Personer kommenterar Eclipse filmen * OBS! SPOILERS*

Som ni kanske vet finns det några lyckliga människor där ute som redan har sett Eclipse!
De har nu skrivt lite kort om detta.

Eclipse  ReviewHeidi, Twilight Facebook: “Let me just say you guys will LOVE Eclipse

Lauren, Twilight Facebook: “Just got out of ‘Eclipse’! It was AMAZING. Thank you @DAVID_A_SLADE for really bringing out the best of this book and movie.

Twilight Lexicon: “The Whole admin team just got to see Eclipse in IMAX. All of us agree 100% with Loris post Oprah Show review!”

Twilighters Anonymous: “Promise no spoilers, but I will say Eclipse is the best of the three. Very well done and the fight scene will give you goosebumps.

Taryn Ryder, E! Online: “know im not allowed 2 tweet ab eclipse.but since it’s good does that not count?100% best 1 so far,very very pleasantly surprised”

BUZZNET: “We just saw a screening of Eclipse. It was pretty funny for an emo love story. Will live tweet the interviews w the cast tomorrow. Tune in!”

Joshua Horowitz, MTV: “I’ve seen “Eclipse” and I don’t think I can say much more than that. I’ll risk execution and say it’s the best of the 3.

Steve Weintraub, “Eclipse in IMAX looked great. Best action of series.Also wolf effects much better than new moon.Fans are going to love it”

George Roush, “#Eclipse is the best of the #Twilight movies. The CGI was a lot better and the fights were pretty cool. And they talked about love and s—.”

Shaun Robinson“just saw Eclipse! Great! So much ACTION and, ladies, the guys are HOTTER than ever!”



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