Jackson Rathbone snackar Breaking Dawn

Väldigt kort intervju men ganska rolig! :D

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In a new interview with MTV, Breaking Dawn Vampire Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale) told MTV that he is pretty excited to reunited with his Twilight cast for the filming of Breaking Dawn -

“I have not spoken to ["Breaking Dawn" director] Bill Condon yet, but I’m excited to,” Rathbone told MTV News last week, when he was in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards. “He’s an incredible director, [an] Academy Award winner. That’s amazing, so it’s just another awesome director to handle the ‘Twilight’ franchise.

“['Twilight' director] Catherine Hardwicke brought a very independent feel. ['New Moon' director] Chris Weitz kind of made it a little more beautiful and elegant and ['Eclipse' director] David Slade’s going a little darker… so I’m excited to see what Bill Condon does,” Rathbone continued. “I really have no idea. I haven’t even seen a script for ‘Breaking Dawn’ yet, to be honest. I’m right there with you, still waiting.”

Rathbone admitted that he didn’t quite know the timetable for shooting “Breaking Dawn,” either. “I don’t! I could lie though! I will lie to you,” the “The Last Airbender” star teased. He then made up this scenario: “We’re filming it tomorrow, all of it in one day. We’re just gonna drink a lot of Red Bulls and we’re gonna have a green screen and go through it; no script even. We’re gonna make it up. You know what? We’re gonna try for all tomorrow.”

Many of the elements of “Breaking Dawn” are still unknown, but Rathbone is certain of one thing: He’s happy that the whole cast is reuniting. “I just wanted the family to be together,” he said. “We grew up [together]. Every time we get to film with one another, it’s like a family reunion.”
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