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Intervju med Elizabeth Reaser

MTV intervjuar vår Elizabeth Reaser. Hon ser strålande ut! ;)

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Eclipse Soundtrack - Neutron star collision (love is forever) av Muse

Yey, lyssna, lyssna & lyssna!


Eclipse TV- Spot

Ashley Green pratar Rob & Kellan i Seventeen

Ashley Greene kommer vara på omslaget på Seventeen i Juni.
Ashley gets to work right alongside Hollywood’s mega-hotties but this sultry starlet doesn’t have any interest in those boys! 

Ashley Greene is NOT robsessed! The gorgeous Twilight “vampire-ness” looks striking as Seventeen magazine’s June cover girl
and she gives us the low down on her super sexy co-stars, Robert
Pattinson and Kellan Lutz. You would think it would be hard to remember
your lines when gazing into the eyes of these leading men but Ashley
appears to be all together unfazed by the outside obsession with her

“When I met Rob, I didn’t think twice about him,” admits Ashley. “He’s really attractive, but that chemistry wasn’t there. He also
doesn’t understand girls.”

What? Rob doesn’t understand girls? Hmm … wonder what his girlfriend Kristen Stewart thinks about this. We figured Rob was Mr.
Smooth when it came to wooing the ladies!

“He gets a lot of attention from girls,” says Ashley. “But he doesn’t quite understand it because before Twilight, he was just a guy
from Harry Potter.”

Even though there aren’t sparks with her other co-star Kellan, she does divulge that the thought of hooking up with the buff, blond vamp
has crossed her pretty little mind.

“I’ve definitely thought about it,” says Ashley. “He and I met through our agent five years ago, and we’ve been best friends ever
since and filming together has made us even closer.”

So why haven’t the two ever given a chance to a possible budding romance? 

“He’s one of my best friends,” she says. “But if we were going to be romantic, we would have done it years ago! I like having him to talk
to about other guys to get that male perspective. I really cherish our
relationship, so I wouldn’t want to mess that up by dating.”

Outtakes från USA Today med Kristen, Taylor & Robert





Intervju med Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

USA Today  intervjuade Tay, KStew och Rob då de var i Chicago.
Robert Pattinson, left, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner hung out after an Oprah Winfrey Show taping in Chicago to talk about their film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, in theaters June 30.
CHICAGO — Dashingly disheveled Robert Pattinson has an infectious, high-pitched laugh that would never do for his seductive vampire lover-boy, Edward Cullen.

Buff-and-polished Taylor Lautner is pocket-size compared with the looming stature of his werewolf counterpart, Jacob Black.

Casual yet cool Kristen Stewart can be a real chatterbox, unlike her moody Bella Swan, the high schooler in a romantic tug of war between these two supernatural objects of teen desire.

Lucky girl, right? "Yeah, but that's in the movies," Stewart says about bringing to life the modern-day Gothic heroine from the insanely popular Twilight book series (85 million copies sold so far). "I'm just the ultimate fan. If you read a story and you like it andconnect to it, it probably means you've inserted yourself in the story, and I get to do that on the most glorified level possible."
Hollywood fantasy regularly blends with everyday reality for these three blazing-hot rising stars. It has taken a while for a cultural navigator like Oprah Winfrey to zero in on the heat behind the literary-spawned phenom. But on this early May morning, Twilight fever is raging at Harpo Studios as the actors file into the backstage area after taping a show that aired Thursday. The occasion? Eclipse, the third chapter in an already billion-dollar worldwide franchise that arrives June 30.

The actors are unfazed by the shrieking adoration of a largely female audience, many in black Twilight T's — Team Edward and Team Jacob are duly represented — and all handpicked for their passion for the epic movie series based on author Stephenie Meyer's four-part saga.

"It's so nice sometimes, preaching to the converted," says Pattinson, 24, the London-born overnight sex symbol and primary reason for the screams. Thanks to his devoted worshipers, he has been elevated from a little-known Harry Potter supporting player to one of Time's 100 most influential people in the world in less than three years. They were out in force the night before at a Winfrey-sponsored screening of an unfinished print of Eclipse.Afterward, a firestorm of fan Tweets rife with "OMGs" gushed about the much-anticipated sequel to 2008'sTwilight and last year's New Moon.

