RPattz på Nightline - Robert Pattinson vs. George Clooney

Tom Felton pratar om Robert Pattinson

Both consistently dominate the box office, Twitter and, most recently, the MTV Movie Awards.

But what happens when the two come face to face? Well, we'll let Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Potter and who won Best Villain answer that for you.

"It's no question really," Tom said cutely and smugly when we asked who would win in a fight between Edward and Draco. "A wand is going to beat...Oh, wait. I dare not answer that. But yeah, let's go with a wand over fangs for now."

We'd have to agree; score one for Potter. So how about their cult Twitter followers? We were surprised when we stumbled upon the insane fan base for Mr. Felton on Sunday at the MTV bash.

"That might be equal," Felton laughed. However, unlike Kristen Stewart's feelings toward the new wave of social media, Tom's all for it.

"It's totally cool. Twitter sprung up out of nowhere," Tom said, adding how he thought it was a cool way to interact with the fans. "It's great. There are so many fantastic supporters out there. I can't thank them enough. They're awesome."

Then again, Felton and his GF are hardly as hounded as Rob and Kristen, so can't say we blame the babe for hating the new form technology.

Wands down for a second, though, Tom had nothing but great things to say about good mate R.Pattz, whom he worked with in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"I hadn't seen him for a long time actually, and then I saw him for his Remember Me premiere, and I was amazed that he remembered me," Felton joked. That was the first time Tom had seen Rob since he became a worldwide phenom.

"Rob's very sweet and just a very cool guy. He's actually very unaffected by all this. He's kind of the beacon of hope for life after Harry Potter. I'm very proud of him."
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Robert Pattinson gillar inte iPad


Grattis på födelsedagen Robert Pattinson

Jennifer Love Hewitt om Robert Pattinson

Vi vet redan att Jennifer Love Hewitt är väldigt förtjust i Rob. Nu pratar hon om detta i tidningen OK! Magazine.

Remember Me på DVD den 22:e Juni + Fodral omslag

Nu har Remember Me gått på biodukarna ett dag och nu är det dags för filmen att stå på hyllorna i affärerna också. Jag vet inte om Remember Me släpps ut i affärerna den 22:e Juni så som den gör i USA.
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Christina Ricci pratar Robert Pattinson

Ursäkta den dåliga kvalitén!

Christina Ricci talks about Robert Pattinson
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Vanessa Williams är lite förälskad i Robert/Edward

Vanessa Williams spelar Wilhelmina i Ugly Betty som kanske några av oss vet. Hon berättar i det här klippet att hon har en liten crush på Edward/Robert! :D


Vinn Chocklad Robert!

Som jag har skrivit innan så finns det en Chocklad huvud som ser ut som Robert Pattinson och nu har Lovefilm.com anordnat en tävling där man kan vinna huvudet. OBS! Detta gäller bara UK!

LOVEFiLM UK har utlyst en tävling (endast UK) om att vinna huvudet och
engelska Twilight-fans har mer eller mindre belägrat sajten i hopp om
att få en munsbit av sin idol. En lycklig vinnare kommer att ha till
december på sig att knapra på sin idol innan bäst före-datumet går ut.


Ät upp Edward Cullen

Ja, bokstavligen det är bara att ta den här "dockan" eller vad man nu ska kalla det! :D

10 saker du inte visste om Robert Pattinson

Mexican magazine Quién har nu gjort en lista på 10 saker vi inte vet om Robert Pattinson.


You might remember last week that I posted a cartoon of Rob by Mexican magazine Quién. Here’s the complete article available on their latest issue (April 2nd), titled 10 Things You Didin’t Know About Robert Pattinson. That explains the cartoon and all the items in it!
Here’s the translation of the article. There are some tiny inaccuracies, but I’ll point them out for you, nothing too big.

