Intervju med Alex Meraz

Som sagt kommer Ashley Greene pryda ett nummer av Nylon Magazine och i det numret finns också en intervju med vår kära Alex Meraz.

Alex Meraz
Age: 25
Mesa, AZ
Alex Meraz bulked up for his role as a werewolf in Twilight, and now he’s getting slim and androgynous for the lead in Larry Clark’s Savage Innocent.

Larry Clark thought I probably wouldn’t be right for the role in Savage Innocent, having just finished Twilight.  He’s very particular about the actors he wants to work with.  I really had to fight to get the job.  I brought a gun with me and showed him.  “Look man, this is how real I am.” [Ed: he's kidding, we think.]

My new year’s resolution is to have a gallery show this year.  I’m a painter but didn’t pursue it professionally because I was interested in other things.  I stayed up all last night painting. Right now I feel like a painter more than anything else.

I’m fascinated by the writing process.  A good friend of mine is a writer for True Blood, and I’m interested in the deadlines and having people say that something’s not good and to rewrite it. I wish I would have stuck with writing and I wish I knew how to spell.

I think a misconception about me is that I’m just a pretty boy.  Most people are just in this industry for the publicity and glamour of it, which is an element for sure, but I think I want something completely different. I really respect the craft and want to develop as an actor.



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