Once Stewart, 20, painstakingly signs Winfrey's guest book and Lautner, 18, stops practicing his grape-tossing parlor trick, the castmates settle into a buttery leather sofa to talk about such topics as the iconic moments that are re-created in Eclipse, run-ins with other celebrities and what the post-Twilight future holds.

The fame game

But, first, the pain of fame that comes from being on the paparazzi's most-wanted list is addressed. When New Moon opened last fall, barely a day went by without seeing a headline about Lautner and country cutie Taylor Swift or speculation on whether Pattison and Stewart are a real-life couple.

Although, lately, the frenzy has calmed somewhat, judging by the number of Twilight-free magazine covers at grocery checkouts. "I don't know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year," Pattinson says.

"That's totally the reason," Stewart concurs. "They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there's no story. We are just good hiders now."

Such subterfuge includes neither confirming nor denying that they are in a relationship. Yet there clearly is some sort of special connection between the two, what with their playful teasing and personal asides. Let's just say it wasn't Lautner who placed a hand on Pattinson's leg during a portion of the interview.

But all three take their Twilight-related duties to heart, whatever they might require. Stewart even leaps up in a panic at one point, fearing she misspelled a word in her salutation to Winfrey. She checks the book: "Believe — ie or ei?"

"I before e except after c," Pattinson responds. She checks. "Oh, yeah," she says with a triumphant fist pump.

Pattinson laughs. "I almost spelled Oprah wrong. I almost wrote Opera."

The actors are keen to know how Eclipse played to the crowd at the screening and are pleased to hear that every element has been heightened: the horror, the romance, the three-way interaction among their characters, the touches of humor that often come at the expense of Edward and Jacob's rivalry — especially after they forge a testy alliance to save Bella from a roving gang of rabid newborn vampires.

Stewart says of Eclipse's positive early reception: "It is a well-oiled machine at this point. We have had a lot of time to establish what this thing is about and a lot of time to consider it. And they gave us so much more money this time. So that is exciting."

Pattinson, looking bemused, quickly clarifies her statement. "For the film. The budget."

Stewart is chagrined. "Oh, my God. No, no. That didn't even occur to me. They gave us so much more money to make the film look good!"

The leads did get raises — Stewart and Pattinson are taking home a reported $7.5 million each plus a percentage of the gross, Lautner gets $5 million — while the production's price tag grew to $65 million, still modest compared with similar franchises.

Yet the few extra bucks seem to have paid off, especially with the effects. Even Lautner's CG wolf alter-ego is more adorable than in New Moon. "Yeah," says the actor, sheepishly. "It was very cuddly. I don't know if that's what we were aiming for."

He waffles over the wisdom of sharing an anecdote about the scene in which the vicious horse-sized beast sweetly nuzzles Bella and she scratches his ear. After a little coaxing, he relents.

"That day I came on set and put on this tight gray spandex suit ..."

"There is dialogue and I talk to him," Stewart explains. "I said, 'How am I going to do this without Taylor?' " So instead of the actress pretending that a massive computer-animated wolf was nearby, Lautner volunteered to be its stand-in.

"Basically, it looked like a Teletubby," he continues about his outfit. "I had this circle on the face but everything else was covered. It was weird. But, yeah, I stood there and would literally bend over ..."

"I would actually pet his head," Stewart adds.

Pattinson, meanwhile, struggled with Edward's rather formal proposal to Bella, which reflects the fact that although his vintage vampire looks 17, he hails from the turn of the last century.

"I was dreading the day it was coming," he says of the scene that was held until the very end of the shoot. "The first time I read the script, I thought, 'This is impossible.' " References to "promenades" and sharing "iced tea on the porch" as Edward explains how he would have courted Bella in the old days especially stuck in his throat. "It's so earnest. I finally convinced the producers that you can play it with a bit of awareness of not being a fictional character. I'm not trying to be part of a Gothic novel."

When Pattinson finally watched it, however, he was pleasantly surprised. "It seems different when you see it."

Their profiles have grown with each film, and celebrity status does afford them the chance to mingle with their own idols. Although, more often than not, the other stars are the ones bedazzled as they request autographs for their Twilight-crazed kids.

"I took a picture with Ron Howard last year at the Oscars," Pattinson recalls. "I thought it was the funniest thing. I asked, 'Is it for your kids?' He said, 'No, it's for me. I want to have it on my phone.' " Making the situation even odder: Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, is in Eclipse.

Alas, Pattinson has yet to run into his favorite, Jack Nicholson.

