Hitta detta på Thetwilightsaga.se, det är ett väldigt långt inlägg men det är självklart roligt ändå :)
Det är kapitel som inte kom med i böckerna:

From what I can gather, in the original Twilight manuscript, Bella, Edward, and Alice stayed behind in Phoenix while she healed and then drove home passing through Las Vegas on the way.  This scene takes place in an unnamed Las Vegas casino.  Bella still has a cast on her leg.


The next morning, we went to the casino. Natural light never came close to touching the gaming floor, so it was very easy. Edward told me it was generally expected for them to go lose some money in the hotel—a suite like ours was reserved for that special class of visitor known as high rollers.

As they walked—and I rolled in my wheelchair—through the acres of elegantly decorated casino floor, three times Alice paused at a particular slot machine and slid a card through the scanner. Each time she did this, sirens would blare, lights would revolve, and an electronic simulation of coins dropping indicated that her prize had been credited to her room. She tried to get me to do it once, but I skeptically shook my head.

”I thought you were supposed to lose money,” I accused her.

”Oh, I will,” she assured me. ”But not until I make them sweat a little.” Her smile was sinful.

We reached a more lavishly decorated division of the huge casino, where there were no slot machines or casually dressed tourists with plastic cups full of change. Plush chairs replaced the swiveling bar stools, and the voices were quiet, serious. But we continued still further, through a set of ornate gold doors into another room, a private room, more opulent yet. Finally I understood why Alice had insisted on the raw silk, emerald green wrap around dress she’d tied on me today, why she was wearing a long, white satin sarong—with a short lace top that bared her flat, white stomach—and why Edward was overwhelming and irresistible in another light silk suit. The players in this room were all dressed with an exclusive splendor whose expense was far beyond my imagining. A few of the impeccable older men even had young women in glittering, strapless gowns standing behind their chairs, just like in the movies. I pitied the beautiful women as their eyes swept over Alice and Edward, realizing their own deficiencies as they measured the first, and the deficiencies of their partners as they ogled the second. I was the enigma, and their eyes slid away from me unsatisfied.

Alice glided off toward the long roulette tables, and I cringed as I thought of the havoc she would wreak.

”You do know how to play black jack, of course,” Edward bent forward to murmur in my ear.

”Are you kidding?” I felt the color drain from my face.

”Knowing your luck, I couldn’t lose any more thoroughly than by letting you play,” he chuckled. He wheeled me toward a table with three empty chairs. The two immaculately dressed, exceptionally dignified Asian men glanced up in disbelief as Edward lifted me gently into one of the empty velvet chairs, and took the seat next to me. The delicate oriental beauty who stood at the end of the table watched with insulting incredulity as Edward caressed my hair possessively.

”Only use one hand,” he breathed almost silently in my ear. ”And keep your cards over the table.”

Edward spoke a quiet word to the dealer, and two impressive stacks of dark blue chips appeared on the table in front of us. They had no numbers—and I didn’t want to know anyway. Edward pushed a small stack of his forward, and a larger stack of mine. I glared at Edward in embarrassed panic, but he just smiled impishly as the dealer dealt the cards swiftly around. I picked up my cards carefully with one hand, holding them rigidly above the table. I had two nines. Edward held his cards loosely; I could see he had a five and a seven. I glanced guardedly at the two gentlemen next to me, intent but terrified, watching carefully to see what the protocol was for a high rolling black jack table. To my relief, it seemed easy enough. The first swept the top of his cards briefly against the felt, and received a card, the second slipped the corner of his cards under his bet, leaving them on the table, and didn’t. I quickly put my cards down, shoving them awkwardly under my chips—cheeks flaming—when the dealer looked at me. Belatedly I noticed that the dealer had a queen. Edward brushed the table lightly, and the dealer threw a nine face up on the table in front of him. I glared at him, as the men beside me murmured appreciatively.

The dealer had a jack, and I lost, as did both Asian gentlemen. He smoothly relieved us of our chips. I heard a subdued commotion coming from the direction of the roulette table, but I was afraid to look. Edward pushed another stack of my chips onto the table, and it began again.

When my chips were gone, Edward passed me half of his, unable to contain his amused smile. He was doing well, winning three times as often as the other men at the table. But, with the size of my bets controlled by him, I was losing chips faster than he could rake them in. I had yet to win a hand. It was humiliating—but at least I was sure to never become a gambling addict.

Finally, I lost our last stack of chips. The Asian gentlemen, and their female escort, watched Edward with impressed curiosity as he could no longer contain his mirth, chuckling quietly, but with deep amusement, while he returned me to the wheel chair. I blushed and kept my eyes on the thick carpet as he pushed me away, still laughing.

