“Q: What is the best advice that your father ever gave you, as an actor, and the best advice he ever gave you, from a directorial standpoint?

Bryce: The best advice he gave me was that, if there was anything else I could do, to do that. You need to not be able to do anything else, to be in this business. If you have other options, in those unemployed moments, those other options will take precedent. From a directorial standpoint, I think it’s really Freudian, the amount of trust I have in filmmakers because I have such a trusting relationship with my dad. He’s such a mentor to me. He has never let me down, as a person. He just hasn’t. And, that’s translated for me with filmmakers.

I have an association that director means total authority. Director means they will never let you down. Director means just trust them and fulfill their vision, and know that the story will be told in its best incarnation. I’ve always felt really lucky to get to work with really great filmmakers. For me, the whole objective is just to hopefully be of service to what they want. In his persona, that’s been the advice that he hasn’t directly said, but I’ve understood. ”

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