Fan-Made video *Varning - Spoilers!*

*Varning - Spoilers!*

Det är världens vackraste fan-made video jag har sett någonsin!
Man bli helt...jag vet inte hur jag ska förklara ni får se det själva och kommentera gärna vad ni tycker.


Bilder från phottoshooten med Chaske Spenser!
Jag måste säga att...DEN ÄR VÄRLD ATT SE!! <3

För att se alla bilder, klicka här!


Hitta detta på Twifans och tyckte det var ganska intressant.
Här kan ni se bilder på Taylor från 12 års ålder ända upp till 17 års!

12 år:

13 år:

14 år:

15 år:

6-pack redan i 15 års ålder!! O_O <3

16 år:

17 år:


Snacka om begåvad och muskulös kille!


Oj, begåvad kille eller vad?! ;o
Han har verkligen talang!



Vill du följa David Salde på Twitter?
Klicka här!


Här ser ni Sabrina Frank som vann tävlingen som hölls i Tyskland!
Sabrina är nu i Vancouver  och ska spela Vera i Eclispe!!


Vad tycker ni, är hon som ni hade tänkt er?


Ny bild från Taylor och Kristens photoshoot som var för ett tag sedan!

Christian Serratos & Edi Gathegi på Carly Steel's Black Dahliance's födelsedags fest!

Några bilder på Christian och Edi på Carly Stell's Black Dahliance's födelsedags fest!

Väldigt trendigt klädda!

Dagens Skämt!

~Bella: You're pale white and ice cold...I know what you are.

Edward: Say it. Say it!

Bella: Vanilla Ice Cream

Intervju med 100 Monkeys!

Jag vet inte om den är nu eller gammal, men jag är nästan 100 på att den är ny! :)


Kristen berättar om något som hände i hennes rum när hon var ungefär 11 år!

Tror du på spöken, andas elr något sådant?

Dagens Bild

Bilden är hittad på TwilightGuide!


Ni ser lappen på Davids för...gissa vad det står på den? :)
Det står: “Please knock before entering…dog inside”

Och här är David söta lilla hund! <3

david slades dog



Är du Robert/Edward fan?
Ja då är denna tröjan rätt för dig!

Vill haa!!  <3


Hitta denna bilder på Twifan och tyckte den var rätt så cool.
Vad tycker ni?
Är de lika?


Lite godis för alla Team Wolfpack!
MTV har en ny intervju från New Jersey Twi/Tour Convention, de pratar om hur deras liv är när de spelade in New Moon.
Sköna männiksor! :D

Meraz initially took the stage wearing black sunglasses to conceal an injury received during mixed-martial-arts training for an "Eclipse" fight scene he'll have with Kellan Lutz. "In theory it's a good idea, but I got my eyes beat up," he said. "So they're kind of red. I'm being insecure."

While Meraz has been throwing punches in preparation to play shapeshifter Paul, Spencer took a more laid-back approach for his Quileute pack-leader role. "I just watched a lot of movies to get the character, Sam, and watched a lot of generals," he said.

One thing the trio tries not to do when preparing to film is read the blogs.

"For the first two weeks, when it came out I was in the Wolf Pack, I did it," Meraz said. "I was in my trailer [saying], 'People like me! People like me!' " But the gleam quickly wore off and negative comments began to bug the actor. "By Googling myself, I'm not going to find anything I like," he said, adding, "I'm arguing with an 8-year-old!"

Onstage the affable trio shared an obvious rapport, crediting some of their bond to cuddling on-set to keep warm during rain-drenched shirtless scenes. They shared several funny anecdotes from filming "New Moon," including Meraz's embarrassing moment with Kristen Stewart.

"I decided, all right, the Wolf Pack stay up all night looking for who's killing people on the res, so we don't sleep very much. So I thought it would be a great idea if I stayed up for 10 days straight." What should have been a simple scene — a confrontation between Bella (Stewart) and the Wolf Pack — became, in Meraz's mind, his "Brando moment." Wanting to try something different, the actor played the scene overly aggressive: screaming, grabbing Stewart by the throat, hurtling his line at her.

"[Director] Chris Weitz comes off-set like, 'Yeah, I like the energy Alex, but just take it down a little,' " Spencer chimed in: "Meanwhile the producers are freaking out back there."

" 'Cause nobody touches Kristen Stewart," joked Meraz.

Things get even more heated for Meraz when he phases into a wolf. For "New Moon," Weitz told the actors to envision the phasing sequences as a "pop like popcorn," which meant the actors only had to do a little shake before CGI took over from there. For the novel's wolf mind-reading sequences, the trio said it would be portrayed on film through quick glances. "With real wolves, that's actually how it's done," Meraz said. "The alpha male does things just with its eyes."

Spencer and Meraz also reminisced about the cliff-diving scene, a stunt they performed themselves, though for Spencer, his favorite scene was kissing onscreen love Emily (played by Tinsel Korey). "It was a lot of takes," Spencer said. "It's a hard job."


OBS! Detta är bara ett rykte!

Ni kanske kommer ihåg att i Tysklan för ett tag sedan kunde man vinna en roll i Eclispe men man hade inte fått reda på vilken roll men nu skriver Lainey Gossip så här:

You will see attached a photo of a Twilight fan arriving in Vancouver from Germany. Her name is Sabrina Frank. Sabrina won a contest and the prize was that they created a character for her to play in the movie. Am told exclusively that her character’s name is Vera and Vera is somehow involved with Jack Huston’s “Royce King” and Nikki Reed’s “Rosalie”.

För er som inte vet vem Vera är(från TTS, taget ur Ljudet Av Ditt Hjärta) :

”Det fanns vissa saker jag önskade mig som var lite mer meningsfulla, särskilt en. Min allra bästa vän var en flicka som hette Vera. Hon gifte sig tidigt, när hon var bara sjutton år, med en man mina föräldrar aldrig skulle ha godkänt – en snickare. Ett år senare fick hon en son, en förtjusande liten pojke med skrattgropar och lockigt svart hår. För första gången  i mitt liv blev jag avundsjuk.”

Intervju med Boo-Boo Stewart!

Här är en intervju som Clevver TV hade med Boo-Boo Stewart(Seth Clearwater).


Ni har nog hört talas om Wikipedia, en användbar sida där man kan söka på personer, grupper och annat och hitta information om den/det.
EW(Entertainment Weekly) la ut på sin hemsida att Robert Pattinson är den 41 mest sökta på Wikipedia år 2008/09!




Förlåt för den dåliga uppdateringen men jag(Nilli) har varit borta de här två senaste dagarna.
Men nu är jag tillbaka och det kommer strömma in med inlägg! :)

Dagens Citat

Intervju Med Taylor Lautner!

Q: So is the wig better this year?

Taylor: You know I got to be honest it is.

Q: It looks better, much more natural.

Taylor: Thank you I think it does looks pretty natural. It’s not as itchy. It’s not in my way. We’ve got a good team. Yeah everybody’s really awesome on the set

Q: Did you actually get a tattoo??

Taylor: I did not. no no no no no.

Q: Is it henna? What did they use?? Is it a stick on?

Taylor: Yeah, just like normal tattoos like you get from the 25 cent machine. It’s obviously a little bit more than 25 cents. Yeah just stick the towel over top and water- works pretty nice.

Q: With Twilight, Kristen was underage and it presented a big factor in filming. Since you are under 18 has that affected filming in any way?

Taylor: No I can work the same hours as anybody else. I can work adult hours. I tested out of high school, and I am in college right now. So I can work all night- all day all night (laughs)

Q: It makes it easier?

Taylor: Yes-definitely- [we] get a lot of work done

Q: How is Chris’ process compared to Catherine’s?

Taylor: I don’t know about compared. I mean Catherine was a lot of fun. She had a lot of energy I got along with her great! Chris is very calm, and I see what’s going on it’s looking amazing and some times you just sit back and go, “How are things going so well and so smoothly while he’s just so calm?” I mean he’s such a great guy. He’s really amazing and so talented it’s ridiculous.

Q: How easy was it for you to bond with the rest of the Quileute wolves?

Taylor: Pretty easy. Yeah it’s so cool to have them up here. They’re a lot of cool guys, and we hung out off set so our chemistry can click on set. Yeah it’s a lot of fun to have them here they are really great guys.

Q: Have you had any crazy fan experience since New Moon started filming?

Taylor: You know- the normal- nothing ….

Q: Are there any – not- crazy fan experiences? Are the Canadian fans less aggressive than the US fans?

Taylor: What I’ve found is all Twilight fans are the same anywhere you go. I’ve been all over the world in Australia, Japan…and everybody asks me, “Which ones are better which ones are more passionate?”and I can’t answer. They are all the same: very passionate dedicated fans everywhere you go. So we’ve definitely met some fun fans up here though.

Q: I’ve got to tell you I was a huge fan of “My Own Worst Enemy” I loved what you were doing on there. What did you take from that experience to bring into this?

Taylor: You know it was just really awesome to work with Christian Slater on that. He’s such a great guy: so professional, definitely learned a lot from him on that. Kind of funny thing is that show, I’d study him. He has a split personality, two totally different guys

Q: I know I was thinking of that-

Taylor: Who’s Jacob in this movie? So yea I can definitely learn a lot from Christian Slater.

Q: Do you find it hard to switch between the two personalities- since you do have before the wolfpack and after the wolfpack is it hard to switch when you are doing different scenes?

