Entertainment Weekly harde en kort intervju med New Moon stjärnan Charlie Bewley.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you been recognized more often?


CHARLIE BEWLEY: I don’t think so. Nothing’s really changed for me—I think it’s more of an online buzz right now. I expect maybe before Christmas that everyone would see this movie and if they keep their eyes peeled, they’ll notice me in it. I don’t expect the same adulation as people like, even Kellan [Lutz] or Ashley [Greene]. I think they got the second wave of everything after Taylor, Rob, and Kristen. But it’s still wonderful to be part of. It’s opened many doors for me.

What did you bring to the role of Demetri?

Certainly based on all the information that I dragged out of the books and certain websites, I went in [to the audition] with my best interpretation of what I though Demetri was. I’m actually quite far removed from the character in terms of his physical attributes in the book. But I think the essence I brought to the audition was what got me the role: I brought the charm and at the same time, the sinister aspect of the character.

What was it like wearing the red contacts?

Well the more angelic you look, the more unnerving you are as someone wearing those red contact lenses. They really do bring you into that evil character.

What was your most interesting fan encounter?

Italy was something, my favorite fan encounter. We were shooting in a very small space, and we had a film set in this rustic little Tuscan village. Then you brought 5,000 fans into the fold. When they saw us, they were rabid. I was running through the streets. If I didn’t have security, I’d have to run away before I got engulfed. I almost had the shirt pulled off my back and this is someone who hasn’t done anything yet. Rob Pattinson didn’t put his head out all week, because it would’ve got torn off. These guys are just feverish. I don’t think I’ll ever quite parallel that again. It was quite amazing.

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