Robert Pattinson - 50 Most Stylish Leading Men of the Past Half Century

Inte för att jag är förvånad men, Rob är med på GQ's liste över 50 Moste Styligh Leading Men of the Past Half Century.

”Shrieking, ululating, OMG-ing teen girls aren’t usually the best arbiters of men’s style. (See: Cassidy, David; Mark, Marky; Boys, Backstreet.) So give the nearest tween a high five for freaking out over Robert Pattinson, the British sensation who stars in gossip columns, gossip sites, and oh yeah, a little billiondollar franchise called Twilight. Young Rob’s probably got the best head of hair since James Dean, and he lets it do the talking. He also lets it fly: no pompadour, no side part…As far as we can tell, he just runs his hands through it every five minutes. And the clothes? What clothes? A pair of jeans, a T-shirt, an unbuttoned and untucked plaid shirt…That’s it. He dresses his age (23); he dresses to his strengths; he dresses so you don’t give a damn about how he’s dressed.”


Twilight gänget firar Robert Pattinson's födelsedag

Oh, so cute! :D Twilight gänget överraskar Robert mitt i en inspelning med en tårta då han fyller år.

Birthday boy!

Artikel om Robert & hans signerade gitarr

Som jag tidigare har skrivit så säljer Robert Pattinson en signerade gitarr. Han kommer sedan skänka pengarna till hemlösa. Go Robert, go robert! :D

Robert Pattinson isn’t just hawt – he’s got a big heart too!

The Twilight hunk stopped by Norman’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana, CA, on Wednesday and autographed a Fender Telecaster guitar for charity.

All proceeds will benefit the Midnight Mission, which provides services for the homeless, including education, job training and placement, drug and alcohol treatment, referral services and transitional housing for families.

The guitar is currently on Ebay and the bids have started at $3,000.

Any takers?!


Remember Me - Premiären i UK


Robert Pattinson vs. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler eller Robert Pattinson? Robert Pattinson är mitt svar! :D

BRITISH women have become attracted to girly-looking men, like Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.

As the general health of the nation improves, ladies are finding themselves turned on by more feminine features in blokes such as Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.

But in countries with the worst health, the opposite trend occurs, and girls go for manly types like the gorgeous actorGerard Butler.

Thanks to the evolutionary mantra, ’survival of the fittest’, women in poorer countries seem to be looking for macho guys to look after them.

The University of Stirling say feminine-looking men, along with the caring and sensitive characteristics associated with them – may be better long-term partners.

But the healthiest kids would be produced by a quick fling with a stronger counterpart, such as Gerard.

The research could explain why Hollywood has turned away from square-jawed stars like James Bond star Sean Connery and Kirk Douglas (father of Michael). In favour of more wimpy, androgynous leading men such as Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Leonardo di Caprio.

Dr DeBruine, of the University of Aberdeen, said: ”There is a stereotypical image that men with masculine faces are more likely to be less committed, more interested in short term flings and more liable to stray.

”We have discovered there is a kernel of truth in that.”


Ska Robert Pattinson göra ett album?

Vem vet? ^^
Robert Pattinson has revealed that he wants to release an album later this year, but he has trouble balancing music and acting. He explains:
”I want to do an album at the end of the year. All my friends are recording albums and I’m very annoyed about it. I can play the guitar and piano, but I can’t do two things at once.

”I don’t know how people like Jennifer Lopez can act and then also sing. Hopefully I’ll find some time to get it together.”


Reese Witherspoon pratar Robert Pattinson

Tja, Reese Witherspoon snackar inte så jättemycket om Robert men en del i alla fall så jag tycker ni ska checka in intervjun.


Den kvinnliga sidan av Robert Pattinson


Robert pratar Bel Ami

När Robert Pattinson var på The Early Show så pratade han också om Bel Ami.

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From the first time my eyes saw the words "Edward Cullen" in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book, it was love at first read. Every line out of his mouth made my heart melt just a little bit more. (It went as far as me forcing my mom to read the books so she could get to know her "future son-in-law" -- seriously!)