Taylor: Sometimes you will film a pre transformation Jacob and a post transformation Jacob on the same exact day. So you do have to click over, but it’s really cool because it’s challenging and I like challenging myself as an actor. So I just hope I can bring both sides of Jacob alive for all the fans

Q: What’s been the most challenging so far?

Taylor: It’s the same I would tell ya for the first film: the weather! It’s actually starting to warm up now and it’s a lot nicer than it was at first, but when we got up here towards the end of March it’s snowing and I was like when is this gonna stop! And obviously I’m not wearing that much clothing for most of the film so that doesn’t help either, but the weather is definitely starting to warm up now so that’s nice

Q: What has been your favorite scene to shoot now- or in the future- what are you looking forward to shooting?

Taylor: It’s so hard. I like a lot of the stunt stuff so it’s really cool to do that. The dirt bike scenes, the dirt bike scenes are a lot of fun! And just a lot of stuff in the forest, Jacob gets to show his physicality a little bit more.

Q: Do you get to use your martial arts more?

Taylor: I wouldn’t say martial arts. I think the biggest thing is pre transformation Jacob is very clumsy. He trips over his own feet, and when he transforms into a werewolf he’s very agile all of a sudden. So it’s just kind of…have to show his two separate sides.

What do you want your fans to see from Jacob in this movie?

I want them at the beginning of this film to see this really happy nice sweet guy that they fall in love with- and then all of a sudden POOF! He’s a completely different guy and not even believe it’s the same dude.

Transcribed by Kara from Twilight Moms.


Första bilderna på Kristen som Bella i Eclispe!
Och några andra bilder på Billy som Charlie och andra vackra personer.

Vad tycker ni om Kristens peruk?


Älskar bilderna, nu börjar känna igen vissa scener!

forks graduation (7).jpg

forks graduation (5).jpg


Taylor Lautner på omslaget av den brasiljanska tidningen Yes! Teen.






Peter skrev detta på sin Twitter, vad härligt! :)


Följ Peter Facinelli på Twitter, här!

The Volturi i HQ!

Rubirken säger det mesta!

Dagens Skämt!

Eftersom det är fredag så bjuder jag(Nilli) på två skämt, yeey! ^^

Stupid Rosalie
Cookies. (:


We’ve heard this before – Stephenie Meyer thinks Breaking Dawn should be made into two movies. Above is a more recent short video of Stephenie quickly explaining why.

Summit Entertainment has pretty much stated thatBreaking Dawn will only be made into one movie. We’ll just have to wait and see, as we haven’t even received anything ‘official’ as of yet!


Yeey, ny photoshoot med Boo-Boo Stewart som spelar Seth!
Checka in bilderna och kommentera vad du tycker!

Bilderna är tagna av  Mayhem Photo.

Hoppas ni gilla dem för det gjorde jag! :)


Väntan är över, nu kan man köpa twilight sminket!

Intervju med Julia Jones

En intervju med Julia Jones som berättar lite om sin roll som Leah Clearwater!

THIS IS A GREAT ROLE TO WIN! Stephanie Meyer has said many times that she would expand the 'Twilight' series with books dedicated to Leah Clearwaterbecause the character is so complex.

Congrats are in order for Julia Jones aren't they? She has officially been assigned the role which means that Vanessa Hudgens lost out. 

"This all happened just a couple of weeks ago and I start filming in two weeks. I've been carrying the books with me everywhere I go and I'm almost finished reading them."

Julia admits she needs to get into shape and fast!

"In human form the werewolves are in incredible shape, which is why Taylor had to bulk up for New Moon," she explained. "I should probably start running again!"

Is there anything that the actress is worried about?

In the book Leah has really short, cropped hair. So right now my biggest concern is that they'll make me cut all my hair off!"

Yikes! Small price to pay though right?


Innan så laddade jag(Nilli) upp foto från tidningen People, nu är hela artikeln ute!

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at New Moon's Evil Volturi | Dakota Fanning

Prepare to be scared. 

In New Moon, the second installment in Stephenie Meyer's wildly popular Twilightsaga, readers are first introduced to the ancient ruling class of vampires known as the Volturi. Determined to capture their creepy menace for his screen version opening Nov. 20, New Moon director Chris Weitz has given them custom-crafted blood-red eyes. 

"They're all hand-painted, specially manufactured contacts," Weitz tells PEOPLE. "They're opaque red, almost like preying mantis eyes. You can't really see into them. There's something terribly off-putting about it." 

British actor Michael Sheen (The Queen) plays Aro, leader of the Italian blood-sucking clan. Although Aro and his brothers Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) have been "alive" for thousands of years, Weitz says he "deliberately" gave them a younger look in the film – for which he credits author Meyer.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at New Moon's Evil Volturi| The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Movie News, Dakota Fanning, Stephenie Meyer

"Stephenie was very keen to steer away from a kind of wizard-y look for the vampires," says Weitz. "They do look quite young, but they convey a formality and self-possession, which comes from age." 

Perhaps most lethal of all the Volturi is Jane (Dakota Fanning), an angelic-looking vampire who inflicts torture on her victims. "She is very strange and very spooky in this movie," says Weitz. "I think [Dakota] wanted to play an evil character for once."

För hela artikeln, klicka här!


Den var längesedan vi fick se Robert som Edward, Ashley som Alice och de andra!
Här är några bilder från inspelningen av Eclispe!
Jag är verkligen nyficken! ^^


Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild


Nyheter om New Moon soundtrack:

Nu har det blivit officielt att en singel ska komma ut och det är låten "Meet Me On The Equinox" med bandet Death Cab For Cutie.
Man kommer att få höra singeln för första gången  på MTV Music Awards den 13 September!

Den officiella framsidan av New Moon Soundtrack:



Läsare: Vad är meningen med detta? någon sorts audition till rollen som Paul, berätta i nästa inlägg tack!

Svar: Hej, Jonte!
Jag önskar verkligen jag kunde ge dig ett bra svar på din fråga men jag har faktiskt ingen aning eftersom jag inte förstår din fråga helt, om du vill kanske du kan förklara lite mer! :D

alltså klippet &quot;alex meraz bli arg&quot;. Klippet är ganska random. Varför har han spelat in det där klippet?
ska han använda det till någonting eller vad det bara för kul skull, jag undrar om du vet varför:)

jag antar att det har någonting och göra med hans karaktär Paul

Svar: Personligen tror att det var för skojj skull ;)
Det kan ha något att göra med hans karaktär Paul, det är inte omöjligt.

Mvh Nilli <3


Älskar bilderna på The Volturi, de är så coola!
Först hitta jag dem bara i småformat men här är de stora!
De är så vackra allihop, men Jane(Dakota) var verkligen något extra!

Cameron Bright som Alec

Jamie Campell  som Caius

Michael Sheen som Aro
Volturi Aro Michael Sheen New Moon

Dakota Fanning som Jane
Jane Volturi new Moon dakota fanning

Cristopher Heyerdahl som Marcus
Christopher Heyerdahl marcus volturi new moon


Gammla bilder på Kellan!
Oj, jag märker verkligen skillnad.
Han har förändrats men man känner direkt igen honom! ;D

Lite godis för Kellan fans:


Vad tycker ni? Gamla Kellan,nya elr båda?

Klicka här för alla bilder!

Dagens Citat

Bella, I don’t want you to come with me.(Edward Cullen)

You… don’t… want me?(Bella Swan)


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


The next edition of “Premiere” Magazine, which comes out in stored on Wednesday, will please Robert Pattinson and Twilight Fans.

In this very special edition you’ll find: an exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson as well as information regarding the filming of New Moon.

Thanks to the worldwide success of Twilight, he has become a walking phenomenon. Premiere has been following him from the very start and met with him this summer on the set of New Moon, the second film of the series, in the medieval city of Montepulciano in Italy.

It was the perfect occasion for Robert Pattinson to speak, with humour and lucidity about his sudden fame (he said that movie sets are now the only place where he can have a private life…) and his projects after Twilight.

In this issue you’ll find 6 pages of exclusive information, as well as images from a set filled with fans!

New Moon

häftig! :D

Dagens Skämt!

-How many Twilighters does it take to screw on a light bulb?
I don't know, they're all too busy fighting over who gets to be Mrs Cullen

Tryck på bilden för större format!

Hahah, den var kul!

// Nilli


Bilden är från Twilightnews!


Källa: Twilightnews


Hej, Jonte!
Jag önskar verkligen jag kunde ge dig ett bra svar på din fråga men jag har faktiskt ingen aning eftersom jag inte förstår din fråga helt, om du vill kanske du kan förklara lite mer! :D

En bild till dig som ursäkt:

Mvh Nillan


Jag kom inte på en bra rubrik så det fick bli den ;p


Väldigt fina bilder!
Jag och Sanna försökter fixa bloggen design lite så ni får uräkta om den blir lite konstig :)

Vår kära Taylor Lautner!

Sötaste Nikki Reed!

Nikki pratar om K-11!

En videoklipp på Nikki som berättar lite om K-11!


bilder !

källa : geeksuggar tm .

Dagens Skämt!#2

- Rosalie Hale was told to find something just as or more beautiful then herself.

She came back with a mirror...

Dagens Citat

I love you, too, Momma. We’ll always be together.
Renesmee Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 35, p.675


Jag har just börjat gilla Kings Of Leon! :)
Men tyvärr ska inte de vara med på New Moon´s soundtrack.

Tydligen ska Kings Of Leons sagt detta till Billbord(musik sida):

“Kings of Leon are pondering the release of another single for “Only By Night” — Followill is thumping for “Notion” — but will not, as rumored, be contributing anything to the soundtrack for “New Moon,”

Chris Weitz har också föreslagt KOL som "skall möjligtvis finnas i NM soundtracket".

