Kristen Stewart om att vara känd

Kristen berättar att det även finns fördelar med att vara känd, särskilt i yrkeslivet. Kristen snackar lite om Lindsay Lohan också! ;)

Although opening up the benefit of being famous, the ‘Twilight Saga’ star explains that she avoids Facebook and Twitter because ‘there’s not a satisfied point that you can ever reach’. Kristen Stewart likes being famous. The ”Twilight Saga” actress, who is rumored to be dating her co-star Robert Pattinson, admits fame does make her life easier, especially in her professional life.

”The fame makes my life so much easier where it’s most important to me, because I get to do really awesome projects right now,” she said. ”It looks much crazier on the outside than it is.”

However, the 20-year-old star doesn’t want to court the attention and avoids social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter because she thinks they are narcissistic. She told Total Film, ”It’s just too connected.”

”They can just basically reach out and touch you. I feel about the most interesting thing about me is that I do these movies. More than that… it’s just complete narcissism. You start giving stuff away – then they’re not going to stop asking. There’s not a satisfied point that you can ever reach, so why start.”

Kristen recently credited her family for helping her reach where she had, and noted she was glad not to find herself in the same situation as troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. She said, ”My family are amazing. I had, like, the perfect upbringing. It sucks for people like Lindsay Lohan, but it’s not her fault that she’s so off the rails – and she’s smart, very smart.”



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