And when Rob Pattinson was cast to play him in the The Twilight Saga films, my obsession for Team Edward spiked to a whole new level. His brooding looks, those little smiles cracking from the corners of his lips, and the beyond romantic ways he did anything and everything.

So when I first saw the trailers for Rob's new film, Remember Me (opening March 12), I was fully aware this was no Edward Cullen. And in all honesty, nothing about the preview made me want to see the film. Sure, I'm a sucker for a coming-of-age tale packed with romance, but he just seemed so unrelatable.

And then I found out the ending. I won't spoil it for you guys, but accidentally finding out how it concluded made me need to see the film... right away. And luckily enough, last Monday after covering the red carpet premiere of the film and chatting with all the cast and crew about it, I was able to see it right away. And W-O-W.

Let's just say, this is one affective film that will stick with you for the rest of your life. But a big part of it is the way that Rob plays the very-human character of Tyler Hawkins.

So I'm officially launching Team Tyler right now... starting with my Top 5 reasons you might just fall in love with Tyler as much as Edward (I won't go as far as saying more than Tyler...yet...)

1- The lamely adorable way he picks up girls -- just wait until you see him work the charm with Ally (Emilie de Ravin).

2- The too-cute way he says, "Abso-freakin'-lutely!" to his little sister Caroline (Ruby Jerins) when she asks if he'll go to her art show.

3- His heart-wrenching relationship with his deceased older brother... so close that the moment he falls in love, he rushes off to write to him about her at their favorite diner.

4- His determination -- he does everything he can to win Ally a gigantic bear at the carnival... and ends up paying for it!

5- The big brother heart that has him carrying a pink sleeping bag, defending her against mean girls, and reading stories about Greek gods to her in bed to make her feel better. Awww!

So get ready to fall in love with another of Rob's characters (I started way back with Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire!) in a whole new way!


Själv är jag chockad. Jag har läst att Robert hatar barn men det har tydligen ändrats!

And playing a big brother in his new movie ”Remember Me” has only fueled Pattinson’s parenting dreams. He adds, ”After working on this movie, whenever I see a part now with a younger brother, or a part where I’ve got a kid… I just love the idea of that. I think I’m getting broody. It’s so bizarre.”

”I spent the entire day saying I was gonna have a little brother and told all my friends it was the best thing in my entire life. I carried on for like three days believing it!”

And Pattinson has been keen to become a big brother – or a dad – ever since. He says, ”I’ve always liked the idea of having a younger sibling. My family tricked me about five years ago that my mum was pregnant. I didn’t realize it was April Fool’s Day!”

Robert Pattinson is keen to start a family after his parents and siblings fooled him into thinking his mum was pregnant five years ago. The idea of having a baby brother to look after thrilled the ”Twilight” star – but the pregnancy announcement turned out to be nothing but an April Fool’s Day prank.


Jag har själv varit lite nyfiken på vilka låtar och sånt som är med på Remember Me Soundtrack och nu får jag mitt svar.


1. Alien Lover (Luscious Jackson) 
2. Play On (Kottonmouth Kings) 
3. Kandles (National Skyline) 
4. Soft Shoulder (Ani Difranco) 
5. Have Mercy (Two Ton Boa) 
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd (Ed Harcourt)
7. Why Did We Ever Meet (The Promise Ring) 
8. You Can See Me (Supergrass) 
9. Sea Of Teeth (Sparklehorse) 
10. Andvari (Sigur Ros) 
11. Parasol (The Sea And Cake) 
12. Soul Brother (Us3) 
13. Open Wide (Long Hind Legs) 
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me (Fonda)






1. Opening
2. Summer
3. I Know You Can Hear Me
4. Tyler
5. Angry Ride
6. Morning Montage
7. Wake Up Call
8. Craig Worries
9. Caroline
10. Remember Me 
11. Subway Ride
12. Don't Be A Stranger




Tjejen är bara för söt! Jag vill bara krama henne! :D
Ruby Jerins fick frågan om vem hon tycker var roligast att spela mot och vad hennes kompisar sa när de fick veta att hon skulle spela mot Robert.