Jag skulle gärna vilja ha med Kings Of Leon men jag tror ändå det blir bra!
Vad tycker ni?


Noor Seear hade nyligen en photoshoot med en fransk tidning!
Här kommer bilderna, gillar ni dem? :)

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Ännu en vacker kvinna! :D <3

Dagens Skämt!

Den är rolig, men lite snuskig för min smak


En ny K-11 poster! :D


Bilderna är verkligen fina!

Källa: twifans


Älskar Alice´s hatt! :D


En cool bild för alla Peter/Carlisle fans! :)


Den är gammal men jag har inte sett den för!


Källa: twifans


Källa: twifans


MTV: Kristen, in your opinion, how is the relationship between Bella and Jacob in "New Moon" different than the one between Edward and Bella in "Twilight"?

Kristen Stewart: It's such a different relationship; it's like entirely original.

MTV: It seems much more playful.

Stewart: Yeah, exactly. They're light; they actually have fun with each other. Edward and Bella are always so strange, you know?

Taylor Lautner: It's always so tense.

Stewart: And only he can bring her out of that rut. Like, she literally is going to die; she's going to stop eating and be done. And the only thing that brings her out of it is this lightness [Jacob] brings.

MTV: What is one of the main things you're eager for us to see when "New Moon" hits theaters in November?

Lautner: I think the biggest thing you learn is that I disappear for a while, and she starts going through a separate depression. You go into a depression — would you call it that? — when I leave.

Stewart: Oh my God, yeah.

Lautner: Then she comes back to discover that I'm a werewolf, so that's the big boom. Yeah, I get to transform into a werewolf a couple times, which is awesome.

MTV: What was the stunt work like in those scenes?

Lautner: Well, Jacob's thing is he actually can transform in midair. So I got to do these really cool stunts where I got to actually run and then they'd hook me up on wires and I'd jump up in the air and then I'd come to a jolting stop and have to hang there for a bit. That's what you saw in the trailer, actually. That was a lot of fun. I get to do a lot of cool stunts in this one.

Stewart: That cute, little, fuzzy wolf.

MTV: He is very huggable. Tell us about one scene that you read either in Stephenie Meyer's book or in Melissa Rosenberg's screenplay that you were like, "Man, that's going to be tough to pull off," and tell us how you were able to figure it out.

Stewart: "New Moon" is riddled with all of that. I think it's the one book in the series that I was intimidated by — in a good way. That's the best feeling to start a movie with. But probably, my favorite line in the book is when I have to say to [Jacob], "It's him; it's always been him!" Like, I have to say that. Yeah, it killed me, it killed me.

MTV: It was a tough day to shoot?

Stewart: Yeah, and just like everything in our movie, it's such a heightened version of reality. It's like, people don't just break up [in the "Twilight" films] — they break up and it literally kills you. It's not like you just say, "Oh, I'm really depressed and crying." Everything is supposed to be a fantasy version of that. So I always had a really hard time figuring out, "Am I doing enough? Do I look like I'm going to die?"

MTV: Yeah, it would be tough to be the most dramatic person in the world, but without being cheesy. And Taylor?

Lautner: ["New Moon"] is very complicated. There's a lot of heartbreak, there's a lot of things going on. Edward leaves at the beginning, she goes into this depression, I come to try and bring her out of it. Then I go through my own issues, and then she leaves me. It's all over the place, and there's a lot going on, and there's many of those scenes that you described.

MTV: Which was your favorite to shoot?

Lautner: My favorite one was — well, we call it the breakup scene — but it's the scene right after she sees me shirtless and I've cut off my hair, all different for the first time. I have to tell her that we can't be friends anymore.

Stewart: He attempts to break up with me — but it doesn't work out.

Edi Gathegi pratar New Moon!

Rob pratar franska!

Haha, den är faktiskt rolig! :D


Dagens Citat

I love you forever, Dad. Don’t forget that.
Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 4, p.73

Christian Serratos i Hannah Montana avsnitt!

Det är gammalt, med det är alltid kul att titta på ;)

Fan-art! *Varning - Spoilers!*

Många fina bilder!


Intervju med Justin Chon + artikel!

Ja kunde inte lägga ut intervjun här på bloggen så on ni vill titta på den, klicka här!


The Twilight Saga has vampires, werewolves and humans. Funny humans. Actor Justin Chon has a sharp sense of humor, and, as he sat down for lunch on Monday at the appropriately named Bella Cucina in Hollywood with, he revealed some major scoop about the third Twilight movie Eclipse.

First of all, Justin is heading to Vancouver on Tuesday with Michael Welch, Christian Serratos and Anna Kendrick to join the rest of the cast and he told the exclusive detail that they are "not just going to be in the cafeteria," for all their scenes in Eclipse!

Click here to see the Twilight cast having fun in Vancouver

Second, the actor who plays Eric Yorkie always has his script with him and has already memorized all his lines for Eclipse.

Third, just like Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz, he wanted to become a buff 30 pounds heavier for his scene and tease Rob Pattinson in the cafeteria, threatening "Edward, whatcha gonna do now?"

Check out what other scoop Justin revealed as he chowed down on some yummy spaghetti during the lunch interview.


Nu finns Genom Dina Ögon av Stephenine Meyer(inbunden) på svenska ute i butikerna!

Genom Dina Ögon av Stephenie Meyer

Jorden har invaderats av en ras som tar över människornas sinnen medan de lämnar kroppen intakt och större delen av mänskligheten har dukat under. Men Melanie Stryder vägrar att tyna bort.
Vandraren, en av de invaderande Själarna som har tilldelats Melanies kropp, har hela tiden varit medveten om hur plågsamt det skulle vara att ta över en människas kropp: de överväldigande känslorna, de allt för tydliga minnena. Men det finns en svårighet som Vandraren inte har väntat sig – att den tidigare ägaren av kroppen vägrar att ge sig av och överlämna kroppen till henne.
Melanie fyller Vandrarens sinne med bilder av Jared, mannen hon älskar och som hittills lyckats hålla sig gömd. Det är omöjligt för Vandraren att skilja på sina och Melanies känslor och snart åtrår hon en man hon aldrig mött. Hotet från de andra Själarna gör Vandraren och Melanie till ovilliga allierade och tillsammans ger de sig av för att finna mannen som de båda älskar. 



Det har kommit ut två new moon kalendrar i USA men nu kommer en tredje!
De två senaste kalendrarna så är det bilder från "promo-shot" men i denna så är bilderna från bilden + att det är 16 månaders kalender och inte 12 månaders som det är i de två andra(tror jag).

Och jag som precis har beställt en New Moon kalender på CDON.COM T_T
(För att beställa New Moon kalender på CDON.COM, klicka här!)




2 nya outtakes på Rob från EW!
Vet inte varför jag älskar bilderna  O_O! <3





Haha, det är så knäppt att man börjar skratta!
Jag tycker att paparazzina som filmar m.m borda ha lite koll på kändisarna och sånt! ;o

Klicka här för att förstå/titta.


Klicka här för att titta på videoklippet!

Tack till TheTwilightSaga källan! <3


En av världens vackraste kvinnor Ashley Greene har gjort en ny photoshoot, Smallz & Rasking!

De fyra vakcra bilderna :







rubriken talar för sig själv !

Kristen Stewart som strippare?!

Kristen Stewart naken i kommande film!

Direkt från Posh24( eftersom jag har lexor att göra ;P ):

Twilight-stjärnan Kristen är ingen genomsnittlig tonåring! Den unga stjärnan gör just nu en kometkarriär som skådis och har flera filmer på gång. Genombrottet kom med Twilight-filmerna och nu i somras spelade hon även in en film som 80-tals rockaren Joan Jett. Senare i år ska hon spela strippa i en annan storfilm. Filmen heter Welcome to the Riley's och medverkar gör även Sopranos-stjärnan James Galdolfini. Kristen säger sig vara väldigt stolt över filmen där hon även har några nakenscener! Modigt av dig Kristen! (Källa: GoneHollywood)

True Blood

OBS!(Inte Twilight)

Nu ska SVT1 börja sända första säsongen av  True Blood!
Jag har själv inte sett den och jag ska verkligen titta på den och se hur den är eftersom jag har hårt ganska mycket om den.

(För datum och annat rulla ner!)

Tider & Datum:
Sesongstart: Onsdagen den 26 Augusti Kl.22.00

Vampyrer har kommit ut ur kistan och lever sida vid sida med människor. Det syntetiska blodet True blood finns att köpa nästan var som helst. Ett av undantagen är en bar i en småstad i Louisiana där man aldrig haft vampyrbesök. Där jobbar den unga tankeläsaren Sookie Stackhouse som servitris. En kväll vandrar vampyren Bill Compton in i baren. Han rör upp varma känslor hos Sookie men drar mest till sig suspekta blickar från resten av invånarna i Marthaville. Speciellt när en kvinna hittas mördad i sitt hem och bevisen pekar mot att en vampyr eventuellt var inblandad i mordet.


Jippi, nya bilder på Robert!! :D
Just nu finns de bara ute i ministorlekar och jag har förstorat dem lite men jag vill inte förstora dem för mycket för då blir de suddiga, hoppar de kommer ut i HQ och större!


Dagens Citat

Jippi, jag fick min mamma att titta på Twilight! :D

Dagens citat: It’s twilight.
Edward CullenTwilight, Chapter 11, p.232

Kellan Lutz för H&M!!!!

