Taylor Lautner - Pre Oscar Party

Taylor Lautner  has been getting ready for the Oscars by attending Ari Emanuel’s  pre-Oscar party on the 6th March where he was rubbing shoulders with the rest of the A-Listers.

The LATimes reports:

William Morris Endeavor talent agency topper Ari Emanuel kicked off his Oscar weekend Friday with a celebration for clients and friends — including Taylor LautnerJustin TimberlakeBen AffleckJennifer GarnerMatt DamonMark WahlbergJanet JacksonJavier Bardem and Penelope CruzVictoria BeckhamRenee Zellwegerand Ryan Phillippe.

…Wahlberg greeted Lautner with a hug; the budding action star, clad in a black suit, stuck close to his WME agent, Thor Bradwell.




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