objectification of these dudes. I’ve never been asked to do any of this stuff.

EW: You guys are lucky. You clearly all dig each other.

Lautner: The amount of time we have to spend with each other – if I didn’t like these two, it would be exhausting.

EW: Rob, you made Remember Me this summer, between sequels. Was that the set in New York, where you were knocked into a cab by hordes of fans?

Pattinson: That was completely made up. I was walking across the street, and there was one cab going about one mile an hour and it nudged my leg. The story ended up being how I got hit by a cab because of a mob of screaming fans, [but] it was 4 o’clock in the morning and there was one person there – a paparazzi….And then there was another time – apparently they said on the news that I had a drug overdose. The security guy saw it on TV, and I wasn’t in my room, and he was like, “Uh-oh!” It’s just so weird. I wake up and my room is too messy to order room service, and so I end up eating a pack of M&M’s for breakfast – and it takes me about five hours to find it. That’s my first five hours of the day. [Laughing] And then you see the news and think, “Who cares if he had a drug overdose? It would probably make him more interesting!”

EW: Kristen and Rob, why do you think people are so obsessed with the state of your offscreen relationship?Good question. That’s a little thing I have to think about every day.
Stewart: Maybe it’s just my personality, but I’m never going to answer it. I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it. But I’m not going to give the fiending an answer. I know that people are really funny about “Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f—ing give your whole life away? Can I have your firstborn child?”
EW: You don’t think just saying, for example, “Listen, we dated for a few months, it was weird, we’re better off as friends” would end the speculation?


Pattinson: No way.

Stewart: People are deeply judgmental and I’m not strong enough. I would love to be like, “I don’t care what anybody thinks.” But I’m a very private person. And think about every hypothetical answer: “Okay, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.” I’ve thought about this a lot. There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. I’m just trying to keep something. If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor, I’d be like, “F— off.” I would answer the exact same way.”

See the rest on EW.



Nu kan du smygläsa en bid av artikeln som kommer vara med i det nya nummret av Entertainment Weekly som släpps i USA imorgon. Här kommer en liten bit av artikeln och några bilder från EW photoshooten.

“I swear to you I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s every single day,” says New Moon star Robert Pattinson of the constant on-set fuss surrounding his character Edward’s signature mane. During a break from shooting Eclipse, the next film to be adapted from Stephenie Meyer’sTwilight novels, Pattinson — sitting alongside costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner — recounts the continuing saga. “In Twilight, they wanted me to have extensions down to my hips.” (“He’s a liar,” Stewart interjects playfully. “He doesn’t remember. He’s remembering how they made him feel, but they were just, like, down to here [pointing to her shoulders].”) Pattinson continues. “So I told them ‘Look, that’s just not going to happen.’ I said, ‘It looks like this already, I’ll come to set like this.’”

“I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance,” the 23-year-old actor admits, his locks now comfortably hidden under a Yankee’s cap. “So in the second one I said, ‘Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real, a little bit more…Method,’” he says with a laugh. “And then in the third one, I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, ‘We need to do it again because no one will recognize you! No one will know who it is!’ I have to look like the poster at all times. Just in case they want to use any clip for the trailer. Any clip at all! There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.”

Fler bilder:



Bronson Pelletier som spela Jared kommer till Köpenhamn den 21-22 November på Collectormania.
För att läsa mer, klicka här(danska)


Idag var skådisarna och Chris Weitz i Madrid som ligger i Spanien!
Här kommer några bilder därifrån.


Dagens bild är på Kristen Stewart! :D


Ny photoshoot med Anna Kendrik!



Som ni nog redan vet åker twilight-kändisarna ut i Europa för att promota New Moon.
Igår var det den vackra staden Parid, idag är det London. I morgon Madrid och sist men inte minst på lördagen i Tyskland.
Bild från Paris:
Bild från London:
Hitta massor av andra bilder från när skådisarna var i Paris m.m. här!

[Källa: twilightsweden]


Nu har den förska bilden från det nya Entertainment Weekly-photoshootet med Robert, Taylor och Kristen kommit ut!
[Källa] & [Källa]

CafePress New Moon Treasure Hunt

This just in from CafePress:

“I just wanted to let you know about another fun thing CafePress is doing for Twihards to win more prizes in the Twitter Twihard Treasure Hunt!  Your Twihard readers have a good chance of winning as it’s all about Twilight trivia… Although the details of the treasure hunt is not revealed just yet… here are some details:

This Friday, 11/13 only, @twilightees will be hosting a “TWITTER TWIHARD TREASURE HUNT”! It will start sometime before NOON on Friday, 11/13. Prizes will be 5 hoodies, Sigg bottles and flair for a dedicated, diehard Twilight fan! Follow @twilightees to enter and start PAYING ATTENTION this Friday to win!”



Why do you want me here? Seth could keep you warm, and he’s probably easier to be around, happy little punk. But when I walk in the door, you smile like I’m your favorite person in the world.
Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 15, p.297


J-14 exclusive interview with Edi Gathegi about what school superlative he'd give his castmates:

J-14: Let's start with Rob Pattinson...

Edi Gathegi: Most likely to succeed. Already has success.

J-14: Kristen Stewart?

Edi: Most likely to succeed.

J-14: Taylor Lautner?

Edi: Most likely to succeed.

J-14: Is it going to be for the same for everyone?

Edi: Keep going. I'm going to tell you who's not going to succeed!

J-14: Kellan Lutz?

Edi: Class clown.

J-14: Jackson Rathbone

Edi: Most talented.

J-14: Nikki Reed?

Edi: Most talented.

J-14: Ashley Greene?

Edi: Is there like a beauty queen one? Prom Queen.

J-14: Rachelle Lefevre?

Edi: Most likely to succeed.

J-14: Yourself?

Edi: Class clown.


Linnea Herlogson från Göteborg är vinnaren av Los Angeles!
Grattis till Linnea!
I Twilights universum förenas litteraturens berättarstyrka med filmens kraft och musikens magi. Vi har fått en mängd imponerande bevis på er hängivenhet till detta fenomen, som har drabbat unga som äldre rakt i hjärtat. Vi har nu valt att ge högsta vinsten till någon som har lyckats fånga Twilights mystiska skimmer i sin egen röst. Med kreativitet och en imponerande inlevelse får sagan om Bella och Edwards omöjliga kärlek en helt ny dimension. Vinnaren som får åka till Los Angeles och Hollywoodpremiären av THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON är Linnea Herlogson från Göteborg.



Så söt han är!


Visst är han gullig?!


Här är den officiella musik videon till en av 100 Monkeys låtar!
Bandet som Jackson(Jesper) är med i för er som inte visste! :D


Här kommer några nya outtakes med Robert från Vanity Fair!

FearNet’s Jen Yamato talks to Jamie Campbell Bower about New Moon, The Prisoner, and Harry Potter.

Liten intervju med Jamie Campbell :D

FearNet’s Jen Yamato talks to Jamie Campbell Bower about New Moon, The Prisoner, and Harry Potter.

You play Caius, one of the three powerful vampires who rule the Volturi. But we only get to see you briefly, at the end of New Moon. Is it challenging to infuse your character with all of the back story and motivations that he has when you have limited screen time?

Jamie Campbell-Bower: Well, it wasn’t difficult because there’s so much back story, particularly to the Volturi. We all knew what we were there for, we knew what we were doing. You know, the thing about the Volturi is that they’re introduced in the second film and then come the fourth book, that’s where the meatiness lies. So it’s an introduction, effectively. But I wasn’t disappointed; I knew exactly what I was going to be doing when I got the script. I’m just psyched to be involved in it.

You’re appearing in quite a few upcoming genre projects: New Moon, which is a vampire story, AMC’s The Prisoner, which is sci-fi, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Was this all by coincidence?

Well, if all else fails, I can just become one of those guys who goes to Comic-Con every year to have my own booth and get paid to do autographs. [Laughs.] That’s what I’m investing in – I’m investing in the end of my career.”

