Intervju med Tinsel Korney/Emily


Hi Tinsel, before starting just let me say that we are really happy and really excited to be talking to you, because we haven’t seen you around that much, so it’s a pretty cool thing to have this chance to know you a little bit better. Here at Foforks we are such huge fans from the whole cast, so we are dying to know everything we can about you and your character in the Saga.


1) So let’s begin with how was the audition process to get your role in New Moon? And how was shooting the sequence?

I auditioned in L.A. with the director Chris Weitz and casting directors Rene Haynes and Joseph Middleton. Filming was great, Chris is a very warm and talented director. I can’t wait to see his vision of New Moon come to life.

2) From what we’ve saw so far we are pretty happy with the make-up on the second movie, and we know that the biggest thing physically about Emily is the huge scar she has on her right side, so what can you tell us about that part? Did it take long to get into the character or how was it?

All I can say is that you are going to be happy. It looks amazing, for a gruesome scar that is. I put a lot of effort into any character I play, but having an amazing cast to work with (which I had on this movie) helps make my job easier.

3) Well, for now you are the only girl inside the Wolf Pack, so you were surrounded by all those (shirtless and hot, lol) boys, how was filming with them? Did they play around a lot or give you a hard time for being the only girl there?

The boys are awesome. They’re exactly like their characters, I think they did an amazing job with casting.

4) We know as well that you have a musical side like a lot of other members from the cast, for instance: Jackson, Rob or Jamie, did u have the chance to show that talent around the set, play anything with them? Tell us a little bit more about your musical preferences.

I didn’t get to play any music for any of the cast. But I did compliment Rob on his songs. I actually had his song “Never think” on repeat when I met him. lol I like all types of music from Country to Rap, I believe you can find beauty in all type of music.

5) If you could choose any other role in the Saga, which one would it be? Still running with the wolves or maybe changing sides with the vampires?

I don’t know if I’d choose a different role. I like playing Emily. I wouldn’t switch sides either. Wolves are freakin’ cool. I did a movie with wolves once, and they have an energy that is so powerful you can’t even describe it.

6) How do you see Emily, as a mother figure to the Wolf Pack like many of us do? Because she is also pretty tough, being part of all those secrets and stuff, and at the same time taking care of those around her, right? What is your take on the character?

I think of Emily as being more of the older sister. Fun enough to hang with, but stern enough to keep the boys in line.

7) Being part of all this is really a huge thing, and for now you are managing pretty well to stay a little under the radar, away from paparazzi and all that mess, in what ways do you expect that being part of the Saga will change your career or affect your life? Are you prepared for that, or are you trying to avoid this part of it?

I really don’t know what will happen from this point. Everyone keeps telling me how big this movie is, and how’s it’s going to change my life. But I don’t think it’s really hit me yet. It started to the other day when I saw my pic in US weekly “Sexy Stars of Twilight”. I don’t think you can ever be prepared for something like this, you just have to ride the wave, and remember why you starting doing this in the first place. For me it was the art, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

We are hearing a few rumours about spin-offs with the Volturi, and in New Moon both the Quileute tribe and the Wolf Pack are really important, do you think they also have potential to being considered for a spin-off?


9) Your role is only beggining, what do you expect for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?

I don’t know, I try not to expect things.

10) Do you have any other project on the side while being part of the films? Like maybe working on your music or other movie roles on your plans?

Yeah I actually shot a movie after New Moon called “Fathers and Sons” it’s a spin off a film I did last year called “Mother’s and Daughter’s” with Tantoo Cardinal. Also music is still there. I’m really trying to put out a c.d. this year. My fans have been really patient with me, saying “it’s coming”. But this year… it’s coming! lol

11) We could probably say that there’s not a lot of room in Hollywood for native-americans, or a lot of opportunities for that matter, so what do you think about the importance that this Saga gives to them? Do you think that being in this much exposure helps those actors to gain a little more of attention?

The cool thing about this movie is that it’s Natives in modern day. Obviously I hope this movie will help with more roles being written for us. Only time will tell. I keep saying that there needs to be more comedy. Anyone who hangs with Natives, knows how funny we are.

12) You’ve probably watched Twilight by now, so in a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you think that the sequence will be better than the first one?

I’m biased because I’m in New Moon. So I’ll say 7 to be safe.

13) Have you read all of the books in the saga? Which one is your favorite? And which part of the whole story you like the most?

I have not read all the books yet. I read New Moon and I have Eclipse (which I have started but haven’t finished) and Breaking Dawn.

14) You probably got along pretty well with the actors from the Quileute tribe/Wolf Pack, did you have the chance to do that with those from the “enemy clan” as well?

Yeah the boys and I are tight. I’ve met some of the “enemy clan”, and from the ones I’ve met they are all really lovely.

Ping-pong Questions: Answer the first thing that comes on your mind

Best 6-pack from the cast: Alex
Hard-as-stone Vampire or a Hot Werewolf: Hot Werewolf
Twilight Fans: Dedicated
Favorite Artistic Expression: Painting
Thing you can’t live without: Air, I could part with anything material.
The cast: lovely
Team Edward or Team Jacob: Team Sam
Favorite character on the whole saga: Jane so far, she’s dangerous.
Person you would like to imprint: lol… I already have, but I can’t tell you who.
Brazil: sexy

Your interview will go online right on the day that the biggest Twilight Fansite in the country, with more than 40.000 readers daily, is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary, would you like to send a little message to all those admirers and fans here at Foforks and all over Brazil as well?

Hey to everyone at and Ola/Oi to everyone in Brazil. Be safe, Believe in Dreams, and never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.

Again Tinsel, thank you so much for being so sweet and talking to us. We hope to see a lot more of you around, and not only being part of the movies but on your other projects as well. A big hello from all of us here at Foforks! Bye!



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