Den brasilianska sidan Foforks hade en intervju med Daniel Cudmore som spelar Felix.
Jag vill inte förkorta den eftersom hela är faktiskt jättebra :)
1. First of all, tell us what changed for you after getting the chance to be a part of the Twilight Saga. What would you say are the best things and those not so good about working on something so high profile like this? -Things haven’t changed too much, but you never know once the film is released. One possitive thing would be more doors open up for me, but nothing bad so far.
2. Almost every single one of the actors have said that the fighting training for Eclipse is really brutal. We know that Felix doesn’t participate on this one but for what you’ve saw in New Moon and for having worked a lot with stunts before, which one of them do you think is suffering more to learn how to kick some serious butt for the big fight scene on the third movie?
- I’m not really sure which one suffered the most, it all depends on who has the most moves too remember, so it might be Jackson, since he has to teach the other Cullens.

3. Ok, so now about that terrible, horrendous, no-words-for-it scene when you beat the shizz out of The Sparkle One in New Moon, how did you feel about beating up our most beloved creature known as Edward? How did you sleep that night knowing that thousand of hearts had been broken and that now you are the hero of those Twilight widows? (FYI, those who girlfriends and wives were stolen by Mr. Edward and wanted to beat him up themselves lol)

- Haha, it was a fun fight scene to work on and Robert really liked doing as much of the fight as he could, I slept like a baby afterwards. We’ll see how everyone feels after the movie comes out, and if they don’t like my character, then i did a good job.

4. We already saw the WolfPack and Edward shirtless a number of times, and you know that we want to be fair with everyone and all, so is there any way that we could get Volturi (minus Marcus because well… he’s scary as hell lol ) on that train too? And also you’ve said once that while filming the scene when you fight with Edward you ripped your pants 4 times, is that a special feature that we could see when the New Moon dvd comes out? haha

-Haha, the Volturi very rarely are shirtless, so i don’t think that will happen anytime soon. As for the ripped pants…I don’t think that will be seen on the dvd since my coat covered it up.

5. What did you know or hear about the saga before you got the role of Felix? Have your read all of the books yet? Tell us your favorite one, and one character that you would like to play besides your own if you had that chance.
-I didn’t know too much about the books, but once I got the role I read all the books. If I got to play another character I would probably like to play one of the Wolves, not sure which one.

6. Did you have the chance to see the film yet? Some of the cast did, so we wanted to know besides your fight scene what did you like the most and what you think the fans will think about it? And if you didn’t see it what could you tell us from the set that you enjoyed, maybe something fun or cool while filming?

-I haven’t got a chance to see the movie yet, so I would be able to tell you about any scenes other then the ones I filmed.

7. Any future projects that you are looking at the moment and could tell us about?
- I just finished up filming Eclipse, not sure whats next, but I’ve been reading some great scripts.

8. Since we are a fansite and everything, how do you think that internet affects your career? I mean, do you read stuff about yourself or you just don’t bother about that? Btw, a lot of people from the cast has a Twitter account, any chance that you could be joining them anytime soon to be in touch with your fans?
- I think the Internet can be great for an actor, fan support from the internet can be great for the career, since studios now look to the internet and fan sites for instant reaction. As for a twitter account, I think they can be great and at the same time they can also give away a bit too much of your own personal life. So for now I’m not going to be tweeting.

9. We know that you used to play rugby, soccer and lots of sports, and since we’re from Brazil we couldn’t let this one pass, are you familiar with our soccer or maybe something from our country in general? Would you like to come visit us someday?
-haha, who doesn’t know about Brazilian soccer, your country has produced some of the best players in the world. I would love to visit Brazil, hopefully soon, the country is so beautiful.

10. You already played a hero once in X-Men and now you are a vilain in New Moon, right? So when you were a kid what kind of comic books or fiction heroes you liked?

- I used to have a small collection of Spiderman and xmen comic books. But that didn’t last long.

11. If not fame, money, glory, adoring fans, what else could’ve made you want to work in the Saga? What I want to say is, what do you think is so special about all of this that everyone loves so much?

-It starts with a great story written by Stephanie, but also its that love story that everyone can fall in love with, then you add in vampires warewolves, and all that action and you can see why.
12. We always end our interviews with a little game. I’m giving you some words and you gonna tell me the first thing you can think of,ok? lol Go!

Better to play a villain or a hero? villain

Favorite Sport: all of them

Favorite cast mate: pass

Prefer Bite or be bitten? bite

Twilight Fans: passionate

1 book: green eggs and ham

1 movie: pass

1 songpass

Beating the shizz out of Robward feels likefun

One food you can’t live without: cereal

Favorite Pick-up Line: the one that works

Brazil: beautiful

Could we ask for a little message for us here at Foforks and for all of your brazilian fans? Thanks again for talking to us! Muah! (muah is a kiss lol) :)

- Thanks for the support and I can’t wait to visit brazil, hope you all enjoy the film!



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