Detta saknades i Eclipse trailern

De duktiga MTV människorna har gjort en lista på vad de tyckte saknades i trailern.

What a tease. First Stephenie Meyer announced she was publishing a new book about the short-lived Bree Tanner, then Summit announced “Eclipse” was having reshoots (it could have been to include more Bree scenes!), but then when the trailer was released there was no Bree! We wouldn’t expect much, since Bree doesn’t have much screen time anyways, but we were at least hoping for a quick flash of Jodelle Ferland’s face.

A decent amount of “Eclipse’s” 629 pages is spent explaining the back story of Jasper, Rosalie and the Quilette tribe through flashbacks. We already know we’ll be seeing Jasper’s story unfold on screen, and can assume the same about Rosalie and the wolf pack. But where is this in the trailer? We can understand it might be hard to fit into a minute-and-a-half long trailer, but hopefully in the future we’ll get to see a featurette or something.

Well, at least this scene is teased in the trailer, although if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you probably would have missed it. At 1:12, Bella and Jacob can be seen talking on a snowy mountain, and at 1:16 Edward and Bella are shown facing off against Victoria. But we want to see Bella curled up in a sleeping bag with a smug Jacob while Edward looks on in tortured agony. Don’t make us wait for June 30 for this one, Slade!



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