Helt rätt!
Det ryktas om att Kellan har fotats för H&M.
Vi kommer nog se honom på reklampelare och annat!

Kellan verkar nöjd över H&M-dealen!


Volturi Stol från New Moon!

Hitta denna bilden på TwilightGuide! :D
Cool! ;)


För några dagar sedan så hade jag(Nilli) lagt ut en intervju där Boo Boo Stewart som ska spela Seth säger att Breaking Dawn blir film.

Summt förklarar:

However, a rep for Summit Entertainment – the studio behind the hit vampire film franchise – has now told Access that BooBoo (who will join the big screen saga as wolfpack member Seth Clearwater in the next installment) was premature in his statements.

Although BooBoo has contract options for additional films after “Eclipse,” there are no guarantees yet that those films will be made.

And while a fourth film in the series is likely since there were four books in the popular Stephanie Meyer’s series, the studio could not confirm “Breaking Dawn” would make it to the big screen just yet.

Twilight stjärnorna i High School!

Jag tycker inte de har förändrats så jättemycket, jag menar de är fortfarande vackra! ;)

Photobucket  Photobucket
Photobucket  Photobucket
Photobucket  Photobucket

Älskar gamla bilder på kändisar!


Dagens Bild #2

Har aldrig sett den förut ;)

Dagens Bild


Radio-intervju med Julia Jones!

En radio-intervju med Julia Jones som ska spela Leah Clearwater!
Man får veta lite mer om henne och mycet annat ;)



Detta är världens finaste bild!
Verkligen duktigt! <3


4 bilder från tidningen EW!

De är på Taylor och Kristen!
Bilderna är från tidningen!! :D


The Wolfpack!

Twifans har rätt!
Det måste vara en varg grej att kunna göra så!

Kolla bilderna så fattar ni:

Intervjuder med BooBoo Stewart!

Jag fick ta klippet som var på youtube eftersom det inte funka annars :/
BooBoo säger faktiskt att det blir 5 filmer och inte 4!! :D
Vad tror ni?

Nya bilder på Bryce Dallas Howard & Xavier Samuel!

Det har kommit ut nya bilder från Eclispe!
Bilderna är på Bryce Dallas Howard som & Xavier Samuel. :D


För bler bilder klicka här!

Nya bilder på Kristen & Taylor!

Vem är vackrare än Kirsten?! <3
Och vem är coolare än Taylor?! :D

Älskar dem! <3

Dagens Citat#2 *Varning - Spoilers!*

Jasper? What do vampires do for bachelor parties? You’re not taking him to a strip club, are you?
Bella Swan, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 2, p.30

Edward Cullen SHOWER CURTAIN!!

Ja, vad ska man säga?
Själv tycker jag det är lite för mycket men..det är jag :P

Dagens Citat

So, did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what? I’ve never seen him act like that.
Mike Newton, Twilight, Chapter 1, p.25

Jackson Rathbone i O.C!

Detta är gammalt men jag har aldrig sett det innan och det är kanske andra där ute som inte heller har sett det ;)

Här kommer det:

Edward på väggen!

Bilden är hittar på Twifans, jag var tvungen att lägga ut den!


En speciel kille...

MTV Shows

Nathalie Portman som Tanya?

Direkt från Twifans:

Dear Ted:

What would you think about Natalie Portman playing Tanya in the upcoming Twilight movies! She is one of the female vamps from the Denali clan who wanted Edward for herself and doesn't get what all the fuss is over Bella. I know it's a long shot, but I think throwing Nat into the mix would be so good! Nothing can come between Robsten in my mind, but it sure would be fun to watch.
—Casting Temptess

Dear Portman Picking:
We'd say Nat was too high profile for this sort of gig, but the Twi flicks are the new Harry Potter franchise for A-listers to sink their teeth into. Get her agent on the phone! Unless of course Kristen Stewart's worried that Rob Pattinson's eyes might wander back to Ms. Oscar nominee?

And more question to Ted about the TwiCast

Dear Ted:
Why would you say Rob doesn't have manners based off of a couple of videos last week of Rob and Kristen trying to make a quick getaway? I am sure that wasn't a priority in those moments. And from what I have heard, Rob is a very nice guy and does have manners and treats people very well, including Kristen. And why would we want him to be like Taylor Lautner? Taylor is a typical Hollywood boy. Rob isn't, which is part of his appeal. I don't want Rob to take lessons from Taylor because that would make him boring because he would lose his originality. There are enough "Taylors" in Hollywood.

Dear Tay Hate:
Nice to hear Pattz isn't always such an anti-gent. But we hardly think taut teen Taylor's boring—he's getting more and more intriguing the more we learn about him. Surely you're confusing Mr. Lautner with his too-Hollywood costar Nikki Reed, no?

Dear Ted:
Is Kellan Lutz Terry Tush-Trade? I know you said he isn't Toothy Tile, but I haven't seen you say he wasn't TTT. If not him, is it Christian Serratos? She made a comment about Saint Angelina Jolie at a convention and there's a TTT blind item description with a big chunk mentioning Angie. I personally think it's a female, and I could see either one, but the Kellan debate is more urgent since it gets heated by the moment. Please shed some light and put those flames out (no pun intented).

Dear Trade-off:
Kellan's currently only pining over his ex AnnaLynne—not a dude. T3's not C.S., either, better keep poking your cranium for another guess!

Dear Ted:
Trying to decide what I think is wrong with Kellan Lutz's face. It might be the combo of the too-high cheekbones and the too-curvy mouth. He looks like a manly man is "supposed" to, but that's never been my type. R.P. is definitely No. 1. I find Jackson Rathbone intriguing, but also perhaps, ambiguously attractive, particularly at the Teen Choice Awards. He looked like Edward Scissorhands.

Dear Twi Guys:
Hey, that oddball look works for Johnny Depp. Jackson should consider that a compliment.

Dear Ted:
I'm a little upset with you for plugging the RobPattzNews Twitter. She doesn't ever post anything related to Robsten unless she is being sarcastic about it, and when she does, she tries to debunk whatever the story may be. Do you have any idea how many faithful followers you have that she has blocked just for tweeting her some Robsten information? She is not a Robsten supporter and never will be. If someone is looking for stalkerish Rob information then, yeah, she's who to follow, but she's not a good source for Robsten. Couldn't you have found a better source to mention than RPN twitter? Still love you, but please don't mention her anymore. She makes a lot of us sick.

Dear Robsten Revile:
Where Rob goes, Robsten goes, and we're open to every source that's on the li'l hunky whippersnappers' tails. But don't think for a sec we won't call BS on them, though.

Dear Ted:
Love your column and I absolutely adore your new doggie Charlie. After giving us Robsten, a couple of days back you pointed out to us the cuteness that is Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I watched the videos you posted and must say, Jensen and Jared are adorable together. So I was wondering—how does Robsten compare to Jackles?

Dear Almost Equal:
Both duos are superhot in their own ways. But while we can rewatch Twilight for Robsten's award-winning Best Kiss, we don't get to see Jackles liplock onscreen or off. (Unless this drive-by lick counts?)

Dear Ted:
A few questions from an obsessed Twi mom: Do you think Nikki Reed is truly an excellent "typecast" for Rosalie? Do you own any Twilight memorabilia? Can a movie studio in the year 2009 really enforce "behavior modification" like they used to in the golden age of Hollywood? Isn't Bryce Dallas Howard a married mom? Do you know a home remedy for feline hair balls? Whew, too many questions?

Dear Vamp Mom:
We def can think of a few more true beauties who would pull of Rosalie better than Nik. Can't say any of the A.T. crew has any Twi memorabilia, besides our lifelong memories of dishing with the cast in the flesh. Yes, studios can bully their actors by threats and moolah. Bryce is indeed a married mom, and a vegan, since you're so eager for trivia. And the only remedy for feline hair balls is don't have a cat!

3 månader kvar!

Idag är det den 20 Augusti alltså är det 3 månader kvar till New Moon!!

Dagens Bild

Tycker denna va lite rolig :D

Intervju med Kristen Stewart + bilder!

Jag hitta inte hela intervjun så jag fick ta den som var på Twilightnews! Tack twilightnews! <3

En del av intervjun:

Dazed Digital: You are in the midst of becoming a huge star. There's a truckload of paparazzi outside the door right now.
Kristen Stewart: Yeah, but you can't think about it too much because if you think about it too much it is this weird and dreamy fantasy land - you think - ‘ what the hell absurd thing are we doing at 3 o'clock in the morning, with 300 people- pretending to be other people, what the fuck are we doing?

DD: The paparazzi thing is only since Twilight, right?
Kristen Stewart: Yeah since Twilight. That's the only reason they're out there. They find out where I am from the Internet - from Twitter, man! Anyone who wants to know where I am at any given time just has to go on Twitter, it's so ridiculous!

DD: I assume playing Joan Jett is a lot different experience from Twilight?
Kristen Stewart: It's so much fun. She's the ultimate badass. She was the first woman to start her own record label. Everybody threw her out after the Runaways and was like, ‘Sorry girl, your shticks over', she was like ‘No, the message stays the same people still want to hear it.'

Who the f*** did that before her? The music industry is brutal. Once there's one wave, one explosion of a type of music, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tries to emulate that, so there's a bunch of shitty versions of other bands. So there's like shitty versions of everybody!

