Kirsten Prout som spelar Lucy i Eclispe pratade lite med limelife om hon är team Edward eller Team Jacob m.m.
When asked if she were on Team Jacob or Team Edward, she answered, “Okay, I am team Edward, I am sorry Jacob fans but it’s Edward, they are meant to be together.”


So, should Kristen Stewart watch out? Well, probably not. We think Kirsten Prout simply meant that she wants Bella and Edward to be together. And not necessarily that she wants Edward for herself. We love a logical girl. After all, we usually tend to base our choices on who’s hotter!

Kirsten is excited to be playing a vampire in Eclipse, especially after all her girl-next-door parts. She say it’s, “a good change because for a long time it was that little dimpled girl next door, and everyone’s going to be like she’s biting someone.” Kirsten is smart to be wanting to play a wide variety of parts. Not that it’s not exciting enough to be in a Twilight movie!

She says of her character Lucy, “The character is extremely predatory and what’s amazing about playing a vampire is you are a predator and you lure in your pray and then you turn on them” and believes she was partly chosen for the role because of how pale she is! They didn’t have to do any air-brushing on her because she’s quite pale enough.

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