Stewart pipes up: "I have."

Pattinson: "What? When did you meet?"

Stewart: "At a screening for Into the Wild," her 2007 coming-of-age drama directed by Sean Penn. "He was exactly like you think he would be."

Pattinson, sounding peeved: "You never told me that."

Lautner joins in. "I didn't meet him but I sat next to him at a Lakers game."

Pattinson, utterly exasperated: "What?"

Life beyond 'Twilight'

Next subject. The three are actively trying to ward off post-Twilight typecasting by doing solo projects in between. Stewart and Pattinson, both bookworms and drawn to art-house fare, earned OK reviews but underwhelming ticket sales for their two recent releases, the girl-band bio The Runaways and the romantic melodramaRemember Me.

But they continue to be in demand for more mature roles. Stewart is psyched to be a part of a big-screen version of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, which starts shooting in August. Pattinson recently wrapped his work on the London set of Bel Ami as a 19th-century social-climbing rogue opposite Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurmanand Christina Ricci. Does he bed all three?

"Yes, but they're not like typical love scenes at all," he says.

Adds Stewart: "They're all a little weird. A little edgy. And a little nude." Chuckling ensues.

Meanwhile, Lautner — a natural athlete who played a high school track star in the box-office-topping ensemble comedy Valentine's Day— seems to be angling to become the next big action hero with upcoming roles in the thriller Abduction and Stretch Armstrong, a 3-D adventure based on a toybox muscleman

Did he ever own one of the dolls, whose limbs could be pulled and elongated like taffy? "I don't remember having one at my house, but I totally remember stretching that sucker."

Then there is the next Twilight feature, Breaking Dawn, opening Nov. 18 next year. The fourth and presumably final book is so jammed with life-altering events — a wedding, first-time sex between Bella and Edward, a grotesquely painful birth — that there has been talk of doing two films back to back. And it might even be in 3-D. But the actors can confirm only their involvement.

What has been decided is that Breaking Dawn's director will be Bill Condon, the filmmaker behindDreamgirlsand Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Chicago.

Have they met Condon, who already posted a letter on Facebook reassuring fans of his appreciation of the material and that the film most definitely will not be a musical despite his résumé?

Lautner nods yes.

Pattinson: "When did you meet him?" Lautner: "One day." Stewart: "Did you have a meeting?" Lautner: "No, no." Pattinson: "I literally met him three nights ago."

Stewart, in a mock snit: "Well, he obviously doesn't want to meet me."



Grattis på födelsedagen Nikki Reed

Idag fyller Nikki Reed 22 år! Visste ni att hon egentligen heter Nicole Houston Reed och att hon är filmförfattare? ;)

Photoshoot med Jackson Rathbone


Kellan Lutz på Macy's Calvin Klein 'X' Launch

Se fler bilder på källan.

Christian Serratos för Maxim (Magazine Scans)

OBS! Spoilers för mycket naket!

Oj då, här går det hett till!

Intervju med Charlie Bewley

Clevver TV fick chansen att intervjua Charlie Bewley. De pratar om Eclipse och The Volturil.


Hot Topic - Eclipse

Go Hot Topic som ger oss Eclipse saker! Vi får även se lite mer från Eclipse. ;)






Promo bild på Seth


Intervju med Ashley Greene

Jag tycker den här intervjun är bra så jag råder alla att kolla och lyssna på den. :D Ashley pratar om självförtroende och vad hon brukar ta på sig på vardagarna.


Anna Kendrick i L’Uomo Vogue

Anna Kendrick kommer vara med i ett nummer av L'Uomo Vouge. Här kommer två outtakes.

Kellan Lutz twittrar en blodig bild

Go Kellan! :D

Young Hollywood Awards

Som ni alla kanske ver vann Nikki Reed och Ashley Greene Young Hollywood awards priser. Nu har det faktiskt kommit ut bilder på dem och då ser man också att Boo Boo Stewart och Peter Facinelli var där. Nina Dobrev som spelar Elena Gilbert i var också där. ;)

Se fler bilder på källan.

Intervju med Boo Boo Stewart

Boo Boo Stewart pratar b.l.a om Eclipse, Breaking Dawon och mycket mer. För er som inte har läst böckerna, varnar jag för spoilers.

VI ser dig Twilight bok!

