10 saker du inte visste om Robert Pattinson

Mexican magazine Quién har nu gjort en lista på 10 saker vi inte vet om Robert Pattinson.


You might remember last week that I posted a cartoon of Rob by Mexican magazine Quién. Here’s the complete article available on their latest issue (April 2nd), titled 10 Things You Didin’t Know About Robert Pattinson. That explains the cartoon and all the items in it!
Here’s the translation of the article. There are some tiny inaccuracies, but I’ll point them out for you, nothing too big.

1. He modeled for a while and in 2007 he was part of Hackett’s Fall capmpaign.

2. He’s afraid of the dark and can’t sleep without a night light.

3. He plays the piano and the guitar. He played two songs for the Twilight soundtrack, but his name is not in the credits. (Yes, it is! But only one of his two songs is on the actual album)

4. He loves hamburgers and Coke, and if he’s having a bad day, he asks a fan out. (Um, we wish! He only asked a fan out once, in Spain, before he became a huge star, while he was filming Little Ashes. He’s never done it again, he thinks he bores girls. As if!).

5. He prefers public transportation or walking, because he hates driving and even dislikes taxis.

6. He doesn’t play soccer, but he’s a fan of Arsenal.

7. When he was 12 his sisters used to dress him up as a girl and introduce him as Claudia.

8. He misses open mic sessions with his friends (the magazine actually says it’s karaoke, but it’s actually open mic nights at bars). But he’s so afraid to do it again because he doesn’t want to end up on Youtube.

9. He said that the most important being in his life is his dog Patty, a westy that has been with him for years. (Patty died over a yearago, but we only learned that recently).

10. He dislikes sports, but he likes darts, which he considers excercise.




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