Intervju med Taylor Lautner


Waiting to interview one of the biggest stars in the world is certainly an odd feeling.


With remnants of coffee cups and bottled water sprawled across various
areas of the waiting area, it was a far cry from other press junkets,
where media are running from room to room, hoping for the next


In this case, for the third instalment of Twilight, it was a
much more subdued affair. The waiting areas were quiet, and only a lone
bodyguard hovered in the corridors.


So when Kristin Stewart walked past, with her trademark flick of her
hair, and shyly said ‘hey,’ there was no doubt who she was talking to. I
gave her a knowing smirk, and offered “hey” back.


NINE TO FIVE scored an interview with Taylor Lautner, perhaps better
known as his character Jacob Black, who fights off vampires by morphing
into a werewolf. Most of us know the story. Young girl falls in love
with vampire, vampire leaves to protect her, she’s devastated, werewolf
befriends girl and they fall in love, vampire comes back and the
love-triangle deepens.


Lautner’s Australian promo-schedule was hectic. Even so, he told me he
was excited to visit the country, and that the fans were very polite.
But it seems everybody wants a piece of the star. One can only imagine
the number of would-be clingers-on that now surround him. So how does
someone so young (he turned 18 in February), deal with all this success
and fame?


“It’s a matter of surrounding yourself with the people that you’ve
always spent time with, your closest friends and family and just not
changing that side,” he said.


“I live two different lives. I go into the Twilight world, and I
do that job – and that’s what it is, a job – and then you go home, and
you’re back with your family and friends and you live the same life you
did before.”


But life can’t be that simple. He’s the highest paid teenage actor in
the world; he has papparazi tailing him at every turn; he’s tabloid
fodder, and even Oprah is a fan.


It surely can’t go back to normal that easily. There can’t be an on/off


“(My life is) different; of course it’s not normal – I still can’t even
wrap my head around it.


‘‘You know you’re going to step outside and there’s going to be
paparazzi and fans, but it still comes as a surprise,” he said.


“The most important thing is that you can’t let it change your life and
affect you too much because it will drive you insane.”


“There’ are pros and cons to everything, but the pros for me heavily
outweigh the cons so I’ll take all the other stuff.”


Pros could include the millions of dollars he is making for the Twilight
films, and the adoration of all those women, and men, around the world.
His body is one of the most talked about subjects whenever his name
comes up. His abs even made it to No. 1 in Access Hollywood’s Top Five
Hollywood Abs’ list. He doesn’t get sick of the attention, but said it
can get a little embarrassing.


It’s rumoured that the director of New Moon considered replacing Lautner
because of the major physical changes that occur to his character in
the second film, but Lautner trained extensively for a year to secure
his spot in the saga, gaining nearly 14 kilos to reprise the role.


Perhaps if he had been cast as Robert Pattinson’s Vampire character,
Edward Cullen, he wouldn’t have had to follow such a strict regime.


He sometimes wonders what life would be like on the ‘‘other side’’.


“Just to feel what it would be like, just because I work with the
vampires, I want a little taste of it,” he said.

But vampire or werewolf, fame has afforded these Twi-stars many


Adoration, money and perhaps even power. It will be interesting to
follow the journey of these Twilight stars.

Lautner in particular, has a long career before him. From what this
journalist saw, his maturity will be the key to long-lasting success.


Taylor Talks

: About Kristin Stewart: “Kristin’s an amazing girl;
we’re extremely close friends, so (the media) can say what it wants it
doesn’t affect how I’ll look at her.” (Aww..I want a Taylor...)


: About Robert Pattinson: “He’s one of the funniest
people I’ve ever met. He has a completely different sense of humour to
me but I can’t stop laughing with him. Whenever we have to do scenes
where I’m having to hate him and scream at him, as soon as they call cut
I end up laughing at him so it’s hard to be mean to such a nice guy.” (So funny)


: About Dakota Fanning: “She is ridiculously talented.
I’ve grown up watching her films, one of my all-time favourite films she
was in, Man On Fire, so it was pretty cool to have her be a
part of this.”


: About the Taylor Swift/ Kanye West VMA drama: “I
didn’t know what was happening. (Moments after Lautner presented Swift
with a Video Music Award, West stormed the stage, taking the microphone
from Swift to announce Beyonce was more deserved). I thought it was an
act. When he (Kanye) got off the stage and she (Taylor) turned around
and I saw her face it was the first moment where I went, I’m so confused
right now. Was that real?”


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