Det verkar som om Whitney Port gillar Twilight? ;)

Dagens bild

Eclipse special på Jimmy Kimmel Live

Yeey!Den 23 Juni kommer Jimmy Kimmel Live ha en Eclispe special.

ABC is giving Jimmy Kimmel a full primetime special dedicated to the June 30 release of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

Titled “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart,” the special will air from 10:01-11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 23.

ABC boasts that this will be the only joint primetime appearance by “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. And if that’s not enough, co-stars Dakota Fanning, Bryce Howard and Xavier Samuel will be on-hand, plus “special guests.”


Ny banner från Eclispe

Robert Pattinson gillar inte iPad


Ashley Greene InStyle - Scans

Gosh, ge mig Ashleys hår! :o

Promo bild på Seth

Den andra bilden på Seth från Eclipse.


MTV Movie Awards 2010 - Video

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Intervju med Charlie Bewley


Seth i Eclipse

Oh, min favorit i The Wolfpack! :D*wtmNB5lA4gC2Du7Rvxikh8AnzTXBUm1S8ERd1JyWajTkCdQ5uwxg3WJSDuSPedC30UM9MsjvU/DF07211C.jpg

Grattis på födelsedagen Robert Pattinson

Eclipse Soundtrack

Förlåt för att jag inte la ut detta igår, men internetet strulade så det blev inte så som jag hade tänkt mig! :(
Men här kommer det i alla fall! Här kommer listan på alla låtar som kommer vara med på Eclipse soundtrack.

1. Metric – Eclipse (All Yours)

2. Muse – Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)

3. The Bravery – Ours

4. Florence + The Machine´s – Heavy In Your Arms

5. Sia – My Love

6. Fanfarlo – Atlas

7. The Black Keys – Chop and Change

8. The Dead Weather – Rolling In On A Burning Tire

9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – Let’s Get Lost

10. Vampire Weekend – Jonathan Low

11. Unkle – With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)

12. Eastern Conference Champions – A Million Miles An Hour

13. Band of Horses – Life On Earth

14. Cee-Lo Green – What Part Of Forever

15. Howard Shore – Jacob’s Theme

Oh, mina älskade Muse och Florence + The Machine´s är med!! :D <3


Taylor, Robert & Kristen hos Oprah Winfrey Show - smygtitt del 2

Idag är det dags, idag sänds Oprah Winfrey på amerikansk TV. Jag kommer såklart lägga ut det när det kommer ut på nätet. Men så länge får vi nöja oss med det här. ;)



I det här klippet pratar Rob om att han hade drömmar om att bli en rapp artist när han var yngre och så pratar han också om hur han över in sin amerikanska accent.



Här pratar Robert och Taylor om hur det är att ha fans omkring sig så ofta.


Och här, berättar Taylor vad han söker hos en tjej.


Källorna; , &

METRIC är det första banden på Eclipse Soundtrack

MTV Movie Awards 2010 - Dags att rösta nu!

Förra året gjorde ju Twilight och gänget en riktigt stor succé och alla som tittade på det minns nog "kyssen" mellan Kristen Stewart och Robert Pattinson. Vi kommer inte heller glömma när Kristen tappade sitt pris, haha. Ett oförglömligt ögonblick! :D Nu är det dags igen, klicka här för att rösta.
Här kommer nomineringarna;

Best Female Performance

– Amanda Seyfried – ‘Dear John’
– Emma Watson – ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’
– Kristen Stewart – ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’
– Sandra Bullock – ‘The Blind Side’
– Zoe Saldana – ‘Avatar’

Best Male Performance

– Channing Tatum – ‘Dear John’
– Daniel Radcliffe – ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’
– Robert Pattinson – ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’
– Taylor Lautner – ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’
– Zac Efron – ‘17 Again’

Global Superstar

– Robert Pattinson
– Kristen Stewart
– Taylor Lautner
– Johnny Depp
– Daniel Radcliffe

Best Movie

–Twilight Saga: New Moon
–Alice in Wonderland
–Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
–The Hangover

Best Kiss

–Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Twilight Saga: New Moon
–Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner: Valentine’s Day
–Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning: The Runaways
–Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds: The Proposal
–Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington: Avatar

Best Breakout Star

- Anna Kendrick – Up In The Air
- Chris Pine – Star Trek
- Gabourey Sidibe – Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
- Logan Lerman – Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
- Quinton Aaron  – The Blind Side
- Zach Galifianakis  – The Hangover


Taylor, Robert & Kristen hos Oprah Winfrey Show - smygtitt



Nya stills från New Moon

Väldigt fina!