DD: You identify with this role in more ways than one, I'm sure. The film and music industry are not so far apart.
Kristen Stewart: Yeah, it's been awesome working on this. I've gotten to do a lot of great roles recently. I just made a film in New Orleans- and its going to sound funny because I play a 16 year old street kid prostitute stripper - but it's the one film so far I mostly identify with. I play such a child, like she has the emotional stability of a 5 year old; she's in her own little world that she had to close off at a certain point. She's at that point where she's not quite over the edge like a lot of those people, and I met a lot of them in New Orleans, talking to people who had done the job for so long.

They're gone. Like I hate to say that, there is a part of them that is dead inside and it is so sad they can still live a happy life or whatever, but that part is. So she's not dead, she's still whole. She's just really broken and she needs to be put back together, and she needs this guy. James Gandolfini plays this plumber who is grieving the loss of his daughter and is dead inside as well, so she is sort of the catalyst of his awakening and subsequent reuniting with his wife, like she comes out of the house after 8 years. Like this vulgar really fully kid who has her own problems greater than theirs ends up helping to get them to a place where they can continue their lives.

It was the greatest experience on a movie I have ever had. Everyone was tight and it was the greatest crew, Jake Scott, the director, is Ridley Scott's son. For some reason on that one, I didn't stop thinking all day. Now, keep in mind, I had a perfect upbringing, but I know what that feels in some way, to be this character. It was really hard. But they're really funny and they make the most of it. They're really great characters.

DD: Is that the best thing about being an actress, playing roles like that.
Kristen Stewart: That and also I meet so many amazing people and I get to work with my friends.

DD: You have any aspirations to do anything else?
Kristen Stewart: I know that will just naturally become other things, other than just acting in movies. I don't know what the f*** I'm going to do. I write shit or whatever. I am going to make my own movies with my friends, absolutely, and I might not only act in them. But really? I love this, I love what I do, I am definitely going to keep doing it if I feel this way about it. That could stop, but until then, I'm just going to just write, make movies, play music.



Lite bilder från inspelningen! :D

Filmas i byggnaden! :)

Stephenie Meyer stämd?!

Jag klicka in på twifans och hitta ett inlägg där det stog att Jordan Scott stämde Steph för att ha kopierat(breaking dawn) hennes bok The Nocturne!


AUTHOR of the Twilight series of books, Stephenie Meyer, is being sued by a woman who says Meyer copied her work, said media reports on Thursday.

Jordan Scott is claiming that Meyer's book, Breaking Dawn, is based on her own book, The Nocturne.

Scott wrote the book when she was 15 years old and it was published in 2006 reported entertainment website TMZ.

According to Scott, the books "show striking, articulable and substantial similarities in the... plot lines, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, pace, characters, sequence of events, ideas and other similarities."

TMZ has previously reported on the story, listing the similarities claimed by Scott, who sent Meyer a detailed letter stating the same claims.

Some of the scenes Scott says have been copied include a post-wedding sex scene, and a scene involving the death of a main character's wife, said TMZ.

TMZ was told by Meyer's representative: "The claim that Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit.

"Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim," they told TMZ.

However Scott has now decided to pursue her claims and is taking Meyer to court.

Intervju med Chris Weitz!

Director Chris Weitz

Chris Weitz, the director behind American Pie, takes his turn with the fan-crazed Twilight franchise on New Moon. Right now, he's on crunch time, working the fastest he's ever worked to hit his deadlines, and have the film ready for release this November. "We're kind of moving at light speed, but still trying to deliver something that's very elegant and beautiful," Weitz says.

We discuss the forthcoming soundtrack, working with Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen, and possibly returning to direct Breaking Dawn. For someone who's in the spotlight of the Twilight frenzy (something akin to Beatlemania), he remains calm, collected and refreshingly humble.

Q. What do you have planned for the soundtrack?
Weitz: Alexandre Desplat has just started working on his music for the film, and we are just starting to put together what bands are gonna be on the soundtrack. So it's kind of like keeping ten plates spinning at once. I am surprised and pleased at some of the bands that have said that they're interested. It's kind of great. I mean the criterion will still always be what's right for the movie at that given moment, but Thom Yorke is interested. We might, if we're very lucky, get Kings of Leon to do something. So it's exciting to be able to have access to this kind of talent.

Q. How did you approach your vision of the Volturi?
Weitz: No matter how strange one of the characters is in a work of fantasy, I think you have to approach them as people. You start to think, well, they've been around for 2,000 years. How would they live? How would they interact with one another? The conclusion really was that after 2,000 years, you would probably be more than mildly insane, no matter how cultured or gracious you appear on the surface. I think that's what Michael Sheen really managed to convey in portraying Aro, the head of the Volturi. On the surface he's terribly gracious, warm, a wonderful host, and yet at the same time he's absolutely lethal and frightening, and it's also what Dakota (Fanning) conveys as Jane. In appearance, she's a very innocent, harmless looking teenager, but she's absolutely deadly. The first thing that I wanted to do was to put them in a setting that wasn't Dracula's castle. There have been so many vampire movies and werewolf movies and horror movies in which everything is dark and dreary, and instead for their headquarters to be surprisingly light and crisp, then the characters they play have a tactile reality to them, in spite of how bizarre their situation is, really.

Q. During the three-way-date scene, Bella, Mike and Jacob see a movie called Face Punch. How'd you get the name for that and what did Stephenie Meyer think?
Weitz: You'd be shocked at the number of stupid action movie names that have been turned into movies. I eventually submitted a list of 10 to Summit's lawyers and they had to see which ones they could go and clear. Face Punch was one of two out of 10 that could actually be cleared, and I chose that over Kill Hunt. So now someone can actually go and make Kill Hunt, but Face Punch is ours. There was always a joke between me and my brother that there should be a movie called Face Punch, which was just about people punching each other in the face. [Stephenie] gave me a t-shirt with the Face Punch logo on it, so I think she was just kind of tickled about the name of the movie.


Q. What kind of pressure do you feel with the crazy fan base and this pop-culture phenomenon?
Weitz: I think it's largely self-imposed, because the fans are tremendously supportive and very kind. One thing that's interesting about the Twilight fans is that they're not like fanboys, in the sense that they start cynical. They actually begin from the point of view of being enthusiastic and wanting things to be good and to be done well. But I do feel a tremendous amount of responsibility, more to the readership than to the movie franchise in a way, because I think that that's the core experience that you're trying to get at. So that meant kind of keeping in very good touch with Stephanie and, without trying to second guess one's self, always thinking about things with a degree of loyalty to that.

Q. What was your favorite scene to film?

Weitz: In a way, it's the scenes that you dread the most, because they are so time consuming and you have to get it just right, like the Volturi headquarters or the stuff that was shot in Montepulciano. It is the high point of the movie, when Bella goes to try to stop Edward from killing himself. We had 1,000 extras in this medieval town square in Tuscany in the most beautiful country on earth. It's just such an extraordinary opportunity to get to work there. And it was also kind of surreal, because every Twilight fan who could make it from all over continental Europe and further had gotten by hook or by crook to Montepulciano and booked hotel rooms, sometimes in the very hotel at which the cast and crew were staying. So there was this kind of weird Beatlemania going on in this very small, beautiful hill town. It was incredibly gratifying – people would applaud after every single take, whether or not we had screwed it up. They had no idea because they weren't close enough to hear. But if you looked down any alley, you'd see hundreds of these young girls, who came to just touch a piece of what they really loved.

Q. How are you passing the torch to director David Slade for Eclipse?

Weitz: David Slade came in while we were still shooting the end of New Moon and I showed him everything that I could to give him a sense of what direction we were going. He's going to take it whichever way he wants to, but just as I was inheriting certain things from (Twilight director) Catherine Hardwicke, he's going to inherit certain things from me and make the choice as to whether he wants to keep them or alter them. So we've had discussions about them. (Phil) Tippett (visual effects supervisor) is going to create the wolves for Eclipse, so there's a continuity in terms of the look of the werewolves, and obviously the cast is going to remain the same. So Dakota is Jane and all the Volturi are the same people that we're familiar with.

Q. Rumors are going around that the proposal at the end of the movie is cut out.

Weitz: It hasn't been cut out. I can tell you that much. It's not going to hit them in exactly the way that they think it's going to, but I will say that it's going to be quite special. I kind of saved all of my gusto for that moment. I don't think it'll disappoint.

Q. Fans are already saying they want you to return to direct Breaking Dawn. What do you think of that?

Weitz: I think it's really charming that not having seen New Moon people would be enthusiastic about me wanting to do Breaking Dawn. I think the proof is in the pudding and they should see New Moon before they decide they want me to do anything else to do with their series, but I would hope to earn that kind of rumor. I spend all my time avoiding the Internet because I end up getting into arguments with 15-year-olds in Germany, and I need to concentrate on making the movie. So I don't even know the positive rumors out there. I'm just kind of trying to do the best job I can, but it's really sweet that people would like me to do that.


Hon är så fin..så vacker!


Nobember, var är du?! :D

Ny bild på Bella och Edward, från New Moon!

twilight * hiss eller diss '

senaste veckan har många runt hela världen fått rösta twilight hiss eller diss .
resultatet slutade såhär :
diss : 18 %
hiss : 82 %


Dagens Citat

I’ll never forgive myself for leaving you. Not if I live a hundred thousand years.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.33

Kiowa Gordon's favorit scen i New Moon

En slaks intervju med Kiowa! :)
Han berättar lite om sin bakgrund och om sin favorit scen i New Moon.

Intervju med Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Returns for New Moon

“Because since we know each other so well, it is kind of a no-brainer,” she said. “We already have this kind of chemistry, so it wasn’t hard at all. I was kind of wondering about that, but we are such close friends and we definitely had a platonic relationship, so going and playing romantic, I was wondering if it was going to be harder or easier, but because we are already so comfortable with each other, it was actually less awkward than with someone I didn’t know.” 

