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Michael Nyqvist och Taylor Lautner i samma film?

Okej, jag vet inte om man ska kunna tro på det här eller inte men jag vill ändå lägga ut det här på bloggen för om det nu är sant är det ju ganska coolt! :D
Michael Nyqvist och Taylor Lautner i samma film!
Såhär skriver posh24.se:
Wow, vilken nyhet! Efter succén med Millenium-filmerna har Hollywood fått upp ögonen för den svenske skådespelaren Michael Nyqvist och satt ihop honom och Hollywoodskådisarna Taylor Lautner och Sigourney Weaver i filmen "Abduction". Huvudrollen i filmen som "Nathan" görs av Taylor som vi alla vet är högaktuell just nu i premiären för "Eclipse", den tredje filmen i Twilight-serien. Kanske blir detta Nyqvists stora internationella genombrott?

Taylor Lautner i Madrid

Taylor Lautner var i samband med Star Ambassador i Madrid. Checka in videon. ;)


Taylor Lautner - Fame

Nu är det Taylor Lautner's tur att få en egen serietidning. Liksom de andra Fame tidningarna ska Bluewater Productions publicera den här tidningen också.  Skulle inte ni vilja läsa t.ex. Robert's, Kristen's och Taylor's tidningar? Jag skulle inte tacka nej till det i alla fall. ;) Här kommer en bild från Taylor's tidning.


Taylor är på OK!s lista över 50 sexigaste singlarna

Haha, lite konstigt. OK! har många gånger skrivit att Taylor Lautner ska gifta sig med Taylor Swift snart! Men nu är han singel.
At only 18, Taylor Lautner is famous for tearing it up as werewolf Jacob in the ”Twilight” movies. TURN ONS: The most important quality in a girl is [the ability] to let loose, have fun.

Taylor Lautner - Star Ambassador

Detta är det tredje videoklippet från då Taylor är i Paris. ;)

Jag skulle också vilja sitta i en av dem bilarna och köra så snabbt!


50 sätta att irritera Jacob Black

Är du Team Edward och gärna skulle vilja reta upp Jake, eller vill du bara göra honom irriterad? Då kan du läsa den här listan! :D

1. Put kitty posters on his bedroom wall.
2. Buy him a vampire outfit for Halloween.
3. Yell ”Here Jacob!! Come on, boy!”
4. Tell him he needs a flea bath.
5. Give him some dog treats for lunch.
6. Follow him around singing Who Let the Dogs Out.
7. Tell him his motorcycle looks gay.
8. Photoshop a pic of him and Edward, then give it to him as a present.
9. Hit him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.
10. Spray him with a squirt bottle every time he swears.
11. Give him a chew toy for Christmas.
12. Give him dinner in a dog bowl.
13. Ask him if he’s related to DogMan(We live in MI…don’t ask)
14. Ask him when Edward and Bella’s wedding date is.
15. Then ask him he’s going.
16. Get him a pretty pink dog collar.
17. Tell him he has to go see the vet.
18. Ask him if he’s got his rabis shot.
19. Steal all of his sweatpants.
20. Call him a mutt…then run.
21. Tell him he needs a new car…preferably a new, shiny, silver Volvo.
22. Ask him if he’s gay.
23. Ask him if he wishs he glittered like Edward.
24. Then pour glitter on him.
25. Then when he yells at you, just tell him you just wanted him to feel pretty like Edward.
26. Throw a Tennis ball, then yell ”Get it! Get it, boy!”
27. Then when he doesn’t go and get the ball, ask why he doesn’t know how to fetch.
28. Give him some peanut-butter.
29. Then black-mail him with the video.
30. Tell him he’d look better pale.
31. Push him in the lake, when he yells just say you wanted to see if he knew how to doggie-paddle.
32. Then yell at him for smelling like wet dog.
33. Paint Jacob in pink and purple nail polish on his finger nails.
34. Then ask him if he has the hotts for Edward.
35. See how many times you can poke him before he transforms.
36. Put a bark collar on him.
37. Give him a muzzle for his B-day.
38. Take him to the groomer’s shop.
39. Steal his pic of Bella and replace it with a pic of Edward while he’s sleeping.
40. Then scream in his ear ”I KNEW IT!! You DO have the hotts for Edward!”
41. Then tell Edward.
42. Ask him if he’s related to Scooby-Doo.
43. Start brushing his hair, then when he glares tell him he’s shedding.
44. Post lost dog AD’s with Jacob’s pic on them.
45. Ask him when his and Edward’s wedding date is.
46. Threaten to get him fixed.
47. Accidently call him kitty.
48. Ask him if he’s Edward’s best-man.
49. Give him the nickname Fiedo.
50. For movie night, rent the Dracula movie.


Taylor med Star Ambassador-vinnarna

Taylor och hans tjejer! ;)


Taylor in Paris, Part 2
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Tay med de två ambassadörerna i Paris

Journée de Taylor à Paris, Part 1
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Bilder på Taylor Lautner i Paris

Som jag tidigare skrivit har Taylor Lautner varit med i LG Orange Star Ambassador. Nu kan ni se bilder på han och hans vinnare. Jag skulle väldigt gärna vilja vara vinnaren men men!
Se fler bilder på källan.