1. He modeled for a while and in 2007 he was part of Hackett’s Fall capmpaign.

2. He’s afraid of the dark and can’t sleep without a night light.

3. He plays the piano and the guitar. He played two songs for the Twilight soundtrack, but his name is not in the credits. (Yes, it is! But only one of his two songs is on the actual album)

4. He loves hamburgers and Coke, and if he’s having a bad day, he asks a fan out. (Um, we wish! He only asked a fan out once, in Spain, before he became a huge star, while he was filming Little Ashes. He’s never done it again, he thinks he bores girls. As if!).

5. He prefers public transportation or walking, because he hates driving and even dislikes taxis.

6. He doesn’t play soccer, but he’s a fan of Arsenal.

7. When he was 12 his sisters used to dress him up as a girl and introduce him as Claudia.

8. He misses open mic sessions with his friends (the magazine actually says it’s karaoke, but it’s actually open mic nights at bars). But he’s so afraid to do it again because he doesn’t want to end up on Youtube.

9. He said that the most important being in his life is his dog Patty, a westy that has been with him for years. (Patty died over a yearago, but we only learned that recently).

10. He dislikes sports, but he likes darts, which he considers excercise.



Remember me - bakom scenerna

Vilken vaxdocka är mest lik Robert Pattinson?

Nu är det jag som känner mig lite snurrig! Det är faktiskt så att det finns två vaxdockor! :o En i Robert's hemstad London och en i New York.
Vilken tycker ni är finast, eller bäst? Jag tycker den i New York är bäst eftersom den har flest likheter med Robert.

Robert/Vaxdockan vs. Robert Pattinson

Här kommer några skillnader. ;)

Nya bilder på Robert Pattinson's vaxdocka

Just nu skulle jag gärna vilja vara i London och besöka det här stället!
Se fler bilder här!

Clevver om Robert's frisyr

Robert Pattinson - Videon om vaxdockan


Robert Pattinson - Hela vaxdockan

Rob efter Twilight filmerna?

Hur ska det gå för Rob efter Twilight? Cinematical har faktiskt  skrivit en artikel om detta. En sak som jag tror stämmer in bra på många är att det inte är lätt att acceptera att Edward blir "kär" i någon annan än Bella.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland remained queen of the box office, but Robert Pattinson’s romantic drama, Remember Me, raked in an underwhelming $3,300,000 on 2,215 screens during its second weekend — for a paltry total of $13,900,000. It was even more shocking that it came in at number 10 under the practically unheard of Our Family Wedding, which begs the question — why is one of the hottest male stars raking in forgettable box office numbers?

Granted, $13.9 million isn’t the end of the world since Emilie de Ravin’s tale about a rebellious young man who meets the love of his life after a family tragedy only had a budget of $16 million — but it certainly suggests that Robert Pattinson isn’t the draw for fans, but the character Edward Cullen is. Pattinson made a name for himself as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and he has sparkled in a few indie roles (How to Be and as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes), but people fell in love with Edward Cullen while reading Stephanie Meyer’s books and then became enamored with Pattinson through the films.

Finally, legions of fangirls had their immortal boyfriend personified on screen and the spell seems near impossible to break. Pattinson’s young female fan base doesn’t really want to see him falling in love with anyone other than Bella and his character Tyler in Remember Mewasn’t the hopeless romantic clamoring for his lady love — in fact, previews for the film looked seriously depressing and far too dreary for the teen crowd that has come to adore him.

So, can Robert Pattinson have a successful career after the Twilight series ends? What’s the best way for him to transition from Edward to another character? Does he need to choose a completely different role or will that cause his fan base to abandon him entirely? Or is he destined to become this generation’s Mark Hamill — for example, so linked to a single character that no one wants to risk casting him in anything besides movies featuring glittery vampires?


Nytt om Robert Pattinson's vaxdocka

Ni kanske kommer ihåg att jag tidigare har skrivit ett inlägg om Robert Pattinson's vaxdocka? Nu är den klar!


Crowds of screaming fans will flood Times Square to help unveil a wax figure os Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson on Thursday, March 25 at 10:30 a.m. at Madame Tussauds New York, 234 West 42nd St. (b/w 7th & 8th Aves.), Manhattan. Madame Tussauds London will also unveil a figure of R.Pattz on the same day as Madame Tussauds New York.


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