See the rest on FearNet.


Stephenie Meyer aks her about New Moon .

Just as a reminder, Stephenie Meyer is collecting New Moon movie related questions (note: not on any other book or possible book) on the Twilight Saga website today through 12:00 noon est tomorrow.

“…I’m going to answer your more specific questions on-line. The official Twilight Saga website (www.TheTwilightSaga.com) will be taking any New Moon movie-related questions you might have for me, and then I’ll answer those most frequently asked. I’ll post the answers on the Twilight Saga website and also here on my own site. Questions can be submitted to TheTwilightSaga.com from noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, November 9th through noon Tuesday, November 10th. The answers will be posted Monday, November 16th—or New Moon Premiere Day, as it is known around my house.”


Dagens skämt .

Ashley Greene’s Transformation on InStyle #2

Ashley Greene has gone through a lot of different looks since landing the role of Alice Cullen.  Instyle has a retrospective.

“Ashley Greene may love playing the adorable vampire, Alice (right), in Twilight and the upcoming New Moon, but her costume has its challenges. “My hair is very long and thick, which made it awkward to fit underneath Alice’s pixie wig,” she said. “Part of my decision to cut it came because of the wig.”

See it all on Instyle.



Klicka på bilden för att lyssna!



"Jag går hellre naken än använder pälst", så uttalar sig Christian Serratos.
Håller ni med henne?
Sanna som också bloggar här på bloggen visade mig detta i skolan idag när vi var i data salen! :D
Find out more about Twilight's
Christian Serrato at PETA.org.
Läs mer här!


MTV skriver 5 saker vi inte visste om New Moon! :D
Spännande! ^^

The Swans Have a Not-So-Extreme Makeover

As any good Twilighter knows, the original film was shot in Portland, Oregon, but the sequels were moved to Vancouver, necessitating re-creations of such key locations as the Cullen house and Forks High. When production designer David Brisbin oversaw the ”rebuild” of Charlie Swan’s house, he studied the original location obsessively and created exactly what he had seen — with one key addition. Take a look at the ”New Moon” trailer and you’ll see a scene where Jacob leaps parcours-style up a tree and into Bella’s bedroom window. In the original ”Twilight,” that bay window wasn’t there; Brisbin, however, felt that the moment was important enough to make the tweak.

Hell Hath No Fury

Actor Chaske Spencer stands 6-foot-2 and put on 15 pounds of muscle to play Sam Uley in ”New Moon.” Kristen Stewart is 5-foot-5 and barely weighs more than 100 pounds. But when a pivotal scene called for her to punch and push him, Spencer left the set covered with black-and-blue mementos. ”We did this scene and Kristen, she has a mean right hook,” laughed the muscular Spencer. ”She hits me — I think it’s in the trailer. She hit me really hard, and I’m trying to be all guy-ish, show that she didn’t hurt me in front of [the other wolf pack] guys, or I’ll get teased. After 15 takes, ouch! She’s a little firecracker.”

Don’t Go Booking That Flight

We don’t want to accuse anyone of product placement, but when Bella and Alice head to Italy in a hurry near the end of ”New Moon,” let’s just say it’s very obvious that they’re flying Virgin America airlines. And while thousands of people travel to Forks every month, they might not have so much luck retracing the Saga’s roots this time: Virgin America doesn’t offer flights from Seattle to Italy in real life — not even when you’re in a hurry to save a loved one from exposing himself as a vampire.

A Little Light Reading

Moments after arriving on set, each ”New Moon” actor was handed a 20-page pamphlet written by director Chris Weitz, who envisioned them as ”orientation guides” for the cast and crew. Although he was the rookie and many of his actors were on their second ”Twilight” film, Weitz’s unusual document laid out his plan for the style and locations of the film — and encouraged the actors to improvise so that the plan could be taken to the next level.

Black and Right and Red All Over

In the original ”Twilight,” fans never saw Jacob’s house. But in ”New Moon” the run-down home on the Quileute reservation needed to be glimpsed several times, which had the filmmakers searching until they found an appropriate-looking shack near the forest where Jacob and the wolf pack would spend much of their time. The only problem? The house they found was green, but it had been described in Meyer’s novels as a red house. Intent on keeping the franchise’s obsessive fans happy, the whole place was painted red just for the movie.



Dakota Fanning hade en photoshoot men Teen Vouge!
Klicka här för att se alla vackra bilder!


Här är klippet som visades på Svenska tv.

För bättre kvalitet klicka här!

[Källa] & [Källa]


Q: I want to know what your favorite scene is from the movie since you’ve seen it, and what you think the fans will most enjoy from the movie.

Kristen: What’s my favorite scene. I think I have to pick one with Jacob and one with Edward. My favorite scene with Jacob is when he comes through her window and they have the talk about the fact that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she does know already and it’s right after this big sort of blow-out fight that they have and somehow they’re able to just not say anything - instead of actually talking about the fact that they were just so mean to each other and like they had this big fight, they don’t even say anything about it just instantly becomes – the second she sees him, just okay. And he’s totally like it’s so clear that he’s in a different place, it’s just sad. That’s my favorite scene in New Moon between Jacob and Bella. Then I think between Edward and Bella oddly enough sort of like the same sort of, the same but completely different. When I go to Italy and I push him back, well I mean when Bella pushes him into, out of the light I mean and they’re able to reconcile their relationship without even saying anything. And they just look at each other and it’s done. And it’s like so you left me for a year and I have a million things to say to you but not right now. Those are my two favorites. I like it when people know can each other without having to talk. Words sort of fail me consistently so those are my two favorites. What was the second part of the question?

Q: What scene do you think the fans will be most surprised by?

Kristen: I’m not sure.

Q: Or enjoy the most?

Kristen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I always try to answer the question way too specifically. F***! I don’t know. I think maybe what’s most important to them; because this was definitely the most important thing to me, was the breakup scene – period. I mean like that was what I was the most scared of and hopefully if we did it justice enough, what they’ll be most excited about. And then probably when we get back together. Those are the highest points of the movie.
Läs resten av intervju här!



Ny New Moon plansch som dagens bild!


Kolla vad jag hitta på thetwilightsaga.se! :D


Intervjuer, intervjuer och mer intervjuer!



Glöm inte att om du kollar på Ullared på kanal 5 idag kl.20.14 så kan du vinna en resa till Los Angeles och gå på galapremiären för New Moon!
Vem vill inte det? :D


I denna intervjun så snackar Peter Facinelli b.la. om hur det var att spela pappa till personer som är ungefär 10 år äldre än honom och vad han har planerat att göra till nästa år! :)

Will Twilight fans be surprised by New Moon?
I don’t know if they’ll be surprised; I’m hoping they’ll walk out of the theater happy. I was a fan of the book and am very pleased with how the movie came out. The Cullen family isn’t featured as prominently [as in the first film]. New Moonis focused more on the werewolf side of this small town. Also, Chris Weitz directedNew Moon and his vision is different from [Twilight director] Catherine Hardwicke’s. It’s not the same as Twilight, but it still has its edge.

Was it challenging to play dad to a brood of actors so close to your own age?
When I first got cast I thought, I’m only about ten years older than these kids; how am I supposed to play their father? But I was more conscious of that on the first movie. Carlisle’s speech pattern and movements aren’t very contemporary, so it gives him more of a patriarchal feel.

Is the Facinelli household on Team Edward or Team Jacob?
When I asked my three-year-old what she liked about Twilight she said Edward.

How has Twilight changed you?
I’ve definitely got more people asking me to have a picture taken with them. The fan base is fantastic. They are very loyal and giving. Some people will fly in from other states just to come meet me.

Do you have a lot of moms as fans?
The fans span all ages. It’s not like more of the moms like me. They love the whole Cullen family.

What’s up next for you, aside from the Twilight series?
I’m filming Nurse Jackie through December. There’s the possibility of a fourth Twilight [film]. I’ve written three scripts and hopefully they’ll eventually get set up.

Läs hela intervjun här!