Jesse & Joy i Eclipse-soundtracket

Jesse och Joy är ett latinamerikanskt band som kommer medverka i Eclipse Soundtrack med låten Magic and Desire.

“The song talks about these emotions that love make you feel, at at time, consider something magical and there is a desire that makes you lose gravity. You feel like you’re flying, and it’s all love.”


Intervju med Edi Gathegi


So one of the things actors usually talk about is how acting is this life long process.  You never stop learning with acting, and you’ve had the chance to work with two really great directors – Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz.  What do you think you’ve learned from Catherine and brought into your ensemble?  And what do you feel the same way with Chris?  What do you think you got from each of those directors that you didn’t have before?  Or maybe a new respect for something having worked for them?

Edi: I’ll start with Chris Weitz.  He’s a great director and amazing in so many different ways.  But I think in the nature of New Moon with the CGI was a completely different experience for me.  I grew up watching big, epic, cinematic films, but I didn’t have that concept of how you make a movie like that.

Laura: Yeah, like Star Wars.

Edi:  And then when you get to be in a movie where you have technical people on set and they’re holding up, you know, Styrofoam cows and telling you, just act here and we’re gonna insert it later, that just opened up my eyes to the inner workings of how a movie like that comes together.  So I think I’ve learned certain things technically from Chris Weitz that I didn’t know before hand.

But I’ve worked with a lot of different directors on a lot of different projects.  I mean, my whole background was theatre so I’ve worked with directors who were only concerned with the moment to moment, just relationships with characters.  The thing that’s different in a film is that there’s a lot more that goes into it.  So the director might only be partially concerned with character.  They’re worried about budget.  They’re worried about time.  They’re worried about scene.  Like location and a lot of these other technical aspects that directors in theatre don’t consider, you know what I mean?

Laura: Yeah, that doesn’t come into play.

Edi: The kind of director that I’m really excited to work with, not to say that Catherine and Chris weren’t this, but the kind of director who doesn’t have that much pressure from studios that gets to spend time on each moment with every character.

Laura: That’s great.  What about your fellow cast mates, the actors in the movie? Like you said, how do you pick a favorite out of all these guys you worked with?  [On stage Edi had been asked who his favorite actor in the Twilight film was and his response was, "Well whose your favorite child? You can't pick!"]Sometimes when you’re on set with somebody, you just kind of have the moment where you click as an actor and you can’t predict that.  It’s just chemistry.  Anybody with Twilight you feel like you had that moment where you clicked and you like to work with them again?

Edi: Well, off the bat, the first that comes to mind is Rachelle.  But I think just generally when you’re working in the television and film industry – and this is a gross generalization – but generally you connect with a lot of people, because you guys speak the same language.  It’s the common vocabulary of what it is to be an artist in this business.  So you all have sort of a commonality where you’re gonna connect with a lot of people.  But with Rachelle it was like, “Oh, we’ve got the same sense of humor!  Oh, we have the same interests.  Oh, you’re like the female version of me! Let’s freaking party!  Let’s hang out!” So we became friends.

But then again, everyone in the cast got along very well.  I still hang out with Taylor.  I see Kellan every now and again with my friends.  I see Nikki a lot.  Peter and I always make plans and then fall apart.  Like last night, he’s here and I’m like, “Uh, I’m too tired Peter, and we reschedule for LA?” “I never see you in LA!” “That’s cause you’ve got kids… and a wife.  Let’s set a night.  Go hang out.” He has poker nights every now and then, and I do that.

But a lot of the casts are friends.  But Rachelle was the first person that came to mind because, naturally I was doing most of my scenes with her.

Laura: You talked about how you were going to go over to the UK.  [Edi had given a Q and A on stage at the convention mentioning a project he would be working on in the UK. He had studied theater there briefly when he was a student and has always wanted to go back, but gave no details about his upcoming project.] I’m such an Anglophile, so that rocks, and I’m a big theatre person from New York.

Edi: YEAH!  Me too!

Laura: I’m curious, can you say who the director is or can you expand any more on that project?  If not, what can you tell us about upcoming work?

Edi: I think I can talk about this one.  It’s not completely done, but I can talk about it.  I can’t talk about this other thing that’s really exciting.

Laura: No problem!  That’s okay!  We can just say you’re really excited about something else, but you can’t say.

