Jackson Rathbone i O.C!

Detta är gammalt men jag har aldrig sett det innan och det är kanske andra där ute som inte heller har sett det ;)

Här kommer det:

Jackson Rathbone uppfyller en döende flickas högsta önskning!

Jackson Rathbone som spelar Jesper Hale har uppfyllt en döendeflickas högsta önskan!
Hon har nämligen fått en tour backstage på hans band 100 Monkeys nästkommande konsert.

Flickan heter Dorothy och hon har obotlig Canser och hennes allra sista önskan var att få träffa detta band.

Så här säger Jackson: "We're all very lucky people and helping others makes us who we are."

Jackson Rathbone´s nästa film!

Jackson(Jesper) i Twilight ska vara med i en ny film som heter The Last Airbender, hans roll heter Sokka :)

Så här kommer han nog att se ut:

Bild : newmoonmovie

Intervju med "100 Monkeys"

Starshinemag.com har fått en intervju med 100 Monkeys, bandet som Jackson Rathbone spelar i. Här kommer ett utdrag ifrån intervjun. För att läsa hela, klicka här.

What’s the origin of the 100 Monkeys?

Jackson: The 100 Monkeys started with Ben G. and I–like 3 years ago–whenever he moved to L.A. We were roommates back in high school. We knew Ben J. back then, and we started the band as a two-man group just doing improv music and trying to get Ben J. out to Los Angeles to make some music with us. Along the way, we happened to meet up with Jared Anderson who we would jam with all the time. Now we all are together in harmony. It’s fantastic.

Ben G: It’s like an MTV reality show.

Would you ever do one of those?

Jackson: No, that would make even more drama out of what little drama there is.

Jared: If it was a Discovery Channel reality show, yes.

If you came up with your own Monkey Effect, what idea would you like to impart on society?

Ben G: Wow!

Jackson: We’re really trying to get people into the Spencer Bell Memorial. (www.spencerbellmemorial.com) It’s a benefit for adrenal cancer research and our friend Spencer Bell, who was our greatest influence in all of our music. He passed away about three years ago, so we’re just working, trying to keep his memory alive and keep his music out to the masses. We were able to raise money to put out one of his albums, and we have 3 more because of the fan support that we’ve been getting. It’s just incredible.

Why have you chosen to use improv in your music?

Jared: I think because we started as actors, most of us, minus Ben J. Improv is part of acting, so we all love doing it. We play well off each other, and we do take straight-up audience suggestions and make up a song on the spot, even all the instrumental parts.

Just then, the sound of piano keys interrupts his thought as the boys chime in, singing and playing notes, “It’s a song that we’re singing for the very first time…” Over just as soon as it started, they jump back on the interview train -

Jackson: See, genius! Where inspiration takes you, it takes you hard. If you take the drummer and the drummer starts playing bass and the singer starts singing backup vocals, you find a whole new bunch of stuff in the music that you might not find if you didn’t allow yourself the freedom to change the lyrics once in a while or completely make up a song.

Jared: It’s called the 100 Monkeys Switcheroo.

Ben G: We increase each other’s talents.

Jackson: We all come from different backgrounds and ways of learning music. It’s really interesting, and it’s really cool to have that diversity ‘cause when it comes together, it creates this union of –

Jared: – magic. A union of magic.

Jackson: Sometimes it sounds awful…but still magic. Sometimes it sounds good. (laughs)

To feed the elephant in the room, Jackson, can you tease anything about “New Moon” for the yearning “Twilight” fans out there?

Jackson: It’s gonna be raging…action-packed, more steamy romance. You get to see a lot more crazy stuff happening. We went deeper into the world now, and it’s gonna be a fun thrill ride for everyone.

Also, filming recently wrapped in Pennsylvania for M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender.” What was that experience like, Jackson?

Jackson: It’s been incredible, a great set. I really believe we’re making a film that’s going to be epic. It’s gonna move people. I think the movie’s gonna turn out beautiful.

The 100 Monkeys have performed with Rob Pattinson in the past. Any chance that’ll be a recurring collaboration?

Jackson: Well, I mean, Rob’s a busy guy…(laughs) We’ve had a few chances to play with him. He’s an awesome musician.

How has “Twilight” mania affected the band’s popularity?

Jackson: It’s definitely gotten us some attention, but I think the main thing is our lives shows. People get to –

Jared: – escape into a fun land. Enjoy good music.

Jackson: Yeah, we like to have a good time. That’s what we’re always trying to do – play music for as many people as possible.

Jared: Hopefully, they come in ready to rock out and have some fun. That’s all you can expect.

Ben G: If you scream loud enough, we’ll make up a song that you decide what it’s called. Things like guitar picks and sweat.

Jackson: We like to give things away a lot on stage.

Jared: Sometimes we bring monkeys and throw them into the crowd.

Jackson: By the way, Ben J. is an adamant whale enthusiast. I know that if he were here, he would want to mention something about preserving the humpback whale in particular. Just figured I’d throw that in there.


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