10 New Moon misstag

Vi har fått läsa många misstag som Chris Weitz har gjort. Är de här de största misstagen?
Moviemistakes.com has compiled a very detailed list of mistakes in New Moon. Most are very little clothing items. I am glad to announce there are less mistakes in New Moon than Twilight (115 currently listed by users)!!! I know as hardcore fans we know what they messed up from the book to movie but these will be apparent to the regular movie goer if paying close attention. Have fun and list more mistakes in the comments if you know of them.

When Jacob first shows off his tattoo, it is up at the top of his shoulder. Then when he is in the forest at the end with Bella and Edward, his tattoo is about 2 inches further down his arm.


Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. Alice drops Bella off - when Bella gets out of the car to ask where Edward will be, first you see Bella in front of the car door, then she is suddenly behind the car door


Right before Jacob comes through Bella's window, it shows her sleeping and "dreaming" of Victoria coming to get her. If you look, the camera really focuses on the dreamcatcher and how it's hanging above her on the
bedpost. It is hanging off to the side of the middle hump. Immediately,
Jacob comes through her window and focuses in on the dreamcatcher
hanging on the bedpost which is now neatly hanging in a completely
different way, perfectly laid over the center of the bedpost.


See the rest of the New Moon mistakes HERE. Want to see the Twilight mistakes too? Go HERE.




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