Edi: This other project is called 50/50.   It’s like True Romance meets Snatch.

Laura: Oh wow!  That’s an awesome combo!

Edi: And I get to play this British gangster and he’s the wild card.  He’s dangerous and funny.  It’s cockney and I have a deal with the director: if I can’t sound completely authentic, then were’ just going to go Jamaican or something.

Laura: HAHA!

Edi: So I have a month where I can get my cockney accent down.

Laura: Awesome!  I can’t wait till it comes out!  Thank you!

We would like to thank Edi for taking the time to speak with us and to Creation for the opportunity!  We are looking forward to interviewing another member of the Twilight family in Vancouver this coming weekend.


Dagens bild

Nya outtakes från La Times

Här kommer två nya bilder på Nikki, Peter & Elizabeth.

Borta bra men hemma bäst för Ashley Greene

Ashley verkar ha saknat din bostad väldigt mycket och framför allt hennes bedårande hund också. 


Den Israeliska Eclipse postern


Nya outtakes från Cosmopolitan Magazine med Kellan Lutz

Här kommer andra delen av photoshooten från Cosmopolitan Magazine med Kellan Lutz och här går det hett till. :D





Koreanska bilder från The Runaways

De är väldigt coola tycker jag. ;)




Bilderna säger allt!


Robert Pattinson i Zona Jova

Nej, jag vet inte vad det står men i alla fall! :D

Bellas förlovningsring

Bellas förlovningsring är verkligen annorlunda. Jag trodde inte den skulle se ut såhär men som vanligt blir jag överraskad. ;) På det mycket bra sätt, ringen är såå otroligt vacker!



Dagens bild

Vacker. <3

Sarah Clarke på 24 series party

Sarah Clarke som spelar Bellas mamma var på 24 series festen.

Taylor Lautner i Madrid

Taylor Lautner var i samband med Star Ambassador i Madrid. Checka in videon. ;)


Outtakes på Daniel Cudmore & Charlie Bewley




Nya bilder på Kristen Stewart för Elle





Den franska The Last Airbender postern

Här kommer den franska The last Airbender postern med Jackson Rathbone.

Eclipse - Jake & Bella i bra kvalité

Nice! ;)


Fan-made Eclipse Poster

Taylor Lautner - Fame

Nu är det Taylor Lautner's tur att få en egen serietidning. Liksom de andra Fame tidningarna ska Bluewater Productions publicera den här tidningen också.  Skulle inte ni vilja läsa t.ex. Robert's, Kristen's och Taylor's tidningar? Jag skulle inte tacka nej till det i alla fall. ;) Här kommer en bild från Taylor's tidning.


Kristen Stewart i On The Road

Kristen Stewart kommer vara med i en ny film som är baserad på Jack Kerouac’s novell On The Road!

Looks as if Kristen Stewart is going On the Road.  And not just because she is doing publicity for the latest Twilight film, Eclipse, opening June 30.

As she told USA TODAY’s Susan Wloszczyna today while in Chicago for an Oprah taping, “I am very much attached to a movie that has been trying to get made forever. Not that this is going to help it, but maybe I can just brag a little bit. I am super excited about it, too. I am about to play Marylou in On the Road. So that’s a big deal.”

Filmmakers including Francis Ford Coppola and Gus Van Sant have struggled for years to bring Jack Kerouac’s classic 1957 tale of disaffected members of the Beat Generation to the big screen. Tron: Legacy’s Garrett Hedland will play the confused drifter Dean Moriarity with Stewart as his young wife and British actor Sam Riley (Control) as his traveling pal, Sal. Brazilian director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) will direct. Filming is expected to start this summer.


Cullens i La Times

Nu har det kommit ut nya outtakes på Nikki ReedPeter Facinelli och Elizabeth Reaser i La Times.

Snyggt, snyggt.

Dagens skämt

Christian Serratos kommer vara med i 96 Minutes

According to this Variety article Christian Serratos has joined the cast of 96 Minutes-

Christian Serratos (“Twilight”) has boarded the pic “96 Minutes.” She joins a cast that already includes Brittany Snow and Evan Ross and will play the victim of a carjacking gone wrong. The thesp can be seen next in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”


Officiellt - Muse på Eclipse Soundtracket

Nu är det äntligen officiellt. Efter allt prat om att Muse ska vara med på Eclipse Soundtracket så får vi nu höra en liten, liten snutt av låten som kommer vara med på soundtracket. Låten heter Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) och hela låten kommer vi kunna höra den 17 Maj. Så det är ju inte alls lång tid kvar.