It might get tougher as she moves into Eclipse but Greene isn’t there yet. “I just got the script, about three days ago, so I haven’t had a lot of time to really dig into it. But I will, I’ll go and work with my coach and bounce ideas off of her. But it’s kind of nice, because we are playing the same characters and we’re just moving on with them and digging through different layers, so I feel like the hard part of it is kind of over and we’re just having fun with it. But I’m excited about a lot of it, but I don’t want to give anything away.” 

Going through the fandom of Twilight is a common experience few people could share outside the Twilight world. “Obviously, I can’t speak on anybody else’s behalf, because I don’t know, but I think that we are all definitely looking at each other going, ‘What is going on? What do you do? Does it happen to you?’ so it’s very nice to have someone right there going through the same thing as you and to be able to relate to it. And, yeah, I think it’s had a tremendous effect on how close we’ve all become.” 

Still, even Greene knows why Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have become sex symbols. “Personally, for me, it how genuine they both are. They are both very authentic people and that comes across on the screen. Their chemistry is really incredible, together, and individually, as well.
They are just like that for a reason.” 

Ashley Greene i ny film!

Jag är inte 100% på att den är ny eller inte men jag har aldrig sett bilden eller hört om det innan.



A young woman who is eager to find her estranged father, sets out on a cross-country journey. When she encounters a slight run-in with the law, a local handyman rescues her much to her amazement. It's an unusual connection, but she is quickly charmed and accepts his invitation to spend the night. The following morning she is in for a rude awakening when he decides to change the rules of attraction and traps her inside his house. Taken prisoner in the demented stranger's basement, Summer's dream has come to a bitter end and her real-life nightmare has only just begun.

New Moon buss!

Haha, vad coolt!
En New Moon buss! :D


Nytt från Summit!


Vancouver, BC — August 18, 2009 — Summit Entertainment announced today that it has commenced principal photography on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE directed by David Slade (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, HARD CANDY) from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will reprise their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. The third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

Along with director David Slade, several new actors are joining the TWILIGHT family including Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, Xavier Samuel as Riley, Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria, Jack Huston as Royce King, Julia Jones as Leah, BooBoo Stewart as Seth, and Jodelle Ferland as Bree.

Also continuing in the saga as The Cullen Family are Ashley Greene as Alice, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, and Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. Billy Burke also returns as Charlie Swan. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is filming on location in Vancouver, BC.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE brings back members of the Quileute Indian Nation; the classmates of Bella and Edward; and the legendary Volturi, a venerable coven of vampires who weigh and impose the laws of the vampire world. A cast list for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE appears at the end of this document.

In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

About the TWILIGHT film series
The TWILIGHT film series stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and tells the story of 17-year-old Bella Swan who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father, and becomes drawn to Edward Cullen, a pale, mysterious classmate who seems determined to push her away. But neither can deny the attraction that pulls them together…even when Edward confides that he and his family are vampires.

The action-packed, modern day vampire love story and blockbuster success TWILIGHT was released in theatres on November 21, 2008. The second installment of the film franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON directed by Chris Weitz and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, will be released November 20, 2009.

Melissa Rosenberg wrote the scripts for all three films in The TWILIGHT film series.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

Cullen Family
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen
Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle
Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen
Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale

Wolf Pack
Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley
Bronson Pelletier as Jared
Alex Meraz as Paul
Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call
Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara

Other Quileutes
Gil Birmingham as Billy Black
Tinsel Korey as Emily

Nomad Vampires
Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria

VolturiCameron Bright as Alec
Charlie Bewley as Demetri
Daniel Cudmore as Felix
Dakota Fanning as Jane

Additional Returning Cast Members
Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
Sarah Clarke as Renee Dwyer
Anna Kendrick as Jessica
Michael Welch as Mike
Christian Serratos as Angela
Justin Chon as Eric

New Cast Members
Xavier Samuel as Riley
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria
Jack Huston as Royce King
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater
Booboo Stewart as Seth Clearwater
Jodelle Ferland as Bree


Intervju med Justine Wachsberger

Justine Wachsberger

Den är värld att läsa! Mycket intressant, Justine nämner t.e.x vad hon brukar göra på fritiden, hennes favorit program och mycket mer!


Have you read the Twilight books?

Justine Wachsberger: Yeah, all four of them. 

Had you read them before you got the role? 

Justine Wachsberger: I had seen Twilight, and read briefly the first one. After I got the part, I obviously read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

How long were you filming for?

Justine Wachsberger: For a week, approximately. 

Does your role follow the character from the book closely?

Justine Wachsberger: Yeah, it pretty much does. Gianna is a complex character in a sense that you don't really know what her motivations are for working for the Volturi. You don't really understand her motivations in the book, and I feel like the movie lets that mystery go on. 

Did you get to hang out with the cast at all?

Justine Wachsberger: Yeah, we all have really early call times. Even though the tabloids depict it as if they're going out every night partying, that's not actually really the case. Yeah, we hang out after the day is done shooting. No big partying. At least not when I was there. 

Do you know if you're going to be back in any of the future films?

Justine Wachsberger: I'm supposed to be back in Breaking Dawn

What kind of things do you do in your spare time?

Justine Wachsberger: I like hiking. I go hiking in the morning. Just hang out with friends, go see a movie. I don't do anything crazy. I do yoga classes. 

What are your favorite TV shows?

Justine Wachsberger: I loved Harper's Island. I'm a big fan of True Blood and my guilty pleasure- Gossip Girl. 


För hela intervjun klicka här!

Nya bilder på Kristen i Dazeld & Confused!

Fler bilder på Kristen när hon fotas för Dazeld And Confused!
Hon är så vacker!


Julia Jones & Boo Boo Stewart som Leah & Seth Clearwater!

BooBoo Stewart som Seth Clearwater!

och Julia Jones som Leah Clearwater!

Förlåt om det har varit lite tomt på bloggen de här senaste dagarna men Sanna och Jag(Nilli) har precis börjat skolan och det är lite mycket att göra med allt nu.

Dagens Citat

"Om jag kunde drömma skulle jag drömma om det skämms jag inte för."

Bilder på Cam!

Så söta de är tillsammans! <3

Anna Kendrick's nya film "Up in the Air"!

Twilight Soundtrack!

Twilight Soundtracket har dominerats till två katigorier, Film Compester of the Year och Best Orginal Score of the Year på "World Soundtrack Awards" !

Mer info efter bilden...

Nominees 9th World Soundtrack Awards Announced

The World Soundtrack Academy has announced the list of nominees for the three principal categories in the World Soundtrack Awards, the pre-eminent international prizes for the recognition of film music: Film Composer of the Year, Best Original Score of the Year and Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film. The names of the winners will be proclaimed on Saturday, October 17 at the closing event of the Ghent International Film Festival.

Every year in Ghent, the World Soundtrack Awards (WSA) are presented by the World Soundtrack Academy. The Academy, which was founded in 2001 by the Ghent International Film Festival and a number of film music composers, now encompassing close to 300 leading composers and representatives of the film music business. The stated goal of the Academy is to promote music in film, and it is achieving this with ever greater success, as can be seen by the growing (international) interest and recognition being given to film music.

The three principal categories are Film Composer of the Year, Best Original Score of the Year and Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film. At a later time, the Academy Board will also select the Discovery of the Year 2009. In addition to the Awards presented by the Academy, film music fans around the world can vote the best soundtrack of the past year (see

The nominees the World Soundtrack Awards 2009:

o CARTER BURWELL (Burn After Reading, Twilight)

o BURN AFTER READING by Carter Burwell


Jag hitta denna på Twifans!
Jättebra kvalité!
Jag får gåshud när jag ser den, längtar jättemycket!!! <3


Jag tycker de är jättefina!
Det kommer inte bli i ordning eftersom jag inte har så mycket tid att skriva detta inlägget!

 Kram Nillan

Dagens Bild #2

Det får bli en till bild idag!

Kristen på omslaget av Dazed&Confused!

I detta nummret av Dazed&Confused pryder ingen minde än Kristen Stewart omslaget!
Det blev faktiskt ganska coolt! :D

Läs om Stephenie's sommar!

Vår fantastiska Stephenie har skrivit om sin sommar på sin sida!

Twilight på Ikea?!

Klicka in på The Twilight Saga och där stog det att IKEA kommer bidra med tröjor, möbler biljetter och mkt mer!




The fansite Talking Twilight is hosting a Twilight convention this August in Portland, Oregon, the filming location of 2008’s Twilight film by Catherine Hardwicke.

Say they,

We are going to be doing it for the local children’s hospital here and it should be a ton of fun!  We are going to be recreating the prom from the movie as exactly as we can and having people attend the prom there as well as doing filming location tours and meet and greets with some of the actors.


The event, which will take place in Portland between August 28th and August 30th, is a three-day event hosting actors such as Peter Facinelli (who will be auctioned off for a dance with one fan and to sit at the breakfast table with another) and Rachelle LeFevre.

Kelly Clarkson - "I Want You" / Edward Cullen

Hitta denna på Twifans!
Haha, plötsligt så tar Kelly fram en skyltdocka och gissa vem det ä ingen minde än Edward Cullen!

Dagens Citat

Idag får det bli 3 citat för jag kan verkligen inte bestämma mig för vilket som är bäst!

