Alex Meraz i Australien

AlexKolaAlex Meraz was in Australia as part of the Supernova Convention. The brand new fansite, The Meraz Effect, has a rundown of Alex’s Q & A on both days that he appeared. Here’s a tidbit from day 1:

~Alex believes he walks a fine line when it comes to representing Native Americans. He says you have to be careful how you represent them.

~Julia got sick of the wolfboys continuously goofing around on set – which helped her look convincing as Leah on screen.

~His brother’s comic books were part of his inspiration for his artwork.

~If the wolfpack were superheroes, Kiowa would be the villain and his power would be height, Bronson’s power would be the ability to laugh, Chaske would have the power to fly, and Alex would have the power of speed.

~FOUR TO THE FLOOR and ON THE RUN not going to be seen anytime soon. FOUR TO THE FLOOR is being edited. ON THE RUN producers haven’t gotten back to him since casting.

~In New Moon when Paul says sorry – that was all Alex! He thought it would be weird if he just walked into Emily’s place and didn’t say anything or acknowledge Bella right after trying to attack her. Kristen backed Alex up and he got to say his line. Plus, this was his favorite scene.


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