Källa & Källa

Stills från Eclipse



KStew i Elle

Nu är de efterlängtade bilderna från Kristen Stewart's photoshoot för Elle här. I det här inlägget får ni läsa en liten bit från intervjun och bilderna som kommer vara med i Juni numret som man kommer kunna köpa i affärerna. ;)

On the madness that has become her life: “It’s insane! Once somebody finds out, you have to get the hell out of wherever you are. People freak out. And the photographers, they’re vicious. They’re mean. They’re like thugs. I don’t event want to drive around by myself anymore. It’s fucking dangerous.”

On her loss of privacy: “Somebody knocked on my hotel room door and asked for a light, then said that they were a big fan. I was like, ‘Do you really need me to light your cigarette? How do you know what room I’m in?’ I can’t be by myself and I like being by myself.”

On criticism of her public manner:
“I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward—and I am—but those are bad words for them.”

On her red-carpet demeanor: “People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me…I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying…It’s a physical reaction to the energy that’s thrown at you.”

On caring: “I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

On Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: “I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them. People say, ‘Just say who you’re dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it.’ It’s like, No they won’t! They’ll ask for specifics.”

Klicka för större.
Intervjun & annan video:


[Källa: &]

Breaking Dawn - Premiär den 18 Novemer

Nu har Summit Entertainment bekräftat att Breaking Dawn kommer gå på bio den 18 November! :D

“A Summit Entertainment spokesperson has confirmed to HitFix that “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” will open nationwide on Nov. 18, 2011. It’s still officially unknown if “Dawn” will be broken up into one or, as rumored, two films. Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all expected to return.

Directed by Oscar-winner Bill Condon, the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s popular series chronicles Bella’s most advanced initiation into the vampire world to date, but is also seen by many as the most difficult to adapt of all the best-selling novels. Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted the first two novels, would continue in that role for “Dawn.”

The third movie in the series, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” will debut in theaters on June 30 nationwide and in IMAX.”



Svar på frågestunden - Del 2

Favorit citar? Tack för en mycket bra blogg!

Oh, det finns så många bra citat men jag tar Be safe – Edward. Tack för att du gillar den!


Seth eller Leah?

Svårt svårt, men jag tar Leah. Seth är min favorit kille i ”the wolfpack” men Leah är bara för grym. Många ser henne som en taskig person men egentligen är hon snäll och bryr sig om sina nära och kära. ;)

När jag höll på och läsa Breaking Dawn ( OBS! Vet inte om någon tar detta som spoilers men VARNING i alla fall) hoppades jag på att Leah och Jacob skulle bli ett par.


Hur många bilder på The Twilight Cast har du i ditt rum?

22 om man räknar med se små också.


Hur många gånger har du sett Twilight?

Gosh, jag vet inte minst 40 gånger! :o


Vem såg du New Moon första gången med?

Jag såg den med mina två bästa vänner. <3


Tror du på vampyrer?
Haha nej, men jag brukar skoja om det, alltså att jag tror på vampyrer. ;)


Tror du på rykterna om att Kristen och Robert är tillsammans?

Nja, jag vet inte. Ibland känns det på på intervjuer och bilder men jag vet faktiskt inte. Jag vill jättegärna att de ska vara tillsammans men det är inte min sak att bestämma. Men om de nu är det så är det ju nice. ;)


Vilken scen i Twilight och New Moon är din favoritscen? Älskar bloggen.

Twilight: Bal scenen i slutet! Jag bara älskar bakgrundsmusiken och allting! <3

New Moon; I sluten när de är i Italien. :D <3

Tycker du Breaking Dawn ska bli två filmer?

Som Ashley Greene sa, två filmer = mer detaljer. ;)


Vad tycker du om Eclipse Trailern?

Den var helt ok, men den kunde ha varit bättre.


Jag har läst att du är Team Edward. Hatar du Jake?

Klart jag inte gör, älskar honom med. ;)

Leas tatuering - Misstaget

Det kan inte vara lätt att jobba med någon Twilight film. Man måste nog vara mycket, mycket noggrann när det gäller allt. T.o.m. pyttesmå saker. Vi, Twilight fans är ganska noggranna har jag märkt.