”I’m the worst gambler in history,” I muttered apologetically.

”Actually, you’re not. That’s what so funny.” He laughed again. ”You didn’t do one thing wrong, aside from playing a little conservatively. The odds that you would lose every hand…” He shook his head, grinning.

We got to the roulette table just in time to watch Alice lose her spectacular pile of multihued chips in one disastrous spin of the wheel. The many hopeful players who had bet with her on seventeen black looked murderously disappointed. She laughed, a trilling, carefree sound, and joined us.

”Did we lose enough?” I whispered as we exited the gold doors.

”I think the house is satisfied. You’re probably their favorite client today,” he snickered.

”Please promise me one thing.”

”Anything you want.”

”Never, ever tell me how much money I lost today, please.”

We were in the noisy casino by this time, and his laugh was unrestrained.


Det finns fler kapitel som inte kom med i twilight och new moonboken eftersom förlaget inte tyckte att det passa in så mycket, hör förklarar Stephenie:

Sometimes, in the editing process, sacrifices must be made. Some parts are cut because they slow down the action, others are cut simply to condense length, others are cut to simplify the plot. And, whatever the reason behind the removal, some cuts are more painful than others. This page is dedicated to the cuts that I miss the most.

Remember, these are taken straight from the rough draft. They are embarrassingly unpolished, and there might be things that are a little confusing. (For example, Rosalie wasn’t always as antagonistic as she is now—her character evolved and defined itself in the editing process.) Anyway, don’t expect too much, and enjoy!




Det var inte Bellas hand efterallt. Modellen Kimbra Hickey är kvinnan som håller det röda äpplet på omsläget av boken m.m.
På bilden ser ni henne posa lite i NYC, Tisdag.
Ser ni hennes fina halsband, verkligen fint!
Kinbra jobbar en del som hand,fot, och fot modell, mest för Avon.

Detta skriver även thefreshgossip
She shot the cover for Twilight back in September 2004. Since Twilight wasn't in bookstores yet, she wasn't able to read it before the audition or the shoot. What a luckly gal! Bet she didn't know just how special she was at the time!





Namnet: Det finns ingen riktigt betydelse och orsak till namnet. Först så hade Stephenie Meyer tänk nämna boken till Forks eftersom att hon inte kunde komma på något bättre. Men hon och hennes agent tyckte inte att det lät så bra, titeln fångade inte en. Så därför skrev Stephenie upp några titlar som hade med atmosfären att göra varav en av orden var Twilight. Båda tyckte att det lät riktigt bra så det fick bli det :) Twilight betyder ju skymning vilket är den säkraste tiden för vampyrer. Det är även den tid då det inte är mörkt eller ljust. 
Bokomslaget: Dem flesta av oss vet tills nu varför äpple är med på omslaget. Äpplet representerar förbjuden frukt. Bella vet att Edward är farlig och att hon borde frukta han för alla andra gör det men hon vet att hans insida är bra. Samma sak som äpplet. Förbjuden men det smakar gott. Stephenie använde den heliga skriften från Genesis där phrasen "frukten om kunskap om gott och ont" finns med. Detta är situationen Bella hamnar i. Hon vet kunskapen om gott och ont. Äpplet är symboliskt på olika sätt. Till exempel äpplet i Snövit, där en tugga av äpplet och du är fast i en tid där man inte är död.. Precis som vampyrer. Äpplet är en mångsidig frukt med budskap där det även kan vara en bra sak. För Stephenie så representerar äpplet ett val. 

Blomman på bokomslaget föreställer en "rufsig" tulpan. Och trots att äpplet på Twilight-omslaget betydde en hel det för Stephanie, skriver på sin hemsida att hon inte hade något att göra med omslaget till New Moon - och att hon därför inte vet vad den har för betydelse. Hon skriver också att bokomslag ofta ligger utanför författarens kontroll - dvs att många gånger får inte de välja omslaget till sina böcker utan att det görs av exempelvis bokförläggaren.

När det kommer till bokens titel New Moon betyder det nymåne och det är motsatsen till en fullmåne. Det är när månen inte är synlig för oss. Det är då natten är som mörkast och det representerar den mörkaste tiden i Bellas liv. Hon har också nämnt att det var mycket lättare att döpa New Moon och Eclipse och att titlarna stämmer bättre överens med böckernas innehåll - till motsats från Twilight som var svår att namnge och som inte är ett klockrent namn på boken, enligt Stephanie.

På svenska heter boken "När jag hör din röst" och anspelar på det faktum att Bella gör allt för att sätta sig själv i fara och på det sättet få höra Edwards röst.

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