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You started acting at a very young age…


Anna Kendrick: Yes, I danced when I was a little kid. And sang all of the time, too, and I was just one of those kids that wanted to perform and wanted to be on stage. And when you’re six you just want to jump around and then when I was about 10 I still really wanted to do it, to sing and dance and I was lucky enough to have parents who treated me with an incredible amount of respect for a 10 year old girl. They really listened to me - even when that 10 year old was telling them that she really wanted to be on Broadway. They supported me and let me take a real run at it and I’ll be forever grateful to them.

But you don’t come from a family of actors do you?

Anna Kendrick: No, my Mom was an accountant and my Dad was a teacher.

Did you see a lot of Broadway shows yourself as a kid?

Anna Kendrick: You know, honestly, it wasn’t as though I went to New York and saw a Broadway show and thought that’s what I wanted to do. It was more of an idea - just the idea of being on stage in front of real theatre fans.

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