Taylor Lautner vinner Teen Vogue award för “Best Smile”

Detta var något nytt och intresssant. Fansen röstade på Taylor Lautner för bästa leende och så klart vann grabben. ;)

Taylor Lautner Promo Video för Star Ambassador!


Taylor Lautner - Pre Oscar Party

Taylor Lautner  has been getting ready for the Oscars by attending Ari Emanuel’s  pre-Oscar party on the 6th March where he was rubbing shoulders with the rest of the A-Listers.

The LATimes reports:

William Morris Endeavor talent agency topper Ari Emanuel kicked off his Oscar weekend Friday with a celebration for clients and friends — including Taylor LautnerJustin TimberlakeBen AffleckJennifer GarnerMatt DamonMark WahlbergJanet JacksonJavier Bardem and Penelope CruzVictoria BeckhamRenee Zellwegerand Ryan Phillippe.

…Wahlberg greeted Lautner with a hug; the budding action star, clad in a black suit, stuck close to his WME agent, Thor Bradwell.




Har ni hört namnet Kelly Cutrone, inte? Om ni har sett The City som sänds på MTV är jag nästan 100% säker på att ni har det. Kelly Cutrone är Withney's chef. I den här videon så pratar hon om vad hon tycker Taylor Lautner och Zac Efron ska ha på sig på Oscar's galan. ;)

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Taylor "dissar" Max Steel för Stretch Armstrong. :D


The amount of work Taylor Lautner has been reeling in has been very impressive.  It’s not too surprising that two of his hottest projects came into conflict with each other.  According to New York Vulture, Taylor has had to scrape his plans to play Max Steel and is now just focusing on the Stretch Armstrong project.  The whole things boils down to Hasbro vrs Mattel.  In the end, Hasbro has the better track record and thus sealed the deal with Taylor.

From the article: Explained one insider familiar with Lautner’s decision: “When you sign up to make a movie with Hasbro, you know it will be in theaters a year later.”




“Max Steel” – The first post-”Twilight” starring role to break for Taylor, this proposed action series would star Lautner as the incarnation of a Mattel toy. Although the stunts would play into his wheelhouse, the character couldn’t be any more different from Jacob Black: Josh McGrath is a 19-year-old extreme sports star accidentally exposed to a swarm of microscopic nanomachines that give him superhuman powers. Fighting against super-powered villains, he reemerges as Max Steele, a seeming hybrid of Xander Cage, “The Six Million Dollar Man” and Cody Banks. Although the character is little-known in the states, he is based on a CGI-animated show that ran a few years ago, and if Lautner’s movie is a hit it could possibly spawn a franchise.

“Cancun” – Overseen by “Twilight” producer Wyck Godfrey, this flick is being targeted as Taylor’s first chance outside of the “Saga” to showcase the impressive martial-arts skills he’s been honing since before he had body hair. Lautner plays a teenager who takes off to Mexico for spring break with some buddies — but when a drug cartel kidnaps his girlfriend, it’s time to kick some ass and ask questions later. Unfortunately, Taylor is signing up for so many projects — with two “Breaking Dawn” films still likely this fall — that something might have to go, and “Cancun” could be that film. But if not, Taylor should start stocking up on the sunscreen, immediately.

“Stretch Armstrong” - Possibly the most promising of Taycob’s upcoming films, this rubbery character has been flirting with Hollywood for so long that such folks as Jackie Chan, Tim Allen and Danny DeVito were attached to play him around the turn of the century. Taylor signed on at the beginning of this month for the action movie — which will be made in 3-D and likely hit theaters in 2012. A mix between Reed Richards, Plastic Man and James Bond, Stretch is an uptight secret agent who takes an elongating concoction that makes him a superhero — but gives him hard-to-control superpowers. Based on the goofy elastic toy that every kid in the ’80s owned and every dog loved to chew, “Stretch Armstrong” will likely hit theaters after “Max Steel” and could also potentially become a franchise. It remains to be seen whether his weiner-dog sidekick Fetch Armstrong will also make the big screen.

“Abduction” - Imagine that when you’re drinking your next carton of milk, you look on the side at the picture and see … yourself? That’s the ripe premise behind this thriller, the latest film that Taylor has signed on to do. In the film, he plays a young man who realizes he has been living a lie when he discovers his own baby picture on a missing persons Web site. As he sets out to determine the truth behind his origin story, Taylor will aim to bring the thrills as fast as he did that six-pack for “New Moon.”



Taylor Lautner letar fortfarande efter sin ambassadör. ;)



Idag fyller Sarah Clarke(Bella mamma Renee) 38 år!
Grattis till henne! ;)


Just nu sitter jag här hemma och är sjuk, all energi är slut. :(
Men jag har tid och underhålla er andra mer inlägg.


Som jag har skrivit innan så medverkar Taylor Lautner i LG Star Embassador.
Här kommer snygga bilder och en trevligt video.

Ambassadeur de star : Teaser Reveal
by ambassadeur-de-star





Idag är det en väldigt speciell dag!
Idag fyller vår engen Taylor Lautner 18 år.

Några andra söta bilder :)

Grattis Grattis!

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