J-14 har massor med intervjuer ute med några från The Cast!
Låt oss börja med Nikki Reed! :D
J-14 exclusive interview with Nikki Reed about her costars

J-14: When fans tell you they want to marry Rob, do you pass along the proposals?

Nikki: Rob's got a list of a million 12-year-olds waiting to marry him! If all else fails, he has a lot of options!

J-14: Did you guys expect that the fans would be this crazy?

Nikki: No! And it's not just Rob -- that's the amazing thing. All the boys in this movie -- the fans just go crazy for all of them. Sometimes Kristen and I just want to be like, "we're so sorry we're not the boys!"

J-14: If you had to come up with one word to describe each of the vampire guys in your movie fam, what would it be for Kellan?

Nikki: Teddy-bear.

J-14: Jackson?

Nikki: Artsy.

J-14: Peter Facinelli?

Nikki: Dad!

J-14: Rob?

Nikki:: Hmm, yeah, Rob's complicated!

J-14: Is there a story behind that?

Nikki: One that I shall not speak of!


Först ut är Chris Weitz!

Michael Sheen

Dakota Fanning:

Stephenie Meyer:



It's no shock we adore Kristen Stewart here at the AT. We had the pleasure of meeting her again yesterday at the New Moon junket and press conference in LA, and K.Stew truly didn't disappoint, again.

First off, she looked totally hot rocking her slightly grown out Joan Jett hair pulled back a bit with a black blazer and one of her standard quirky tees underneath. While K battles a few haters out there we think the babe's a breath of fresh air. Finally—not another cookie-cutter Hollywood bimbo. Her boy, Robert Pattinson, is kind of the guy equivalent of that, too.

After the press conference KS stopped real fast to chat with us on her way out, ‘cause we just had to know: would she work with Rob, or any of the cast, again after all these Twilightflicks are over?

AT: Once all of these Twilight movies are done you will have spent many years filming with the same group of people—would you have any interest in working with them when it's all over?
Kristen: Literally…every single one of them [she said sternly and sweetly].

AT: How about Rob, in particular. Would you see yourself staring in a flick with him again?
Kristen: Yeah, we talk about it all the time.

We're kinda surprised, but no complaints here! These kids can be the new rat-pack.

So what kinda role could you see Robsten tackle next? Maybe they should do some crazy Tarantinoflick with lots of sex, but crazy violence. A Casablanca remake of sorts. Swear we've mentioned something like this before.

Check back later to see how the rad K.Stew manages to keep her private life somewhat private.



Edi Gathegi som spelar Laurent kommer till Sverige nu i December.
Detta kommer att ske på The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention i Stockholm den 5-6 December.
För att läsa mer klicka här!


Haha, Taylor Swift gör en Twilight! :D


Nu har jag samlat ihop några fina bilder på twilight-gänget från Hot Topic!
Dock är det inte alla men det är några dussin. :D


Nu berättar Chris Weitz berättar ni att det kommer finnas hela 10 minuters borttagna scener med i New Moon DVD:n!
Collider: What can we expect on the New Moon DVD?

Chris Weitz: On the DVD there will be some deleted scenes, there will be a commentary with me and I think Kristen, Rob and Taylor at the same time, and some making of and behind the scenes type stuff.

My big question is how many minutes of deleted scenes?

Weitz: I think it’s around twenty.

Is there really going to be that many minutes?

Weitz: Yeah, but sometimes it’s just showing a whole scene with bits that have been cut out. There is not like twenty minutes of stuff thrown out. It’s like here is the fully expanded scene.

Here’s my question….the Twilight fans are obsessed with seeing stuff they haven’t seen before. So how many minutes do you think of footage that’s not in the theater would be on the DVD/Blu-ray?

Weitz: I’d say a good ten minutes of groovy stuff they haven’t seen.

So why did you cut it?

Weitz: The running time of the film and the cadence of how I wanted the film to play.


Vems skor tror ni att de är?
De är ett par ganska högklackade skor!
Nepp, ingen mindre än självaste Dakota Fanning!


That was not kissing back, that was trying to get you the hell off of me, you idiot.
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.334


Fredagen den 13 November kommer våran...min favorit författare Stephenie Meyer vara med i Oprah's show!
Dock tror jag inte det kommer sändas i Sverige men det är bara att hålla tummarna.
Så här skriver Stephenie på hennes hemsida:

Hi everybody!

I wanted to apprise you all of a few upcoming things.

You know I’ve been doing the hermit thing this last year, in so far as media is concerned, and I’m not changing that now, but I am making an exception. I’m doing this for a good reason: I am so pleased and amazed and thrilled with what Chris Weitz has done with New Moon that I want to talk about it, and to show my support for him. And since I’m only doing one interview, better make it big. Really big. So….I will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, November 13th. Check the local listings on Oprah’s website to find out what time it will be on where you live.

Of course, most of the questions for Oprah will be designed for a broader audience than just die-hard Twilight fans, and I imagine people who read this site and other fansites will already know most of the answers. To rectify this, I’m going to answer your more specific questions on-line. The official Twilight Saga website (www.TheTwilightSaga.com) will be taking any New Moon movie-related questions you might have for me, and then I’ll answer those most frequently asked. I’ll post the answers on the Twilight Saga website and also here on my own site. Questions can be submitted to TheTwilightSaga.com from noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, November 9th through noon Tuesday, November 10th. The answers will be posted Monday, November 16th—or New Moon Premiere Day, as it is known around my house. (Details about submitting the questions will be posted first thing Monday morning atTheTwilightSaga.com, you can also get more information below.)

I’m so very excited that you’ll all get to see New Moon in just two weeks! Then you’ll see what I’m going on about. Until then, think up some good questions for me.






Här pratar de om alla rykten som går runt Rob och Kristen och vad hon brukar göra när hon inte jobbar.


Här pratar de om vem hon tror är den bästa mannen av Robert och Taylor och om Bellas desperation i New Moon.


I denna videon pratar de om varför Jacob är bättre för Bella än Edward.


Denna gillar nog alla taylor-fans, de snackar nämligen om hur hårt Tay jobbade för att få upp sina muskler!


Hm, ja i denna snackar de nästan bara om vem som har bäst muskler. :P




Intervju med Alex och Edi! :D


Q: I just wanted to ask both of you guys, what was your favorite stunt to do?

Alex: For me, my favorite stunt to do was the cliff-diving scene. It’s pretty fun when you get the chance to jump off this fifty foot scaffolding just to practice the form, and it’s really exciting. I mean, it’s a good thing when an actor can actually perform your own stunts; it’s pretty rare.

Edi: I actually had a ton of fun on the second unit. The second unit director was extremely collaborative, and we actually created a shot together based on an idea that I had. And I can’t give it away, but the stunt that I do was something that I thought of and he said yes to, and it felt very wonderful to be able to have that sort of collaboration on a project of that scale.

Q: Alex, was it hard for you to come onto the New Moon set as one of the newcomers?

Edi: It was ‘cause I beat him up everyday [laughs].

Alex: There was no phase. Well, surrounded by the rest of the wolfpack, we’re all new to it, so we kind of relied on each other, you know, for support and whatnot, and we spent the most time together. So, when I saw any of the other actors, it was mostly in passing, but we did work together. It was all good, you know, we had a good time. No … I felt right at home.

Q: Edi, your character kind of makes his last stand in New Moon and Alex, yours just kind of begins, so how are your experiences in filming and how are your current experiences in promoting the film?

Edi: I guess that question’s to you, huh Alex?

Alex: You’re passin’ the torch onto me?

Edi: Well, I die and he’s just born.

Alex: Yeah, ‘cause I feed off of you.

Edi: You eat me and then you get a new life. For me, it’s all about perspective. I just feel really lucky that I was a part of not only one film but two in a huge franchise so it’s opened up a lot of doors and given me opportunities to meet people and travel and do interviews, and like it’s not bad for my career, and right now it’s sort of like, will the Twilight ever end? I don’t know when it’s gonna end, but it’s very strong, there are a lot of people, there is a lot of passion to it, and I just feel lucky to be a part of it.

Alex: And I do as well. I think it’s an amazing franchise and I’m very fortunate to have a couple of films ready for me right after New Moon. So, it’s a good process and it’s a rare thing. Most other franchises … in fact, I don’t really know of any that actually take the time out to communicate with the fans as we’re doing, you know, and I think that’s a very crucial process, and, you know, it definitely motivates you to get back and do good work.
Q: I wanted to know, now Edi you play someone that’s actually a bad guy, and then Alex you’re playing someone who’s kind of misunderstood but comes across as mean, and I was wondering where you guys draw that energy from to come across that way on film?

Edi: Well if Alex’s character is misunderstood, then I want my character to be misunderstood. [Laughs] My character is a vampire, and they eat people, and he wants to eat Bella, and that doesn’t make him a bad guy.
[Alex laughs.]

Edi: He’s just, he’s just doing what nature intended him to do, and it’s actually … he’s not apologetic but he’s explaining, you know, why he must do what he has to do. And I think that’s interpreted as being the evil and bad because the heroes of our stories are vegetarians.

Alex: Which is funny because here’s two characters that both try to kill Bella, so that’s pretty good.

Edi: Yeah, your character tries to go after her …

Alex: … but my character, I think he has a sense of pride, you know? For his culture, for the land … and he just does whatever it takes to protect the land, and when Bella – at first, when I turn to try to kill her – she’s just an outsider. I don’t think she belongs there, and she’s bringing nothing but trouble so it’s just a thick sense of pride that’s really what Paul feels.

Q: Alex, I was just wondering because your character is very extreme and intense, what do you to prepare to be that way?

Alex: I snarl in the mirror … No, I’m just kidding. Um, I – to prepare for that – I just first have to be present physically. You know, I just lifted a lot … did some martial arts, and I just felt like that’s what needs to come across on screen … that I’m scrappy, I’m agile, I can fight, I can turn into a wolf all the time, so that presence … that raw energy and presence just has to be there, so that’s what I did… Get there physically first and then I just hoped that that would inform the acting component of it.

Q: Most of the cast between Twilight and New Moon seem to have some sort of fight training now, and I was wondering if this training might actually be useful for self defense, or if it was all just posturing for the movies?

Alex: Yeah, I don’t think for myself, I’ve been doing martial arts my entire life so I know I’m efficient and effective in real-time action, um, but I don’t know… let’s hope others can defend themselves with the training that they got from Twilight.

Edi: I know how to fight, but you don’t know how to fight …

Alex: [Mockingly] ‘let’s hope others can defend themselves against me’ [laughs]
[Alex laughs]

Edi: That’s funny. I grew up in the hood…. [laughs]

Alex: Yeah pretty much … In so many words [laughs]

Q: In Twilight, Laurent seemed a little bored with it all – telling James to stop playing with his food – and now he’s finding Bella very delicious in the trailer. Has he found some sort of new energy he’s decided to come back in with … how do you see his character changing for New Moon?

Edi: Here’s the thing, and I love that you’re bringing this up. I don’t think he has changed in that sense. I think that in the boat when he says don’t play with your food it’s because it’s tired of James instilling fear in the prey – it’s not necessary, it’s actually an unkind thing to do – and with Bella in the meadow, he’s not playing with his food. He’s actually only interacting with her because he has a connection to her – he’s already met her. If it was just another human being, he would do it quickly and swiftly and painlessly. With Bella, he wants to connect with her before he takes her life.

Q: Edi, you said before that you were really looking forward to the on-screen fight with the wolves, so now that you’ve seen the first cut from the film, did the fight live up to your expectations?

Edi: I can’t say … [laughs] I cannot say. You watch the movie on November 20th, you will see, tell me! That’s my final answer [laughs].

Q: Alex, Chris Weitz said that the eyes of the wolves were going to be kind of the actors’ eyes – you know, their soul – so is it going to be your eyes that we’re going to see on Paul in wolf form?

Alex: I’ve yet to see the finished version of my wolf, so I don’t know. But if they put my eyes on there I’m sure it’ll be really dreamy [laughs].

Q: There’s a lot of the news about Chris Weitz being very skilled with CGI, and I was wondering if this was each of your first experience in dealing with CGI, and how did you find it?

Alex: Yes, this is my first time doing CGI, and I was completely excited because I knew he had brought his team from The Golden Compass who was Phil Tippett who’s a legend in that realm, so I was completely excited … And it was great, it was very clear – most times when you work with CGI, from what I’d heard, it’s pretty hard to understand what’s going on because it takes a lot of imagination, but I found it to be really clear to do what I needed to do.

Edi: Yeah, yeah, it does take a lot of imagination to let it work. I mean, there are basically several slates that are going on in any given scene where they have to create the entire scene but you have to act like the wolves – you know Styrofoam cows and they you know they do the movement of what the wolf would do, and then they take them away and put the actor in there. They just do a bunch of stuff over and over and over again in order to get the scene to later on draw the wolf in. It’s sophisticated labor and stuff, but I think we had some of the best people in the world for it, so …

Q: You have both participated in several Twilight conventions, and I was wondering how is that for you guys to just be on stage and just be adored and asked a lot of questions?

Alex: For me, it’s pretty wild, you know … automatically thrust into this platform for a movie that isn’t even out yet – you know, to me that’s kind of mind-blowing but is great because it tells you how loyal the fans are you know that just anyone can play the character because the fans know the stories already. They already know my journey, so it’s been pretty wild, you know, it’s been good. It’s definitely motivating me to get back up to Vancouver and do some good work. It’s given me good perspective.


Haha, stackare!


Rumors had been swirling about the last chapter in the Twilight Saga film franchise: would Breaking Dawn get greenlit or not? While everyone from Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey to star Kristen Stewart managed to stay tight-lipped about the unconfirmed sequel at today's New Moon press conference in Beverly Hills, our hopeful hearts got a piece of very big news about the film from none other than Robert Pattinson.

Answering the last question of the day, Rob shared his shooting schedule for 2010 – including, at least for now, filming the novel adaptation Bel Ami, the western Unbound Captives, and yes, Breaking Dawn.

"I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall of next year," Pattinson said, adding that Summit "may well change that."
Läs resten här!


Cool bild, visst? :)



Hej, har ni sett Christians nya frisyr?
Jag kände inte igen henne först!
Hey, beautiful girl!


Ett skämt för oaa true blood och twilight älskare! :D


Visste ni att New Moon är Roberts favorit bok?! :)



Nu skulle jag vilja tipsa om en bra sajt där man kan samla poäng och vinna mycket fina priser!
Gratisbio är faktiskt mycket roligt, man kan skaffa nya vänner och samla poäng till t.ex. bio biljetter eller presentkort.
[Klicka på bilden för att bli medlem]


Twilight Unbound är en självbiografi av författaren Stephenie Meyer  i teknad :)
Här är ett smak prov:



Nu är listan på alla musik som kommer vara med i New Moon ute!
Här är New Moon Score Soundtrack:
  • New Moon
  • Bella Dreams
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Volturi Waltz
  • Blood Sample
  • Edward Leaves
  • Werewolves
  • I Need You
  • Break Up
  • Memories of Edward
  • Wolves v. Vampire
  • Victoria
  • Almost a Kiss
  • Adrenaline
  • Dreamcatcher
  • To Volterra
  • You are Alive
  • The Volturi
  • The Cullens
  • Marry Me, Bella
  • Full Moon



En intervju med Justin, Mike, Anna och Cristian.
Q: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Mike: My favorite scene by far was the kind of three way date that happened between Mike and Bella and Jacob. That horribly awkward moment when Mike asks Bella out to the movies and she tries to turn it into a group thing and then it ends up being the worst case scenario which is that three way thing. You know, I’m sure it was certainly not a lot of fun for Mike to go through. I mean I can relate, as I’m sure a lot of us can, but it was a
lot of fun to do.

Anna: And I would have to say that there is a scene where Jessica and Bella go to the movies. That was fun because Jessica really likes to talk about herself and Bella is really depressed. She’s not saying much. We were just kind of trying to do it all in one take, and Chris told me to just keep talking until we came to a natural stop. So I stopped and just kind of monologued as flighty, silly Jessica which was a blast.

Q: You guys portray the nice people in the series, does it feel ostracizing to not be included in the fight scenes or action sequences?

Justin: I love being on the lighter side of things. I think it is definitely needed in the film. It can't just be dark moods, love triangles and stuff like that. I think that it is refreshing to us to act in those type of scenes too. I very much enjoy it.

Christian: It would be fun to get to do some of the training, but it’s still nice to have this brighter, lighter role where I can bring some comedy to it.

Q: Have you taken any souvenirs from the Twilight or New Moon sets?

Justin: Mm, not me. I haven't taken anything. I am a good little boy.

Christian: He set that up because of what I’m going to tell you. Yah, I took some bracelets! I forgot to take them off, and then I realized I was happy I forgot to because I had an ‘Angela souvenir.'

Q: Have you guys had any crazy or memorable fan experiences?

Christian: None very crazy. They have all been really respectful and really chill. They have all actually been really cool people.

Justin: The craziest I have seen is with a girl. She tattooed Twilight and New Moon on her body. I thought that was pretty wild.
Läs resten av intervjun här!


Miljontals stills! :)
Alltid trevligt.
Tryck på bilderna för större format!

Do you like it?


Här kommer en härlig intervju med Ashley, Jackson, Nikki och Kellan från the cast!
Man får reda på mycket fakta om dem vilket är väldigt kul, t.ex. att Kellan har ett väldigt bra självförtroende och att Nikki har en tatuering.

Which member of the cast would you like to be stuck on desert island with?
Nikki: Kristen Stewart
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Jackson
Jackson: Ashley

Which member of the cast would you like to get drunk with?
Nikki: I don’t drink
Kellan: Jackson
Ashley: Jackson
Jackson: Rob Pattinson – we used to go to a bar and do open mikes together

Who would you go for a shoulder to cry on?

Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: My Eclipse co-star Bryce Dallas Howard
Jackson: Nikki

Who would you have a one night stand with?

Nikki: Elizabeth!
Kellan: Bella’s Mum (actress Sarah Clark)
Ashley: Can I say Jackson again? Although I don’t have one night stands!
Jackson: Elizabeth

Which is the gender cliché that you’re embarrassed to say you succumb to?
Nikki: I actually really enjoy putting on make-up, not because I think I look better, but I really like art and painting.
Kellan: Football, sport in general. Although I have a lot of female friends who are into football just as much as me, that’s why I love hanging out with the girls, they get so into it and that’s sexy to me.
Jackson: I can’t clean. I really can’t, I’m not very good at it, I’m actually a poor cleaner. My level of cleanliness is far below most, I wear the same pants every day, I get at least 2-3 wearings out of my socks. Not in a row – they sit in my dirty pile.
Ashley: My dog is spoilt, I buy him clothes. I love girl movies and girl wine. I definitely get very excited over clothes, like really excited.

What’s the gender cliché you go against?

Nikki: I like clothes if I’m handed them, I don’t like shopping. I get bored really easily, like having to go through things and looking through racks. I’d much rather eat than shop.
Kellan: I am the worst at packing. If I’m going to the beach, it’ll take me like an hour to pack my stuff like my towels, bathing suits and games.
Jackson: I’m not into sports. I used to play a lot of baseball as a kid but I’ve never followed it I was always much more into art.
Ashley: I’m a real college football girl and I like hockey games. They’re really brutal but I enjoy them. I was a tomboy when I was growing up, I climbed trees and stuff.

Which member of the cast would you get to cook dinner?

Nikki: Peter Facinelli
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Peter Facinelli – he always says he’s cooked too much and invites us round to eat it!
Jackson: Peter Facinelli

Who in the cast would you go to for relationship advice?

Kellan: Ashley Greene. We’re very close and it’s great to have someone especially as you work with them, just to talk to for advice.
Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser. She has a good head on her shoulders
Ashley: I ask Kellan a lot about guys because he’s honest with me and she’s new but Bryce Dallas Howard is really nurturing and kind of motherly.
Jackson: Peter Facinelli. He’s got a wife, kids, beautiful home. That’s gorgeous. Someday hopefully, I’m taking tips from him.

Which member of the cast would you get to style you?

Nikki: Kellan
Kellan: Alex Meraz, who plays one of the werewolves, has good style.
Ashley: Rachelle Lefevre, although Kristen and I have the same taste in jeans
Jackson: Ashley

Which of the New Moon cast would you choose to help in fight?

Nikki: Jackson
Kellan: None. I wouldn’t need the help in a fight!
Ashley: Kellan
Jackson: Nikki



Här är en bättre bild på Eclispe postern!


Forget Team Jacob because we've got a new favorite member of the New Moon wolf pack. Depicted by newcomer Alex Meraz, Paul is the most headstrong of the werewolf clan. We don't want to let the bobcat out of the bag, so let's say he's got a major 'tude-and the bod to match. However, there's more to Meraz than bulging biceps and a taste for vampire carnage. AP caught up with the Arizona native during his final days of filming the vampire saga's third installment, Eclipse, to talk about his love of painting, dancing, and Right Said Fred.

Before your undying interest in killing vampires, we read that were an accomplished painter. Do tell.
I went to an art school in Arizona called New School for the Arts, and I was basically drawing nude models at the age of 13. Initially, I wanted to be a professional painter, and eventually, I got a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute. However, I ended up not taking that route because I realized that art was something I could always do. There were other things I wanted to do with my body that I could only do for a certain amount of time-like dancing.

When did you discover you passion for dance?
My first discipline, as far as dance goes, was break dancing. I hung out with a lot of street kids in Arizona and got into the whole hop-hop scene. One of my brothers was a DJ, so he take me out to clubs. At that point I was 5 or 6 and a lot of those places were 21 or older, but I’d watch all these kids dance and I was hooked.

Sounds like it was pretty natural that you evolved into an actor.
I did drama in high school, and my teacher thought I had a lot of potential, but to me, acting was crappy musicals - I didn’t want to do that. It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco that I met my metor, [actor] Raoul Trujillo, who saw me dance, thought I’d so well in film and got me my first acting gig.

Which creative outlet makes you feel vulnerable: painting, dancing, or acting?
I’d have to say acting. With painting, you’re showing more of a subconscious level of your work. The gratification is immediate. Dance is the same way. It’s real, and its organic, but I feel like you can hide behind your body. With acting, you can’t. You have to be very honest. You have to try and translate emotions that everyone has gone through.

Where were you when you got the call that were going to be part of the Twilight saga?
I was in the kitchen, about to make some food. Then I got the call and was really surprised. I initially went out for another role, so I was heartbroken at first because I didn’t get that role. But then they told me I got the role of Paul, which I hadn’t even auditioned for. At that point, I was relieved I got something.

Tell me a little about you character for the five people who haven’t read New Moon.
My character Paul is the most volatile of the wolf-pack, who are created to protect the reservation from vampires

In all of the pictures we’ve seen you in, it doesn’t seem like you’re ever wearing a shirt. Do you have something against shirts? Or, more importantly, do you own any?
[Laughs] Well, It goes with the project. As part of the wolf-pack, we run a temperature of 108 degrees. We run really hot, which is why we’re always in shorts. It’s to keep us cooler.

So, you’re literally to hot for your shirt.
Yup! [Right Said Fred’s “Too Sexy”] should be out theme song.

The Universal language:
To get in the mood to kick some vampire butt, Meraz called on the pro-metal stylings of Tool, specifically 2001’s Lateralus and the bands most recent album 10,000 Days. “There’s a scene in New Moon where I’m about to [attempt to] kill Kristen Stewart's character,” remembers Meraz, “and [before I started filming,] I had my headphones on and started jumping up and down. The director, Chris Weitz, was like, ‘Whoa, I’ve never seen someone so amped up using music before.’”


Du har det kommit miljoner stills från New Moon!
Jag tycker verkligen Bellas(Kristens) hår var fint i New Moon!
Specielt på bilden nedan.


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


Jag spelade habbo innan men sedan tröttna jag och fick mycket mer att göra.
Iaf, finns det en twilight värld! :D
Kolla bilderna så förstår du ;)
Spelar någon därute habbo? :)



Direkt från Thetwilightsaga.se :

Sf skriver:
Filmen är dock inte granskad av Statens Biografbyrå, så åldersgränsen är inte bestämd. Innan en film får distribueras på den svenska marknaden måste den granskas av Statens Biografbyrå. Även om de aldrig klipper i filmer numera sätter de fortfarande åldersgränser. Statens Biografbyrå bedömer om filmen bör vara barntillåten, alternativt tillåten från 7, 11 eller 15 år.
Eftersom ”New Moon” ännu inte är granskad, säljer vi biljetter utifrån åldergränsen 15 år och avvaktar vidare beslut.


Det finns fortfarande hopp för oss! :D


Julia är väldigt söt, tycker ni inte?
Lime Life har haft en intervju med Julia Jones som spler Leah i Eclispe.

LimeLife: Julia, we can only imagine how having a part in the Twilight film franchise could change an actor's path, both professionally and personally. Is that true?

Julia Jones: I joke it's like the answer to the question, "How has Twilight changed your life?" and I like to say that, well, I wear a lot more plaid now and I listen to much better music...because it's very true! But just the opportunities that come after being involved in a project like this - there are many more of them, and they're great ones also. So that's the biggest way.

LimeLife: Are you able to talk about some of the opportunities that are now in the works for you?

Julia Jones: Actually I can't quite talk about it yet...

LimeLife: Fair enough.

Julia Jones: But I think it's pretty remarkable because I don't think I'm a better actress this week than I was a month ago. But when you walk into a room with Twilight on your resume, all of a sudden the people who were looking at your skeptically a month ago are now looking at you are looking at you like, Please be good, we want to cast you. (Laughs.) It's completelydifferent.

LimeLife: But it probably gives you a little more confidence and authority when you walk into an audition, right?

Julia Jones: Yes. In some ways for sure. I think in terms of being more relaxed and comfortable - especially if it's a role I'm really going for, I kind of commit to a point that makes me appear really confident and aggressive and assertive. But deep down I'm like, Oh my god!

LimeLife: Have you read the Twilight books at this point?

Julia Jones: I read the books when I got cast. I read them all in two weeks, I think partly because it was a place to put my head! (Laughs.) There was so much going on around me and I just wanted to sort of check out, so I just got lost in these books. It was great.

Läs hela intervju här!


With long, curly red hair, porcelain skin and a loud, infectious laugh, actress Rachelle Lefevre is hard to overlook. But until she appeared as the bitchy bloodsucker Victoria in the 2008 smash hit Twilight, she'd been a relative unknown. Now with the hotly anticipated second film in the series, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, hitting theaters November 20 and two more films in the works, Lefevre is about to find herself in the glare of the spotlight.

"When I first got to LA, everybody said I was too 'girl-next-door' for edgier roles," she says. "I ended up playing a stripper, an escort, a vampire and an off-her-rocker troubled poet. I keep playing roles that are not even close to the girl next door."

While Lefevre's upcoming projects will certainly keep her from being typecast, they also give the actress a chance to walk a mile in some very different shoes. In Barney's Version, she plays the manic-depressive, hippie-poet first wife of costar Paul Giamatti. In Casino Jack, she's a Washington, DC, power player (opposite Kevin Spacey and Jon Lovitz), a character that's based on real life press secretary Emily Miller.

"We'd gotten the suits together and [when we went] shopping for shoes, I bought these intensely spiky Fendi and Christian Dior stilettos," says Lefevre. "I felt she was a little bit 'vanity first,' and it helped me find her as a character. And I do that without judgment— depending on how you grow up and the circles you move in, you value different things, and I saw her as valuing really good heels."

When she's not on set, the 30-year-old Montreal native prefers J Brand jeans, tees, boots, blazers and a signature piece of chunky jewelry. Her last fashion splurge: a gray patent leather Chloé Eloise bag. And while she’ll also cop to Balmain and Stella McCartney obsessions, it’s at New York City's myriad vintage stores, including Cadillac's Castle and Zachary's Smile, that she gets her best retail therapy.

However, dressing up for Gotham's fashion shoot gave the actress a whole new appreciation for modern design. "There's quite a difference between putting on a regular dress and a dress that has a bodice built into it, and boning and all this invisible stuff underneath," she says. "I literally had a different body in these dresses. They're designed to physically make you, from the neck down, a better woman."



På måndag ska ett program på Kanal 5 sändas som heter Ullared och där kommer de också att visa en reklam för New Moon!
Så sätt på tv kl.20.13 så kommer du se något kul!
En annan reklam som finns:



Nu har det kommit en ny Eclispe poster!
Detta är såklart inte den ända Eclispe postern som kommer komma ut, det kommer komma ut några till.


Nu skrev dagens nyheter en artikel om biljettutsläppet för New Moon!
SF:s biosajt kraschade när Twilight-biljetter släpptes

SF Bios webbsajt kraschade när biljetterna till Twilightfilmen ”New moon” släpptes på onsdagen. Fansens anstormning blev för stor.

– Det var för många som bokade samtidigt. Men innan den lade ner hade 1.200 personer köpt och 4.000 reserverat biljetter till premiärkvällen, säger Annmari Bergmark, pressansvarig på Nordisk film.

Den andra delen i Twilightserien, ”New moon”, har världspremiär den 20 november. Under onsdagen uttryckte mängder av fans sin frustration på Twilights twittrar och bloggar.

– Fansen är så starka. Twilight är inte bara en film utan ett fenomen, säger Annmari Bergmark

Läs hela artikeln här!




Rob: On Driving
“My dad’s a car dealer, but I grew up in London, so I always say I don’t drive…I get driven. I got a driving lesson in Oregon, and then I bought a car in L.A. and I basically learned how to drive by people honking at me. I’m terrible at driving.”

Kristen: On Cats vs. Dogs
If she could be an animal, she’d be a cat. “With cats, you’re like, ‘Come here!’ And they’re standing there being like, ‘Fuck you!’”

Rob: On Laundry

“In London, doing the washing was a bi-annual thing, a giant mission. Me and my flatmate had BMX [bikes] and we’d have two of them and this massive laundry sack, a convoy.”

Kristen: On Menswear
“I think it’s sexy when chicks wear black slouchy trousers — fitted, but slouchy. I look at designer clothes on Rob and I’m like, ‘I want those pants, man.’”

Rob: On Anonymity

“I kind of wish people didn’t know who I am, that I could just lie, say I’m a speechwriter for Obama. This is what I said before Twilight. And then Obama came along and picked up all these young writers. I found out this guy, Jon Favreau — who’s not the actor Jon Favreau — is writing for him. And I was like, ‘Wow, I wonder if the people who thought I was bullshitting at the time are like, ‘Oh my god. That guy! That kid who was drunk in some bar actually wrote the health care bill!’”

Kristen: On Stature
“I’m 5′6″. I feel like I should be taller. I feel like I’m smaller than my mental stature. I should be 5′10″. 5′10″ would be very good.”

Rob: On Money

“I don’t spend any money. The only thing I’ve really bought is my car, which cost $1,500 and keeps exploding. It would be nice to buy a house for my parents, but at the same time my parents are so comfortable where they live; they would probably just feel like it was a burden. I wear the same clothes every day and the only thing I used to splurge on was DVDs.”

Kristen: On Acting

“Anything that I do for work, I’m nervous about. If I’m not nervous about it, then I shouldn’t be doing it.”

Rob: On Modeling
“I peaked at 12. There are so many photos from that time where I look unbearably awkward. I’d just be looking in random directions and stuff.”

Kristen: On Baking

“I make really good pie. Apple pie — it’s the best.”

Rob: On Dancing
He says dancing makes him nervous. “I used to be really good, but then something happened in my brain.”


Jag får trösta mig själv med de här bilderna eftersom jag inte kan se filmen på bio! ;(

Se fler bilder här!


Dagens bild är på lille söta Rob!
Jag känner faktiskt inte igen honom på denna bilden.


Bokhora.se hade äran att få ställa några frågot till självaste Stephenie Meyer!



2 juni 2003: en 29-årig hemmafru i Arizona vaknar upp från en ovanligt levande dröm. I drömmen är två personer inbegripna i ett uppslukande samtal i en skog. Den ena är en helt vanlig tonårstjej, den andra en självlysande vacker vampyr. Samtalet kretsar kring hur lockande tjejens blod doftar, och varför det aldrig kan bli de två. Drömmerskan kliver upp, skjutsar sina barn (”chimpanser på speed” enligt henne själv) till simskolan och sätter sig sedan ner för att skriva.


Sensommaren 2008 råder det Stephenie Meyer-hysteri i större delen av den popkulturellt uppdaterade västvärlden. ”Breaking Dawn”, den fjärde och avslutande delen i Meyer omåttligt populära serie om Bella och Edward, har precis kommit ut. I USA klädde tusentals fanpires ut sig till sina favoritkaraktärer från böckerna och köade i timmar – i extrema fall dagar – för att få sitt exemplar. En ung man passade på att, utklädd till Edward, fria till sin flickvän i bokhandelskön. Svaret? Ja, förstås. När premiären för den femte Harry Potter-filmen skjuts fram till sommaren 2009 får Stephenie Meyer dödshot från rabiata Potterfans som är övertygade om att det är den kommande filmatiseringen av ”Twilight” som orsakat senareläggningen. Detta förnekas från alla håll, men inom några dagar har ”Twilight” övertagit premiärdatumet för ”Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. (I Sverige får vi vänta tills nästa år, tyvärr, även om produktionsbolaget jobbar på en tidigareläggning av premiären.)


I samma veva blossar debatten kring huruvida Meyers böcker är god litteratur upp på svenska bloggar och, senare, på DNs Barn & Ung-sida. Båda lägren tycks vara relativt överens om att Meyers adjektivstinna, juvenilt överspända prosa och de frejdiga moralkakorna INTE är litteratur i världsklass, men vi är många som trollbinds av serien ändå. Inte minst jag själv, som upptagit kontakten med min inre fjortis alltsedan jag på vinst och förlust köpte ett ex av ”Twilight”, den första boken i serien, en vinterdag för ett par år sedan.


När jag får chansen att intervjua Stephenie Meyer via mail passar jag förstås på att fråga hur de senaste åren tett sig för henne. Har hon landat ännu?


- De senaste tre åren har varit helt surrealistiska. Jag befinner mig ständigt i chocktillstånd över hur framgångsrika mina böcker blivit, säger Meyer, som själv verkar mest förvånad över Bella och Edward-hysterin.


- Jag har ägnat mycket tid åt att fundera över varför mina böcker har väckt så mycket entusiasm och hängivenhet hos läsarna, men jag har aldrig blivit klok på det. Men jag vet hur mycket jag älskar mina litterära skapelser, så kanske är det så enkelt som att det genomsyrar berättelserna och får andra personer att älska dem också. Jag tror att vetskapen om att folk älskar det jag gör har gjort mig mer självsäker i mitt skrivande – jag vet att jag kan lita på mina historier och min berättarstil och behöver inte oroa mig över att jag gör fel.


På tal om dina karaktärer: när jag läser en bok jag verkligen gillar kommer jag ofta på mig själv med att rollbesätta persongalleriet. Gjorde du samma sak när du skrev böckerna? Hur stämmer i så fall skådespelarna i ”Twilight” in på din personliga bild av Bella, familjen Cullen, Jacob och de andra?

Jag föreställde mig ”Twilight” som film medan jag skrev den och ägnade en hel del tid åt att mentalt casta karaktärerna. När rollbesättningen väl började till filmen var de flesta av skådespelarna jag föreställt mig för gamla. Jag är jättenöjd med rollbesättningen. Kristen[Stewart, spelar Bella, bokhorans anm] är en fantastisk skådis, Taylor [Lautner] är en riktig naturbegåvning som Jacob, och hela Cullen-klanen är fantastisk. Summits bästa drag var att ge Rob Pattinson rollen som Edward. Edwards roll är nyckeln till huruvda filmen blir en framgång eller ett misslyckande, och Rob har gjort ett bättre jobb än vad jag hade kunnat drömma om var möjligt.

Man får intrycket av att Stephenie själv är lika förhäxad av den undersköne gentlemannavampyren Edward som hennes läsare. Senaste (sista?) utflykten i Twilightvärlden har för Stephs del varit ”Midnight Sun”, där händelseförloppet i ”Twilight” återberättas ur Edwards perspektiv. Ett halvknepigt uppdrag, minst sagt, då Edward (som ni vet) kan höra andras tankar… förutom Bellas, givetvis. För några veckor sedan läckte manuset till ”Midnight Sun” ut på nätet utan Stephenies godkännande, och i skrivande stund är det oklart om hon kommer att färdigställa och publicera boken.


Jag har hört att du alltid har ett soundtrack när du skriver på ett nytt bokprojekt [se där, en gemensam nämnare med Christine Falkenland!]. Vad är soundtracket till ”Midnight Sun”?

Jag föredrar att hålla mina soundtrack hemliga tills boken kommer ut, men det är ingen hemlighet att det  lär bli massvis med Muse.

(Sedan min intervju har Stephenie släppt spellistan till ”Midnight Sun”, som går att läsa och lyssna till här, och ja, det blev en del Muse. Synd att jag inte kände till att hon suttit och lyssnat på deras version av ”Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”; då hade jag kunnat övertala henne att välja Smiths originalversion istället…)

Det har varit ett hektiskt år för Stephenie. I maj utkom hennes första roman för vuxna, den romantiska science fiction-tegelstenen ”The Host” – som om det inte räckte med hela mediakarusellen kring ”Breaking Dawn”… Hon har lovat sig själv att aldrig, aldrig mer göra PR för två böcker på ett och samma år.


Vad är den största skillnaden mellan att skriva för (först och främst) ungdomar och att skriva för vuxna läsare?

Det är ingen större skillnad för mig som författare. Precis som med Twilightsviten (det här är förmodligen den enda likheten mellan ”The Host” och Twilightböckerna!) är ”The Host” bara en historia jag hade kul med när jag berättade den för mig själv. Min egen underhållning, att jag har kul i skrivarprocessen, är alltid orsaken till att en av mina historier blir färdigskrivna. Jag föreställer mig aldrig en läsekrets bortom mig själv när jag skriver: den aspekten kan vänta tills det blir dags att redigera.


Kommer det en fortsättning på ”The Host”?

Jag har utkast till två uppföljare till ”The Host”, men har ingen aning om när eller ens om jag kommer ta tag i dem. Jag har många historier jag vill berätta.


Kanske fler historier om Twilightgänget..? Jag vet att det är sagt att ”Breaking Dawn” ska vara den sista berättelsen om Bella och Edward, men vad är oddsen för en bok om, säg, Jacob och Renesmee, eller någon av de andra mer perifera rollfigurerna?

Jag har faktiskt inte bestämt mig än ifall jag ska fortsätta skriva om Twilight-världen, bortsett från ”Midnight Sun”. Jag behöver en paus från vampyrer.


Vad läser du just nu, Stephenie?

Jag har precis avslutat en fantastisk ny bok av Suzanne Collins som heter ”The Hunger Games”. Fastän jag redan läst ut den kunde jag inte sova eftersom jag tänkte på den.


Har du någon favoritgenre?

Jag är en passionerad läsare av alla möjliga olika genrer; jag älskar sci-fi, fantasy, samtida litteratur och gärnaklassiker. Om en bok är välskriven är jag på!


Vilken är din favoritbok inom vampyrlitteraturen och varför?

Ironiskt nog är skräck den enda litterära genre jag försöker undvika. Jag är världens största fegis, så jag är förvånad över att jag började skrivit något som vissa räknar till skräckgenren. Jag har ingen favorit bland vampyrromaner eftersom jag inte läser dem.


Nämn några av dina favoritförfattare.

Orson Scott Card, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Shannon Hale, Rick Riordan och Shakespeare.





Nya outtakes från Nylon Magazine!
Se fler här!


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


I don’t want you to be afraid.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 13, p.262


Vad coolt, synd att det inte finns twilight godis här i Sverige.
Eller det kanske finns...jag har inte sett något ialla fall.


Ja, nu är biljetterna till New Moon släppta!
De finns att reservera på sf.se nu.
Det är 15-årsgräns på filmen så jag kommer inte kunna se den!
Klicka här för att köpa din biljett!



Nya bilder på Taylor och Kristen i Mexico!


Jag vet inte vad jag ska säga!
Jag älskar de här bilderna, de är så snygga!
Kolla bara på Kristen, beautiful!
Klicka på de små bilderna för större!



The Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi Featurette

Trailer Park | MySpace Video


Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed in Nylon

“We were just making a little independent film in Portland,” says Nikki Reed of the movie that changed her life.  “I don’t know what happened.”
What happened is that Twilight exploded from a book beloved by teenage girls to become one of the cultural phenomenons of a decade.

The film grossed nearly $400 worldwide and made tabloid staples of stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and, increasingly, the rest of the cast too.

Reed, who plays vampire Rosalie Hale, shakes her head increedulously:  “We’ve lived this entire year in shock.”

Check out some photo outtakes online and get the issue on newstands now.


Läs denna intervjun, det är mycket bra New Moon fakta och mer!
Melissa Rosenberg

In your script for Twilight, you wrote in a number of direct quotes from Stephenie Meyer’s book. Can we expect the same in New Moon and Eclipse?

There are definitely some quotes sprinkled throughout. In some cases I’m paraphrasing, but I do try to include as many as I can. It’s very important. It brings the flavor of the book into the movie, so I definitely try to.

Fans want to know: Did the proposal scene make it into New Moon?
The proposal comes into the end of New Moon, and that is the first proposal. Absolutely in Eclipse, the proposal when they’re on the bed, yes — to me, that was a quintessential scene from the book. When Edward gets on his knees, with his mother’s ring, and she says yes — that was one of the most romantic scenes that Stephenie wrote in all four books.”

Get the rest on Fearnet





Nu är musik videon till Satillite Heart färdig!

'Satellite Heart' Anya Marina

Anya Marina | MySpace Video


Some nice pictures on Rob! :)
Se fler bilder här!


Warner Music Sweden var så snälla och skickade några fina bilder från Anya Marina's nya musik video till låten som är med på New Moon soundtrack, Satellite!
Vilken bild tycker du är finast?


En intervju med varg tjejen? :)
Q: So, how was filming for Eclipse?

A: It was different because the directors were very different. David Slade was really precise, like he's a technical director ... At least this is what I found. Chris Weitz, he focuses a lot on emotion I guess because he's an actor himself. That was the difference between filming with the two of them, but it was great because I missed the boys. I missed Chaske and all of those, we all got along so well, it was great to just get back and see them. I think that's the biggest story about being on the film.

Q:How is it when you guys get back together, I know you're close, so how is it when you guys get back together for conventions? Is it kinda the same or different?

A: No, it's exactly the same. I actually love the conventions, like the ones in Australia... the best thing about it was, first of all, getting to meet the Volturi team. We are just pranksters, so Chaske and I got to meet the Volturi guys, and then it was just like non-stop pranks. The one time Charlie [Bewley] was on stage and while he was doing an interview, Chris Heyerdahl comes between the curtains and started tickling him. And then Cameron Bright and I were on the side holding these little packets of Vegemite which is this Australian food that they all love. And we just start whipping packets of Vegemite at him on stage. We did have a lot of fun, I don't know .. You know how like when you have really good friends that you don't have to talk eachother for months and then you see them again and you just sort of pick up? That’s our relationship.

Q: That's awesome. So, I know that Breaking Dawn isn't greenlit but would you come back for it?

A: Yeah, absolutely.
Läs resten av intervjun, här!


Nu har Kristen och Taylor varit med i en intervju nu när de är i Mexico!
Här är en video intervju och några bilder:

Vad tycker ni om Kristens frisyr?

Jag tycker det blev väldigt coolt så som hon har det på bilden :)





Rather than working his way through supermodels, Pattinson, who’s been living out of three suitcases for the past year, has been feeling overwhelmed, self-conscious, and guilty. “I’m trying not to drown,” he says in his hotel room at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, which is littered today with beer bottles, old scrambled eggs, a half-eaten Twix bar, and a dirty pair of jeans on the living-room floor. And he notices that he hasn’t made his bed. “Oh, God. Sorry about that.”

“I’m unbearably self-conscious about stuff,” he admits. To the point where, while filming scenes before the army of New York paparazzi that has been following him around, he is terrified that his “ass crack is showing.”

Despite the fact that he is an exquisite beauty—with perfectly formed red, red lips and a face that might have been dreamed by the Romantic poets—he thinks he resembles “a cartoon character.” One of his legs is longer than the other, which makes him look, he assures you, “like an idiot.”
He’s sure he’s driving people crazy by constantly talking about how he can’t leave his hotel room. And he sees his inability to relish his fans’ reverence as his own shortcoming. “I guess I’m not the type of guy cut out to do a franchise,” he says. “I’m not much of a crowd person.”

[Pattinson’s director from the indie film How to Be, Oliver Irving,] recalls, “he’d make his eyes water and get himself all worked up ... slapping himself and doing everything he possibly could to make him feel ill,” while passersby wondered what the hell was the matter with this guy.
When you play a weirdo, he explains, “You can always have an excuse... He’s a weirdo!”

“What Rob and Kristen had is a multitude of feelings for each other. Complex feelings for each other,” says Hardwicke. “It was what we needed. Complex, intense fascination.”

Läs resten av intervjun här!




En till som spelar ett instrument, de kunde starta ett band tillsammans. Alla i twilight gänget som kan spela något instrument eller sjunga! :D
Sen kan de döpa bandet till Twilight!



OME! Jag älskar bilderna, de är väldigt...fina!
[Tryck på de små bilderna för större forma.]
Se fler bilder här!


Innan skrev jag att Kristen och Taylor var i Brasilien, Robert är i Japan med Chris Weitz för samma anledning :)


Två nya bilder från Rob's photoshoot med VF.
Vilken är din favorit?


Nu har det kommit ut några bilder från presskonferensen i Brasilien.
Nu drar hela promotionsturneen för New Moon igång alltså där New Moon stjärnorna besöker olika länder men inte några lans i skandinavien vad vi känner till.
Taylor och Kristen är idag i San Paolo i Brasilien där de kommer göra massor av saker.
Robert Pattinson och Chris Weitz är i Japan och ska på tisdag promota filmen i Tokyo.


I was aware of the time slipping away so quickly, like the black road beneath us, and I was hideously afraid that I would never have another chance to be with him like this again — openly, the walls between us gone for once.
His words hinted at an end, and I recoiled from the idea.
I couldn’t waste one minute I had with him.
- Bella Swan


Filmen Remember me som Robert Pattinson spelade i kommer få världspremiär i Sverige också!
Filmen kommer släppas den 12 februari 2010 i USA samt här i Sverige.
Ett drama centrerad på två älskande vars nyvunna relation är hotade när de försöker klara av sina respektive familj tragedier


Det skulle vara kul om det skulle visas i Sverige med! :D


Söt eller söt eller söt? :)

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