Dagens Citat

I heard my favorite sound in the world: Edward’s quiet laugh, weak with relief.
Bella Swan, Twilight

Twilight & Historia

Jag har alltid undrar hur det var för Edward, Alice och de andra innan de blev vampyrer. Alice var ju fånge på ett psykhem så det är ju mycket intressant. Den här nya boken ger oss chansen att läsa om detta. ;)

The characters of the Twilight Saga carry a rich history that shapes their identities and actions over the course of the series. Edward, for instance, may look like a seventeen-year-old teen heartthrob, but was actually born in 1901 and died during the Spanish Influenza of 1918. His adopted sister, Alice, was imprisoned in an insane asylum in 1920 and treated so badly there that even becoming a vampire was a welcome escape. This book is the first to explore the history behind the Twilight Saga’s characters and their stories. You’ll learn about what life might have been like for Jasper Whitlock Hale, the Confederate vampire who fought during the Civil War, Carlisle Cullen, the Puritan witch hunter-turned-vampire who participated in the witchcraft persecutions in Early Modern England, and the history of the Quileute culture that shaped Jacob and his people —and much more.
Klicka här eller här för att köpa den på svenska.

Cast Information från den officiella Eclipse sidan

Nu finns den lite info om varje karaktär i Eclipse uppe på den officiella Eclipse hemsidan. Den bilden de har på Victoria är wonderful! :D

Se fler här!

Kristen Stewart i Empire Magazine

Klicka på bilden för att läsa texten.


100 Monkeys sjunger Keep Awake på Bamboozle i East Rutherford

Lite musik.

Fler promo bilder från Eclipse

Oj oj, vad har hänt med felix? :o

Kristen Stewart - Costume Institute Gala

Igår(3 Maj) var KStew på Costume Institute Gala i New York! Hon hade på sig en Chanel klänning med Sergio Rossi skor. Jag vet inte vad jag ska säga om henens outfit, den är självklart inte ful men jag skulle inte vilja ta på mig det. Håret är helt okej men klänningen..nja jag vet inte.


Americas Next Top Model - Vampyr photoshoot

Jag är faktiskt ett ganska stort Top Model fan men jag har inte sett alla avsnitt. Just nu är vi på säsong 13 men den här photoshooten jag har lagt ut här nedanför är från säsong 14 som de visar i USA. Vi i Sverige är alltid bak i tv serier! :o

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

Vilka duktiga modeller!


Kristen Stewart på Elle's förstasida - smygtitt

Som sagt ska Kristen Stewart vara med på förstasidan av Elle tidningen. En skribent från Elle har nu i en intervju visat en liten smygtitt på omslaget.


Promo bilder på Eclipse gänget!

OME! :D Så fina, såå fina! Jag älskar de två bilderna på Alice, hon ser så vacker ut men de gör de alla faktiskt.

Bakom scenerna - The Last Airbender

12 orsaker att älska staden Forks

Haha, bra orsaker! :D

Intervjuer med Stephenie Meyer

MTV har intervjuat Stephenie Meyer där hon berättar om vad Breaking Dawn's förstasida betyder och mycket mer.


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

“It represents Bella and Bella,” Stephenie spills. “This cover, one of the reasons why I love it and was so happy we finally came up with the concept, is that it’s the whole book series on one cover. Bella’s starts out as the weakest player on the board and she ends up as the one who decides the outcome of the story. She became the most powerful player, and I really liked that metaphor. I liked seeing her evolution in one picture.”

Breaking Dawn’s cover shows the weakest piece on a chess board – a pawn – and focuses on the strongest one, the queen.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Although Bella’s character comes full circle, Stephenie still feels that other players in the Twilight saga have more to share. She confesses that Leah’s story doesn’t feel resolved to her and foresees future writing from Renesmee’s point-of-view.
“If I were to go ahead with the Cullen universe — and honestly I’ll do it for myself, whether I publish it or not is questionable at this point — but the narrators that I would go ahead with…would be Renesmee and Leah. Probably about the age of five, which would be about 16 or 17 for Renesmee.”

Dagens bild

Photoshoot med Julia Jones


Ny still på Bree i Eclipse

Den andra bilden på Bree från Eclipse kommer här.

Kristen Stewart på omslaget av Atrevida Magazine


Detta är inte direkt en ny photoshoot, den är faktiskt från 2008 men outtakesen är ny släppta. ;)







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