You’re not asleep, and you’re not dead. I’m here, and I love you. I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I was thinking of you, seeing your face in my mind, every second that I was away. When I told you that I didn’t want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy.
Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23, p.510


Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.
Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23, p.514



You’re wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it’s a joke.
Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 24, p.540



PÅ twitter skrev Edi att han nu har sett New Moon med Stephenie!
Juste det NEW MOON, alltså är den helt färdig!
Varför måste vi vänta tills november, varför får vi inte se den nu? XD
Jag väntar bara på att åldersgränsen till New Moon är ute eftersom jag inte är 15(elr över).

What were your reaction to the screening of New Moon with Stephenie Meyer yesterday?
You guys if you haven't twittered yet, I saw New Moon yesterday. And I sat next to Stephenie Meyer. In a private theater that had like 10 seats. And I watched this gorgeous movie in front of me. And pound for pound I think you guys are gonna LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE it. I don't anyone is not going to love it. I think it's just a movie where everyone will love it. You know what my prediction is? There will be a whole new onslaught of twiguys. I think that's actually the biggest recommendation that you can get. Cause we already know that we have all the female fans. I think with this movie that people will be...this movie is just damn good. Hey Bruno...yeah. I saw New Moon it was good you should go see it. And that's what I think.


Om jag längtade otroligt mycket innan så vet jag inte vad jag ska säga nu!! <3

Vad tycker ni?

Min kompis läste för ett tag sedan en bok som heter Deluxe(bilden) och sedan sog jag omslaget på 2:an också(Rivaler) sen så när jag valde dagens bild(på Bella) så tyckte jag att de tre bilderna var ganska lika på något sätt...

Vad tycker ni? :D

Lite smått & gott!

Lite saker jag hitta :D




Intervju med Kristen Stewart!

Stewart arrived with a heroin chic look, probably because of the movie she’s filming ‘The Runaways’. She completely avoided any visual contact with the journalists interviewing her.

I’ve been told that it’s because the actress is extremely shy and doesn’t like certain aspects of her job.

We still managed to talk to her about the dificulties of her character in this sequel and this is what she said: “In this movie the only way we can see Edward is through the very subjective point of view of Bella. It’s only through her memory that the character is present, so he doesn’t have to be there physically.

This movie is much more emotional than the first, I can promise you that. Anyone who’s read the books knows that the second book is much more intense than the first because unlike Twilight, New Moon is not about your first love.

In this movie, Bella presents herself as a manic depressive person and my challenge was asking myself ‘How Can I get this character to come out of that state she’s in? And how can I play a character who’s going through that process? It was very hard to portray a young woman who’s getting over the hard blows she gets from life and how she grows up after them.

I know that in my career I haven’t been involved in many projects that have generated so much expectation as Twilight and I just have to confess that I’m just another fan of the project. I get so excited to see how the movie is wrapping up, what the first trailers look like, etc.

I know that fans are worried that Edward is not in this movie that much, but trust me, you’ll see him enough, and if the character Edward Cullen didn’t leave, then how were we going to miss him?” concludes the actress.


Källa: NMM


Jippi, idag börjar inspelingen för Eclipse!
Jag längtar verkligen tills det kommer ut några bilder fån inspelningen! :D


Källa: TheTwilightSaga

Peter Facinelli took time out of preparing for Eclipse to fly from Vancouver out to Virginia to hang out with fans and raise money for the American Red Cross. After donating blood earlier in the morning, Facinelli spent over 4 hours signing autographs and taking photos with fans in Virginia Beach’s Pembroke Mall. He later agreed to stay past the originally scheduled time so that he could see the thousands of fans that were still waiting in line.

After the event was all said and done, Peter tweeted the following:

Thanks to all the fans who came to see me in Virginia today. The Red Cross collected over 100 pints of blood. Double what they expected.



Värkligen snällt av honom! :)

Kristen, en av Hollywoods hetaste "IT-tjejer"

Posh24 skrev lite om KStew idag! :)
Inlägget handlar ungefär om att hennes kläder.

På grund av den hype som omger henne karaktär "Bella" i Twilight-filmerna har Kristen Stewart blivit en av Hollywoods hetaste "IT-tjejer". Alla Twilight-fans vill kopiera hennes stil och attityd. Har hon på sig en T-Shirt från H&M är den slutsåld i butik veckan efter, något Kristen tycker är helt sjukt. Man skulle dock kunna tro att en stjärna som uppvisar denna effekt hos sin publik skulle få de stora design-varumärkerna intresserade men icke. Hon är fortfarande inte tillräckligt het för att få behålla sina klänningar från röda mattan ensingång. Kristen säger att det bara är i Twilight-världen hon är en sådan mode-ikon, men för resten av världen är hon bara Kristen. (Källa: EW)

Dagens Bild

Jag älskar denna bilden!
Jag älskar rött,new moon och bella...Ja då är denna bilden rätt! <3

Intevju med Jodelle/ Team Edward!

Taylor Lautner, Jodelle Ferland, Robert Pattinson, New Moon

E! hade nyligen en intervju med Jodelle som kommer spela en vampyr i Eclipse.
Hon berättar också att hon är Team Edward!

Jodelle Ferland has been sworn to secrecy. She's not allowed to say much about the part she just landed in the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.

"I'm allowed to tell people that I play a vampire who has just been turned," the 14-year-old Canadian actress tells me. "In other words, I'm a newborn vampire. I'm not allowed to say the name of the character."

So if she won't say whether her character is Team Edward or Team Jacob, what's her pick in real life?

It's Team Edward all the way for Jodelle.

Keep reading to find out why...

"I just think if maybe Jacob had been introduced first then everybody would like him better," she said. "It just seems that since Edward was the first one to be with Bella, people want him to stay with her. So, you know, that's the character that you start to like first! And then Jacob comes into the picture and everybody's like, 'Oh, no! Stay with Edward.'"

Jodelle says she's "really, really excited to meet Robert Pattinson." As are her friends. "Every single person I've told has asked me if they could come to the set," she said, adding with a laugh, "I've said, 'I'll have to think about that.'"

How did Jodelle celebrate snagging a part in what's destined to be one of the most successful movie franchises ever?

"You know, I was just thinking about that yesterday," she said. "I was just thinking that I haven't done anything yet. I need to think of something. Basically, I just jumped up and down and then I went into my room and watched a movie on my mini-DVD player.

"Actually, it wasn't a movie," she continued. "I was watching The Addams Family—the old ones, not the movie."

That sounds like a suitably ghoulish celebration for what could be the start of a monster career.

Tävling på The Twilight Saga


Det finns en ny tävling på The Twilight Saga där man kan vinna ett "Bella-paket".

Det finns 2 paket som de delar ut.



1.     Svara på frågan: Vilket Team tillhör du? (detta tillhör det hemliga paketet)

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Eller maila till

Tävlingen är bara öppen för folk inom Sveriges gränser, tyvärr. (Om ni har släkt i Sverige eller något går det bra!)

David Davidsson
Davidvägen 11
Stockholm 28744

(ovan är ett exempel och existerar inte)

Tävlingen avslutas den 31:e augusti klockas 00.00. Dagen efter utses de 2 vinnarna.

Fyll i formuläret nedan, så skickas brevet automatiskt till!

Dagens Citat

Forbbiden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest.

Kristen & Rob ?

Ja, vad ska man tro? :s
Det pågår som sagt rykten om att Rob och Kristen är tillsammans men de nekar det ständigt själva.
Detta är en bild jag hitta på TwilightNews!
Tack TwilightNews för bilden!! <3

Dakota Photoshoot!!

En av världens sötaste människor!
Dakota hade en photoshoot för Drama Teen - NY Times.
Den begovade fotografen heter Mark Segal






Eclipse cast på konsert!

Några från Eclipse gänget var på en konsert med Kings Of Leon! :)

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

Klicka för stor bild

För kler bilder klicka här!

Dagens Bild

Detta får bli dagens bild eftersom jag längtar till New Moon och som ni kanske märker så är det blomman på bokens omslag :D <3

Intervju med Noot Seear!

After half a life as a model, 25-year-old Noot Seear is now a vampire. And not just any vampire: aTwilight vampire, the true proof of immortality, film and otherwise. In the forthcoming New Moon, the second installment in the rabidly popular teen series, Seear plays Heidi, a crazy-hot bloodsucker who lures tourists to her coven. When we sat down with her, the British Columbia native admitted she's more grunge than Goth. She spilled a few details about her show-stopping scene in the film. She told us the amusing story behind her name. And she assured us she's not going to let a childhood full of embarrassing Halloween costumes get in her way.

DARRELL HARTMAN: So, what did you have to do to look the part?

NOOT SEEAR: I didn't tan for two months. It was awful, and totally unnecessary because they painted me white anyway. And I had these crazy contacts that I couldn't see through. It was like skiing in a total snowstorm. I could see about two feet in front of me.

DH: What about the wardrobe?

NS: It was this red, flowy dress with high gloves and big old heels.

DH: A dress? It's a miniskirt in the book.

NS: I know! I didn't get to show much leg.

DH: Heidi's scene, in the book at least, is short but awesome. Tell me about filming it.

NS: The sets were breathtaking. Huge, like palace-sized. I think the scariest part for me, out of the whole day, was that they had given me lines to practice, and when I showed up they gave me completely different lines. I freaked out. Dan [Cudmore] was like, "Calm down, it's okay." They're so protective over the script. But it was really cool because the day I shot everyone was there: Dakota, Rob, Kristen. I got to meet everyone and they were so nice to me. I was scared they were going to not be nice.

DH: You've been a model half your life. How did you get into it?

