Ännu en till film med Jackson Rathbone!

Trevligt att höra! Goda nyheter för alla Jackson fans. Ni kommer få se ännu en film med Jackson i.

Jackson Rathbone is set to star in a new film ‘Truckstop’

Variety reports:

Jackson Rathbone (“The Last Airbender”) and Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone) are set to topline indie drama “Truckstop.”WME Global Finance, headed by Graham Taylor, is handling financing in conjunction with Kevin Iwashina of IP Advisors.

Rotimi Rainwater is set begin lensing in September.

Film revolves around a man with cerebral palsy who takes care of his dying father while working at truckstop, where he befriends a troubled young prostitute.

Script was penned by tyro scribe Tony Aloupis, with revisions by Steve Grabowsky and Rainwater.

Rathbone’s previous credits include the “Twlight” franchise.

Lawrence toplines Debra Granik’s “Winter’s Bone,” which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and will be released in theaters later this year by Roadside Attractions.



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