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Vem tror du Robert skulle välja, Edward eller Tyler om han var en tjej? :)

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Jag tycker alla ska ta sig tid och kolla på denna videon för den är faktiskt ganska bra. Man kanske märker lite då och då att det inte är helt rätt men hon/han som gjorde videon har gjort det hyfsat bra måste jag säga. ;)





Nu har recenserat filmen Remember me och de tyckte den var mycket bra faktiskt! De skriver att filmen måste ses av alla. ;)

If Twilight is Robert Pattinson’s ride in first class - the smooth, painless jaunt with slightly-prettier views and largely grime-free surroundings, thenRemember Me is the British heartthrob’s excursion in Coach - a slightly cheaper, not quite as cushy and slightly bumpier ride without the views and continuous pop music playing from surrounding speakers.

But as most usually discover when they ride coach, it’s a lot more memorable a trip, and even more so, you’re usually surrounded by great people you’ll possibly never forget (in my case, I met one of my oldest friends riding on a bus when I was about 14-years-old!). And I tell ya, you won’t soon forget the people or the plot of the terrific Remember Meeither.

No offense to Twilight or its sequels (in fact, I’ve found the films perfectly entertaining), but a scene from any of the flicks isn’t something an artiste would ever likely attach as a wmv file to their email application to Julliard. Perfectly OK film, but its more style over substance, and quite frankly, there’s nothing much for its stars to do but frown, gaze, eyeball or whimper. As a consequence, we haven’t really seen whether or not Robert ‘good guy vampire Edward’ Pattinson has what it takes as an actor (considering he does more sparkling than performing in the latter films). We know he’s got perfect hair, and he’s definitely got enough charisma on-screen and off to convincingly win over his leading lady, but is the young Brit capable of delivering a performance that’d make those decrepit wrinkled film fans at the Kodak theatre sit up and take notice?

We now have the answer. And, it’s Yes.

Pattinson’s turn as the forlorn, love-struck and appreciably human Tyler in Remember Me is the role that’ll turn the young actor from a movie star to an ‘actor’.

Tyler’s your typical troubled youth. Having his lost older brother a few years before, which in turn has consequently pushed his bigwig father (Pierce Brosnan) even further away than he already was, he’s a bit lost, and seemingly convinced nobody knows what he’s going through. That’s until he meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin), a young girl with just as many horrors in her past, not to mention father problems of her own. Together, Tyler and Ally find happiness and a reason to carry on.

There’s a black cloud hanging over the relationship though. Unbeknownst to Ally, Tyler knows her father, and their coming together had nothing to do with chance. The stern New York Police Detective (Chris Cooper) had arrested him not long before. And it was only when Tyler and his roommate (Tate Ellington) discovered Ally was the officer’s daughter did they decide to approach her.

Directed by Allen Coulter (Hollywoodland) and based on a script by Will Fetters, this highly-emotional journey is all meat. Here, you’ll witness not only fine performances, but be immersed in a story that not only captives, but touches, teaches and quite possibly, makes us a better person as a result. It really is, quite the package.

The romance at the center of the film, performed brilliantly and credibly by Pattinson and Lost star de Ravin, is one of the rawest, realest and most unforced couplings in recent years. It works brilliantly. There’s more fantastical about it at all - thus, you honestly believe they’re a true-blue couple.

Just as credible is the relationship between Pattinson and on-screen father Pierce Brosnan - it plays far more valid than most on-screen father-and-son duos, with the former 007 giving an especially grounded but welcomingly more multifarious take on an armour-clad father, hell-bent on not exposing his real emotions.

And speaking of memorable performances, young Ruby Jerins, playing Tyler’s inhibited and bullied sister, gives one that’ll hopefully catch the attention of the award voters early 2011.

Many will talk of the film’s shock ending, which quite frankly seems to come out of nowhere, as brilliant an idea as it may be, but that hopefully won’t overshadow the fine film that’s played out up til then.

Remember Me is the first great film of 2010. Not to be missed.







Remember Me Exclusive TV Spot

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Kom med backstage och möt Robert's mamma och systrar. ;)



Japp! Nu så blir Robert Pattinson en vaxdocka som man kommer kunna se på Madame Tussauds i London.

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