NS: Looking back on it, I was way too young to be in New York on my own. I was 13. I'd just finished eighth grade, and I hated school. I'd gone to maybe 13 different schools in eight years. I met this agent and we went to New York and I started working right away, with Mario Sorrenti. And that was it. I was a stubborn little girl; I didn't want to go back to school. I started home-schooling and stayed in new York.

DH: Do you feel like you missed certain key parts of adolescence?

NS: I definitely missed out things like prom and spring break, but I think I gained a lot more by traveling all around the world. I feel like I had a head start on life. I've had 12 years of working in and adult world, being taken seriously, having to show up to work on time, whereas if I'd gone through the school system I'd just be finding my own feet right now. But there were cons.

DH: Such as?

NS: You're thrown into this adult world and you're alone all the time. You go to work alone, stay in hotels alone.

DH: And—I have to ask, since we're talking Twilight–maybe not much opportunity for teen romance?

NS: No. That's one terrible thing about this industry: there's a lot of predator men. You have to be very careful. But I was very lucky.  I've had the same manager for 12 years now, and she guided me and made sure I was making the right decisions.

DH: When did the acting thing start?

NS: I always wanted to be an actress. I've been taking acting lessons for years with Alan Savage. But he would never let me audition for anything. He was like, "You get one chance with these casting directors, and if you go in there and do a bad reading they're never going to call you in for anything else." So he made me wait, and he was right. Instead of having to play some hot girl on some dude's arm, this role came along.

DH: I hear you're moving to the West Coast.

NS: I am. This movie has opened up so many doors for me: I'm working on a couple indie movies I think are going to happen. And I got my driver's license two months ago, so I can finally drive.

DH: Are you going to miss New York?

NS: I've had this crazy-long successful career in New York. Twelve years! Most models, they come in and get so overexposed. They're shooting every campaign, they make a lot of money, and then two years later everyone's done with them. My agent always turns down jobs for me because she wanted to make sure I was always fresh. I never became a name.

DH: Speaking of: You were born Renata. How did you become Noot?

NS: It was from a nursery rhyme my mom used to sing. Am I gonna have to sing it?

DH: Yes.



NS: I have been trying to be Renata forever. I still try to be Renata. Every time I would change schools, I would always start as Renata and somehow switch to Noot. And when I moved to New York, there was a really big model named Renata and she was at my agency. Now I can't get rid of it. It's the most ridiculous name. 

DH: On the Web somewhere, a commenter pointed out that it's Dutch for "nut." 

NS: It is! Everyone thinks I'm Dutch, but when I go over to Amsterdam they're like, "What? What's your name? Nut? Like, a crazy?"

DH: Did you ever have a Goth phase?

NS: Definitely grunge, but not Goth. But there are parts to being a vampire that I can really relate to. My character's 300 years old and sometimes I feel like I've lived that long.

DH:  What books did you read as a teenager?

NS: I was a bit of a comic nerd. There was a comic I read called Battle Angel Alita. She was amazing—this half-girl, half-robot who used to race, but with fighting. And I really liked Robotech and Japanime, stuff like that.

DH: You were just at Comicon to promote New Moon, right?

NS: It was amazing. I think it was that point where it actually hit me, what a big production I'm involved in.

DH: What did it, exactly?

NS: The screaming. The pitch of the screams. I've never heard screaming that loud, by so many girls, at once. There would be screaming, and then if Rob would just move his hair or Jacob would gesture to someone, the pitch would go up a little.

DH: Did anyone recognize you when you walked through the convention center at Comicon?

NS: No, but I was with a couple people from the cast, and they had to wear disguises. Like, wigs and glasses and hats.

DH: And it worked?

NS: Yes! Surprisingly.

DH: Was Robert Pattinson with you?

NS: No, he didn't stay. But he would have to wear disguises, yes, or he would get swarmed by screaming women.

DH: And were any of the fanboys, Trekkies, etc. surprised to see a fashion model there browsing comic books?

NS: Not really. I think they were so amazed by the video games and new high-tech toys that the last thing on their mind was a pretty girl.

Intervju med Robert Pattinson!


Twilight star Robert Pattinson finds being lusted after such hard work, he never stays in the same place for more than 20 minutes.

The 23-year-old Brit has become a sensation as the cold Edward Cullen in vampire movie Twilight.

This week, he took the Hottie award at the Teen Choice Awards - with Megan Fox winning the female equivalent - and was voted the sexiest man in the world ahead of Brad Pitt, and David Beckham in a Glamour magazine poll.

It means Robert is mobbed wherever he goes by screaming girls, especially since the explosion of social networking site Twitter.



"I can't remember what my normal life is like," he admitted in one of his quieter moments.

"Because of internet stuff and Twitter, there will be a crowd if you are in a place for more than half an hour.

"I've learned never to stay in the same place for more than 20 minutes."

He laughed, seemingly still amazed at the Beatles-like level of fandom he has following him.

While many would love that kind of adulation, anyone watching Robert when doing interviews will see he finds the situation difficult to deal with.


The actor, who become a teen pin-up as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter films The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix, hates watching himself on screen and even had a panic attack at the premiere of Twilight.

"The biggest challenge is coping with the crowds," he admitted. "I am a quiet, private person. It's strange.You have to change a little bit.


"Walking down the street comes with screaming. I still can't watch myself either. I have always been like that. Watching myself at the Twilight premiere was a mistake.

"I had never watched anything of myself since Harry Potter.

"But I went to it because my whole family was coming to see it.

"Nothing comes other than this pure discomfort.


"I can't watch myself. I am just feeling everybody else's reaction. I can't handle that at all."

However, Robert claims he's not shy when he's on set - it's only when the film is finished he feels uncomfortable.

But he claims he doesn't care about how he looks, although he seems to be contradicting himself.

Surely if he didn't care, he would be happy to watch himself? He said: "It seems pointless watching it.You get a big ego or you become depressed. So I avoid it altogether."


Away from packed cinemas is also a difficult time for the actor - and not just because of ego. In June, he was hit by a taxi in NewYork while trying to run away from screaming girls.

During filming for Twilight follow-up New Moon, there were claims he was being protected by the NewYork police and Robert admits he prefers it when there are big crowds because there will be security on hand.

"But when you are by yourself, your paranoia runs and runs," he said.


Perhaps not the sentiment of the cool vampire he plays in Twilight and the sequel - which will be released in cinemas in November.

The film, already a huge hit as a book, took 11 gongs at the Teen Choice Awards, with Robert winning Best Hottie and Best Actor.

In the new film, there's a love triangle between vampire Edward, his human love-interest Bella - played by rumoured girlfriend Kirsten Stewart - and werewolf Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner.

In the film, Robert goes topless and again that awkwardness is apparent, despite the actor working as a model for four years.


"I was so uncomfortable doing it," he claimed. "It really is so embarrassing," he added with a laugh.

Since the success of Twilight, Robert has played surrealist painter Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and harrowing romantic drama Remember Me, which also stars former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, a film that is due out early next year.

Fresh from playing Edward again, what does Robert make of the character he's turned into one of the world's most famous vampires? "I like playing him," said Robert, who luckily doesn't like going out in the sun, so doesn't have to worry about spoiling his deathly vampire pallor with a suntan.


"I don't know if I like him as a person. "He is a little straight-laced for my liking. He is not rebellious. I think that should be respected."

Robert comes across as a little straight-laced himself, and it seems he wants to rebel on screen for the time being.

He was born in London and, as his mum worked for a modelling agency, it wasn't too much of a stretch to see him modelling at 12.

However, his modelling career only lasted for four years because he claimed he began to look so much older, rather than the teen he had been.


Robert had also taken up amateur dramatics at the Barnes Theatre Company and, in 2004, made his television debut in Ring of the Nibelungs and in the filmVanity Fair, although his scenes were deleted and only appear in the DVD version. His role in Harry Potter followed which had critics calling him the new Jude Law. Of course, yet again, he admitted he finds quotes such as this hard to take.


"I am not very good at taking complements," he revealed.

"I am one of those annoying people.

If someone tells me I gave a great performance, I say, 'oh, yeah, yeah' in a not very interested way.

"But if someone says I am bad or something, thenI agree with it - although I hate it at the same time."

With the first flush of fame, Robert admitted he did check the internet to read about himself and claims it became addictive.


But now he calls internet gossip "toxic" adding: "You can't let yourself be dictated to by anonymous faces."

Like Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, many people will find it hard to ever disentangle Robert with his character Edward.

And like Daniel, the Twilight star is happy, for the time being, for people to remember him for his vampire role.

He's certainly making sure it's not just in Twilight films we see him.

As well as Remember Me with Pierce Brosnan, Robert will be seen next year alongside Hugh Jackman in drama western Unbound Captives.


Director Brett Ratner also wants him for new comic movie Youngblood, which features a superhero team.

At last, showing a bit of steel, Robert said: "I don't think I have to prove anything to anyone.

"I don't expect anyone to give me any breaks.

"I am not one of those people who wants to scream 'give me a chance. I will show you what I can do.'"

"You know, I really don't care. "If you do this stuff, then the audience will respond. And if you can't actually play any other part, that's all right, too."


Luckily for Robert that doesn't look like being a problem.


Helt rätt, idag fyller Cam 27 år!
Cam föddes den 16 Augusti 1982 i Tacoma, Washington, USA.
Ett Varmt grattis till honom! <3


Igår(fredag) var Eclipse gänget ute och åt Miko Sushi.
De som var med : Robert PattinsonKristen StewartTaylor LautnerAshley GreeneKellan LutzNikki Reed,Elizabeth Reaser, Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard.