Borta bra men hemma bäst för Ashley Greene

Ashley verkar ha saknat din bostad väldigt mycket och framför allt hennes bedårande hund också. 


Ashley Greene i Butter

Är det bara jag som tycker det blev en massa Ashley Greene idag? Men jag klagar inte! Ashley ska faktiskt vara med i en ny komedi film som heter Butter. Gissa vem som ska producera filmen! Ingen mindre än Jennifer Garner!

“Twilight” regular Ashley Greene has joined the Weinstein Co. comedy “Butter.”Jennifer Garner is producing and starring in the film, based on the Black List screenplay written by newcomer Jason Micallef. Alissa Phillips and Mike De Luca are also producing the project, which director Jim Field Smith (“She’s Out of My League”) will begin filming next week in Louisiana.

“Butter” follows a number of competitive characters in a small Midwestern town as they become entwined in an annual butter-carving contest. Greene will play a rebellious high school teenager named Kaitlen Pickler. (Do I smell a sequel built around anaerobic fermentation?)

Repped by Innovative Artists and McKeon-Myones Entertainment, Greene just wrapped shooting on the Warner Bros./Dark Castle thriller “The Apparition.” She will next reprise her role as Alice Cullen in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which Summit releases in June, and she stars in the indie drama “Skateland,” which had its world premiere at Sundance in January.

Nya bilder på Ashley Greene från Skateland Premiären i SXSW


Ashley Greene på premiären festen av Skateland

Se fler bilder här!

Den officiella Skateland postern

Här ser ni den officiella postern till Skateland som Ashley Greene har en roll i. :)
Tror ni det är bra?


Om det är någon i twilight gänget som har något extra när det gäller vissa saker så är det Ashley Greene.
Ashley var på Giorgio Armani Fashion Show.
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Idag fyller Ashley Greene 23 år! :D
Grattis till henne!


Här kommer en större bild på Ashley.


The February 2010 issue of Savvy Magazine features a new interview and cover with Twilight and New Moon star Ashley Greene.

In a ten-page fashion spread and interview, the actress discusses her independent film, Skateland, as it debuts at the Sundance Film Festival. She also shares a behind the scenes glimpse at filming The Twilight Saga movies and discusses her most recent endeavor, landing the lead in the new Warner Bros. thriller The Apparition. “To actually be the lead of a studio film and to have input on it is just really cool.” said Greene. The movie begins shooting early this year in Berlin.

The same issue of Savvy also contains interviews with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and The Vampire Diaries’ Zach Roerig, along with a fashion feature on When in Rome’s Kristen Bell. The special expanded issue also has a bonus section on Prom 2010.

Savvy Magazine is available at Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton and other booksellers and, retailing for $4.95. For more information on the current issue of Savvy or for subscriptions and back issues, visit


What She’s Stylin’: This outfit came straight out of my closet. I’m wearing an Urban Outfitters jacket. The dress is Arden B. It’s light and airy, but also edgy. Even though it’s January, it’s like 72 degrees outside!

Confessions of a Shopaholic: I’m a big Alice + Olivia fan. They’ve got really cute and comfortable stuff for everyday

wear. They’ve got a nice mix. Every time I go in that store, I come out with three or four things.



Det är kul att se Ashley i reklamer tycker jag! :D


Just last month, Ashley Greene was out celebrating hersultry Maxim cover, now she's back on the newsstands, with a glammed up look for TeenPROM 2010.

The "New Moon" star is gracing the cover of the magazine in an elegant purple dress with a bow and embroidery in the front, for a feature story spotlighting her role as spokesperson for, a charity which distributes used prom dresses to underprivileged teens. In the issue, Ashley shares her prom story and dishes out some good advice for the big night. Of course, she also manages to sneak in a few "Twilight" bits.


The actress, who is no doubt busy prepping to reprise her role as Alice Cullen in "Eclipse," the next installment in the "Twilight" series, got involved with because of her own experience trying to save up for prom.

"I bought my dress and I pretty much paid for everything because my parents really didn’t have the money to pay for something like that. I worked for it, so I think it meant that much more to me because I had to save up," she tells Prom2010.



In the end, Ashley put together enough to buy a fitted full-length dress with bronze and gold sequins and a plunging neckline (her mom made her cover-up with a shawl). She has since donated the dress to the charity. "I had my prom dress forever until I became a part of the charity and donated it," says Ashley. "It’s amazing to see girls’ faces light up [when given a dress]. It’s really fun because I get to interact with these girls and share the experience with them."

As for her big night, Ashley says it turned out perfect. "I went with my high school sweetheart and had a blast. I had that fairytale prom everyone talks about. It’s something I’ll remember forever."

Now, Ashley's hoping to help other young girls have their fairytale night with some choice words of advice. "Definitely plan ahead because the actual day can be kind of stressful. Planning everything out helps a lot," she says, adding that its also a good idea to pick out a dress you can easily dance and move around in.

Most importantly though, Ashley says it's key to stay true to your personal style when picking out a dress and makeup — even if you're tempted to go overboard. "Be yourself and don’t overdo it. People have a lot of anticipation for an event like prom and end up overdoing it or wearing too much makeup. Really make sure you are comfortable because then you’ll feel beautiful, instead of going overboard and asking yourself, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do?’"



While charity work seems to be top on the 22-year-old actress' priority list lately (she recentlyfilmed a PSA to fight global poverty), Ashley also manages to dish some details on what it was like to shoot "New Moon". "With 'Twilight', I was just so nervous and new. I didn’t know what to expect," Ashley tells the magazine. "With 'New Moon', we had [already] portrayed these characters and the fans responded to the movie and loved it.

"Also, Alice’s part became more pivotal. I got to do some action, and basically guided Bella through the whole second half of the film. I was so thankful that it happened in the second movie because I’m not sure I could have handled it in the first one."

One of the things she helped guide Bella through in the first movie? Getting ready for prom, of course! We've got a feeling Ash didn't need much direction when it came to filming that scene...



Last Book I Read: I’m in the middle of two books right now — Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Last Song I Downloaded: “City,” by Sara Bareilles.

Last Thing I Purchased For Less Than $10: A bag of Cheetos.

Last Splurge: A pair of Frankie B. jeans. I love the way they fit.

Last Thing Cooked: Popcorn. Does that count?

Last Thing That Made me Laugh Out Loud: My puppy, Marlo. I came and found her trapped between my comforter and my duvet cover. She crawled in and got stuck! Also, the YouTube video of King Curtis always makes me laugh.

Last Thing That Made Me Cry: The movie P.S. I Love You.

Last Person I Said “I Love You” To: My mom, Michele.

Last Crush: Tim Tebow — I’m a huge Florida Gators fan.



Jag satt ock bläddra mellan kanalerna på TV och stoppa på MTV där de visa Brooke knows best.
Och ni som följer det kanske vet vem Brooke's kompis Ashley är.
Jag tycker faktiskt Ashley är lite lik Twilight Ashley!
Vad tycker ni? :)


MTV Shows


Ashley var på första sidan av tidningen Saturday Might Magazine och det finns dessutom en artikel med!
Bilder och intervju kommer snart! :)



Nya bilder från filmen som Ashley spelar i!
Tror jag ska ta och se den när den kommer ut, den verkar bra eftersom jag gillar skräck :)

Jag har lagt ut trailer innan på bloggen, för att se den klicka här!

Här är de nya bilderna ;

Ashley Greene i ny film!

Jag är inte 100% på att den är ny eller inte men jag har aldrig sett bilden eller hört om det innan.



A young woman who is eager to find her estranged father, sets out on a cross-country journey. When she encounters a slight run-in with the law, a local handyman rescues her much to her amazement. It's an unusual connection, but she is quickly charmed and accepts his invitation to spend the night. The following morning she is in for a rude awakening when he decides to change the rules of attraction and traps her inside his house. Taken prisoner in the demented stranger's basement, Summer's dream has come to a bitter end and her real-life nightmare has only just begun.

Ashley & Chache tillsammans

Vi hoppas att detta var en lovematch!

Jag har nyligen lagt ut en bild på Ashley och Chahce!
Nu skriver Posh24 att de har fått ihop det!


Det verkar nämligen som om dessa två tillbringade natten tillsammans efter Teen Choice Awards i söndags då de fångades på bar gärning! Chace tog sedan Ashley till LAX flygplats i går morse och de två sågs gulla kärleksfullt i baksätet på bilen! Vi hoppas verkligen att detta är mer än en bara en flört, vilket hett par de skulle vara!

Ashley kysser Chache från Gossip Girl

Ja...vad finns det att skriva :P

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