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Kanske inte världens bästa rubrik men just nu bryr jag mig inte så mycket för det jag precis läste var helt...konstigt och fel! Jag läste precis i ett inlägg på att Robert Pattinson inte kommer vara med i Breaking Dawn! Jag vet, jag vet det kan inte stämma men jag vill ända dela med mig om det här. Se skriver att han kommer sakna twilight gänget men att han ändå inte vill spela in den fjärde filmen.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Twilight Saga star and Hollywood heart-throb Robert Pattinson has confirmed that he is not going to appear in the Eclipse sequel, Breaking Dawn.
Pattinson’s next film, the latest in the Twilight Saga,Eclipse, is set to hit theaters June 30, 2010.
Although appearing as the “virtuous” Vampire Edward Cullen in the first three Twilight Saga films, Pattinson has stated that a heavy workload and scheduling conflicts have come between him and returning as Edward Cullen in the final Twilight episode, Breaking Dawn.
“I really loved playing Edward. I loved working with [Twilight co-star and onscreen love interest] Kristen [Stewart]” Pattinson reminisced. “I’ll miss being on set, the energy, and all of the amazing Twilight fans out there.”
Summit Entertainment Rep Stacy Williamson has come out and stated that, “While we were initially saddened by Rob’s decision, we feel the fans will ultimately be open to the idea. I mean, James Bond wasn’t always played by Sean Connery. It’s not a big deal.”
So far fan reaction is anything but mixed. When Arby’s employee and self-proclaimed “Twi-hard” Jessica Linfield, 17, heard of Robert’s decision, she was less than thrilled. “OH MY GAAHH! [sic] ROBERT IS EDWARD. HE WILL FOREVER BE EDWARD. NO ONE CAN REPLACE HIM!”
Seeing Jessica upset, co-worker and toy-train enthusiast Mark White, who has had feelings for Jessica for the past 3 months, attempted to console her saying, "Jessica, he clearly never cared about the fans. He left Twilight. He left you." Jessica turned to violence, striking Timothy across the face and exclaiming, “Get away from me, you freak! Stop trying to be as cool as a Vampire! You will never have my heart. You're nothing but an animal!”
Sen så skriver de att de här personerna under kanske kommer spela Edward:
Johnny Galecki. The affable geek from CBS’s hit show The Big Bang Theory. Many at Summit believe he has the ‘brooding look’ that really makes Edward who he is. As of now, his schedule appears to be fairly open. Also, initial reports state that his chemistry with Kristen Stewart (who is believed to remain playing Bella) is superb. Johnny's height, 5'5", may be an issue if he is to play Edward Cullen, who Robert Pattinson portrayed at 6'1". If Johnny is cast, he may wear some sort of lifts, or Kristen Stewart may simply act on her knees.
Michael Welch. Although he already had a role in Twilight & New Moon, Michael Welch has made Summit's top four to replace Robert Pattinson. When asked about this, Rep Williamson said, "Michael is a brilliant actor. He has great range.  His little tuft with Jacob in New Moon could easily progress into a far more epic clash if he is to play Edward.  Obviously we would have to recast Mike, but that's something we'd be willing to do." Initial reports suggest that if Welch is cast as the new Edward, the character Mike may be left out of Breaking Dawn entirely.
Justin Long. While many recognize him from the "Mac commercials," Justin has also appeared in movies. Many feel as if his struggles alongside "PC" parallel the "battle" for Bella between Edward and Jacob. Justin's ability to completely shut down "PC" in the commercials with a simple sarcastic comment is the top reason he is being considered for Edward in Breaking Dawn. Obviously, whoever plays Edward must be able to "shut down" Jacob in Breaking Dawn through any means necessary, sarcasm included.

Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel is just finishing up filming some other movies, so he's free to do pretty much whatever at this point. He has experience playing a character that is "magical" and also has an English accent that he can most likely convert to an American one. His face is fairly recognizable, but not to the point where people don't still confuse him with Elijah Wood. One downside to Daniel playing Edward is the fact that he is contractually obligated to wear large, black-rimmed glasses in every film he appears in. Summit believes, however, the glasses could add a new layer to Edward's character.

Som ni ser är Michael Welch(mike) med på listan, det är ju helt sjukt! Och Daniel Radcliffe?! :o



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